Start your laundry folding, because you’ve got podcasts…

by Tsh Oxenreider

Tsh is the founder of this blog and just finished traveling around the world with her husband and 3 kids. Her latest book is Notes From a Blue Bike, and believes a passport is one of the world's greatest textbooks.

Good news—you’ve got two new-ish Simple Mom Podcasts for your listening pleasure. Awhile ago I chatted with Jamie Martin, editor of Simple Homeschool, and we got in to all sorts of education talk, along with what it’s like to write a book (and what it’s like to be in a Flash Mob). It’s good listening, no matter how you choose to educate your kids.

And yesterday we published the latest podcast, this time with Nicole of Simple Organic. Or is it Simple Organic? Listen to this episode for some fun news! We’re crazy excited about this. This has been under wraps for a long time now, so it’s fun to let you in on the big reveal. We also chat about local versus organic food (which is preferable, if you can’t have both?), cloth diapering, and adoption.

Coming up are podcasts with Lisa Jo Baker, Corey Allan, Hayley Morgan, and more. But, I’d love to know—who would YOU love to hear on the show? Please share your suggestions if you’ve got ideas!

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  1. Oh wow, they both look awesome! Timely topics for me, too…

  2. I’m looking forward to listening today during rest time!

  3. Very much looking forward to this, since I am going to be finishing up my project simplify hot spot today…anything that takes my mind away from the cleaning I am doing makes me happy :-)

  4. Thanks for chatting about adoption! I love that you guys ask for listener questions and are so willing to share your lives with us. I can’t wait to listen while I work on Project Simplify tonight!

  5. What about Kristen Welch? Traveling with children, talking with kids about global/world problems, being involved as a family in a project.

  6. How about shawn groves!

  7. Really looking forward to the Reasons to Home school podcast. We are going to be pulling our daughter out of her Kindergarten class (last day will be tomorrow) and I need some major encouragement as I am super nervous about it!

  8. My twin 4 yr olds have been asking a lot of questions about God, heaven, and even death lately. We spent about an hour the other day with them asking me whether various things are “God made” or “man made,” ie. grass, rain, houses, spiderman toys… Then, out of their mouths come questions like “Mom, will I die when I become a mom like you?” Um….. what??? We are trying to weave together everything they’re learning from us, from chapel at preschool, and from children’s church at church. We also don’t want to oversimplify answers but don’t know how much to go into each topic. I’d love to hear how others handle this with their young children. I know this is far off the topics of organization and schooling (well, maybe not too far off from the topic of schooling…), so if this doesn’t work as a topic for your podcasts, could you point me toward a place to look? Thanks! And I LOVE your podcasts. My only complaint is that there aren’t enough of them to keep me company through all the laundry that our family produces! Thanks for all the great inspiration!

    • Great ideas! Podcasts aren’t just about organization, homeschooling, or even parenting—they’re about whatever we and the listeners want to talk about. So if that’s what you’d like to hear about, then we can definitely bring that up sometime.

      And yeah, I wish I could make podcasts all the time, I love it so much. If only my kids didn’t need to eat… 😉

  9. So fun! I love the podcasts. I’m not sure who I would pick for future ones…I’ve really enjoyed all of the podcasts you’ve done so far, even when they’re on topics that I didn’t really think I’d be interested in (ie homeschooling).

    The person that I think would be funny to listen to is Glennon of Momastery, but I think that she’s quite occupied with a book deal and stuff these days. :)

  10. Tish…
    I’d love to do a podcast with you about traveling with kids and home swapping. We’re leaving this weekend for a home exchange in San Francisco and this summer we’re off to Spain for another swap. We’ve already traded homes in Paris (France), Vienna (Austria) and Gouda, (Netherlands). We also swap regularly with a couple on the Oregon coast. It’s a great way for families to travel because it’s much more affordable when you have a home with a kitchen and in most cases a car. We’ve also camped our way around Europe and will do some camping this summer but my back doesn’t always recommend it!

  11. How about Nester? Something about how bloggers aren’t perfect…we’re all just like anyone else…you know, that whole “highlight reel” thing. I think people know that in their heads, but they can get bogged down by all the pretty pictures…(Even when some bloggers do “keeping it real” posts, and the mess is still color coordinated?)

  12. This made me laugh because I literally do sit and fold laundry every time I listen to one of the simple mom podcasts! Yay for more :)

  13. How about Lindsay from passionate homemaking? I don’t think you had her on before.

  14. How about Sarah from Memories on Clover Lane? I really admire her and would love to hear a podcast with her.

    Also, a podcast with Emily from Remodeling this life and Renee from FIMBY would be awesome too!


  15. How can I find the show notes???? I found them on my iPhone, but there are no links to click on. Do you have the notes here on Simple Mom somewhere?

    I love to listen to the podcasts in my car, like having a friend sitting there chatting with me! I don’t know who else I’d like to hear; I know you’ll find someone interesting, based on everyone who guest posts for you! I think I second Diane’s request for discussion about having conversations with our kids about God and other subjects that can be tricky.

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