Spring is here – let’s party!

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Spring is in the air. I know some of you still have snow in the backyard, but that doesn’t mean it’s not right around the corner for you. It’s already mid-April, and it’s only getting warmer until the summer heat squelches the spring breeze.

We’ve had our windows open for most of the day the past few weeks, and the blue skies have brightened our indoor walls. Quite frankly, it’s gotten me in the mood to overhaul the house.

The past few weeks, I’ve had a ton of work, and my nose has been to the grindstone. That means my home is now a bit disheveled, and I want to roll up my sleeves and make this place a haven again.

Ironically, I’m actually printing off my own e-book to light a fire under me and provide the guide I need to declutter, clean, and organize.

Care to join me?

spring-cleaning-party-artFrom May 4 to 15, I’ll be writing my spring cleaning process, one room at a time.

If you’ve already read my book, you know that it walks you through overhauling your home in about ten days, tackling one area per day. I’ll post Monday through Friday for two weeks, covering each day in the book. And to make it more fun, I’m calling it a Spring Cleaning Party.

I’d love it if you joined me in spring cleaning your home, and then wrote about your experience on your own blog. It’ll keep you accountable, it’ll be motivating to see your own before-and-after photos published, and it’ll be fun, because we’ll be a community making our homes better together. You can share your link here on Simple Mom, and we can all tour the results from each day.

Here’s the Spring Cleaning Party schedule:

  • Monday, May 4 – a clean sweep
  • Tuesday, May 5 – the living room, part one
  • Wednesday, May 6 – the living room, part two
  • Thursday, May 7 – the kitchen, part one
  • Friday, May 8 – the kitchen, part two
  • Monday, May 11 – the bathrooms
  • Tuesday, May 12 – the kids’ rooms, part one
  • Wednesday, May 13 – the kids’ rooms, part two
  • Thursday, May 14 – the master bedroom
  • Friday, May 15 – the front entry

spring cleaningThe e-book, Spring Cleaning for Normal People, is $7. If you haven’t bought it yet, but would like to join the Party, now’s a good time to go ahead and download your copy, so that you can read it ahead of time and know what to expect. Don’t worry, it’s an easy read of 68 pages.

This giveaway below is now closed.

Get it free!

To kick us off, I’d like to give ten Simple Mom readers a free copy of the e-book! If you’ve already got a copy, you can still enter to win and pass it on to someone you love.

To enter the giveaway, simply leave a comment on this post, telling me that you plan on joining the Spring Cleaning Party from May 4-15. In your comment, tell me the area in your home that needs the most TLC right now.

And if you want to let your blog readers know your plans, you can grab this button – just copy and paste the code:

spring-cleaning-party1<a href="http://theartofsimple.net/spring-cleaning-party/"><img src="http://theartofsimple.net/wp-content/uploads/2009/04/spring-cleaning-party1.jpg" alt="simple-mom-spring-cleaning-party" /></a>

This little giveaway will only be for one day – you’ve got between now and noon EST tomorrow (Saturday, April 18). I look forward to reading your comments!

Tsh Oxenreider

Tsh is the founder of this blog and just finished traveling around the world with her husband and 3 kids. Her latest book is Notes From a Blue Bike, and believes a passport is one of the world's greatest textbooks.

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  1. I’d love some guidance to spruce things up around here!

    Sara´s last blog post…Famous

  2. I’d love to join the spring cleaning party! My closets are ridiculous right now – definitely in need of some springtime TLC. Thanks for the generous give-away.

  3. I plan on joining the Spring Cleaning Party from May 4-15. 🙂 The worst offender in my house used to be my desk area, but I had to unearth it to do my taxes. So now my kitchen wins.

  4. Can’t wait to take part – I definitely need some help. The room in my house that needs the most love? The guest room/office. Too many purposes. Too much stuff. The “Clean Sweep” people would have a field day in there!

