Steady Days: A Journey Toward Intentional, Professional Motherhood – giveaway!

by Tsh Oxenreider

Tsh is the founder of this blog and just finished traveling around the world with her husband and 3 kids. Her latest book is Notes From a Blue Bike, and believes a passport is one of the world's greatest textbooks.

Longtime reader of Simple Mom and blogger over at Steady Mom, Jamie Martin has just released her first book, Steady Days: A Journey Toward Intentional, Professional Motherhood. She gave me a copy to read  before its release, and it is fabulous.

Jamie has a big heart and an encouraging spirit, and her book drips of her passion to inspire moms to treat their role of motherhood as the most rewarding job around.

This weekend, she is generously giving three Simple Mom readers a signed copy of her book! And I recently had a chance to chat with her about this latest work…

1. Congratulations on the release of your book! Can you tell SM readers in a few sentences what the book is about?

Thank you so much, Tsh!

Steady Days is about the journey toward intentional, professional motherhood. Before we became moms, many of us spent years getting our education and had further training in whatever job we held. After I had my first child, it occurred to me that I had no real training to prepare me for this highly important, all-consuming new role. I began to wonder what it would look like to apply the ideals of purpose, intention, and efficiency to my new job as a mama. Steady Days describes the tools and resources I discovered, and I share them in the hope that it empowers other mothers who find themselves on a similar journey.

2. I know many mamas feel like they don’t have time to be a “professional mama,” and that they feel so much pressure to do things perfectly. What would you say to those mamas?

Professionalism isn’t about perfection or adding anything extra to our already very full plates. It isn’t about trying to “do it all” or do what some other mother is doing with her kids. In my mind, being a professional mother means not allowing life to just happen and pass you by. It means choosing the type of life you want for yourself and your family, and purposefully going after that goal. It means playing to your strengths–thereby becoming the best mother you can be for your children.

3. What’s one word you would use to describe the atmosphere in your home?

Freedom. My goal is that the atmosphere in our home allows each member of our family to become our best self–discovering and using the incredibly unique talents and skills we’ve each been given in a way that helps and impacts others. I want my children to feel free to become who they are meant to be–to be influential individuals who think for themselves. And that’s what I also want for myself as their mother.

4. Do you ever get asked, “How do you do it all?” Explain a little bit about how you choose your priorities, and about how you deal with that never-ending to-do list at home.

I don’t get asked that very often–I think it’s because I’m so open and real on my blog about all the things I don’t do!

I only put six things on my to-do list each day. Often the first three repeat: read to the kids, make dinner plans, do laundry. The other three spaces allow me to sort out life as it happens and time for blogging/writing projects. And that’s a wrap! It’s a very full life but one centered around my priorities, not someone else’s. I love it.

5. What’s the main thing you hope readers of your book walk away with?

Confidence. Sometimes parenting books unintentionally heap further guilt on mamas who already doubt their mothering abilities. Steady Days, however, empowers mothers to recognize that you are the expert on your children. You can do this job and do it well. You can create an atmosphere in your home that you love. Steady Days just provides a little inspiration and a few tools that you can put to use in the way that feels right for your family.

6. What does this next year look like for you? Any plans to write a second book?

2010 is going to be an incredible year, and kicking it off this way is such a wonderful start! I’m also privileged to be part of one of the new blogs Tsh is launching in February through Simple Living Media. I’m thrilled to be the editor for the new site, Simple Homeschool, which will enable me to write about another of my passions–education.

I do have plans for a second book. I’d like to write about how we can give our children a global perspective–enabling them to become leaders who impact and change the world. But I won’t be getting started on that for a few months, not until I can make it work for our family and still keep everyone sane. As I mentioned above, I can’t do it all! But global-mindedness is a subject very close to my heart.

And most of my year will be spent loving and learning with my three little people. That is, after all, the most important thing.

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1. Leave a comment on this post, answering this question — What do you think is the single hardest thing about parenting?

