Spring is here – let’s party!

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Spring is in the air. I know some of you still have snow in the backyard, but that doesn’t mean it’s not right around the corner for you. It’s already mid-April, and it’s only getting warmer until the summer heat squelches the spring breeze.

We’ve had our windows open for most of the day the past few weeks, and the blue skies have brightened our indoor walls. Quite frankly, it’s gotten me in the mood to overhaul the house.

The past few weeks, I’ve had a ton of work, and my nose has been to the grindstone. That means my home is now a bit disheveled, and I want to roll up my sleeves and make this place a haven again.

Ironically, I’m actually printing off my own e-book to light a fire under me and provide the guide I need to declutter, clean, and organize.

Care to join me?

spring-cleaning-party-artFrom May 4 to 15, I’ll be writing my spring cleaning process, one room at a time.

If you’ve already read my book, you know that it walks you through overhauling your home in about ten days, tackling one area per day. I’ll post Monday through Friday for two weeks, covering each day in the book. And to make it more fun, I’m calling it a Spring Cleaning Party.

I’d love it if you joined me in spring cleaning your home, and then wrote about your experience on your own blog. It’ll keep you accountable, it’ll be motivating to see your own before-and-after photos published, and it’ll be fun, because we’ll be a community making our homes better together. You can share your link here on Simple Mom, and we can all tour the results from each day.

Here’s the Spring Cleaning Party schedule:

  • Monday, May 4 – a clean sweep
  • Tuesday, May 5 – the living room, part one
  • Wednesday, May 6 – the living room, part two
  • Thursday, May 7 – the kitchen, part one
  • Friday, May 8 – the kitchen, part two
  • Monday, May 11 – the bathrooms
  • Tuesday, May 12 – the kids’ rooms, part one
  • Wednesday, May 13 – the kids’ rooms, part two
  • Thursday, May 14 – the master bedroom
  • Friday, May 15 – the front entry

spring cleaningThe e-book, Spring Cleaning for Normal People, is $7. If you haven’t bought it yet, but would like to join the Party, now’s a good time to go ahead and download your copy, so that you can read it ahead of time and know what to expect. Don’t worry, it’s an easy read of 68 pages.

This giveaway below is now closed.

Get it free!

To kick us off, I’d like to give ten Simple Mom readers a free copy of the e-book! If you’ve already got a copy, you can still enter to win and pass it on to someone you love.

To enter the giveaway, simply leave a comment on this post, telling me that you plan on joining the Spring Cleaning Party from May 4-15. In your comment, tell me the area in your home that needs the most TLC right now.

And if you want to let your blog readers know your plans, you can grab this button – just copy and paste the code:

spring-cleaning-party1<a href="http://theartofsimple.net/spring-cleaning-party/"><img src="http://theartofsimple.net/wp-content/uploads/2009/04/spring-cleaning-party1.jpg" alt="simple-mom-spring-cleaning-party" /></a>

This little giveaway will only be for one day – you’ve got between now and noon EST tomorrow (Saturday, April 18). I look forward to reading your comments!

Tsh Oxenreider

Tsh is the founder of this blog and just finished traveling around the world with her husband and 3 kids. Her latest book is Notes From a Blue Bike, and believes a passport is one of the world's greatest textbooks.

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  1. I will be joining! I grabbed the button and put it on my blog as my reminder 🙂


    jill´s last blog post…

  2. I bought your book last Fall — because my daughter was still a wee one, though, I decided to hold off until this Spring to really tackle the deep cleaning. I, too, am motivated by the sunshine and will be on board when you start —- I hope I can keep up!! 🙂

    Allegra´s last blog post…Awesome Item of the Day

  3. Goodness knows I need this kind of accountability! Thank you for providing it 😀

  4. I’d love to join! I’ll be out of town for part of it so I hope to win the book to follow along on my own time.

    Heather G´s last blog post…True Confessions Monday

  5. Count me in! I’m 7 months pregnant with my third child and as you can guess, the deep cleaning of the house has gone to the wayside. My bedroom could really use a sprucing!

    Unsinkable Kristen´s last blog post…The Family That Protests Together…

  6. *sighs reluctantly*

    Okay, if you say so. I guess I’ll clean. Lord knows I need to.

    Can I go ahead and declare my entire house a disaster area?

    Heather @ alis grave nil´s last blog post…Kid Books, Mom Love

  7. Okay, I’m in.

    I was just crying in the shower this morning, feeling so overwhelmed by my lack of routine since baby (now 5 months old) was born. I asked God to help me get a strategy. I’m gonna take this as His answer. 🙂

    danica´s last blog post…the sun’s back out

  8. My closets are awful. And the kiddo’s room is a wreck. HELP!!

  9. I am so in on this! Help! My worst area is actually my Basement because it catches everything that gets purged from my second worse area The Kitchen/ Living Room. Can’t wait to try to clean along and will try to blog about it!

