Mother’s Day Getaway giveaway!

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I‘m sure it won’t surprise you that I love to travel. I actually love to fly as well, especially if it’s sans toddlers — doesn’t happen often, so it’s a real treat. So I’ve got a fun surprise to celebrate Mother’s Day again. How would you like to get away… for free?

I’ve got two Southwest Airlines round-trip tickets to give away to a Simple Mom reader! You can use them for anywhere Southwest Airlines flies. Fun, eh? I’d use the tickets this fall to head to either or Boston or Providence so Kyle and I could drive to Martha’s Vineyard for our anniversary — it’s where we honeymooned.

Southwest Airlines is also throwing in some souvenirs (or in-flight entertainment) for the kiddos—a Southwest Flight Attendant Doll, an Airport Playset, and the LUV’ed onesie courtesy of Southwest Airlines.

Here are the contest rules.

How to Enter

1. Just leave a comment and tell me — As a mom, what is your favorite thing about flying Southwest? Go ahead and tell me where you’d fly to as well!  If you’re reading this via email, you need to click over to the blog to comment.

2. For an additional entry, tweet this giveaway mentioning this post’s URL (, @SimpleMom and @SouthwestAir. Then leave an additional comment telling me you tweeted.

Want another shot at winning? My friends at are also giving away a pair of tickets from Southwest Airlines, PLUS a luxurious trip to the Miraval Resort and Spa. Head over to enter.

This giveaway will end Friday, May 13 at 5 p.m. MST. I’ll announce the winner that weekend. I hope it’s you!

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Tsh Oxenreider

Tsh is the founder of this blog and just finished traveling around the world with her husband and 3 kids. Her latest book is Notes From a Blue Bike, and believes a passport is one of the world's greatest textbooks.

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  1. Meredith says:

    We love Southwest because of their consistently great customer service and low rates! We would use the tickets to fly to Boston. My husband’s 92-year-old grandmother hasn’t seen our 2-year-old son since he was 6 weeks old!

  2. Ashley Lyons says:

    I love southwest because they let you sit anywhere you want! At least this was the case last time I flew with them. The no baggage fee is awesome as well. I’d fly to Hawaii with my hubby, we went there on our honeymoon and never wanted to leave! I’d love to surprise him with it.

  3. That they don’t charge for baggage of course! With other airlines, I try to stuff all my clothes into my carry-on and everything ends up wrinkled!!

  4. Vanessa says:

    The last time I flew on Southwest, it was just me and my younger son. The staff was so incredibly helpful at every turn! It was a pleasure to fly with them. Hmmmm… where would we go??? It would be a toss up between Baltimore and Seattle! Thank you, thank you, thank you for this chance!

  5. Stacey says:

    I appreciate that their prices are low and that bags are free! I was really pleased when they improved their boarding process a couple years ago. My instinct to ‘moo’ is gone as it feels less like a herd of cattle now.

  6. I love that they don’t charge for baggage—and I love their attitude. They’re just so much fun to fly with.

  7. I love to fly Southwest because they allow you to choose seats and check bags without additional fees, which always helps! I am not sure where we would go, maybe Orlando, maybe Arizona to visit family! Just to have the opportunity to choose would be AMAZING!! 🙂

  8. Leigh Adams says:

    Anywhere-you-want seating, casual atmosphere, low fares, AND… they don’t charge me for my LUGGAGE!!! Woo Hoo! I try to fly SW every time! They do a great job!

  9. Melissa says:

    It’s been so long since I’ve flown that I can’t remember if I’ve ever used Southwest or not. My husband has never flown, but it is free, he will have no choice! Looks like best part according to most is that bags fly free! I would probably fly to NY.

  10. I love that Southwest doesn’t charge for checking bags! So you can do what makes sense for your trip. I’d fly to see my sisters!!

  11. I like their no-fuss policies, like no fees for bags and the ability to change plans without huge penalties… they seem like one of the last friendly service-oriented airlines out there! I’m not sure where we’d go if we won… would have to look at their destinations and see if a vacation could be planned. 🙂

  12. Southwest was my first flight following 9/11. I’ll never forget sharing KrispyKreme donuts with the flight crew and passengers. Southwest made what could have been a surreal experience (there were only five passengers on the entire flight) into one of warmth and hope.

    Where to go? I’ve always wanted to take my Russian-born husband to see my alma-mater, so a flight to San Francisco would be just the ticket 🙂

    Thank you for the give away!