  5. I will definitely be doing this challenge. What needs the most work around here is a big pile of papers in the kitchen that seems to be multiplying. I think I will start work on that even now!

    Taylor at Household Management 101´s last blog post…Apr 16, Getting Kids Involved With The Chores – Melissa’s Story

  6. Yay! This is the impetus I need to finish what I started. I never made it past the living room and dining room, even though I want to.

  7. i’m in!

    my family room needs the most TLC right now. it is in a perpetual state of organized chaos and clutter.

  8. I just wanted to say this is a fantastic idea. I wish my plate wasn’t so scattered and I could commit. Ever since we closed our preschool at the end of the last year, the house is still strewn with the evidence of what once was. Marvelous idea Tsh. I’m sure this will be a lot of fun for everyone.

    Writer Dad´s last blog post…Today I Felt Indebted

  9. yipppeee! I’m in 😉

    Beth Young´s last blog post…Spring Cleaning and Purging Time!

  10. A Spring Cleaning “Party”? That sounds like fun. It’s almost always better when you do the mundane with a group that can help you get excited about it. My kitchen floors are the most neglected area of my home, along with any and all closets. My rooms may look tidy, but one crack of the closet reveals my dirty and anxiety-causing secret. They’re screaming, “Help!”.

  11. I have a tiny place, but it could still use some love. I would say the closets and cabinets are currently the worst offenders.

    Meghan´s last blog post…just read when you want control

  12. Okay. I’m doing it. I need to desparately. Especially in the youngest kids room.

    autumnesf´s last blog post…Autumn Asks: What Are Your Most Often Used Kid Sayings?

  13. I’ve been slowly chipping away at my spring cleaning, but this is the perfect push to get it over with! I’m a tad obsessed with the kitchen though, I’ll need more than two days to get it ship-shape!

    I’m glad basement isn’t on the list–ours is a war zone. 🙂

    Aimee´s last blog post…Everyone’s Friend:Yellow Butter Cupcakes with Dark Chocolate Frosting

  14. I’ll be there! 🙂 Bathrooms are my downfall. Sigh.

    Angie @ The Creative Mama´s last blog post…choosing to see the miracles.

  15. The worst offender in our home right now would be the living area and kitchen. We have a “great room” so when one area is bad you feel it everywhere.

  16. Count me in on the spring cleaning party! I’d love to be held accountable..lol I am a slacker sometimes!


    Jen´s last blog post…Getting Fired…

  17. OK… It’s so not like me to do this kind of thing. A few years ago I grew out of my “need to have everything appear perfect” phase. It’s a good place to be, but I really need to figure out a regular cleaning schedule and figure out how to manage the flow of mail, papers, etc. The area in my home that currently needs the most attention is my room and its adjoining “yoga room.” How ironic is that? 🙂 That’s where I’ve recently started throwing everything that needs to be “organized.” It’s officially a disaster.

    Charlotte´s last blog post…7 Quick Takes Friday (vol 13)

  18. I’ve gotten marginally good at keeping up with the surface cleaning, but this place desperately needs a good deep cleaning. Hopefully this will spur me on to great cleaning heights. And here’s hoping that my 2-yr-old doesn’t follow behind me with a handful of dirty…

    Princess Leia´s last blog post…Darmok and Jilaad

  19. I looked at the samples, and it looks wonderful–especially the checklists. My worst area is the “upstairs”–the bedroom, craft room and bathroom. Because nobody but my husband and I go up there, it’s always last on the list.

  20. Oh, yeah, I’m definitely on board with this party. I’ll write about it on my blog, too.

    The room that needs the most TLC is my bedroom. I can never get to it … every other room always takes priority.

  21. Wow, do I need to do a spring cleaning. I am a new wife and have yet to get my home in order. I can’t even decide which room to tackle first because they are all in drastic need! I would love a copy of your e-book to help me get going!! I love your blog and read it daily.

  22. This sounds like a lot of fun! I told my DH recently that I wanted to rent a portable dumpster so I could clean out the house and start all over. *lol*

    I’d love to win a copy of your book so I can clean along with you. Thanks so much!

