Spring cleaning: day three

I really enjoy seeing all your before and after pics!  Keep ’em coming.  Today is day three, which is part two of the living areas.  If you feel like your spring cleaning is done in this area, feel free to move on to the next phase, or you can take a day off.  However, I encourage you to really make sure you’re done in this important living space.

To answer a question from some of you that perhaps haven’t bought my e-book, Spring Cleaning for Normal People.  Yes, we’re doing more than decluttering – we’re following a basic three-step process outlined in the e-book, following a routine of decluttering, cleaning, and organizing.  We’re methodically going through different rooms in each of our homes, so that this process doesn’t overwhelm us before we’re done.  Getting specific assignments for only one section of the house is much more manageable than a huge checklist for the entire home.

So, that said, I encourage you to download the e-book, if you haven’t yet!  But you don’t have to.  You’re welcome to still join in the Spring Cleaning Party and follow your own routine.

I want to focus a little on the cleaning and organizing phase of the living room today.


Have you been using the homemade cleaner recipes from the e-book? If so, I’d love to hear how they’re working for you. Or if you’ve got your own unique cleaner concoction, I’d enjoy reading your recipe on your blog. Please share.

For me, cleaning is my least favorite part of this three-step process. But it’s an important one, and I find it helpful to clean when the surfaces are cleared from the first decluttering stage. It makes it so much easier.

I focus on cleaning well, but not with the unattainable goal that this is all the cleaning the room will need for awhile. I know I’ll need to clean it again soon.

I love what The Accidental Housewife said in the comments yesterday:

I know the pain of ‘re-cleaning’, I get it. But I find that once I’ve cleaned up, even if a tornado comes through right afterwards, you’re still better off than if you hadn’t cleaned at all. There is a kind of residual neatness and sanitation that remains under the mess.

Be encouraged that your work is not in vain! There is benefit to cleaning, no matter how long it lasts.


Now, since the goal with this ten-day spring cleaning process is to declutter and purge your home of needless things, the organizing phase should be much easier than your attempts before.

My best advice is to keep like things with like, and to keep things where they’re naturally used most often. Keep games with games, books with books, and movies with movies. Keep movies near the TV, and your magazines in a basket where you like to read them.

Although we have a separate playroom for most of our kids’ toys, we keep the kids games and puzzles out in our media cabinet, since they’re played out in the living room. That way, it’s also easier to contain all those little pieces and not get them absorbed with the playroom toys.

media cabinet after

Several of our puzzles were secondhand purchases, and the boxes were in bad shape. I cut the picture from the top of the box, and put that and the puzzle pieces in a mesh bag. The company I bought the mesh bags from have since gone out of business (hence the broken link to Kids Klutter Katchers in my e-book – sorry about that), but I’ve grown to love Lara at Lazy Organizer’s Organizing Bags. I recommend using those sturdy bags for all sorts of things.

And since I detest clutter, I keep clutter-able things behind closed doors. When we’re not watching the TV, we keep our media cabinet closed. It’s much more peaceful.

media cabinet closed


Finally, just a few thoughts about decorating (although I’ve got a post in the works full of frugal ideas for making your own easy art). If you thrive on change, make the color-specific items easy to change – like throw pillows and curtains. Keep the walls a neutral color.

I like using cloth napkins to make throw pillows for the couches, because they’re usually the right size for pillows, and they’re already neatly hemmed. For simple, lightweight curtains, I bought a set of sheets on clearance at Target, cut the flat one down the middle and hemmed it, and hung them with simple hooks.

teacups on the shelf

If you keep any collectibles, also keep like things with like. It packs more punch. White teacups and saucers are one of two things I collect, so I keep my collection above the bookshelves.

scrapbook paper artScrapbook paper makes for easy art as well, and it’s super easy to change them out of frames. It also makes for great crafting tools, and you can decopauge simple pictures or designs on canvas. Awhile ago I posted about an art idea I got from Heidi at Mt. Hope Chronicles. I still love doing this, and have four of these simple circle art canvases throughout the house.