    Tori´s last blog post…SHHH work in progress…

  10. I would love to join the party! My office/playroom is in desperate need of some spring cleaning TLC!

  11. i am so excited to join the spring cleaning party. it’s just in time for our company that will be coming to visit for graduation!

    christy´s last blog post…Once Again, I love my Mom!

  12. I’m in… room I need that needs the most attention is my bedroom.

  13. I will be excited to join you in the spring clean-up. My job was “phased out” so now I will have more time to do this. My areas needing the most work will be my home office and master closet. Looking forward to joining the group. Cleta

  14. Count me in for the Sweep and the contest. I like the idea of taking it one room at a time and getting the job done. Period.

    The areas of the house that need the most attention right now are 1) my kids’ rooms and 2) the garage.


  15. I’d love to join the cleaning party!!! Our dining room is so cluttered right now… it seems to be the “drop off” location for anything and everything! 🙂

    Kristen´s last blog post…Lions and tigers and SADIE, oh my!

  16. This is just the motivation I’ve been needing myself! I normally keep things pretty tidy…but my closets are puking with stuff I’ve shoved in there to get it out of sight! Count me in…and thanks for the chance to win you book:)

    Lauren´s last blog post…i heart faces – easter

  17. I would love to join the Spring Cleaning Party! Added the button to my blog sidebar. Hope I win!

    Shirley Rempel´s last blog post…Wordless Wednesday!

  18. Shellie Tyson says:

    I am going to apart of you spring clean. I had planned to take some time off just for that purpose.

  19. Oooo, a spring cleaning party! I like how it sounds like fun instead of a chore. In answer to your giveaway question, I could really use help with my baby’s room and the laundry room. Both have somehow become catch-all hot spots for stuff that has no home. They look terrible and make me feel terrible too. Here’s to a good cleaning for them both!

  20. I so need this “kick-in-the-butt”!!! I could really use help on my scrapbook studio… It’s i FULL of piles of stuff and I only have a path from the door to the computer.

  21. I’m there! My whole house could use a spring cleaning, but my master bedroom is the most disastrous. Since we’re going to put our house on the market within the next two months, the dirt and clutter have GOT TO GO!

  22. I’m in.
    I bought your e-book last month and haven’t done a thing with it, yet. (The book is fabulous, BTW!) This will be the perfect kick-start for spring cleaning.

    Thank you…I think… ; )

    Kirwin´s last blog post…I’ve been tagged

  23. I’m always up for a party! My husband’s office is awful. Papers haven’t been filed in years, there’s stuff everywhere, and I can’t touch a thing – it’s either too collectible or too big! And we have a HUGE desk for a computer we never even use!

    Brittney´s last blog post…Watching the Old Ballgame

  24. Great! And it’s going to fall at a good time on the calendar (so far, at least). We’ve been trying to declutter, but everything from the rest of the house is getting thrown in the office right now. That makes the office our worst problem area right now, not to mention a potential safety hazard!

  25. I am definitely joining the spring cleaning party. The area of my home that needs the most TLC right now is the front foyer. It’s completely overtaken with winter coats and boots, piles of junk mail, broken umbrellas and even a broken computer monitor! It’s NOT the way I want it to look for anyone coming through my front door. I dream of it being clean, organized, decluttered and welcoming.

  26. I most defenitely need and want to join. My laundry room is in major need of some cleaning and organizing.

    BreannaS´s last blog post…Hurry!

  27. I will definitely be participating! I SO need some motivation as I started my spring cleaning a few weeks ago and lost momentum. The area in my home that needs the most attention is the desk/office area. Taming the paper tiger, so to speak. And the ‘junk’ drawers. Unfortunately it’s not junk in there, just looks that way since there is so much of it. It needs some organization.

    MB´s last blog post…House Dreams

  28. I would love a copy of your spring cleaning book. I need to overhaul the bedrooms, playroom, and storage areas. With four littles of my own I often let these rooms take care of themselves… they don’t! This might be just the thing I need. I would love to participate in the May 4-15 clean-up.

  29. I’ll join the party.

  30. Hi!
    I´m reading you from Portugal and i would like very much to join you!! And i wuod be even happier if i won one of your books!!

    I really need to clean up an organize my guest room and my garage!!

    Love from Portugal!