  23. You can count me in for the party! My whole house needs some attention, but the master bedroom probably needs the most right now.

    Andrea´s last blog post…That’s one way to do it…

  24. I’m in… I desperately need motivation. Right now have 2 less seats in my living room because the chairs are PILED with crap. That and I can’t find my spare bed… it’s somewhere under the laundry, I think. I hope.

    Kay´s last blog post…I want to be adopted…

  25. Michele T says:

    I so need this! I am joining the party! We just moved into our house about 3 years ago, and already my closets are a disaster and my walls and baseboards are in serious need of washing! Thanks for the chance to win!

  26. I would love to join your Spring cleaning party. I need to do something with the master bedroom.

    Stephanie´s last blog post…We are Interesting!

  27. Oh this would be good for me to do! It’s just getting warm here, and although I’ve cleaned up a little, our closets are atrociously full, there is a pile of clothing on TOP of my dresser that has been there for at least three or four months, and the pantry is so cluttered who knows what’s in there.

    thursday´s last blog post…Good Morning, Little Dude.

  28. I’ll definitely be joining the spring cleaning party. My family room needs the most help — it’s overflowing with kid stuff and just isn’t a fun room to be in anymore with all the clutter.

  29. OMG!! This is right on time for me!! I have been saying that I need to – want to do – a real spring cleaning but with a 1yr old and my lack of knowledge, I don’t know where to begin. I desperately need your guidance!!! Thanks!

  30. Yes, I plan to join in the spring cleaning plan. I like your sechdule and if you don’t mind, I will use it as my own.

    Pattie´s last blog post…Feel Good Photo….Barack & Bo….

  31. I love the inspiration to get me cleaning. This time of year I find it hard to pay attention to anything inside. Dusting and getting the cobwebs is what my house needs BAD! I do everything else but hate to dust so end up skipping that. Plus we have beams in the living room that need it with the long duster. ICK! I will be at this party.

  32. I am so on board! Can my basement count as one area 🙂 I am so excited!

  33. Absolutely!! Where do I sign up? Spring Cleaning Party – here I come!
    I need to give the whole house the once over – but the master bathroom really needs that extra bit of TLC.
    Your book is a great idea, I look forward to perusing it.


  34. What a fun idea! I’m in!

    Because our house is in a major renovation state right now, just about every room needs lots of TLC. However, the kitchen would have to be the worst room of them all. Help!

    Julie´s last blog post…:: Fabulous Freebies! ::

  35. I’m definitely joining your Spring Cleaning Party. My Master Bedroom is in dire need of a good cleaning. Ok, the whole house, but I think the Master Bedroom is the worst.

    Holly´s last blog post…I’m Joining the Spring Cleaning Party at Simple Mom

  36. Kristine says:

    I’d love some motivation!! My master bath shower is scary…

  37. I definitely need some guidance on how to clean the living room. It keeps on getting littered with the boy’s toys.

    Dominique´s last blog post…Elmer in the snow – A Children’s Book Review

  38. I would love a chance to win this! The event sounds great. I was supposed to have finished my spring cleaning this last week, but it just didn’t happen!

    Shelley´s last blog post…The Traitor’s Wife Giveaway

  39. I’m in! My master has become a dumping ground again.Argh!!

  40. I’m joining the party! I cannot even narrow it down to one room-it seems they all need a little something!

  41. Count me in!!!

    The hubs and I did de-clutter a few closets a few weeks ago, sending umpteen boxes to Goodwill, but now I need to get started w/ the detailed cleaning!

  42. Heather B says:

    I plan on joining the Spring Cleaning Party from May 4-15! My spare bedroom needs the most TLC; we moved in a few months ago, and it’s housing all the extra boxes and clutter that I’d meant to purge before the move, but never got around to.