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  1. I think the hardest thing about parenting for me is not allowing other things to overshadow enjoying time with my kids. It’s so easy for an entire day to pass by where I’m running errands, doing laundry, buying groceries, and picking up the house and I have to stop myself. I decided to stay home to care for my kids and help them learn and grow, not to make sure my house is perfect. I have to constantly remind myself of this.

  2. The hardest thing about parenting for me is making time for everything – homework, therapies, and just plain being a kid time. I work part time, and it seems even harder on those days.
    .-= Casey´s last blog ..Oreo =-.

  3. I struggle with defining and maintaining priorities as a stay at home mom. It’s so easy to lose track of time online or run around town doing “errands”, but at the end of the day, my house is a mess, I don’t have meals planned, and I realize that a lot of my time was spent haphazardly.
    .-= Loraena´s last blog ..Haiti on my heart =-.

  4. I have a difficult time defining and maintaining my priorities as a stay-at-home-mom. It’s easy to lose track of time online or run around town doing “errands”, and at the end of the day my house is still a mess, no meals are planned, and I realize that my day evolved pretty haphazardly. I tend to feel busier than I actually am. My goal is to be more deliberate about how I spend my time while still having flexibility, but I am not good at getting there.
    .-= Loraena´s last blog ..Haiti on my heart =-.

  5. The hardest thing for me is living in the moment with my children and enjoying them as much as I should instead of worrying about getting it all “right”.

  6. For me it is keeping the balance, so it isn’t “all about me,” or “all about them.” I work hard, and fail often, at remembering that they are also individuals, not extensions of myself, whom I have been loaned to love and guide, and not control and shape.
    .-= Kirsten´s last blog ..Show Don’t Tell =-.

  7. I guess one of the hardest things is deciding who needs me the most at any given time and when it’s okay just to take care of me.

  8. I’m not a mother yet, and that is why I would love to win this book: it ALL seems hard! I think one of the hardest things for me as a mum will be letting go – of *my* plans for my children, of the ‘ideal’ home, of dreams and plans that may come to fruit later but might not.

    I hope my mother would say that “letting go” of her adult kids is the hardest thing for her.

  9. I’m a new parent, and I would say balance of priorities has been the hardest for me. Marriage, raising a child, getting the family fed, keeping the house livable, attending to my own needs and still be globally/community oriented are all goals that require energy and lots of thoughtful planning every day. I always wonder how other moms do it!

  10. The hardest thing for me is balancing the thoughts “how can God use me in a Big way to help the world” and “God is using me in a big way to help my home”.

  11. One of the hardest things about parenting is finding balance. And patience.

  12. I find it hard to accept that I dont always get it right, I dont always have the answers. It is difficult to admit that you dont know what to do when it comes to taking care of a little person, when you feel that your a mum and it should all come naturally !!

  13. The hardest thing about parenting to me is looking at the big picture. Its easy to get hung up in the daily details and messes. I’m trying this year to remember the end goal of achieving responsible, God-fearing people and not getting upset by the small stuff.

  14. I think the most difficult part of parenting is managing our time; time as a family, time as individuals, time for self, time for work. Recognizing when we are off balance.

  15. Acceptance. I feel that so many mamas want this or that and overlook all that they already have. Once I learned to accept my situation, and took responsibility for my role in it, I found I could work with it and be happy.
    .-= MamaAcorn´s last blog ..Time =-.

  16. WHAT? I can only choose ONE?
    Trying not to be Mrs Perfectionist I guess is my personal struggle.
    I feel that I bear the total weight/resonsibility of my childrens’ growth & development on my own shoulders…but I need to remind myself that they have their own little personalities, thoughts, face daily situations without me there & I can’t be hovering around them at all times (Mrs Helicopter?). I am not the only adult in their lives & they are not little Mini-mes. What I mean is, I can’t inforce the way I want them to turn out – there will be good & bad times ahead, & I need to be proud of them as they find their way on their journey…
    I’m trying to not be a total control freak!!
    And I do love being a Mum here in Sydney Australia!!!
    .-= Lissy´s last blog ..Back to school soon… =-.