    Susana´s last blog post…Mais Spider-Man

  31. Kimberly says:

    I’m in! We have an entire house that needs help. Does that count? We basically just moved in, put stuff somewhere, and went on with life a few months ago. Oops!

  32. My hubby took a week off last month from work and we spent his “vacation” decluttering most of the house. Unfortunately we didn’t get it all done. (having 5 kids, 8 and under, underfoot tends to slow everything down…) I’d love to get in on this PARTY! 🙂

    • I forgot to mention that my laundry room needs the most help right now… between trying to keep up with all the clothes that 5 kids go through, as well as the cloth diapers, I am drowning in that room… *sigh*

  33. Jennifer says:

    I’m in! I really need to get the house under control and could use everyone’s support!

  34. Would love to join in! Thanks for the contest!

  35. I want to commit to this! Every little corner in my house could use some love! I would like for my bedroom to become a place of comfort again…time to sort through some piles and fluff my nest a bit!

  36. I would love to join your party and be entered to win the e-book. The area of my house that needs the most work right now is the closets and the cupboards! All the stashed-but-not-dealt-with stuff!

    Lisa´s last blog post…I Always Wanted to be Considered an Artisan…

  37. I am joining the Spring Clean Party! What fun this will be. I am torn between the kids’ room and the never ending pile of papers that never seems to go away! I would love to win the e-book. This is such a great blog.


  38. April Lee says:

    I’m joining the Spring Cleaning Party! My kitchen is going to benefit the most from some deep cleaning (my oven, especially!). Thanks for the giveaway!

  39. This sounds like a great party! I could use some help. My whole house could use some help, but I think the worst part is the garage. We keep just throwing things out there that have no “home” and it’s a bit of a pain to maneuver through now. lol

    Kelly´s last blog post…MCP Canvas contest

  40. Jessica Stilwell says:

    I would love to join as I have company coming into town. My house could just use a “deep” cleaning all over!!!

  41. Ghanimatrix says:

    I love the entire process of organizing and cleaning – I’ve considered it as a career, even. So I’ll definitely be following along with your spring cleaning party!

  42. I’ve been feeling the urge to spring clean my home, and this is just the motivation I need. Closets are what I need to focus on–in the master room and in my children’s room. I’ll be joining in the fun–thanks for the giveaway!

    Kristi´s last blog post…Create an Animal Alphabet Book

    • Yes, I want to join the spring cleaning party. It sounds so much better when “party” is included witht the word cleaning. We are very blessed with a 1300 sqft house for all six of us. But it gets pretty crowded and cluttered. I tackled the 3 younger kids room the other day…….and that is as far as I got. Family room is the worst because that is were we are most of the time. Looking forward to “partying” with all of you.

  43. Melaniesd says:

    My “Spring Cleaning” plans include repairing cracks in the plaster walls, washing them down, repairing a crack in the ceiling and the painting my kitchen, dinningroom, hall & livingroom. I’m so excited to see the changes to my home and have nice fresh paint up!

  44. I would love to join in the spring cleaning….:) It would be so much fun. My little boys room/craft area needs it the most…..:)

  45. Just what I needed! I’m so ready to join your spring cleaning party. We’re moving soon and I’ve got to get motivated. I keep waiting for that to happen…maybe spring cleaning will help. Thanks!

  46. I definitely need to spring clean! The kids’ rooms are the most in need of help. We are moving kids around and trying to get back to normal after #3 arrived in November. Add the seasonal clothing rotation, and they are just begging for an overhaul!

  47. This is definitely something I will need to do and will only be done if I’m held accountable. Yeah . . . I need motivation like that!

  48. Yeah, definitely in need of spring cleaning since I still have snowflake photos on my bedroom wall!

  49. I’ll be joining you for Spring Cleaning with bells on…ok maybe a cleaning cloth and trash bags. We are trying to clean and pack up to put our house on the market (FSBO) so the house will need to stay clean (mostly) with a toddler and a baby. I need all the help I can get to make this as smooth as possible. Thanks for the guidance.

    Lynnette´s last blog post…Tomatoes and Peppers

  50. Accountability is a great word. It’s not that I don’t get anything done, it’s that I have to spin my wheels in so many directions. It would be nice to focus on a good old spring clean and get it over and done with before summer hits and I’m back to being a full-time Mom with two children at home. Thanks for the great giveaway and all your wonderful ideas!

  51. Andrea Haegele says:

    I sure could use help and advice!

  52. Yes, I would love to join your spring cleaning party, and get in on a chance to get your ebook for free. When it comes to housework the more motivators the better for me! I have a hard time saying what area of my house needs it most because it all does! I love to read, I love to craft, I like gardening, thrift shopping, and on and on, so what happens is I just allow too much clutter from all my various interest to pile up. Maybe following along with you I can get a handle on it!