  43. I’ll be joining you. Looking forward to it! kind of 🙂

    Our office definitely needs the most attention right now. It’s really cluttered right now which makes me crazy.

  44. I’m in. My master bedroom is probably the room that needs to most TLC right now. We’ve had some construction going on right off the master. It’s finally finished but the room is seeing the effects of it.

    Amanda @ Mommy’s Idea Book´s last blog post…The Hurrier I Go, the Behinder I Get

  45. Oops! I forgot to say that my worst room is my bedroom. It’s always the last priority. The dust behind the bed is thick, I’m sure!

    Shelley´s last blog post…The Traitor’s Wife Giveaway

  46. I am so about this right now. I have been turning my house upside down lately trying to get it in order. Right this minute I can not just pinpoint just one area of my house that needs TLC. I am in the middle of moving my room around so my living room is suffering because that is where the contents of my room are going. Who am I kidding its my entire house that is suffering seeing that all my attention is on one room and with three little ones at home with me..well we all know its an endless cycle 🙂

    Alicia´s last blog post…

  47. Melissa Soto says:

    I need some inspiration to clean my whole house… so count me in! The baby’s bedroom is probably in the worst shape right now.

  48. I’ve been waiting to buy this because I thought you might do something like this! I’m all over it…my kitchen, especially is in need of some Spring cleaning! And I desperately need to get rid of some of the kids toys!!

    Gina´s last blog post…Easters

  49. A spring cleaning party is just what I need to get motivated. I would love to join. My living room needs the most work.

  50. Oooh, this is just what I need! As for the sorest part of the house, it’s a draw between the bathrooms (full of clutter that makes it harder to get to everyday cleaning) and the kitchen/dining area, which is again full of clutter.

    Katherine´s last blog post…Happy Easter!

  51. I’m back in the office working, otherwise I’d jump on board. I do love that Spring is in the air … and we just had our first BBQ last week. Yummy.

    Happy weekend, Tsh!

    sandy´s last blog post…First BBQ …

  52. Good morning!!! Wow, this is perfect timing for me! I rotate off a 3-year volunteer commitment that has been very time consuming on May 3rd! My focus will be on my “nest” for the next three months and what a great jumpstart this will be.

    It’s hard to narrow it down to one area, but probably my kids’ playroom is the one that bugs me the most. We don’t have a basement, or really any closet space on our main floor, and so everything is just OUT. The kids don’t really play with anything, because it’s so jumbled – just looks like the inside of one of those arcade machines with the little pincher arm – you know where you can try to “grab” something from the pile of stuff?

    Anyway, thank you for your posts – they are a real oasis of sanity in the ocean of chaos that is living with three little boys (2, 5 & 7.)

  53. I could use a party to get the spring cleaning done! I’m starting to get that itchy spring cleaning feeling, but I’ve been holding out until it’s warm enough to open all the windows and air this place out.

    In the most need? Our basement. The recycling room is out of control and has spilled into the main area. There are boxes everywhere with nothing in them but air, and the floors … oh don’t even ask me about the floors. 🙂 I’m in!

    Em.´s last blog post…7 Quick Takes: Volume 1

  54. Laura B. says:

    I will definitely be joining! At our house, the dining room needs the most help.

  55. Our life has been incredibly complicated this spring. We moved to a new town across the country and we are still selling our house in our old town. We moved into a rental in our new town and, to top it off, I got into a car accident and broke my foot. I am not allowed to walk for the next 3 or 4 months! This means we have paperwork form our old town, paperwork from settling in our new town, and paperwork from the accident. My paper cup runneth over.

    Our very generous families are visiting to help take care of our young children. We all have different dietary needs, so the kitchen is packed with who knows what! Messy kitchen, messy office, messy kids area; we have a messy house indeed!

    My mom and I plan to join the Spring Cleaning Party together! We can’t wait!

  56. I really need help with the closets + craft/office areas of our home. They have run amuck.

    Mindy M.´s last blog post…I love texting…

  57. I WISH I could join in!! I LOVE spring cleaning. 🙁 I’m moving though on the 16th so my house is going to be all in boxes!!

