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Hello, friends! My name is Jenny aka Frecklewonder, and this is my first post here in the lovely land of Simple Design!

I’m so happy to be here and I’m kicking things off with a little summer style inspiration. There’s just something so laid back and easy about a summer wardrobe, isn’t there? Toss on a cute tee with your favorite skirt and sandals and pull out all those great dresses that have been packed away since last September. Reunited and it feels so good!

Of course it’s really easy to go the super casual flip flops route (and we all do it – ain’t nothin’ wrong with it!) but it’s just as easy to look just a bit more pulled together with a few basic pieces and just a little effort. Effortlessly fabulous, if you will. Let’s go with it, sound good? No doubt I’ll come back to this post sometime around mid August, when the heat and humidity will be getting the best of me and I find myself falling into my tank top-flip flop rut.

And we’re off!

These two pretty ladies make pattern mixing look easy, huh? (source: left, right) It’s a little bold, the mixing of stripes and florals, and not everyone might feel like they can pull it off. I’m totally giving it a try, and I think you should too! Pick something in a complimenting or contrasting color and print and see what you think. And forget those unwritten rules about being matchy-matchy!

Cute cat dress, check. Cat eye glasses, check. Chunky platforms, check. Splash of color, check. Need I say more? I adore this look. Bonus points for looking so darn comfortable. (source: here)

Again, pretty simple pieces here but put together in an anything but simple way! These two girlies look so adorable and summery. (Source: left, right)

Classic navy, there’s just something about it, right? The striped tee brings a sort of Euro-Frenchy kinda feel that’s always so charming. I love how classy and pulled together this look is and it’s just a tee shirt and a skirt. It doesn’t get any easier than that, friends. (Source: here)

I’m a sucker for color, so I automatically love this big pop of happy yellow. There’s a very 50s feel with the fit and flare thing happening, but the modern peep toe platforms makes the whole look much more current. Wear this on a lunch date, to work or just because! Because it’s that cute. (Source: here)

And finally, two great examples of how lovely a simple dress/cute shoe combo can be, and the girls from Oh So Lovely are just that! Also… when in doubt? COLOR. (Source: here)

Final thoughts: simple doesn’t mean boring, dresses are easy-peasy, don’t be afraid of color and cute patterns and ya know what? A cute shoe never hurt anyone.

Hope you all enjoyed this little round up! Which of these looks are your favorite?


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  1. Hi jenny!
    Nice summer collection !I like vintage and modern one..
    Template Design

  2. a cute shoe never hurt anyone 🙂 i love this. i can’t wait to get dressed.

  3. So much cuteness! I feel very much ready for summer now.

  4. Totally, completely adorable – talk about retraining my neutral eye with all these colors and prints – I love it!

  5. I love all of those cute outfits!!! That cat dress is just to die for!

  6. Arianne says:

    Jenny, this post is so lovely because it shows ladies how to take their look up ‘just so’ to have results that are so cute and not fussy at all. Love your perspective and your fun voice – honored to have you on the SD team! xo

  7. I like Simple + Sophisticated! I also the Vintage Modern!! Cute post!

  8. I need so much help with this. I never thought of putting my cute red shoes with blue. I’m going to do it tomorrow!

  9. Great stuff lady! I am really into the little a-line denim skirts. I used to have one and it just might be time to get one again!

  10. I adore this collection, Jenny! Gets me really excited for summer. I’ve always been more of a skirt and t-shirt girl than a dress, because I’m so short (dresses tend to hit me weird), so I like all this combinations.

    I just need to be brave and mix patterns more. I’m not very risky that way… 🙂

  11. What a great run-down of summer styles. I am probably most hesitant to mix patterns like that, but these ladies did it so well, I may just give it a try 🙂

  12. Oh this is so fun! I’m excited about trying stuff this summer and stepping a little out of my comfort zone and going with more color. =) I was pregnant last summer so got a little blah in the clothing department, going for comfort and maybe cute but I’m excited about dresses and fun shoes this season!

    I love the vintage modern look with the yellow skirt (and the bag, it’s so cute!). And I’m loving the Euro french look…again love the details in the accessories. =)

  13. Love these looks! I have a one month old and realized shortly after he was born that I was going to need a summer wardrobe overhaul. I have a closet full of dresses and a baby to nurse – two things that don’t go well together. The skirted outfits here are great inspiration!

  14. Love the color inspirations! Anything to brighten my week… This did the trick! Thanks for your hard, but I’m sure enjoyable, work. 🙂

  15. I love simple and sophisticated! The only thing I am not loving is the wedges. I have two little kids and couldn’t imagine wearing those. I would def opt for flats at my stage in live. Maybe when the kids are in school I can upgrade to heels.

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