  13. They have the perkiest flight attendants around! That, and they get us to The Outer Banks, NC (from Oregon) regularly, which is a favorite destination.

  14. I love to fly Southwest for a few different reasons: I have always had great service from them, their flight times are convenient, they fly into and out of local airports and their prices are the best! I am one of the Madoff victims you’ve read about. I lost my whole life savings. To say we’re on a budget is putting it mildly! The number one thing that’s been important to me is to me in the wake of all this is keep the dream I’ve had for my kids alive! I always wanted to show them the world. I still plan to, just on a much smaller scale! If I won these plane tickets, I would use them to fly my kids to see my mother, who is in a home now, across the country. I really want them to have a lovely, lasting memory of her! Thank you and Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful mothers out there!

  15. Oh, my. It’s been so long since I’ve flown SW, but I remember it fondly! It’s one of those (rare these days) airlines that actually treats you like you paid for something! I think it was pre-children, so over a decade at least since I’ve had the privilege. And I was just saying to my hubby last night how much I needed a vacation. Someone to cook for ME? And no cleaning up after little ones for just a few days would be heavenly, though I would certainly miss the four of them!

  16. I love that Southwest Airlines flies to San Antonio/Austin where my mom and two sisters live! I would LOVE to see them this summer as my youngest sister just had a baby. Fingers crossed!

  17. Jonda Cherry says:

    We luv Southwest because the flight attendants are just wonderful. They always take the time to say a special “hello” to my daughter and bring her a little coloring page. I would love to fly my hubby to DC… but we’d likely go to Vegas! 🙂

  18. Kristy Boyd says:

    Free bags and early boarding! We love to travel and I’d want to go visit family or maybe a family vacation in FL!

  19. Cheryl says:

    I like the way Southwest boards according to when you check in. Thanks Tsh for this opportunity. It would be fun to visit friends or family with these tickets.

  20. Cynthia says:

    I like that their staff is also considerate,friendly and often funny. This helps when flying with a young child!

  21. I LUV that they fly nonstop to Buffalo! And no baggage fees!

    I would probably fly to Buffalo to visit family with free tix.

  22. kimberly says:

    I love to choose my own seat – and ‘d really appreciate the chance to head out and get some relaxation, probably to California.

  23. I LOVE that Southwest will let you cancel a ticket and reuse the funds for another ticket to elsewhere. I had planned a trip with a friend and her pregnancy became high risk so we had to cancel. Yeah for Southwest, we did not loose our money but reused it later. I also like that I know what the airplane will look like when I get on.

    I would go……to the SOUTHWEST where my aging parents live in Arizona.

  24. kimberly says:
  25. As a Mom What I love about southwest….Bags fly free. Because mom’s try to make every penny stretch. I am not sure where I’d fly but I’ve been wanting to go see my sister in Virgina.
    thank you so much for a chance to win tickets . Janita

  26. Teresa says:

    I love Southwest’s consistency. I would fly somewhere with mountains, rivers and beautiful views!

  27. This is my fav airline to fly because they always are so friendly, and they always had a great snack even when the other airlines were cutting that amenity out. I would love to fly to FLORIDA!

  28. Christina W. says:

    For me, the best part about flying is knowing that you’re getting away from your day-to-day routine. If I won I would visit my best friend in California & finally get to meet her new baby!

    • Christina W. says:

      Forgot this part…I love how funny the flight attendants at Southwest are. Every time I fly someone gets on the monitor & makes me laugh.

  29. Caroline says:

    I love Southwest’s prices! I’d take a “babymoon” with my husband since we welcome baby #3 this summer and I don’t see us getting another chance anytime soon? 🙂

  30. I love that they don’t charge for baggage!

    And I’d use these tickets to be present for the baptism of my Goddaughter. 🙂

  31. Gina G. says:

    I love that they don’t charge for bags, I love the wonderful service and the always pleasant attendents and I love how they handle seating! The reasonable prices are wonderful too!

  32. floridakotan says:

    I think I only flew Southwest once… I remember the flight had a casual yet still professional feel to it, nice staff. Thanks for the offer! A getaway would be delightful!

  33. Rebecca says:

    I love that bags fly free on Southwest and I’d go visit family so that they could meet my new baby.

  34. Elizabeth says:

    My favorite thing about Southwest is the low prices! I can actually afford to fly. 🙂

  35. My favorite thing about flying Southwest is that you don’t have to pay for luggage. Also, their tickets are often so much better priced than others. We do have to travel to get to an airport that Southwest uses, but we usually do fly Southwest.