The blank wall above our couch is waiting for a homemade art project in the works. We collected scads of free wooden crates, and we are disassembling the pieces to create this expensive art from Pottery Barn. If it works, I’ll include it in my series on homemade art.

empty living room wall

Today I’ll leave you with this discussion question:

What’s your style? As you’ve decluttered, cleaned, and organized, have you explored your different tastes in decor? I’m curious if you’ve enjoyed the more minimal look in your living room, with your surfaces emptier.

Get ready for tomorrow’s room – the kitchen!

Tsh Oxenreider

Tsh is the founder of this blog and just finished traveling around the world with her husband and 3 kids. Her latest book is Notes From a Blue Bike, and believes a passport is one of the world's greatest textbooks.

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  1. I think I’m still trying to figure out my style, honestly. I’d love to know how you keep decorating after a self-made project flops. That usually discourages me.
    Most of our decor is from family donations we received when we got married and started a home together. There are a few things that are ‘us’ and those are often pieces from the time I lived overseas or things we bought on other trips.
    I’m definitely a minimalist, so cleared spaces help me feel sane again. Thanks for providing encouragement and a community for us to clean together.

    Nicole´s last blog post…64 Crayons…Redeemed

  2. I go for a graceful, simple beauty in our living areas (along with being practical for three kids, too!) We have a lot of international pieces from all our travels in our living room, and I love looking at them every day.

    Off to declutter my dining area later today!


    steadymom.com´s last blog post…Where to Find Cheap Books

  3. We definitely have a more modern look, especially in our living area. It makes it a little more difficult to keep cleaned, however, but it acts as a motivation. I hate to see it cluttered so I usually keep that room pretty spotless just because of the decor, if nothing else!

    Tabitha (From Single to Married)´s last blog post…Married Life: How Do You Decide When to Get Married?

  4. Things that make me antsy: mismatched books of varying heights and the spines are not aligned. Leaning towers of piled up items, like books. Items on the floor, like baby toys. Crooked pictures in mismatched frames and little knickknacks on shelves.
    I definitely like uniform shapes with simple lines and blocks of color. I like neutral background color tones with deep color accents. I love the look of pewter, wrought iron, and linen.
    As an observer, I am sometimes hyper-aware of my environment and how it makes me feel: either stressed or relaxed. My decorative style concentrates on function and visual uniformity.
    I am so eager to see other clean homes today! Happy cleaning everyone!

    Abbie´s last blog post…Trapped On a Single Floor

  5. Tsh, It’s been so nice seeing your beautiful home throughout this series. I can’t wait to see your take on the pottery barn woodwork wall art!

  6. It’s great to be reminded that paper and different fabric swatches can be used to brighten up a room. I will work on getting some photos up later – perhaps you can offer some suggestions to my decorating/storage issues!

    Allegra´s last blog post…Awesome Item of the Day

  7. For day 3 I started on the lliving room. We still have some organizing to do do in there, but it is nice to see all the surfaces again. The toys, oh the toys in that room. Ugh!

    I don’t like having a lot of clutter in my house, but I don’t like for things to be too empty either. When it’s too empty I don’t think it feels like a home. I enjoy having pictures of my family on the tables and a few things around giving it that lived in look.

    Holly´s last blog post…Spring Cleaning – The Living Room

  8. My style is “Minimalist-Potter Barn- with an edge.” I don’t like clutter and/or unnecessary stuff, and I’m naturally drawn to Pottery Barn. However, I don’t want my home to look too “cookie cutter” so I like to mix it up with vintage pieces (from flea markets) and random things (we’ve collected from all over the world). We currently have a bowl of ostrich eggs on our coffee table.

    Our house is still in a constant state of “remodel”, so I’m aways mixing things around…

    kirwin´s last blog post…Just for fun

  9. I think I’m still figuring out my style as well. I’m very attracted to vintage pieces at this point, but I also enjoy modern lines and pops of color. I’ve been trying to find a way to marry the two. Think antique shop meets Ikea.

