Spring inspiration: bikes

Written by editor Nicole Bennett of Gidget Goes Home.

The days are getting longer and (hopefully) warmer– it’s that time of year when we start itching to be outside more and more!

I recently fell in love with the idea of riding a cargo bike. What is that exactly? Well, it’s a bike that can carry not just one rider, but also a gaggle of kids and stuff, for riding around town. I think it would be such a fun way to get around– saving money, no emissions, exercising, enjoying the fresh air in my beach town…

I can’t afford one right now, but I can sure dream. I’m going to blame the fact that my husband himself works for a company that makes a unique bike. And while I’ve been thinking about it, I thought it would be fun to take some further inspiration from my bike dream.

Photo by Xtracycle

Love the color of this new Xtracycle Edgerunner, wouldn’t I look styling, riding my kids around on this?!

Print by 1 canoe 2 on Etsy 

Such a fun print! It definitely has the feel of the fun of riding bikes.

Photo by fifty five south

What kid wouldn’t look styling in this trike tee (designed and hand-printed by my brother!)?

Photo by Quilt Barn on Etsy

In my “works in progress” pile is a liner for my bike basket. How cute would this Cruzin fabric be for something like that?

Print by Sarah Jane Studios on Etsy

This has always been a favorite print of mine. When I ordered an embroidery pattern from Sarah Jane Studios, I received a thank you card with this bike print on it, and it’s been on my inspiration board ever since.

One of my favorite memories is my birthday a few years ago when my family (including some extended family) took our bikes down to Coronado (an island in San Diego) to ride around downtown. There’s just something about riding bikes by the beach…

For more inspiration, visit my latest Pinterest board about bikes.

Are you a fan of bikes– where’s your favorite place to ride? How do bikes inspire you artistically?



Nicole lives near the beach in Southern California with her husband and three young kiddos. She writes a a lifestyle blog about creativity, family life, community, and all sorts of other fun stuff, and also keeps a homeschool journal called The Bennettar Academy. Her most recent (free!) ebook is about why and how to make more time for reading.

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  1. We sort of “rediscovered” a love of bike riding last year, the first summer for a while when we weren’t pregnant or had a newborn (not the case this summer!). We were blessed to be able to find used, for great prices, a baby bike seat and a double trailer so we could all go! It was a great way for us to get outside and get some exercise and have fun as a family! Those cargo bikes look awesome!

  2. I sold my car a year and a half ago and became a bicycle commuter. So yes, I love bikes. 🙂 My favorite place to ride is in the country, since the scenery is so much prettier.

  3. I love the idea of bikes and love the idea of biking being our main form of transportation. It’s just making the investment little by little. =) Bicycles have always seemed so carefree and fun. They are my favourite thing to do when on vacation somewhere. =)

  4. Since my older one learned to ride a two-wheeler a few months ago, she has been riding with my hubby. And then he got a bike for me for my birthday. The little one already had her Strider bike since she was not even 2 yet. A great way to get in a little exercise while enjoying family time. 🙂

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