  17. Patience is often my biggest challenge. Sometimes, I just don’t want to do or say the same thing 100 times. My other challenge – getting the kids to eat their dinner – has gotten so much better recently. Things are looking up!

  18. The biggest challenge for me as a parent is putting my big rocks in first, or making sure my priorities as a mom are in line with all the things (work, church, friends) grabbing for my attention.

    It’s a high calling to be a parent and definitely takes intentionality. Looks like a fantastic book. Congratulations Steady Mom!
    .-= Julie´s last blog ..Tension in the Air =-.

  19. after almost 7 years at home with 2 kids i still struggle with balancing everyone’s needs and wants and my own. it has gotten a little easier over the years but it is forever a challenge as there is simply not enough available time in every day for everything to be done and everyone to be satisfied AND me too.

  20. I find staying calm one of the hardest things about parenting. I *know* that everything in my life runs more smoothly if I can just stay calm, but in the heat of the moment I often forget this important fact. Whether it’s dealing with an irrational 3 yr old; trying to cook dinner while my 14 mth old holds onto my trousers and screams at me to hurry up; dealing with the never-ending mess, piles of laundry or dirty dishes; trying to carve out a bit of me time; sorting out sleeping issues; dealing with bad behaviour; juggling finances now we are on one income….. all the daily challenges! And it’s especially hard when I’m sleep deprived. But the minute I start to get wound up I lose clarity and make bad decisions. And my kids feed off my mood – you know how when you’re tired, stressed, whatever your kids always turn on the trying behaviour! So when I’m calm, the family is (generally) calmer too.

  21. What a wonderful book idea. I wish I had it when my children were young. I am a second time around “mom/grandma” raising the second generation. At 49 I was blessed with custody of one of my 3 year old grandsons, WOW, talk about starting over. So much has changed and with a full time job, and a now very active incredible 7 year old, I would love to have some help…getting and keeping it all together this time around!

  22. Discipline. It’s the idea that we do what’s best for our children even when they don’t like it and when it’s hard for us.

  23. Oh my, I just typed in my comment, hit submit and it disappeared :-( so I’ll try again

    The most difficult thing I find about being a parent is staying calm. I *know* everything runs more smoothly when I’m calm, but sometimes I forget in the heat of the moment. Like when I’m trying to deal with an irrational 3 yr old; when I’m trying to cook dinner and my 14 mth old stands in the middle of the kitchen screaming at me to hurry up; trying to sort out sleep issues; dealing with bad behaviour; dealing with the never-ending mess, laundry, dirty dishes; managing our finances now we are on one income; trying to find a little me time. And it’s especially hard when I’m sleep deprived. Because I know my kids feed off my mood – the minute I’m tired, stressed, worried, or whatever they seem to sense it and turn on their most trying behaviour. And when I get wound up I lose clarity and make bad decisions. But if I’m calm the whole family is (generally) calmer too and life is just so much easier.

  24. I can overwhelmed by the thought that our life at home is shaping the men they will be in 25 years. It’s amazing the impact that two parents for good or for ill, and so while I see what I want them to be, getting over valleys and mountains before the destination is really daunting.

  25. Wow. First of all, am jumping with joy that the giveaway is open to readers worldwide. Thank You! Now, for me, the single hardest thing about parenting is not feeling overwhelmed by the sheer responsibility of shaping a life. Also, not feeling overwhelmed and **alone**.
    Other than that, I love being a mom.. a parent.
    .-= prerna´s last blog ..Being a Writer: Writing for Hubpages Once More =-.

  26. Sounds like a great book, I think the hardest thing at the moment for me is balancing the marriage and the kids.

  27. For me it’s balancing everything and everyone – baby, husband, God, friends, work. It’s exhausting and I always feel guilty because I feel like I’m letting someone down in the whole process. As a new mom, I also think we should get a n instruction manual with the baby (LOL) – I feel like I am flying by the seat of my pants!
    .-= uncommonblonde´s last blog ..Will you join me? =-.