    I’m scared the marriage will fail, however, and I’ll end up with something that looks like weird garage sale. I try not to worry too much though. What matters the most is that my family and I enjoy it. And, like you’ve posted about many times, my home is welcoming and comforting to those who step through its doors. Who cares if it’s magazine worthy?

    I am a tad behind — starting Day 1 of the living room today. I posted Clean Sweep “before” pictures in the comments on Monday. Here is the completed post, including “after” pictures.


    I hope to post something today about my living room.

    This is seriously so great, Tsh. Thank you!

    Sarah´s last blog post…spring cleaning party: clean sweep photos. (updated!)

  10. I am definitely a minimalist! I like hidden storage, don’t like visible clutter, but I really do find that I need to give my rooms personality, they seem so cold and sterile sometimes. I’m buying flowers today for the living room, family room and dining room, that always helps 🙂

    I’m decluttering the boxes in my beloved Expedit today, and hoping to get to the basement for the kids’ living area….even though it will only look good until 3:45 pm, when they arrive home 😉

    Laurie´s last blog post…Day 2 – Living Room, Part 1

  11. I’ve given myself a carrot to help get through all this cleaning: I have a few new framed photos of our family and extended family that I am dying to hang on our portrait wall, but I am waiting until the house is spotless before I accessorize it!

    Lovely art idea, Tsh. Can’t wait to see how that turns out. I have a homemade cork board in my kitchen made from leftovers of my restaurant days. People always comment on it.

  12. I have definitely become a minimalist when it comes to decorating. Right now I have only a few candle stick holders with candles on my buffet, a large framed family picture on my mantel with some Bamboo shoots in a vase, and a few vases of fresh flowers on the dining room table and hutch. I love not having to dust a lot of little figurines and collectibles…thankfully, I really don’t collect anything. We do have some of our kids toys in our living room that are stored in a cubby-like plastic bin organizer. I would love to get that out of the living room, but in a 2-bedroom home with 4 people, that is just going to have to stay put for the time being.

    My hustband is gone for the next 2 days. Would be a bad idea to declutter his half (actually he has 3/4) of the closet while he is gone? Ha!

    Jenny´s last blog post…Look At Me, I’m 3!

  13. My style is a mix of Shabby Chic & Pottery Barn. I am over at OrganizingYourWay.net talking about just that! I love a simple look, but I do also prefer to incorporate some beauty in that too.

    I have yet to purchase your e-book, though I plan to soon – but thought I’d share my own Green Cleaning Recipes from my blog:


    Angie @ The Creative Mama´s last blog post…What I found Wednesdays & more!

  14. I love this idea of using fabrics as art! I saw this idea first at a friends house, and I loved that she really brought out some wonderful colors and patterns and personality into her home for less than $5 a piece!

    Amy´s last blog post…Day Two Pix

  15. I have to pat myself on the back. I was done with the LR on Monday. We live in a small house, so the living area is 14×25-ish, so it’s not much to clean… which typing that just made me realize I have no excuse from this day forward.

    Anyway, I’m gonna move ahead to the Kitchen. I STILL haven’t gone out to get batteries for our camera, so I’ll try and post pics tonight in an edit to my blog.

    Off to my “area”. Hope everyone’s Day 3 is productive!

    Erin P´s last blog post…Spring Cleaning Party- Day 3

  16. I am loving your hand made art. What size canvases do you buy? I have scrapbooking supplies coming out of my ears & it would be a great project for me to do once the clutter is cleared.

    Oh, I am so excited to get started on the kitchen. To the naked eye, it’s looking awesome right now, but in all honesty… behind those cupboards lies disaster. We moved into this house almost 4 years ago & I can guarantee there are boxes of food that we moved in here with. Oh, and how old are some of those spices? yech!