  53. I’d love to join the party!! Right now the master bedroom has become the dumping ground for all 6 of us, it seems. (and I’ve been wanting to read your book for several months, now)

  54. I will definitely be joining in the spring cleaning party. This is just the motivator I needed to get down to some serious spring cleaning business! Thank you so much for hosting this. Right now my girls’ bedroom is in need of some cleaning and organizing. All those clothes they’ve outgrown need to be sorted through!

  55. This sounds great and I’m for sure in. We’re expecting our 4th baby in August so I’d love to get things in order before that. The part of my house that needs the most work? I’d say the closets!

  56. Count me in–we have an unfinished room that has turned into a storage room. It would be nice to get that cleaned up and then it could be used for my crafting area.

  57. Catherine says:

    I want to join. Thanks!

  58. I’ve been needing motivation to clean, but can’t seem to figure out how to start. This sound great!

    Our master bedroom actually needs the most TLC. No one sees it except my husband and I (we keep doors shut to keep out the cat!) and I let it slide. I think we deserve a little attention to our room even if it is just for us.

  59. This could not come at a better time. Our office/media room is always so neglected because we spend time there in the evenings when we are tired and in no mood to clean.

  60. jkellertn says:

    I plan to join your cleaning party! Thanks for the invite.
    My entry way needs the most TLC right now!

  61. Oh, count me in! I’m coming to that party! My problem area right now is actually my basement storage area. It’s a mess!! I’ve just cleaned out my 3 girls closets and pulled out outgrown and past season clothes. Now I need to get them sorted for toss, sale, or store. I also just went through all of our toys (with my children’s help) and weeded out the toys that they didn’t want anymore and so I have a pile of toys that I need to get ready for a garage sale in the near future. In addition to that we had a minor flood from our hot water heater so everything got moved and pushed out of the way for cleanup….its just a mess….it need a major commitment of time that I would rather spend outdoors in the Spring weather!

  62. Samantha Stinson says:

    I would love to win the ebook! I would like to focus special attention to cleaning and organizing my kitchen. Thanks!

  63. I’m in! Every room in my house seems to have a target area recently. Seriously. And I love the idea of having a group to do this with so we stay inspired.

  64. I need to join the party. I’ve actually been decluttering over the last several weeks, but there is so much more to do. My upstairs is the worst. And the worst of the upstairs is the boys’ room.

  65. Jen Schenk says:

    I would love to join the Spring cleaning party! I think there should be a spring cleaning party four times a year. I would also love a copy of your book. The room I want to tackle most is the kids room/play room. You know when I first was a mom I wanted to give my baby everything. I thought that meant all the STUFF. No it sure did not. At her first birthday I bought a ton of toys. And you know what all my kids play with are the toys they can use their imaginations with. I would love to clean through their toys and find an organization or someone that knows of kids who have no toys, and give it to them!

  66. I will join the party. My kitchen counter needs a sping clean! Thanks.

  67. I’d love to join the spring cleaning party! Our living room is the area that needs the most love right now. It seems to be a catchall for all sorts of paper. I can’t wait to attack the mess and make some peace in that area.

  68. Megan Srygley says:

    I would love the 10 day guide to spring clean my house! My laundry room/storage room is by far in need of cleaning out. It seems to be where everything ends up that we don’t have a place for. But the whole house could use some de-cluttering and deep cleaning! Thank you!

  69. I’d love to join! The rooms that need the most help in my house are my 2 spare bedrooms!!

    Angela´s last blog post…Sweet Story

  70. Count me in! My house is definitely in need of a good cleaning, especially my bedroom.

    Hannah´s last blog post…Setting sail

  71. Count me in!

  72. I could sure use this right now. My closet is the worst-I have clothes from all seasons in there.

  73. Our office and storage room needs the most attention.

  74. Sign me up! This house needs it… 🙂

    Katie´s last blog post…january

  75. I will be joining you for Spring Cleaning! My closets right now are very disorganized and cluttered, they need the most help. I admit, I am somewhat of a pack rat. I look forward to being clutter free and organized.

  76. A spring clean up is just what I need. I am moving overseas in 14 weeks and want to clean every room. My office needs the most TLC though. Thanks for being an inspiration!

  77. My closets are looking pretty shabby. The kids’ closets need old clothes packed up and new sizes brought in. Can’t wait to Spring Clean “together”!

