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Resources for spring cleaning—inside & out

In the mood to spring clean? I totally understand.

The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle is over now, but below are some of my favorite digital resources for providing clarity, purpose, and a more organized home (some of which were part of that ebook bundle).

Health & wellness

Self care & discipline

Working from home & blogging

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Holidays & special events

How I organize my digital files

Nothing I do involves rocket science here, but I wanted to show you how I handle a plethora of digital files without going crazy. After all, keeping things simple and decluttered goes for digital stuff just as much as our physical belongings.

First, I keep everything in Dropbox, in a folder called “E-Books” (this isn’t just for the books in this bundle sale, either—I keep ALL my e-books here). I organize by topic, and they’ll then automatically be organized alphabetically.


When I’m ready to read, I email my Kindle versions to the address Amazon assigned me with my device—then they’ll automatically upload.

kindle interfaceOnce they’re on my Kindle, I create categories—just select a title and hold for a few seconds, then choose “Add to collection” from the pop-up window (I’ve got the latest Paperwhite, by the way, and I love it).

Every now and then, I do want to print an e-book—when it’s more of a handbook, say, or when they include printables for writing. Such is the case with the Blog Planning Kit. I simply add them to a folder with dividers, and when I’m done, I either keep or recycle.

blog planning kit

And that’s it! Far and away, these resources add almost zero physical clutter.

Disclosure: I have included affiliate links.