    Jenny in Illinois´s last blog post…Spring Cleaning (day 1 update)

  17. I have been really looking forward to these 2 weeks as the push I needed to get our house clean, organized, and de-cluttered before our baby #4 arrives in August. We live in a small house so the clutter isn’t bad although I’ve been surprised at what I’ve gotten rid of so far. However, true to real life this isn’t going quite like I planned as my youngest came down with a nasty virus yesterday it’s kind of cut into my cleaning plans. We’ll just keep plugging along as best as we can, though. I did want to say that I love the furniture polish recipe in the e-book. I used it on our piano yesterday and it has never looked so good. I’ve used homemade cleaners for a lot of other things, but never for furniture polish. Thanks so much for sharing it!

    Clara S.´s last blog post…And still, the rain came down…

  18. I love those cabinets that close up! Even if you keep things tidy inside it just give a clean feeling! 🙂

    lvlc @ FromMomToMom´s last blog post…My way to organize towels in the linen closet

  19. First, thanks for all this great motivation! This comes at a perfect time for me as we’re preparing for a summer away. I know I will be anxious to come home to my nice and clean and de-cluttered house.

    I don’t really have a decorating style. We have a combination of hand me down furniture and a few things that we chosen more for budget concerns than style. I like things to be comfortable and more on the empty side. After living with 2 kids, 2 adults and 2 big dogs in 900 sq. ft. for several years, I’m just happy to be able to start spreading things out a bit.

    Mary´s last blog post…Spring Cleaning: Phase 1 and 2

  20. I’m still trying to make our house reflect the style that I love… I don’t know any official name for it but I like to call it “Modern Country” Think Pottery barn and Country Home magazine!

    Lately I’ve been painting things white- my poor hubby is worried everything will end up white! I’m hoping to completely re-do our bedroom, it is the ugliest room in our home and needs some love!

    I’m trying to finish decluttering the upstairs today since I’ve finished the livingroom. I’m looking forward to tomorrow – the kitchen!

    Donna S´s last blog post…Spring Cleaning – Day 2 – Being Flexible

  21. Okay, I am a day behind but I did do half my living room today. Saving the other half for Friday – will be gone tomorrow too. I am loving this! And have decided that I don’t mind much of my “stuff” – it makes me happy to have things I love around me. So, while my spaces may not look as decluttered as others, they feel warm and homey to me. I have so enjoyed looking at everyone else’s pictures!

    Teri Lynne´s last blog post…Spring Cleaning – the Living Room … ugh!

  22. While I have not been playing along as life is a little too crazy right now, I have been following along with the intention of doing a summer cleaning party of my own. I am a teacher and it is end of year craziness!

    However, I have a great decorating idea for the blank space above your couch. I get inexpensive canvases and acrylic paints at the craft store, and IKEA frames. Then each member of the family paints a picture of whatever they want. It doesn’t have to match. We each paint one each summer, so the art changes once a year. My kids love it and look forward to it. Here is a link to our first version, we are headed into round three. http://pedcrossing.blogspot.com/2007/09/my-new-favorite-thing.html

    PS. I’ve found that once you declutter and clean, the mess accumulation seems to slow down noticeably, at least for a while.

    Ped Crossing´s last blog post…Ever Wanna

    • CarrieK says:

      I have a twist on your idea that two of my friends have done successfully: when you are choosing colors for your artwork, pull the colors from your room. For instance, if it goes in your living room, pull the colors from your couch, rug, drapes, picture frames…. then it will look like it belongs no matter what the subject is; it could be big swirls of paint or a still life 🙂 I planning on doing this for our LR.

  23. We have been told many times we have an eclectic style. My husband and I have art majors so we have our projects from college: watercolors, the occasional drawing, paintings and photography are scattered throughout our home. One of my other favorite decorations would be plants that were passed down from family. My goal would be to have some in every room. I admit I do attach memories to objects and have a hard time letting go. But when I do, I love the space and calmness that comes with less stuff. Day three here I come!

    Lynnette´s last blog post…Yogurt in the Crock Pot

  24. I need help! I am so frustrated with my home!!! Please read my blog today and give me any ideas or support. I am just lost on what to do! I love this whole idea but I am started to think I shouldn’t be doing it right now because of our recent move. I am struggling to figure out how to live in a smaller place with 4 children! Any support/ideas would be greatly appreciated!!

