Custom artwork that celebrates your family

This giveaway is now closed.  The winners are Carrie and Liza – congratulations!

I love this next giveaway.  Le Papier Studio is a sweet little shop I’ve had my eye on for awhile now, since my early days as an Etsy shopper.

Le Papier creates silhouettes as artwork, stationery, invitations, and custom pieces to fit your needs and family style.  There are such cute and whimsical silhouettes to choose from – everything from classic to trendy.

If you love the classic look of silhouettes, this is a simple, affordable way to bring it into your home.  Plus, I love buying from Etsy, because I love supporting small businesses.  Celebrate your family’s uniqueness with customized artwork!

Two Simple Mom readers will win an 8×10 print from Le Papier Studio! You can select any of the silhouettes (and there’s a lot) – you can even add names to the print, if you like.  This is truly customized artwork!

How To Win

1. Leave a comment on this post, answering this question – How would you describe a perfect day with your family?

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This giveaway will end this Friday, January 30 at noon EST. I hope you win!

Tsh Oxenreider

Tsh is the founder of this blog and just finished traveling around the world with her husband and 3 kids. Her latest book is Notes From a Blue Bike, and believes a passport is one of the world's greatest textbooks.

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  1. a perfect day with family would include being outside..(in the summer- we live in a cold climate) – at the beach – swimming, picnicing, playing in the sand….

  2. a perfect day with family would be sand, playground, picnic lunch, and an afternoon matinee.

    life with the wisners´s last blog post…tuesday january 27 2009

  3. The perfect family is “mine.”

  4. For me the most perfect days with my family are the ones that aren’t planned. Just enjoying being outside and with one another.

  5. Oh this could go so many ways. I love just hanging out with my family. A Perfect day would include lots of tickles and giggles. Playing a game (most likely Sorry, it’s my 4 year old’s favorite), going outside (activity dependent on the weather) and I’d love to take my boys somewhere new and exciting – even if it’s like the zoo or a show or a new park.

    Mandi´s last blog post…tortured.

  6. The perfect day with family would be sleeping in, warm breakfast, and off to the sledding hills for a few hours. Home to hot chocolate, everyone reading or playing games for the afternoon, pizza for dinner and a family movie before bed. Without question, there could be no fighting, tormenting or being sarcastic to each other!! PERFECT day!!

  7. A perfect day is when we’re all together and we have nothing to do, but be together. Undistracted!

  8. My perfect day with my family would be a lazy day with nothing to do but to spend time with each other and have fun.

  9. A perfect day with family would start with sleeping in and cuddling in our bed, then eating my husband’s French toast before heading out for family fun at the park or the children’s museum and then going to a restaurant for lunch and then a movie!

    Alison´s last blog post…Iced In

  10. A trip to the Children’s museum-followed by a picnic in the grass and long naps in the afternoon!! With no temper tantrums or meltdowns 🙂

  11. My perfect day with my family would be a lazy day with nothing to do but hang out together.

  12. A perfect day with family would simply be being together doing things we all enjoyed.

    Heather G´s last blog post…Do you remember

  13. a perfect day with my family is all being together, laughing a lot, playing a lot…going out to eat and enjoying each other… with no fighting!

    Julie´s last blog post…

  14. A perfect day with my family would be a short hike, splashing in some water together and a picnic… (I’ve obviously had enough of this Canadian winter!!!) Also good would be sledding, then hot chocolate & games…

    mikki roo´s last blog post…old women and cars

  15. A perfect day with my family would be snuggling with my husband on the couch watching our favourite shows, or playing board games together.

    Untypically Jia´s last blog post…Strange Things That Come Out of My Husbands Mouth

  16. A perfect day is having nowhere we ‘have’ to go, but we end up out and about being spontaneous.

  17. A day in the woods… walking, playing and just being together.

    Stephanie´s last blog post…I Miss Summer

  18. My perfect day would start with homeade blueberry muffins and include a hike through a beautiful wooded area with my husband and our dog. It would end with an episode of The Office, a board game, and some comfort food.

  19. A perfect family day is one where we are together. My husband is deployed to Iraq right now, so our perspective has shifted radically. Any time together is perfect time.