    Lyndsay´s last blog post…The Planning Begins…

  58. I’m in! The most needed spring clean is to degermify the whole house and let the sun in! Open all the windows, dust, vaccum, get all those gray seattle days and the sick germs of of my two little ones on their way!

  59. jen in pa says:

    this will be the perfect motivator for me! my kitchen always seems to need the most help.

  60. I’d love to join. In fact, I NEED to join this party!!!
    My dining room is in severe need. It is not really even a dining room
    anymore. It is just a cluttered storage room filled with boxes of who knows what, that were supposed to be organized and put away when we moved them from my craft room to make room for our new baby (over 17 months ago…) I need HELP!!! 🙂

    Jessica Russell´s last blog post…Bunny Bags

  61. Hey Tsh, I will definitely participate. I’ve been waiting for a “good time” to do it and well…there’s never a good time! The area that I need to focus on the most is my storage cupboard under the stairs. Over the past few weeks it’s become a dumping ground for pretty well everything. I’m glad you’re doing this series and walking us through it 🙂

    Sherri (Serene Journey)´s last blog post…7 Little Things You Might Not Have Wanted To Know About Us

  62. I would love to and need to join for spring cleaning. My bedroom needs the most help. It is so easy to go and shut the doors and no one ever sees inside, except me…it makes me sad every time I walk in there.

  63. Oh this would be great! I’m a newly wed, and am a long way from getting this home-making thing figured out!

  64. Niki from NorCal says:

    I’m definitely joining the spring cleaning party. The area that needs the most attention in my house is the garage… but since that’s “man land” I’m going to say the kitchen. Yay!

  65. I’m in!! My family room and master closet need some serious help!!!

    Kerry J.´s last blog post…MFT Idol Week 4

  66. Hi Tsh! Yes, I am definitely going to join. I love to clean, believe it or not! My TLC-needing area is definitely the master bedroom. The dust bunnies are threatening a takeover, and I’m a little afraid.

    Here’s hoping I win your book – it looks great!

    Beth @ Red and Honey´s last blog post…Gratituesday: Oh Glorious Spring!

  67. I’ve begun to purge already and am hoping to get enough done that I can finally tackle my basement and all the boxes from our move 9 months ago!

  68. I am a horrible housekeeper who wants to get better. I would love a copy of your book to help me get started. 🙂

  69. Oh I so need to come to this party! We are moving in 60+ days and some SPRING cleaning would so help me prepare.

  70. Stephanie says:

    I’m looking forward to this! I plan on participating and the room for us that is always the worst is our master bedroom. Too easy to neglect since no one else ever goes in there.

  71. YEAH!!! I’m so in….could have come at a better time too! i’m all about a party! so count me in!

    We moved last summer and still haven’t settled every room….needs some spring-cleaning-partying in my office, kids bedrooms (toys/clothes/organization), a little bit of the kitchen (cupboards), patio area…i’ll leave that to my hubby. :O)

    Tara B.´s last blog post…So Maybe They Aren’t ALL Stupid…

  72. I sooo need this right now! I’ll be joining the Spring Cleaning Party.

  73. Oh and the room needing the most love . . . YIKES, the laundry room or the kitchen.

  74. would love to join the party! My guest room is a mess!

  75. A “Clean-a-long” is the perfect inspiration!! Thanks Simple Mom!

    Andrea P.´s last blog post…Spring Break Project #3

  76. OH! And the area that needs the most attention right now? It’s a three-way tie between under the bathroom sink, inside the kitchen cabinets, or the master bedroom closet: if I can close a door on it and get it out of sight, it’s more likely to clutter up.

  77. I really need to do this. Count me in! I have a vague fear that my kitchen cupboards are harboring something really nasty.

  78. Oh, my house could definitely use this! I’d love to join you!

    Every area of my house needs it, but I’ll say the master bedroom is one of the worst areas right now.