  28. Tweeted and blogged about the giveway as well.. Just visited Steady Mom.. Love her site.
    .-= prerna´s last blog ..A Great Book Giveaway at Simple Mom! =-.

  29. For me, it’s staying engaged with them. Remembering to be present and not just there. Yes, feed them, educate and be there but often I have my nose in a book or online, on my phone while I’m there with them. Anyone could do that. I’m the mum, tho. They thrive when I’m engaged. And so do I. I forget that too easily.

  30. I agree with all the other moms who have commented so far. It is hard to find balance, keep your patience and manage your time!!! I like how Jamie said that she gives herself 6 things to do each day! That would really take some pressure off! I would love to read her book!

  31. Personally, for me, the hardest thing about parenting is praying that I provide my daughters with the appropriate answers at the appropriate times. When surprised with a question parents don’t have hours to ponder an answer. We have to think on our feet at all times knowing that our answers are helping shape our children. I say a quick, silent prayer and come up with the best answer I can muster!

  32. avatar
    krickledoo says:

    I think one of the most difficult things about parenting is also one of the most exciting…

    Constant Change

    What works one day doesn’t work the next, activities and stage of life are constantly changing, needs: emotionally and educationally, constantly changing. And yet, I love that about my job. They’re growing up so fast…sometimes I feel like I can’t keep up.


  33. For me the hardest thing is being consistent. Even when I’m tired or cranky or in a hurry. And I’m one or all of those every day it seems!

  34. Thank you for this giveaway…I am in Australia so I don’t know if I’m eligible…but I thought I’d chime in with my hardest thing as a parent – it is what a lot of other parents deal with too as I’ve seen so far in the comments, so glad I’m not on my own!! BALANCE BALANCE BALANCE. I do not know if I will ever be a truly balanced Mummy…but oh I am so grateful for God’s grace!! And that each day is a new chance to try again with the Lord’s help. If anyone asked me what sort of parent I wanted to be, one of thing is a balanced parent – one who knows when to work and when to hug, when to read and when to play, when to wash up and when to dance, when with my children, to overlook and when to enforce discipline, when to spend time with the Lord and when to make my children wait..when to give in to daughter’s requests to “play toys” with her or when to make her play on her own for a bit longer…oh the list is endless…and always a source of guilt for me.

  35. The hardest thing for me is to stay patient and cheerful when I am unnerved and tired.

  36. The hardest thing about parenting for me is having the confidence to follow my gut instinct. The second hardest is giving 100% to each of my children – apparently the 100% is the total I have to split amongst everything!

  37. I think the hardest thing for me to do as a mom right now is to just be a mom. Why am I bogged down with all the cleaning, laundry, dog walking, & volunteering (and all the other tiny details) so that I can’t just PLAY with my girls. I worry about that. I worry that I don’t just sit down & take the time. The legacy I am leaving behind & what I am teaching my girls…I don’t want them to remember that I mopped the floor a lot or knew how to do hospital corners. What is really important–that’s what I need to ask myself. Why all these activities and not more just being together? Too many plans & too many times where I say “yes” when I should just say, “not at this time.” Can you tell you hit a nerve? :) Something I struggle with–can’t wait to read this book & so excited about Simple Homeschool.

  38. avatar
    J. Macris says:

    The most difficult thing about parenting, for me, is keeping the balance, or perhaps dealing when things are out of balance because this seems to be the status quo! I know that when I am balanced inside and out, I am a better mom, better home manager, better community leader…now how to stay in that place?!

  39. I think the hardest thing about parenting is being consistent.

  40. Some days there are so many hard things that it is difficult to choose! At times, there is just overwhelming pressure – work, cleaning, school, etc and in the midst of that, there is the desire to put parenting first (and knowing I must) yet truly struggling to do so – and feeling the pressure of guilt on top of it all!! Yet, the kids truly must come first and I need to find more creative ways to do that.

