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You’re likely in the same boat as most – that which presents few moments to yourself to enjoy a favorite activity. For some, it’s a book on the couch, others television or hot yoga or juggling or something. Perhaps it’s reading a blog like this one. To each their own.

At the top of my list is the perusal of music. Headphones, laptop, coffee, and I’m set. I enjoy the digging and occasional stumbling upon the treasure that is a new artist or song (or new to me), and often an older gem that needed some dusting off. Hours will fly by as I navigate the interwebs, sifting through a lot of junk, reading a lot of reviews, stacking up recommendations, and giving an earnest listen to a stranger’s art. That’s what I do for fun.

It’s fascinating how music works in its purest physical form. Vibrations and waves travel through space from a source and into our ear canal where our brain works out the rhyme and reason to tap your finger on the steering wheel or stare longingly out a rain-clad window.

There’s a thesis in there somewhere, but I’ll suffice to note that music evokes an array of feelings.

I like to organize my findings around those feelings, specifically catered to certain moods and activities. There’s a mix for deadlines, running, reading, writing, cleaning, etc, each aptly named accordingly. Most of you visiting this site probably always have a project in the works. There’s a playlist for that.

My favorite part of this hobby is sharing it. Even better than finding new music is doing so and enjoying it with someone else. That’s what happened to KISS fans. Alas, I shall share below.

A few quick notes on how to best listen with me:

Most of my music is organized with Spotify. You can find me here. If you don’t have or use this application, that’s cool, but it may be hard to see what I’m doing. I highly recommend Spotify (it’s basic service is free). It doesn’t have everything, but pretty dang close to it. I sprung for the premium version and can take all my music everywhere with no ads. Find out more about it here.

I keep playlists running at all times to keep up with stuff I enjoy. They’re created seasonally and will be added to within the few months of said season. Here’s my current Summer playlist:

You can keep up with what I’m digging lately on Spotify or you can follow me around on the usual range of social media and occasionally catch wind of some good tunes.

I leave you with a few recent favorites. May it add to your list.

Summer Favorites:

Little Dragon – Swedish-Japanese product of many interesting sounds.

Bombay Bicycle Club – Some English lads that don’t seem to favor the camera much. They have many great things.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. – Don’t think too hard about this one. These guys are likely just having fun and putting out some good sounds in the process. Here’s another one worth watching.

Good Field – This may or may not be a shameless plug for a friend’s band. Fortunately, it’s actually good. I don’t know what the video means.

What have you been listening to lately? How do you organize your music?

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  1. Good stuff! I love that Dale Earnhardt duo. Hadn’t heard of any of these folks, so thank you!

    *subscribing to your playlists now…*

  2. been listening to your summer list for the last hour already – love it. thanks for sharing!

  3. I need to get on the Spotify bandwagon…STAT!

  4. Every time I hear about Spotify (and Hulu), I wish they didn’t hate Canada so much. Would *love* to listen to your playlists – these are fantastic songs.

  5. Josh, we may be musical kindred spirits, right on down to your 90s playlist. I love Spotify but I haven’t made too many mixes, other than uploading a few of the CDs I’ve made for friends. I feel inspired now.

    • Well, cool – that’s great! I remember making mix tapes (as in cassettes) and then, of course, mix CDs for friends, road trips, etc. I’m glad there’s an effective way to keep sharing music now that those media are all but extinct.

  6. Minna Drake says:


    I presently do not have time to read your blog…will do later.
    Just wondered if you have given a listen to Hedley?
    They have a new single out called ‘Kiss You Inside Out’…give them a try, hopefully you will enjoy them…


  7. This summer I’ve been all about Beach House and M83 and Otis Redding on Pandora!


    • I really like Beach House. Reminded me to throw it into a mellower mix. The Otis station on Pandora is one of my faves!

  8. If you are into indie, which it seems like you are, one of my fave bands just came out with their first album… saw them when they were just getting started and now am seeing them again tonight… check out Milo Greene. Phenomenally melodic sound… beauteous…

  9. Ah music. Now we are speaking my language. I had a moment just yesterday. Highway driving on a humid Summer evening with rain coming through the sunroof and Elizabeth and the Catapult at maximum volume.

    (one swear alert!)

    Also loving Rogue Valley (on the mellower side)

    And my sound of Summer: Hey Marseilles

    Organizing: I’m a Grooveshark girl. Have about 40+ playlists there. I also pay a yearly fee to not see advertising and be able to take it on mobile devices (kindle fire and phone). I personally like it more than Spotify. Bigger awesome factor: you don’t need to sign up for it to use it. You only have to create a user name to save your playlists and such. Anyone can pop on and listen to a song.

    Look forward to hearing more recs from you. Good Field was a thumbs up.

    • Love it, Jen. All of that.

      I was on Grooveshark for a while, but moved to Spotify as I was having issues. I will say that it was better for embedding playlists into sites such as this, which I had an issue with here. Good to know it’s improved!

      • Too bad about you and Grooveshark, though glad Spotify came along.
        Making playlists is a pretty simple thing now, compared to the afternoon of making mix tapes in days of yore. Even with high speed dub.

  10. Two more recs:

    Me and my kids luurve this song for singing along in the car.
    Ben Rector/Loving You is Easy

    And kinda obsessing on Michael Kiwanuka (anyone else? Bueller?)

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