  20. A perfect family day for us is a day spent at the lake (when it’s warm, of course) watching the kids play, laugh, and have a good time. Followed up with a barbecue and home and early to bed since everyone is so worn out. Oh, summer I just can’t wait…

    Clara S.´s last blog post…Finally, some new pics

  21. A perfect day for us is lots of laughing, time outside playing, a picnic in the backyard and top it off with a “campout” in the basement complete with tent and sleeping bags.

  22. My perfect day would be just hanging out with my family at home with no interruptions or chores to do!

  23. The perfect day with family is one where we have no agenda and find ourselves laughing a lot.

  24. a perfect day with my family would begin with everyone having a good night’s sleep! then, we’d all sit together and have a yummy breakfast. we’d head out (hopefully it’d be a fairly warm day so no bundling required) to the park and run and play make believe together. we’d come home, tired and hungry for some lunch. we’d take naps and then go visit with some neighbors or friends in the late afternoon, have a yummy homemade dinner that magically arrived on our doorstep and then sing and play and wrestle on the bed until bedtime.
    on my new blog, i take my everyday life and learn to see God in the midst of it. would love you to join me there.

    Nicole´s last blog post…Everyday…Redeemed

  25. Laura Jones says:

    My perfect family day is when my husband can have an unexpected day off- those days are the best because we don’t usually have anything planned like we do on weekends, so we just get to enjoy being together doing whatever we feel like! (within the limits of naptimes, of course) ; )

  26. We’re by no means perfect but we have fun. A perfect day is when no one, including myself, goes to time out.

    Jen@OurDailyBigTop´s last blog post…WW: snow day

  27. My perfect day with family would be going to the park, walking around, and enjoying a beautiful day.

    Alice´s last blog post…Ultimate Giveaway Guide

  28. Love these! Too cute 🙂 A perfect day as a family – I think it would involve waking up slowly with no alarms and enjoying a really nice breakfast together in our PJ’s (maybe waffles or pancakes!). Hanging out at home in the morning, and going out for a nice walk or to the bookstore in the afternoon. Just doing simple, everyday things withou any rush involved.

    Carmen´s last blog post…Soother Free & Knitting Therapy

  29. Sleeping in, breakfast at pop shop, pool time (its summer on my perfect day), lunch at pool, home for naps, dinner together and card games after kiddies in bed!!

    christy´s last blog post…Your Fiona Fix

  30. A perfect day would start with a big pancake breakfast made by dh, and then a sunny drive to the beach to swim and play and eat ice cream!

  31. A day with nothing to do, no place to go.

  32. A perfect day for our family would be one where nothing is really planned. We would just hang out and have fun with each other!

  33. A perfect family day is when daddy is not working and we are all together just relaxing.

    Jessica´s last blog post…Still catching up

  34. My idea of a perfect family day is spending it together laughing, smiling, and giggling. Reading tons of books out aloud and baking a special treat together. All with tons and tons of hugs and kisses!

    Katherine´s last blog post…My Helpful Little One

  35. The perfect day with family would be a quiet beach with a nearby house for potty breaks and naps. There would be lots of food and laughing. Then we would all go in to cook a fresh seafood dinner while the kids play games. Yeah I want to do that right now!

    Ashley @´s last blog post…I am going to eat her for lunch!

  36. A perfect day would for example be for us to have no appointments or plans elsewhere, all of us togethere. We would have a special breakfast, and in ease go out of the house. A favorite destination would be to a nearby coast and take a walk, the two of us with our kids, it could even be on a still and clear winter day. Then we would end up at a cosy and oldfashioned restaurant where we would jummily enjoy local lobster soup and bread….
    All of us would be so easy at heart, no fighting, no worrying, simply enjoying each other and living in the moment!

    doran´s last blog post…Gleðileg jól!

  37. A perfect family…one full of love and respect. Other than that there is no “perfect” family we are a little off somewhere!

    Kristin´s last blog post…How to keep a child busy!

  38. A perfect day woud start with a Lattin’s apple fritter and cider slushie. We would then take a walk around the lake and stop to play at the toy store. At dinner everyone would help make their own pizza and we would eat outside.

