Simple ideas for storing Christmas decor

We are just recovering from a haze of the Christmas stomach flu, but already I’m anxious to put away the holiday decor and get ready for a New Year’s bash next week. I love to find stylish storage solutions because they just make me happy and if I can achieve form *and* function, I’m having a good day. Check out these fun and simple ideas:

Storing Christmas lights

I don’t know about you, but we are constantly getting light strands tangled, broken or otherwise lost. And even when we manage to be organized, we pull out all the lights and can’t remember the brilliant display we thought up the year before. Did the white lights go on the garage or the big tree out front? I love these ideas from BHG for keeping the lights untangled, labeled and looking good.

Storing Christmas ornament

How many special ornaments of yours have been broken over the years because of a poorly chosen storage system? I change mine up every year because I feel like I’m still in search of the best system – but I’ve never tried putting felt underneath!

If you’re wanting to keep it really simple, Martha says that white tissue (or white dishtowels) will pad ornaments but also protect them from dyes and chemicals that might harm the ornament.

Storing the Christmas tree

If you haven’t invested in a bag for your artificial tree, now is the time. They are super affordable and you can finally get rid of that ripped, old original box the tree came in. They come in various colors and sizes – some even with wheels on the bottom.

Do you have any tips for storing Christmas decor? I’d love to hear them!


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  1. We use rolled up newspaper to store our lights. Take several sheets of newspaper, roll into a tube, and secure with tape. Then simply coil the light string around the newspaper tube. Use one tube per light string. We’ve been using the same newspaper rolls for 18 years now. They lay well in a large Rubbermaid bin and the most convenient part is that when we get them out, we can plug in the end to test the lights and very quickly see if any are burned out.

  2. Julie @The Family CEO says:

    I use those large, clear bags that comforters come in to store garland and wreaths. They keep them dust-free and I love that I can see exactly what’s in them.

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