    I would love to win this giveaway! We would most likely use the tickets to go visit my parents. They haven’t seen my daughter since June of last year, and I don’t know when we’ll be able to afford another trip out there!

  36. I love their customer service – and cheaper fares! This is very timely, as my son and I will by flying to Texas to visit my sister this summer! Fingers crossed 🙂

  37. Emelia Rogers says:

    I appreciate that they greet us (and the kiddo) with a smile . . . they are very family friendly and take everything in stride! I also love that they have really reasonable rates!

  38. I love that Southwest is cheap and that the service is great!

  39. I love how affordable Southwest is. And I would fly just about anywhere right now… Anywhere but here. Especially since getaways are so rare nowadays! *B

  40. Lvmolen says:

    I love everything about Southwest! Every time we see a Southwest airplane in the air, my kids say, “That’s our plane, right?”

  41. Southwest is what my hubs always flies for business and we always get eager to see that plane arrive home after a long trip! They have always been very pleasant when I’ve flown.
    I would fly somewhere warm with my hubs!

  42. I tweeted!

  43. I like that Southwest is serviced by so many airports and they have the best prices. I’d probably visit one of my kids/grandkids out west.

  44. they dont charge for bags…ssorry keyboard messed

  45. Beth Werner Lee says:

    Price, attitude of fun, easy booking, peanuts! All of these make SW stand out. I’d probably fly to visit my brother.

  46. What a great giveaway! As a mom I have to love that baggage flies free. I might be able to do one carry on by myself, but never with the bambinos! I would LOVE to go to Disney with my boys!

  47. Kacy P says:

    As a mom, I really appreciate Southwest’s understanding attitude when I step on the plane with a toddler. I fly SW 4-6 times a year to see family and they have always been very helpful and accommodating when it comes to my kiddo. I think I would probably go to California to visit Napa sans kids!

  48. Id fly to visit my family or California because it looks beautiful and ive never been there.

  49. I love that they are so affordable!! They make flying an option for those of us with little kiddos on tight budgets.

    We would travel either to Pennsylvania or to someplace WARM to celebrate the end of my masters degree (I’m graduating in May)!!!!!!! Balancing three kids under 4 and full-time school has left me exhausted :).

  50. My father was a commercial airline pilot so we flew A LOT when I was young. But now, grown with kids, I have to admit to hardly flying anywhere. Some of my kids have never even been on a plane. (boo!) I think I’d most definitely attempt to slip away somewhere fun (New England!) with my husband–we might even bring the girls along. 🙂

  51. Elisabeth says:

    I’ve actually never flown Southwest, but I’ve heard great things about their flight attendants and how friendly they are! I would love to go to New York to visit my family. 🙂

  52. How family-friendly everyone is! So important with littles… I would fly to Omaha to visit my brother and sister-in-law, and baby niece.

  53. Monika says:

    I love the sense of humor of the employees!
    We’d probably take the kids to Orlando to see Harry Potter world.

  54. My husband and I LOVE Southwest… we’ve always been treated with such kindness from their staff. They have the best customer service of any airline I’ve had experience with. We have been able to change our flights last minute to accommodate my husband’s crazy work schedule, and LOVE that they don’t charge a change fee. No Baggage fee; family’s can board early; what’s not to love:)

  55. I love that they don’t charge for baggage. No hidden/unexpected fees is HUGE when you’re traveling on a budget. I think I’d probably go to Newark with the family. I’d love to introduce my kids to family out east and my husband has never been to NYC.

  56. Elisabeth says:
  57. Aubrey Bence says:

    Our choice airline is always Southwest. We have found that their prices are consistently low, along with the service being consistently Great! We have yet to have a bad experience with them and love that they don’t slip in all these extra charges every where. The staff is always friendly and helpful which is the icing on the cake!

    I think I would take my Husband either out to Seattle or Maine for our anniversary. We have wanted to go both places together and haven’t made it yet! Would love a get a way! 🙂

  58. Rachel says:

    The best thing about flying Southwest is that their flight crews are full of comedians. Nothing like a little cheesy humor to get you through a flight with a fussy toddler!

  59. I like that their ticket prices are cheaper than other airlines, and that they offer great service (I have yet to have my luggage lost on Southwest). 🙂

  60. Heather says:

    I love Southwest because they don’t charge for luggage. Also, the last time I flew with them, we had the most hilarious flight attendant. He was always making jokes with everyone and giving us “worksheets games” to make the time pass. It was the most enjoyable flight I’ve ever been on. My husband and I have not had a vacation away from our kids for 8 years, so we would probably go to Florida for some R&R.