    Michele´s last blog post…Frustration…

  25. Alright. I just posted about days 2 and 3. My issue isn’t so much with cleaning or putting away smaller items — it’s about what to do with larger stuff that has no home. Like large baby toys that we’re not using any more!? What do you all do with those things??

    I also need a color infusion. haha!


    Allegra´s last blog post…Spring Cleaning Day 2 & 3 – Living Room

  26. JoAnna says:

    I did not have newspaper to use for cleaning the windows, and a little girl’s and a little boy’s handprints still smudged the windows after the first cleaning. (I used a squeege.) So, I added in a bit of soap and it worked great! Thanks so much for your neatly organized thoughts. It makes everything so simple!

  27. I prefer my home to be uncluttered and serene feeling… but not sterile. I do want it to look and feel that kids live and thrive here. My favorite artwork includes my kids’ paintings/drawings (often displayed in inexpensive IKEA frames) and fabric I brought back from Africa, framed above my fireplace. As much as I like IKEA, I prefer to mix up their furniture with second-hand finds. For instance, I have the same dining table as you but pair it with metal backed chairs (old garden furniture?), spray-painted chocolate brown, seats re-covered with inexpensive fabric. This adds an element of creativity to my home, I think.

  28. Real quick-An alternative to your bags: Ziploc/Hefty freezer bags are awesome for corraling puzzle/game pieces. Or organizing cars/trains inside larger cubbies. I also love to repurpose those stronger plastic bags from new pillowcases/sheets/kid’s underwear and use those for these like this.

  29. Corene says:

    I love this and am finding it works even though my husband did some major renovating last weekend…our entire living room and kids’ room were emptied! So I’m trying to clean/declutter while I move things back. I am getting worn out not by the actual tasks, but by trying to do stuff w/ an active 2-yr-old boy who is also potty training. I have to stop every few minutes to give him a snack, check on him, or change him. Also, he unpotted my brand new container herb garden and rubbed glue stick all over the wall while I was working! So frustrating….

  30. I don’t like clutter. PERIOD. However it’s impossible not to have it if you want to live life. I’m all about getting rid of things I don’t use but at the same time I want our home to feel warm and lived in (books, pillows, pictures) I believe it’s important to have a balance of having things, too much causes stress and too little may feel cold.

    It’s been fun playing along!

    Bonnie´s last blog post…Spring Cleaning day 2 & 3

  31. Ghanimatrix says:

    I found myself even cleaning the lampshades in the living room yesterday, and they look great – brightens the room up a level, somehow. Our living room is small, since we currently live in an apartment, so I accomplished most of the job already. However, I still, have to do the media/electronics center – shudder. There are years worth of dust bunnies back there, I swear. Wish me luck. After that I hope to finish my sewing project that currently lives in the corner of the room – a diaper bag that needs fixing. If I finish, not only is that corner clear, but I have an extra diaper bag to use!

  32. Greetings from Germany! While joining the spring-cleaning-party my children and I organized our crayons today. I knwo, it was not really cleaning up the living room, but a little step!

    Micha´s last blog post…Malstifte

  33. I had my living room already done but wrote up some thoughts on Spring Cleaning today. I’m really enjoying the party!

    Chris Clark´s last blog post…Spring Cleaning Day 3 – or not

  34. I’m really looking forward to reading your ideas about homemade art ~ we are ready to replace our current wall art with something a bit more “us”, but also affordable 🙂 I tackled day 2 & day 3 in one post (though I did actually do the jobs on 2 separate days)


    Wendi´s last blog post…Spring Cleaning ~ Days 2 & 3

  35. Ok… I finally got finished de-cluttering the master bedroom. My hubby will be in shock when he sees how nice it looks! I can’t thank you enough Tsh for this motivation. I really needed a swift kick to get things done! I’m looking forward to tomorrow!

    I love seeing everyone’s progress! Everyone is doing such a great job!