  39. The perfect day with my family would be a day at the beach, just having fun. 🙂

    MommyAmy´s last blog post…My First Way Back When-esday

  40. Sleep in, eggs, movie, PJs all day, nap

  41. Typically it would involve a pile of books, a picnic lunch, (to be eaten atop our picnic blanket on our living room floor during the winter months) and lots of singing and dancing to our favorite CDs or live music in the park!

    Dana Fontaine´s last blog post…Baby Love

  42. Since my husband has been traveling so much lately, I would say a perfect day with the family right now would be just being able to hang out at home together. Play board games, play outside, go for a walk, read a book, take a nap, eat great meals 🙂

    Kristen´s last blog post…Enichilads and Amazing Taste Seasonings

  43. Southern Gal says:

    Our family’s perfect days have a lot to do with hiking, beaches, and the mountains. Vacations are our favorite times since we have the time to do anything we’d like. But the simple things we do on vacation like playing games, riding bikes, taking walks, laughing, talking…that’s what makes it perfect.

    Oh, scratch all that. It’s a perfect day when we’re any where all together!

  44. I am lucky, we try to have our “perfect family day” every Saturday. Start with blueberry pancakes for all, off to the park for crawling and playing in the sand, walk on the beach with the little ones in the double stroller and home for a bath, lunch and naps…mom and dad included. 🙂

    The only thing to make the day more wonderful…children who would sleep past 6:00. 🙂

  45. Ghanimatrix says:

    My perfect day would be sleeping in, my husband cooking breakfast, the baby taking long naps, and taking a nice hike with the entire family, dog included. And there has to be dessert at the end of the day for it to be truly perfect. 🙂

  46. A day of being outside. Picnicing, playing at the park, hiking, at the beach, in the snow, camping…doesn’t really matter as long as we’re outside and together! We all seem to be in the best moods when we’re outside.

  47. My perfect day with family would include a morning snuggle in mommy and daddy’s bed. A hot and hearty breakfast. A mixture of planned and unplanned time, such as a visit to a museum or festival, then a leisurely hike where we follow the kids as they seek out rocks, insects, birds, and such. Followed up with a healthy (and spicy) dinner and story time before bed.

  48. Perfect day with family would start with the toddler sleeping in past 7 AM and not hitting the “super, screaming grumpies” on an hourly basis. It’s been a rough week – and it’s only Wednesday…

    Actually, a perfect day would include breakfast out, an outing to share something new with the toddler – zoo, ducks at the park, local parade, etc, a relaxing afternoon as a family, and a date night after the kiddo goes to bed… we need summer again.

    Alissa´s last blog post…Check-up

  49. Perfect day … all 3 of us together with no agenda, nothing we HAVE to go, nowhere we HAVE to be … that’s it. Those days are tough to come by. Thanks 🙂

    Nicki at Domestic Cents´s last blog post…Do You Garden? Do You Can?

  50. Pancakes or waffles for breakfast and lots of time outside!

  51. The perfect family is one that is filled with grace for one another. Inevitably every family has its potholes, or even major construction sites, but with grace, any family can make it through.

  52. A perfect day would be fixing breakfast together. Going window shopping and walking around together. Eating lunch out, quick hike, naps, play games while dinner is being fixed. Eat and play and read together.

    Elizabeth´s last blog post…Black Bean Dip

  53. a perfect day would be stuck inside together during a snow storm with lots of wood to burn and a pot of something yummy. The kids and my husband all being together, laughing.

    tuesday´s last blog post…Grandma

  54. A perfect day with family would be a picnic that I don’t have to make on a sunny day, some kite flying, and then naps for everyone!

  55. My perfect day with the fam involves kayaking, swimming & a frisbee. Then seafood. Mmmm, yes, definitely seafood.

    joan´s last blog post…Call For Submissions

  56. A perfect day with my family would involve being back home in my native Virgin Islands spending a day on the beach with some ice cream from the local dairy and good home cooked food. It’s fun for both my husband and I, the kids love the beach, and best of all, the sun and salt water will get them good and tired. When I was growing up, we would all fall asleep in the car ride home from the beach, and after a bath, it was lights out with no problem 🙂

    Jennae @ Green Your Decor´s last blog post…Attention GYD Readers: Take this survey & enter to win a green cleaning giveaway!