  41. the unknown. at any given moment something can happen and that scares the bejesus out of me. especially with 2 older kids who aren’t around me 24/7

  42. I think the hardest thing about parenting is watching the children be devastated at NOT succeeding at something.
    .-= Jessica´s last blog ..Saving money in the kitchen: Part Four =-.

  43. The book sounds amazing. I check in on Jamie’s blog from time to time and find it so thoughtful and real.

    There are many challenges in parenting, but I’ll share the one that came to mind first when I read the question: instilling important values and attitudes. We try to live as an example to our kids and work hard to highlight the importance of the fruits of the spirit, but just as adults struggle with them (hello… patience?), so do children. “Kindness” is a constant focus in our home. “Humility” per se, isn’t one of the fruits listed in the scripture, but it’s a big one in our house with one child who thinks he’s the expert of everything. These things are so much more important than teaching them to pick up their socks, but SO much harder to teach…

  44. Hardest thing- choosing the most important thing at any given moment.

  45. Oh no! I think I lost my comment… :o(

    Here it is again, forgive me if it pops up twice.

    There are so many challenges in parenting, but the one that first comes to mind has to do with our hope as parents that our children become adults who have the important values and attitudes WE have (or aim to have). By this I mean the fruits of the spirit, along with a few others, like humility. It’s so much more important than having them to pick up their socks, but so much harder to teach!

  46. avatar
    Danielle Scholtz says:

    Hi! My name is Danielle, I live in Brazil, I´m the mother of a 7 years old girl and a 6 months old boy. I’m a recent reader of Simplemom (thank you all very much for this wonderful site). For me the hardest thing about parenting is coping with the responsibility of raising our children into good persons. We want our children to study well, to have good friends, to live well in this crazy world of today, we want them to become good people, we want them to be happy. And I feel I’m the only responsible person for making it happen. And I always try to do everything right, but it’s very hard. I can’t be the SuperMom I’d like.

  47. I think the hardest thing is letting go and letting my children discover the world on their own…that first day of school, for example.

  48. This book sounds like a great read! There’s nothing better than some good encouragement and reminding of how to treat our roles as mother.
    .-= Shalae Tippetts´s last blog ..Time to Listen =-.

  49. I decided not to read anyone else’s answer to the BIG question so not to vear to far from my truth. The most challenging thing, for me, is to keep my COOL when my 3 year old has pushed every last button on my panel of coolness. But if I disect it a bit further I can say those buttons are already short fused simply b/c outside of working a full time 50 hour a week job i have yet to ” let go” of other things. Here’s some more honesty, I am a active and grateful member of aa- used
    to use wine to chill-out but with my own bad habits working against me and my extensive family history of the disease- quitting, instead of self controlling, was the only solution for me! What I am learning within that community is priceless and it transends to bettering my role as a person , wife, sister friend and most of all mom. I will buy this book before you even annouce the winner
    because I can’t wait to be a better student in this subject of mommyhood!!!! Honestly is the best policy! Before any women can be a professionL mom they need to deeply exam themselves and possibly uncover old resentment and fears b/c let’s face it we need to love the heck out of ourselves first- in the most humbling way- then the rest falls into place- kind of. I’m a student of life. I love every “simple” blog you and your affilates are a part of. I want to blog about being simply sober! I have been a loyal follower of yours for you a while now and LOVE what you have done. hope you don’t find this inapproprate. Chances are I’ve hit home with one of your readers. You are all woundeful. Love Nikki

  50. The hardest thing about parenting is giving up myself – the essence of love, but at odds with my own human nature.

  51. The hardest part for me is keeping priorities in the right order. It’s easy to allow the least important things to take over and let slide the time for myself, time for my child and husband, and even time for sleep. When I don’t work at maintaining those priorities, relationships suffer. The struggle is finding a good system of keeping order that works for me.
    .-= Nichelle´s last blog ..How To Discuss Problems With Your Studio Director and Be Heard =-.

  52. The hardest thing for me is that when you finally get a handle on one phase/challenge of the kid’s life, they suddenly move on to the next phase/challenge! At least life is never, ever boring with kids.