    Donna S´s last blog post…Spring Cleaning – Day 3 – Finally decluttered the Livingroom

  36. I am a country classic, without the check fabric kind of girl. I like plain but classic – neutrals with splashes of colour, a place for everything, and everything in it’s place.

    Boy I love my decluttered and clean living room tonight.

  37. I use lots of baskets in our living room to keep like-things organized, yet still keep the room visually pleasing. I posted pictures here:

    Katie @ 3 Blondes and a Redhead´s last blog post…{Day 3} Living Room

  38. I’m enjoying the cleaning as well. Well, at least enjoying the results! I worked on getting our out-of-control bookshelf de-cluttered yesterday, and it’s like a breath of fresh air looking at it now. What a difference. I think I cleared off about 60 different books that we either have no need for, or would be better off on someone else’s shelf. One question that I have is regarding the homemade furniture polish. The directions say to use it on unvarnished wood only. What homemade recipe can I use on my furniture that is varnished? Thanks!

  39. I think I have to say I am a frustrated minimalist! We used to have lots of knick-knacky things around, but I don’t like that anymore. I like clean lines, earthy colors, and not much stuff. However, with little ones at home, my decor ideas are often interrupted by little hands and little projects. We are very eclectic right now, I guess you could say! I keep reminding myself we have many years when the girls are older to have a home that looks “just right.” We are trying to focus on enjoying the little ones stage right now and repeating the mantra “people are more important that things.”

  40. Yeah, got the front room finished! What a sense of acomplishement. It is so refreshing to have this room sparkling!

    mary´s last blog post…Bedtime Baby

  41. I definitely like a clean, uncluttered design style. Even the stuff on top of your media cabinet would annoy me! However, I have trouble filling large spaces, like above our fireplace and the wall next to our sofa. The art we have on the wall is OK, but I don’t feel like it really reflects us. Thankfully, art is an easy thing to change!

    Megan´s last blog post…Spring Cleaning Continues

  42. CarrieK says:

    My style would be traditional. I really like shabby chic too. I’m finding that I pick things that will go with the style of my home (1950’s ranch) even if it’s not my all-time favorite thing. I don’t have 1950’s looking furniture, but shabby chic just wouldn’t look right. Neither would very fancy moldings, so I went with simpler ones. I’ve got great color in all my rooms except the LR and DR. I, too, have a great big white space over my couch. I’m going to use the art idea from Ped Crossing (great pics!). As far as cleaning goes, I gave up on cleaners (chemical or natural) in favor of water and vinegar. The key was finding Norwex products (no, I do not sell them). They make an amazing microfiber cloth that cleans up anything. I have one for each bathroom, two for the kitchen and others for dusting and window washing. You can use them wet or dry. I haven’t bought paper towels, kitchen sponges or and kind of cleaner in over 6 months. I do not wash rags all day either. It’s so liberating! And while the initial investment was pricey, it’s more than paid for itself. I get a better clean with these clothes and cleaning is much more satisfying. I’m getting so many great ideas and inspiration from this series, thank you Simple Mom!

  43. Jami @More Than Just Surviving says:

    Day 3 was simple but felt great! I’m not sure how to describe my style. Maybe upscale country??? I like so many different things. Maybe I’ll post more pics later and you all can tell me what my style is.
    Lovin the cleaning party!


  44. Tsh, I just have to say THANK YOU for writing this ebook! I bought it over the weekend and have been doing the spring cleaning like a normal person and want to tell you I haven’t felt this organized in years. As fearful as I am to tackle the kitchen tomorrow, I know it will be worth it. My local charity thanks you as well for the 6 boxes of donations.

    emily´s last blog post…unwrap your tuesday

  45. If I could live inside the pages of an Ikea catalog I most certainly would! I’m enjoying purging unwanted items and creating a more minimalist feel in our home! Your e-book has been a great addition to the Spring Cleaning Party! Thanks!

    Olivia @ Moomama´s last blog post…Day 2- Living Room Clean-up!