  57. Snuggled up reading books. We take turns–even our 2 year old “reads” to us!

  58. I don’t care what we’d do where. Just no temper tantrums by anyone. Including Me.

    susie´s last blog post…Before I was a Parent…

  59. A perfect day with my family is spent together with our friends over…food, fun, laughter, and that feeling of “belonging.” My kids LOVE having people over and beg to invite someone!

    HopiQ´s last blog post…Readeez: Up For Grabs

  60. A perfect day with family would be very long… we would have lots and lots of time to spend together with no one needing to be anywhere else and nothing needing to be done around the house. Wait? Did you say perfect or impossible?!?

    Amber D.´s last blog post…Through My Lens Photo Project DAY # 2

  61. I had a perfect snow day today. We shoveled the walk, just enough to get cold, and came inside for hot drinks.

    Kelly´s last blog post…Whosawatczit?

  62. A perfect day with my family would be all of us being together, happy and healthy.

  63. The perfect day would include all of us getting dirty in the garden and then eating mounds of corn on the cob outside on the picnic table. A walk to our local ice cream parlor is a must, too.

    Aimee´s last blog post…Foodie Facebook: Michele

  64. Shelley C says:

    A perfect day would be going for a ride to someplace we’ve not been…just a dirt road would do, pack along a picnic lunch and explore God’s creation. Mosey on home the long way, stop for icecream all around. Maybe have a movie night for cuddling before bed.

  65. My perfect days are usually Saturdays, when we are relaxed and oftentimes don’t get out of our jammies all day!

    Angie @ The Creative Mama´s last blog post…lemon love.

  66. Our perfect day would include sleeping in, playing at the playground together, nothing on our “must do” list, lots of laughter & simple meals eaten together.

    Cindy´s last blog post…Trying to learn about Photoshop Elements

  67. A perfect day with the family, is a day outside enjoying nature. Add food, of course!

  68. Lafantasma says:

    A perfect day with my family would involve my little ones crawling under the covers with my hubby and me early in the morning and going back to sleep with us for a while. Then we’d all get up and I would make breakfast (maybe pancakes, since everyone loves them here) and eat. Then we would take the boys out to play at the park. After that, we would go to the movies, and on the way home pick up some pizza. We would play a game like Uno or Monopoly, and my oldest wouldn’t cry if he didn’t win. The boys would have their baths and go to sleep peacefully. Then my hubby and I could enjoy some time together as well.

  69. Today I say a perfect day would be warm and sunny with no snotty noses or coughs!!!

    Gina´s last blog post…I heart Nick Jr.

  70. Simply spending uninterrupted time together. Really listening to one another, and lots of laughter (as appropriate).

  71. one that would never end

  72. Sigh … the perfect day? Is it too terribly cheesy to say that just about any day with all three of us together is the perfect day? Yes? Ok, then it’s a day with all three of us together, going to the park to swing, easy naptime, waking up with smiles, laughing and playing and giggling. Oh, and the house is clean and the laundry’s done. And someone else makes dinner.

    Kati´s last blog post…One … two …

  73. A perfect day with my family is spent on the beach or hiking. No big agenda. No whining.

    Kristen M.´s last blog post…Works For Me: Cheap & Easy Kid’s Storage Solution

  74. A perfect day would be spent together, of course. I’d love to have a good breakfast, go out for a hike in the mountains or down to the beach for a wander. Grab a coffeee and head home for lunch and naps for the tinies. Then a quiet afternoon hour or two for my husband and me. A nice supper together – preferably out! – and then bathtimes and bedtimes and stories.

    Sarah Bessey´s last blog post…In which this is definitely worth a read

  75. My perfect day with family would include a picnic in a beautiful park on a beautiful spring day. We would eat yummy foods, play games, and laugh and bond as a family.

  76. Being together with no real adgenda is perfect for our family. Maybe snuggling and watching cartoons in bed, then heading to the park for some time outside with the kiddos . . .

    Bethany´s last blog post…Love Birds

  77. My perfect day with my family would involve doing anything that allows my husband and I to be a kid again. We love taking our 2 year old daughter to playgrounds and zoos and aquariums – and sometimes we have more fun than she does!