  53. The hardest thing about being a parent is that each child and each stage is different. Staying ahead of them is a tremendous amount of work, and just when you have it figured out, it changes again!
    .-= Jamie´s last blog ..2010- The Year of Memories =-.

  54. My biggest challenge is living in the moment w/ my children, I am often distracted by all of the other things on my very lengthy to do list. My resolution this year was to find balance in my life,,,,”me time”, “kid time”, “family time”, “couple time”, “chore time” etc. I am trying so hard to spend a good chunk of time with my children each day where it is all about them! The fact of the matter is that the rest of the world can wait!
    .-= RaisingZ´s last blog ..Where has the time gone??? =-.

  55. avatar
    Lisa Tolson says:

    The hardest thing: consistency. This book looks great and I’m excited about the Simple Homeschool website!

  56. I think the hardest part of parenting for me is worrying that I am not giving my boys enough of my time. They help me do a lot of things and I help them with their project ideas, but I always worry about it being enough since I work outside the home. I try to be available when I am home, but I still worry.
    .-= Amy Lynne´s last blog ..Menu Plan for the Week 1-10-10 =-.

  57. Honestly, the hardest thing is the self-less-ness. We are always told to “find some time for yourself.” But that is almost impossible some days. My kids are little and still messing with my sleeping and eating and showering…. I have been learning to just accept it for what it is and appreciate this phase because I know it will be gone soon.

  58. The hardest thing about being a (full-time working) mom is 4:30-6:30 PM Mon-Friday! While I love picking up my kids from daycare, I hate the rush to get in the house, get organized, prep and serve a healthy meal, all while giving them the attention they need. It is so hard to be present and engaged with them while preping dinner and still get them to bed on time so they are well rested for the next day. If I spend more time with the kids, like I really want to, we end up eating less healthy meals and going to bed too late. If I spend the time preping and serving healthy food and get them to bed on time, I don’t end up giving them the time and attention they (and I) need. When I try to balance it all, I end up getting grouchy and losing my cool…What I really need is for kids and grown-ups to be well rested on just 6 hours of sleep a day…or to be able to pay the bills working just a 4 hour work day!
    .-= AmyM´s last blog ..New Year, New Look =-.

  59. For me it’s about balance. I try not to schdule activities , appoitnments etc… through out the week. I want my girls to have some down time,time to be kids. But in the end I’m the one that is worn out at the end of the day. I’m trying to go back to the simple things in life because they are only children once!!!
    .-= Ally’s Corner´s last blog ..Terrific Kid!!!!! =-.

  60. The hardest thing about parenting is knowing that I can’t protect them from everything.

  61. For me, the hardest thing about parenting is resisting the urge to constantly impose my will on my children. I struggle with remembering that they need to make their own mistakes and determine THEIR best way of doing things – not mine.

  62. oh, also, laundry! I don’t mind doing it, in fact I enjoy the “me” time it takes to fold and put away….but I hate the TIME it takes to get it all done each week…time I’d rather be playing with my kids.
    .-= AmyM´s last blog ..New Year, New Look =-.

  63. One of the hardest things right now is to keep my voice gentle and calm when I’m frustrated or my emotions have escalated. A quiet, gentle approach always wins but it’s a really challenge to maintain sometimes.
    .-= Nicki at Domestic Cents´s last blog ..Quick Tip: Use An Electric Knife =-.

  64. avatar
    Jessica S says:

    The hardest thing about parenting is that is NEVER stops! They are 24/7 and require 24/7 concern for their character. That takes a lot of energy, focus and intentional planning.

  65. Balance. Trying to balance my kids needs, with my husband’s needs with my needs, with the needs of running a household.

  66. The hardest thing for me is to remember to take time to enjoy my son. I spend so much time trying to get my to do list done that I forget to just hang out with my son.

  67. On a day to day basis, the hardest thing for me is tackling all the responsibilities of home while still finding time to actually play with my kids. But as a parent, the hardest thing for me overall is knowing that everything I say and everything I do or don’t do is affecting my kids and molding them and their futures in some way. I love the word Steady Mom chose to describe the atmosphere in her home – Freedom. Thank you!