  61. Jennifer says:

    I love that they don’t charge you extra for baggage and everyone seems so nice. Thanks for another great giveaway!

  62. What do I love most about Southwest? WOW! Everything!!!Here are my top five:
    1. No Change Fees. In the business of everyday, things come up and guess what life happens. It is always great to know that no matter what happens Southwest will accommodate my schedule and my life. While other airlines charge outrageous fees, Southwest remembers the customer and what is best for them.
    2. No bag fees! Yes, that is right Southwest does not charge for your first or second bag. As a mother it is hard enough to travel with kiddos, much less trying to travel with 4 carryon bags (one per person) and knowing that you can’t have everything you want or need with you.
    3. Comfort…yes I just used that word with Flying. Southwest has the most comfortable seats with ample leg room. No more playing elbows with your neighbor!
    4. Customer Service to a whole new level. We have lost the mentality as workers that the “Customer is Always Right” and “Customer Service is the Key to Any Successful Business”. In this day, no one seems to want to do their job above and beyond to help the company; they just want to scoot by with the minimum requirements of their duties. Not at Southwest! They ALWAYS go out of their way to assist the customer from the moment you check your bag to the moment you land and they always do it with a smile…which is a plus.
    5. Low FARES…my favorite. I am such a bargain hunter and it is great to know that I can still get a bargain these days and not be compromise quality or service for a better price.
    I would highly recommend Southwest Airlines as they are my #1 choice and by the way I am their #1 fan!

    If I could fly anywhere I would either go to Denver, CO…my dream state or to Dallas, TX to visit my best friend whom I do not get to see.

  63. Southwest – can’t be beat. My favorite airlines by far. And my favorite to fly my kids unaccompanied minors. What’s not to like – timeliness, free bag, lower U.M. age, consistency, attitude of fun and safety. And for the 17 years I lived in Dallas getting to Love Field to fly SW was light years easier than going to DFW for the other airlines!

    I’d take my teenage daughter to Tucson next spring break to stay with grandparents – family, swimming, walking, movies, shopping, eating, relaxing – a perfectly lovely way to spend time with those you love.

  64. When we have flown Southwest in the past I loved that they had easy access (at the smaller terminal) and ease of purchasing tickets online. We always enjoyed our flights. I have not flown since having my babies and would love a getaway with my husband to anywhere!

  65. Kelly Bryant says:

    I love how family friendly all the Southwest flights have been for me and my family. If you sit in the front of the plane, it seems like you are surrounded by other families with small children and then you don’t feel so bad if your child lets out a scream during the flight.

  66. I love that I can fly pretty inexpensively to visit my family that is scattered all over the country. In fact I would probably use a flight to go visit my brother in Seattle because I miss him a lot!


  67. karrie says:

    It’s been nine years since I’ve flown, and can’t remember if I’ve ever flown Southwest. I would love to have the experience!

  68. I so appreciate the no baggage fees. I would use the tickets to fly to San Antonio to see our son and daughter-in-law. We live on the East coast and are not able to see them very often.

  69. Jen B. says:

    I can’t remember the last time I flew Southwest, if at all, so I don’t really know what my favorite thing about that airline is. (The last time I flew in an airplane was 8 years ago,for my honeymoon and we took Continental). Um, as to where to go, I’ve never been to my sister’s house in Oklahoma. It would be so nice to visit her and her family. Thanks for the chance to win!!

  70. Melissa says:

    We do not fly much, but the no baggage fee would definately be a favorite!!

  71. Oh Tsh…just DREAMING of travel makes my day better! I love that Southwest doesn’t charge for baggage. My hubby and I would love to fly south for our 15th anniversary later this year. Thanks for offering this getaway!

  72. Jennifer D. says:

    I love that there are no extra baggage fees! I would fly almost anywhere just to get away with my husband!

  73. Jenn S says:

    I love their customer service – AND that you can change your trip without any penalty.

    (the fact that you can share or give-away rapid rewards credits is also awesome!)

  74. Shannan Swindler says:

    I love the anticipation of the kids getting to go on an airplane! I also love all the pictures we take being silly while we wait to take off.

  75. I tweeted (@mommykudos)

  76. Lysa Wilson says:

    i like flying southwest because their flight attendants are more fun than other airlines…they seem personable and friendly to the kids. i’d go somewhere warm – anywhere really. the pacific northwest has been toooo cold this year for me.