    Christina´s last blog post…Cheap and Family Friendly Cleaners

  78. A hike to one of the many beautiful glacial lakes in nearby Glacier Park with a picnic at the end! I should add that happy, contented kids would be what would truly make this a perfect day. 🙂

    Kelli´s last blog post…Cold Remedies

  79. A perfect day with my family would have to be a very relaxed outing and my toddler would behave herself the whole time! And I think it would involve me not having to cook anything.

    Audrey´s last blog post…My Little Monster

  80. My perfect day would include time to snuggle, play and enjoy talking and laughing together.

  81. A perfect day with my family would be one in which we all spend time together having fun (playing games, going for a walk, just hanging out, etc.) ….and no one argues. 🙂

  82. the perfect day would be one spent together doing things we all love!

  83. A perfect day with my family is, simply put, the sort of day where we’re all on the same page: mood, intention, feelings, communication. Doesn’t matter what we’re doing, or where we’re doing it, as long as we’re all together!

  84. A perfect day would be a day with no cell phones or iPods or outside noise. A perfect day would find us somewhere far removed from our normal life where there are too many interruptions–where we could really connect and just have fun with each other. No stress, no fighting–just lots of time to relax and play.

    Dara´s last blog post…

  85. I’m thinking a day at a cabin, where all cooking and cleaning are taken care of.

    Shannon´s last blog post…Slow Cooker Green Chicken Chili with Kale

  86. Snugglefest then a quiet day playing, reading and eating.

  87. A lazy morning at home, a picnic lunch, an afternoon at the beach, and then dinner at a fun restaurant followed by the kids falling asleep in the car on the way home. 🙂

  88. I think a perfect day would include doing something we all love. Either playing outside, playing games inside or watching a movie together.

    Jodi´s last blog post…Toddler Talk/Toddler Times

  89. A perfect day would consist of Baby James being happy and laughing all day long, no matter what we are doing or where we are!

    Joanna´s last blog post…My Time

  90. A perfect day would be a snow day. The kids would sleep in and then we’d stay in our jammies allllllll day watching movies and eating junk.

  91. Perfect day…sleeping late, yummy breakfast, a day driving to the coast & enjoying the ocean in the sunshine, time on the beach, (no fighting – it’s a perfect day right?? ::grin::), ice-cream cones melting on little hands while we walk – late night driving back. Peacefully sleeping children.

  92. Honestly anything where we are all together and my son is happy. I find that it doesnt even matter what we are doing.

    Emily´s last blog post…Snow Day!

  93. A perfect day with my family would be playing on a playground, swimming at the beach, playing tag in the yard, and eating a big dinner together at the end of the day. It would definitely have to end with some snuggling by the fire.

    Eryn´s last blog post…Relief

  94. Start with coffee and pastries at a favorite local bakery that lets you enjoy your dog at your side out on the patio. Then stroll through the park and enjoy splashing in the pool. A simple lunch with extended family, outside on the patio of course. Kids and nieces and nephews playing. Laughing, lounging and talking. Then date night later that evening with the hubby while the kids are cozying up with grandparents. 🙂

  95. A perfect day for us is a warm, sunny day at the pool. We swim and snack on bad things like Dippin Dots and nachos.

    SarahHub @ Oakbriar Farm´s last blog post…Wordless Wednesday – Snow Daze!

  96. A perfect day starts with breakfast made by my husband, who is a wonderful cook, and is followed with lots of card games, board games, and general “hanging out” around the house. We might make a short outing in the afternoon and then come home for dinner – probably something prepared by me and grilled by my husband. Then the evening would involve lying on the family room floor listening to music and just being together.

  97. Pancake breakfast, sitting on the grass with my kids reading books!

  98. A perfect day… Pancakes for breakfast, playing in the park, cuddling on the couch to read a (few) book(s) and watch a good movie, yummy dinner (something easy or made ahead), and game night with my hubby once the boy’s in bed. Lots of laughing, singing, giggling, and talking throughout.

  99. my perfect day is a day at the beach with my boys, playing, picnicking and then a date with my hubby when baby boy goes to bed