  68. There are many hard things for me, but one of them is that when I finally start to figure something out about my kids or about being a mom – that “thing” changes & the phase or problem in question is over before I get to use my new found skills on it!

  69. The hardest thing about parenting is finding that balance between time for each child, for me and for my marriage.

  70. avatar
    Lisa Thomas says:

    I try to do everything and end up doing everything “average” and nothing very well. I also spend too much time finding out how other people do things, handle certain issues, that I don’t tune in to my own family’s rhythm. Sometimes if I would just pay attention to what is best for us, the problem will work itself out.

  71. Sounds like a great book! I think one of the hardest things about becoming a mom is realizing my selfishness in the process…and never feeling like it has gone away. :( I love my children, we homeschool as well, seeking to inscribe the Word onto their hearts…and still, I find myself wanting to do *my* own thing often. ugggg…more of Him, less of me!!

  72. The hardest thing I am finding about parenting is letting go. Addie is my baby, and I tend to want to keep her there instead of letting her “do”.
    .-= Suzette Ladouceur´s last blog ..Simplicity- Step Two =-.

  73. my own self control of my voice on the “not so perfect” days….and trying to train my children the same….

  74. avatar
    Jill Rubin says:

    Thanks so much for this post. I wouldn’t have heard about this book otherwise and can’t wait to get a look at it. I think one of the hardest things for me in the transition from the work force to (SAH) parenthood was walking into the unknown and not putting enough value on the experience. Any training materials you may be able to get your hands on in advance don’t necessarily apply to every child. And the tendency to constantly compare your old life to the new doesn’t always lead to great condfidence and self esteem. Treating your new role as a mother as the most important job you’ll ever have sounds like a wonderful way to bridge the gap.

  75. The hardest thing about motherhood for me right now is patience, so I can enjoy my kids instead of being frustrated with them. We never had the “terrible two’s” with my oldest, but 3 has been a challenging year.

  76. The hardest thing about parenting changes. When they were all very little, it was hard just to have the energy to get through the day. Now that I have teens, parenting can be emotionally draining. The stakes are high and the time is short to equip them for life.
    .-= Tiffany´s last blog ..Garlic Herb Rolls =-.

  77. The hardest thing about motherhood is accepting what you cannot change or in other words patience.

  78. The hardest thing for me is being consistent especially when it comes to discipline.

  79. Wow – what is the single hardest thing about parenting? Control issues, perhaps. As in me letting go and letting them make mistakes, letting them wear things I would rather them not wear, or say things I’d rather they not say. Letting go and still communicating that my unconditional love is not dependent on doing things ‘my way.’
    .-= Carole´s last blog bliss :: favorites =-.

  80. The hardest part for me is finding Balance. It’s so hard to be that mom you want to be and still feel like you aren’t losing who you are in the process. I want to be the best mom I can and the wife my husband needs, but I also want to keep my own identity. I can’t wait to read the book and hopefully find some great information that I can apply to my home.

  81. What a great book review! I find the hardest thing about parenting is to have the motivation to do the long day routine over and over when there are no “incentive” bonuses, quarterly reviews, etc. I need to remember the bonuses my children receive because I am here full-time. I also hope they are seeing the value and will want the same for their children in the future. 9Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!!)

  82. Self-discipline to teach the children what they need to learn, rather than just doing what everyone feels like at the moment or even what makes me happy at the end of the day – that has been the hardest for me. But it’s worth it :)

  83. For me, the hardest part has been letting go of expectations and instead following the flow of our life- be it our daily life or the big picture.

  84. The hardest thing for me is trying to get everything done while dividing my time among 3 boys who all need different kinds of attention and finding time for my hubby and myself. I often feel pulled in so many directions that I don’t know what to do first… or second… or third. It is easy to feel defeated and to give up (for a while). After reading some great blogs I feel like I am gaining some skills to help me organize things a little better to prepare for the everyday hiccups that pop up in our day. Thanks for your blog, you book and your honesty.