  77. I love that they don’t charge for baggage. I also love the laid back vibe on Southwest, and they have been so patient with my kids. Would love to win tickets and getaway with my husband!!

  78. We flew Southwest last summer when we took our three kids to Disney for the first time and LOVED it.

    I love the fact that you can check in online to save time and go to the front of boarding line. 🙂

    I would fly to California for a family vacation!

    Thanks for this great giveaway!

  79. Heidi S says:


    I’d use this for a girls weekend & share one of the tickets with my bestie who is also a mama of two. We’ve actually never done a girls weekend because we’re both too practical & have different circumstances (my husbands in school for his PhD & she and her hubby are also taking care of lil’ bro).

  80. Ben D. says:

    I just love flying and traveling. Southwest has never disappointed. I want to take my wife on a sailing trip to San Diego!

  81. spreading the word on twitter nannyjsewsweet
    thanks for another chance to win.

  82. Elaine says:

    I like Southwest because you can check one bag for free. I would fly to Baltimore to see my oldest child…I really miss him.

  83. Stephanie says:

    We would take the ten-year anniversary trip we never took! (I was 7 months pregnant that year on the date of our “big” anniversary…) Maybe by flying somewhere out west, where we’ve never been. 🙂

  84. I love the bags fly free. I would love to travel to San Francisco with my husband.

  85. Suzanne in IL says:

    They are super friendly and if I have last minute cancellation I save the money for another trip!

  86. Bethany says:

    We love SW! Growing up in AZ, that’s all we flew. The prices are great, the service is great, and they fly almost everywhere we went. Thanks for this opportunity!

  87. I like how Southwest makes flying simple…and affordable!

  88. I’d fly home to Kansas City – I’ve only made it there once since having kids. 🙁

    My favorite thing about SW, with or without kids, is their positive attitude. Makes it enjoyable to fly! And that they don’t charge for bags. How sad that I even have to say that, right??? 🙂

  89. rachel says:

    We only fly Southwest anymore! Love the friendly staff, no baggage fees, choosing your own seat, etc. I would go anywhere with a beach!!

  90. Pam Medina says:

    I love that my bag fly for free with Southwest Airlines! I’d fly to Boston or New Hampshire in the fall to see the beautiful fall colors.

  91. I love that I don’t feel duped – no crazy extra fees! & I think I’d fly to NYC or Cali for a fun anniversary trip..

  92. I love that with Southwest if you need to cancel your flight you don’t get charged outrageous fees like the other airlines will charge.
    And I would fly anywhere! Maybe Chicago, I hear its a really great place to visit 🙂

  93. Lindsay says:

    favorite thing about southwest is no baggage fees. I would SOOO fly out to see my sister on the other coast who is expecting her first baby. i miss her like crazy!

  94. I love that they don’t charge for luggage. The flight attendants have always been helpful with my son (bringing him crayons and goodies to keep him occupied). If I sit in the back, I am usually able to snag a seat just for us.

  95. Shannon says:

    Oh, I just love Southwest Airlines! We just flew them this year to see my sister and that was a great thing. One of the best things about Southwest Airlines is their
    ** customer service ** in all of their departments. Anytime I have to speak to someone on the the phone, to checking in, to boarding, etc they are always so nice. It makes flying a bit easier when you are nervous about it like I am:)

  96. Southwest is my favorite airline. I like the fares, the destination options and the great service. Last year, we flew with our three kids to Florida. Our littlest was only 9 months old. I liked that we were able to pick our seats. We sat at the back of the plane, so we didn’t worry as much about disturbing other passengers with baby, and we could spread out a little into the extra seats. The flight attendant gave us so much attention, made my kids feel special, and helped us out with our extra needs (like quickly whisking away a dirty diaper that had just been changed!!)

  97. I like to fly Southwest because they have wonderful rates and they are a reputable airline that has a good reputation. I would go someplace tropical!

  98. lori crawford says:

    Oh I like the casual and friendly attitudes of the SW staff. If I win (fingers crossed) I would go to visit my sister who’s getting married. St. Louis, baby!!!

  99. Lauren Bayles says:

    I like Southwest because it flies from my hometown to places I want to go! If I win, I’d escape the Florida summer HEAT and go anyplace cooler! Probably New Jersey area, where my family is.

  100. This would be a wonderful treat! I would fly to El Paso, TX to visit my childhood friend and former matron of honor whom I have not seen in 13+ years. We keep in touch, but haven’t had a face to face visit in ages.

    My favorite thing about SW Air is the regional quick flights.