    ErinW´s last blog post…Karaoke Night

  79. I will definitely be joining you in the Spring cleaning! My basement (which is a livable space) needs the most TLC.

  80. I am looking forward to the party! We close the doors on the bedrooms to keep them from view. It will be good to change that!

  81. I’m in. The room in my home that needs the most attention is our upstairs office/guest room/catch all disaster!

  82. I’m in! I’ll be buying a copy if I don’t win one – I’ve wanted one for a while. My whole house needs help – my 2 toddlers don’t leave much time for cleaning.

  83. I am ready! My basement and garage are something out of the “Clean Sweep” show – that is where my focus will be!

  84. I am joining!!! My kitchen is in need of some serious clean up and organization. Thanks for the chance to win the book!!!

    Jen´s last blog post…1st easter pictures

  85. I’ve been planning to do a major spring cleaning session, so this party will be great for giving me a specific plan. Right now, the area that needs the most TLC is my living room–it’s been taken over by baby toys!

  86. I would love to have the book…although I’ve been doing a bit of Spring Cleaning today. Not that the weather feels like spring!!
    Cold, rainy and dark.

  87. Oh this is just the motivation I need to Spring clean! I would love to join the party! As for which room needs the most attention, that is a hard one, they all need it. I will go ahead though and say the master bedroom. It always seems to be last on the list.

  88. My kitchen needs help! I’ve competely taken everything out two times to downsize, but keep putting everything back in!

  89. I’ll be joining you…glad you don’t have anything planned for May 9 (my birthday!). I need to tackle my kitchen…we just moved and I don’t like the new kitchen, so I put off doing the deep cleaning….yuck!
    Amy in CA

  90. I’m up for a Spring Cleaning Party! Our family room is in real need of an overhaul. Too many functions: my office, home school storage, video/tv entertainment. Yikes! Pretty scary stuff. Thanks for the great give-away.

  91. Anne Marie says:

    Oooh how i could use a copy of this eBook! I am due to have my first child the last day of June and i am in full nesting mode but i have no idea where to start!

    HELP! 🙂

  92. This is my first blog I’ve ever subscribed to. So I am really new at this! I will be joining the Spring Cleaning Party May 4-15! I am a very disorganized person with 4 children and trying very hard to change that!! My children’s rooms are the rooms that need it the most! I just can’t seem to get it right in there! It’s like walking into a war zone even when I thought I had it right! Thank you Simple Mom! I am really enjoying your blogs!

  93. I would so love this! I am planning on joining in! I have started spring cleaning about 5 times and give up! Yeah for accountability!

    Kristin´s last blog post…Easter Fun

  94. Michelle says:

    I’m joining in the cleaning party for sure! My master closet needs some major love right now! Yeah!

  95. I will be joining the party. Thanks for spliting things up to 2 days. My big problem is being overwhelmed looking at the tasks to do and then doing it all in one day! 2 days in the living room seems doable! 🙂

    My biggest area that needs improvement would be master bedroom. Followed closely by the living room.

  96. I’ll join the Spring Cleaning Party! I love having someone to clean with…
    and I’d love to have a copy of your book.

    My kids’ rooms are what need the most attention right now, primarily because they are 17 & 22, and I need some help & cooperation in clearing things out so we/I can clean~! If they don’t step up to work with me soon I just may decide to do it myself and they can live with my choices!

    I’m looking forward to the spring cleaning party!~

  97. I’m in!!! I need to get my haven back too…good things on the horizon but the craziness has made my home messy!!!! I can’t be creative here!! My big problem areas right now are my dinning room and studio. Can’t wait to get started!! Thanks!

  98. If I tell my husband and son it’s a party maybe they’ll pitch in.

  99. Charissa says:

    I never feel like my kitchen is truly clean!

  100. I am embarassed to admit this but I have lived in my house for almost eight years an have never done a real Spring cleaning. I need all the help I can ge.