  85. For me the hardest thing was handle all these feeling after I got my second child. I was so afraid, that there wouldn’t be enough of love for both of them (and my husband :o) . Now I know, that there is a lot of space and love in my heart for all of them, but sometimes, at night, I still hear this little voice saying “Was it enough love for everybody today? Let’s make it better tomorrow”.

  86. avatar
    Jessica Y says:

    Taking time to have a relationship with my kids. Housework and laziness get in the way.

  87. The hardest part for me is not comparing myself to other moms: mine, a friend, the perfect one in my mind who never gets upset that she’s cleaning pee off the floor for the 27th time today, and letting God find the right balance for OUR lives.

  88. avatar
    Stephanie Cosme says:

    The hardest thing for me about parenting is overcoming my own doubts about my ability to be a good mother. These doubts stop me from doing so many things I should be doing with my daughter because I am unsure. After reading a few posts on Steady Mom, I am very excited to read this book. Sometimes all I need is a change in perspective.

  89. The hardest thing to me about parenting is remembering that Jackson is his own little person. He’s going to have different wants, needs and wishes than me; I can’t just make him do what I want. It’s challenging, but in the end I know I will have raised a wonderful human being capable of contributing to the world.

  90. My biggest challenge is keeping my priorities straight. All too often, I get caught up in having a clean house, cooking a healthy dinner or finishing my to do list and then realize at the end of the day that I haven’t spent very much quality time with my kids.

  91. Patience. It’s so so very hard to have enough patience.

  92. avatar
    Stefani M. says:

    The hardest thing about parenting? Ignoring other people’s comments.

    This post really resonated with me (and I have since added steadymom to my blog reader list). Too many people, I think, don’t enjoy motherhood and don’t try to experience it to the fullest. Having kids is just something they do and they put up with them until they can shove them into school and not have to be a parent 8 hours a day anymore. Very sad.

  93. This sounds like such a great book. I think I will need to buy it. (That is, if I don’t win it!) :)

  94. I think the hardest thing for me as a mother is staying on schedule. Granted, our schedule isn’t this rigid, can never be changed thing, but I get side-tracked way too easily. When I have stuff that needs to get done around the house, which is a lot, I have a tendency to plop my 2-year-old in front of Sesame Street and hop to it. These are the moments I need to be teaching, singing and dancing with her while I still can. My perfect home and perfect meals can wait. My child needs me more.

  95. I think the hardest thing is trying to balance the things that have to get done with the things you want to get done. Also, being able to end the day without second-guessing decisions that were made throughout the day.

  96. The hardest part for me right now is, honestly, keeping my house clean:) I know that’s not a big thoughtful answer, but there are just so many things to do and explore with my little ones in a day and my home always winds up being put on the back burner. I can’t handle the mess and chaos, so it’s always a scramble to get things together and it’s the biggest cause of stress for me when I want to just spend the time with my children. I’ve been working on telling myself that it’s still time spent to create a loving, peaceful, clean environment for my family.
    .-= Lillian @ Domestic Simplicity´s last blog ..In 2010 =-.

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    Anne Marie says:

    In my world, the hardest thing is finding a balance between work and being a mother. I have to work full time, and it breaks my heart to leave my son in the morning. Making him a priority and finding balance is my biggest concern. Wondering if i am doing it all well.

  98. I think the hardest part about having little ones at home is setting a flexible routine where everyone’s needs get met (and having enough energy throughout the day to keep up with them!) This year I hope to be better about setting an intention for our days, where there is a healthy balance between spending enough one-on-one time and getting daily tasks and chores done. I usually err on the side of letting all household stuff go, but it definitely adds to our stress!
    .-= Michelle´s last blog ..Living Life Over. =-.

  99. Patience. It gets weary some days repeating myself to 3 little boys!

  100. One of the hardest things for me is all the distractions present in our our world. I love time when I am really with my children, and I feel tugged away far too often!
    .-= Karey´s last blog .."Ostrich!" {A Fairy Tale} =-.