    Katie @ 3 Blondes and a Redhead´s last blog post…Lots to say…

  78. I will absolutely join you for a spring cleaning party. My kitchen catch-all desk is the bane of my existence!

  79. I would love to join in–I started the process 2 months ago and what a difference…but I got sidetracked when we all got sick. The master bedroom is a MAJOR mess right now because somehow I never moved the piles from the closet of clothes to get rid of–they are in piles around our bed that we are climbing over each night…definitely NOT a haven! = ) I’d love to pass on your book if I win!

    Angel´s last blog post…Start Your Engines…

  80. Sounds great to me! My kids rooms are the area that need the most help right now! Thanks.

  81. i need to get my house in shape because i’m selling it and i have 2 children under 3. oh, the headache. i will join the party. i need all the incentive i can get!

    christina muzquiz´s last blog post…7 months

  82. The area in my house in greatest need of Spring Cleaning: the entire upstairs! Without a doubt, this area needs it the most, especially the closets and my son’s room! Can’t wait to get started, thanks for the help!

  83. I want to join in! My kitchen needs the most help right now, I think.

    Alison´s last blog post…Can Gardening Save You Money?

  84. I would love to join. My house is pretty clean but it can always be cleaner!

  85. I’m definitely in. Right now it’s our basement that is in need of a major overhaul!

    Heather Moll´s last blog post…7 Months Old

  86. I sooo need to do some spring cleaning so I will definitely join the party. My master bedroom needs the most TLC. I tend to focus on other areas and leave this for later, which never comes. My hubby and I deserve better!

  87. I”M READY! I need help everywhere! I miss one day and feel so overwhelmed that I ignore it and then… DISASTER! My floors are the biggest issue. 100% tile! YUCK!

    Emily´s last blog post…Spring Cleaning Party!

  88. I’m in. I’m finishing up finals right now and they end April 30 so this will be perfect to get my home back in order. My kitchen needs to be better organized!

  89. Well, my whole house could use some spring cleanin’ for sure, but I would love a better system of keeping clutter, especially mail and other papers, at bay, and a huge issue is what to do with all the kids art supplies that I keep in the kitchen because that is where we use them. I need kitchen organization!!

  90. Cassie J. says:

    My laundry room! Seeing the dust and lint and knowing that there’s a ton more behind the machines makes me ill!

  91. Angela C. says:

    I would love to join in the party. I’ll do my best but that is a pretty busy time. My house is in pretty good shape–it’s just all the hidden closets and cabinets that need help. Thanks for the giveaway.

    accoupons at gmail dot com

  92. My master bathroom could definitely use some help right now. The rest of the house could, too – but it is definitely the most neglected.

  93. I plan on joining the spring-cleaning party! And definitely the area in my house that needs the most TLC is my bathroom. One, there are lots of nooks and crannies that get all kinds of grossness in there that you just don’t get with regular cleaning. Also, I manage to get more half-used tubes of toothpaste, almost-finished shampoo bottles etc stored up, that I just need to clear out and make use of! 🙂

  94. I am so there. This is perfect for us right now – I’ve got the time and the house has major needs. One room that needs the most TLC? Well, the whole place needs de-cluttering and organizing. As far as cleaning goes, our landlord won’t refinish the bathroom tub and it is just b-a-d. Anyone have any bathtub whitening/refinishing suggestions that are natural and inexpensive?

    bellaguinness´s last blog post…I found it!

  95. I’d love to spring clean with you. I’ve been doing some already, but need to work on my room the most!

    I’m giving away a Mother’s Day card set at http://www.burningbushes.org-hope some of you ladies will join me there too

    Nicole´s last blog post…Did They Really Say ‘Let’s Return to Egypt?’

  96. I would love to win a copy of your book! We are moving into our first home in a month or so and I would love to have a Spring Clean party as we unpack and get settled. I love your website, thanks for all you do to make our lives easier!

    Alexandra´s last blog post…Bunny Luv!

  97. I could SOOOOOO use this! We are moving overseas on May 18, and I have to go through my house and really get things done, but I don’t know how or where to start!

  98. Oo, I’d love to win! I don’t have a blog, but I’ll be following along “offline.” Spring isn’t here for us yet, either, but it won’t hurt to freshen up the house and get ready!

  99. Count me in! I have been wanting to do some serious spring cleaning around here and haven’t been able to tackle it yet. I was actually planning on buying your ebook for a little guidence, so maybe I’ll wait till tomorrow to see if I win one! Thanks for another great giveaway and thanks for all of the great motivation you always give me to simplify and make my home a haven for my family!

  100. Great idea! I’m going to jump in and see if I can get a head start on this by getting my office & sewing room cleaned up before the ‘party’ starts on May 4th – those are definitely the areas most in need of some organizing & cleanup.

    Ro´s last blog post…Today’s Reading: Mo Willems