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You regular readers know I love to find style in anything (and new readers – hi there! Let’s make things lovely). I especially love stylish kitchen items, as our family spends a whole lot of time in or around the kitchen. My desire is that the entire space reflect our style and be a natural extension (and expression) of us. I think it brings my children comfort and joy when certain things around the house remind them of family, or of their mom and dad. I want to be surrounded by things I love, not just to have “stuff”, but so that the items I do choose will bring me joy, make my family happy and have a purpose.

Style with a purpose

Choosing companies with a similar mindset is important, and I’m completely smitten with the company we’re featuring today called Mighty Nest (and so excited that one of you will be taking home a lovely set of modern, stylish items from their shop). I want you to have fun with style, too, and here’s an example of how you can.

Chances are good that you are a coffee lover. But do you just rush and make the coffee and slam it down and move on quickly? Is it a means to an end, or do you take a minute with it? Of course, some days the rush is a necessary evil. What if now and then you decided to make it a little event?

Everyday celebrations

Sometimes what’s needed is slowing down for that cuppa. Maybe even taking your coffee, hot water and mugs and making a coffee picnic of sorts. You can create a moment. Celebrating the everyday like this is something we’ve started doing at home, because why not? Why not make a special moment out of just having a cup of coffee?

We took this gorgeous Chemex glass coffeemaker outside and made our coffee there. I grabbed some of my beloved vintage coffee mugs and vintage linens to make it feel special, and we just went for it. We didn’t need to plug anything in, and we took some time together.

If you love beautiful things, oh my friends, I can’t even tell you how gorgeous the Chemex is in person. It’s a work of art.

The wood and leather make for a stunning look on your table, and would be beautiful for entertaining. Not to mention that coffee prepared this way is absolutely divine. You can make strong, bold flavors without using too much coffee and without bitterness. It can brew tea as well. A.mazing!

Create a healthy home

Mighty Nest is dedicated to healthy, non-toxic products and they just happen to have such a beautiful aesthetic that you’ll see the products are not only healthy but stylish as well. The also completely rock at educating people on why this whole thing is important, so be sure to click over to their learning resources if you’re interested.

They wanted to share their shop with you, invite you to look around, and give away a beautiful modern and stylish coffee set today. I worked with them to choose items I thought you all would enjoy (because they’re things I would love too!).

What’s included in the prize:
Chemex Glass Coffeemaker
Chemex Filter Squares
Porcelain Travel Mug
Stainless Steel Coffee Measure
Round Stoneware Storage Jars

The materials used to make each of these products (glass, ceramic, stainless steel, wood, etc.) are of the finest quality and completely non-toxic. Those stoneware jars are especially swoon-worthy, too, don’t you think?

Mighty Nest has beautiful items in all categories of the home, and is a great source to replace toxic materials (BPA plastic, for a start!) with natural, healthy items instead.

Win it!

See the methods of entry in the widget below. Good luck to everyone, and thank you to Mighty Nest for partnering with us!

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Arianne creates style ideas, writes thoughts on parenting 4 children, plants knowledge in young minds, curates lovely things, and does it all with an eye for the story being woven through her each and every day. As the owner of Mabel + Riv, she strives to bring you inspiration, handmade creations and beauty from voices across the creative-sphere. Find her on Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram as @ariannesegerman.

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  1. I love the rectangle wooden cubby organizer! It’s on my christmas kids wishlist.

  2. Lys glass storage containers.

  3. Vanessa Chesebro says:

    I’d love the style, and my husband will love the coffee! Great giveaway!

  4. I savor my morning coffee! So this would be a fabulous prize to win!

  5. I love storage jars of almost every kind, so I’m digging theirs!

  6. I don’t know if I can choose just one! I was looking online for a chemex just YESTERDAY because I heard how amazing they are – so right now – it gets my vote! thanks for hosting this!

  7. We all use klean kanteen water bottles 🙂 Love them!

  8. I love coffee…..I want all of these including those cute vintage coffee mugs!

  9. These are all things I love…thank you for the opportunity!

  10. Marita H. says:

    I really love the storage containers – can never have too many to organize all my coffee and tea varietals!

  11. Gimme that chemex!

  12. My husband and I use our french press all the time & would LOVE a new toy for the kitchen!

  13. I don’t need an excuse to drink coffee but this giveaway would make me look good doing it!

  14. i really appreciate their reusable lunch items.

  15. I love their toys and art supplies!

  16. The coffee set looks wonderful! Good coffee made simply!
    Thank you

  17. I love that coffee set!!!

  18. Oh my gosh! This is the best giveaway! I am a coffee FIEND and also a bit of a coffee SNOB (sorry), so this would be amazing.

    I really love the glass food storage containers – I don’t feel comfortable microwaving my work lunches in plastic, so glass is fantastic for that.

  19. Christine says:

    This looks really nice!

  20. What a great giveaway!

  21. I love the leaf take away mug!

  22. Love love love! Would be amazing to have!

  23. I love the reusable stainless steel straws. Their site is loaded with great stuff!

  24. ne-knopka says:

    i like Natural Toys and Art Supplies

  25. I would love to have one of those lovely Chemex coffee makers!

  26. I like the bamboo bath robe.

  27. Ooo… I love coffee & would love to win this! Everything would definitely get used! 🙂

  28. Oooh I would love to win this!! I became a coffee snob over the summer and a french press/cold brew has been on my wish list since then!

  29. gina toothe says:

    gosh, anything for the kitchen, esp. the glass serving dishes, casserole dishes, etc. cookware too. i have now been married 25 years and my kitchen could use an update!! 😉 thanks for this nice giveaway 😉

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