  46. Not sure what my style is. My hubby and i just got married two years ago. We were both in our thirties when we married so we combined two households with 2 very different tastes. We are still figuring it all. Now we have a baby and that adds a new dimension!

    Maggie´s last blog post…Spring Clean Day 2: Living Room – part 1

  47. Hi Tsh, what a wonderful place you have here! I only recently stumbled upon this treasure trove of great people and ideas. After reading about your Spring Cleaning Party and seeing all the before and after pics, I am definitely motivated. I would love to join in even if I’m a few days behind. I was having a hard time getting going this year, but after reading many of the posts I am encouraged to make this a healing and uplifting process. I can’t wait to get started tomorrow morning. Thank you everyone!

  48. My style is beach cottage cozy. I like to keep it simple and just have a relaxed feel to our home. With 6 year old twins and a puppy you have to keep it simple.


    Rana´s last blog post…Spirng Clean Day 3

  49. I took the day off and cuddled with my little man, but I did post more about Day 2 and how I’m looking forward to Day 4.


    Whitney´s last blog post…Spring Cleaning: Day 3

  50. Hmmm … what’s my style? I have no clue! This is our first house, and we’ve been doing a lot of renovations for the past two years, so our style has been more about construction and upheaval than any sort of real style. As we’re getting more things completed, I’m trying to get more aesthetic projects on track … painting and putting pictures up on the walls. But our style is still really more whatever hand-me-downs and garage-sale finds we strike our fancy.

    Photos of tonight’s work are at:

  51. There are not words for how much better I feel after cleaning the living room today. It was lots of work, but totally worth it. If I can truly follow through and clean like I did today in every room in my house, it will be amazing and wonderful!

    Here’s today’s post and photos:


    I’m sort of anxious about starting the kitchen. Seems like a massive undertaking!

    Sarah´s last blog post…spring cleaning party: living room photos.

  52. Woohoooooo!!!

    I’m “technically” still only on day two, but who cares??? I got it done, and it feels so good to have the first half of the toughest room in my house DONE!!!


    Okay. To answer your question.

    My tastes are pretty simple, though I’d like to make a few color changes around the house. That, however, is simply not an option at the moment. Other priorities have to come first for now, and that’s okay.

    I would really like to remove my cabinet doors, and have wanted to for the four years we’ve lived here, but keep getting vetoed. Bummer, but s’ok. I love my honey too much to quibble.

    Overall, I really love yellows, greens, and reds in my decor. I like cheery rooms, and the only art I truly love are my family pictures and my “vintage” tin ads in my kitchen. Other than that, there really isn’t much that catches my attention.

    Tiff @ The Faery Inn´s last blog post…My Shredder Runneth Over

  53. I, too, love that pottery barn artwork. It would look so nice in my country themed home. I want to know how that turns out as well. I have some left over paint from our house that I could use for that project.

    Christy´s last blog post…Declutter Day 23

  54. I am LOVING this project. The family room/play room in the basement has just been a junk heap up until now. After getting my top two floors in order, I am proud to announce that this room has finally had it’s chance to shine – and shine I think it does!


  55. I’m loving this method of spring cleaning. Previously, I’d whirl around the house and clean everything, but when it came time to declutter and organize, I’d settle for sanitized. Here’s our clean sweep & living room all in one post:

    On the Eastern Journey´s last blog post…Spring Cleaning: The Kitchen

  56. Adriana says:

    I finally was able to finish with the living room step. I have one in the basement too. So last night I dusted the TV cabinet inside and out and went through every surface and crevice that was included in this space. My husband is not as enthusiastic about de cluttering and organizing as I am so there is a lot of grumbling even when he isn’t participating in the process. But it looks great and I am surprised each day by how much stuff we have and don’t use, to the thrift store it goes. My husband vacuumed the space while I went through some stuff that has been waiting to be returned to its proper home. This was all put away with only lamps to place and pictures to hang it look complete. Thanks again for encouraging this process.

  57. I just want to know where you found this beautiful media cabinet, and what size tv does it hold? It’s so hard to find one for large tv’s with doors that you can close!

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