The best-kept secret to a clean home

While I was scraping dried food bits off my seven-month-old son’s Bumbo the other day, I was reminded of the best universal cleaning hack there is.

Photo by Messy Nessy

Clean it right away.

Seriously. If I had wiped off my son’s Bumbo as soon as he finished spreading his meal hither and yon, it would have hardly taken any elbow grease, and at most, it would have killed two minutes of my time.

Instead, I chose to wait until later that day, which meant I had to roll up my sleeves, use the scouring pad, and devote ten minutes of time I could have spent emptying the dishwasher, folding a load of laundry, or reading a blog post.

Even a few minutes of time really adds up when it comes to managing our home.

Ask yourself this – which is easier, rinsing and loading your dishwasher right after dinner, or scrubbing off hardened bits of food the next morning? What about folding and hanging a freshly dried load of laundry, or folding wrinkled shirts that will then need ironing in order to maturely wear?

I’m telling this to myself as much as to you, so please don’t think I’m breathing down your neck. It’s so easy for all of us to breathe huge sighs of desperation when we think of the day’s chores ahead of us.

But consider how long – really – your typical daily chores could take, on average, if you did them right away. Here are mine:

  • making the bed – 1 to 2 minutes
  • decluttering the bathroom counter after getting ready for the day – 1 minute
  • wiping off the bathroom mirror and faucet from water marks – 10 seconds
  • clearing the dining table from the meal (especially if everyone brings their own plate back to the kitchen) – 1 to 2 minutes
  • unloading the dishwasher – 3 to 5 minutes
  • loading the dishwasher – 5 to 10 minutes
  • wiping off the dining table – 1 minute
  • wiping off the kitchen counters after cooking – 2 minutes
  • throwing away items after using them (envelopes, wrappers, etc.) – 5 seconds
  • putting the magazine back in the basket after I’ve perused it – 5 seconds

declutter.jpgYou get the idea. I just wonder how many minutes – or hours – I spend cleaning things that could take mere seconds or minutes if I did them right away. Add to that the reduced stress, the lessened physical output, the visual peace, and the increased space acquired from a home cleaned quicker, and well, I’m sold.

I’m going to work on getting better at cleaning as I go.

Application Time

Set a timer for 15 minutes and see how much you can get done in your immediate environment. If you’re in your office, just stay there and declutter what’s around you. If you’re currently surrounded by clutter in your living room, that’s an obvious choice. Just declutter or clean for 15 minutes, get back to your computer, and post a comment. I’m not asking you to rearrange your day’s schedule – just spare a tiny handful of time.

Oh, and after posting a comment, step back and review your decluttering job. Does it look better? Does it make you feel better?

As soon as I post this article, you better believe I’m getting up to empty the dishwasher.

I’d love to hear if you applied this idea. Do you find this idea to be true in your life? What are some daily chores that could be cut in half if you did them immediately? Have any tips on quick cleaning? I can’t wait to read your comments today.

Tsh Oxenreider

Tsh is the founder of this blog and just finished traveling around the world with her husband and 3 kids. Her latest book is Notes From a Blue Bike, and believes a passport is one of the world's greatest textbooks.

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  1. I haven’t yet applied this because I generally do it but it is very nice to be reminded about how quickly our work can be done. Unfortunately I don’t seem to have gotten the message through to my family yet so I often come out and have to tidy up after them. One trick I learnt from my Mum was to wipe the shower or bath down every time YOU use it. Even if hubby or kids come after it will have been wiped down at least once a day and so you will have to use much less in the way of muscle power or chemicals. It doesn’t matter what you use to wipe it with – wash cloth, towel or squeegee – anything does the trick which is to stop the build up that eats into the surfaces. Thanks again. Cherrie

    cherries last blog post..BIG WARNING!!

  2. Here’s the motto at our house:

    If not I, who? If not now, when?

    Not that is always followed, mind you! But at least it gets you thinking as you walk past the basket of unfolded laundry.

  3. ruth ann says:

    If I would remove my husband’s shirts from the dryer promptly – I wouldn’t have the chore of ironing them!

    But I often find that I’m changing a diaper or chasing after a toddler when I hear the dryer buzzing – and then when I’m done with the diaper or the chase I have forgotten all about the dryer. And so the clothes sit in the dryer and wrinkle and I have lots of ironing to do.

  4. I do my 15 minute clean up as soon as I get in the door from work. I call it my “daily sweep” on my docket. (both your ideas!) It is pretty amazing how much I can get done in only 15 minutes and how much more I enjoy the rest of the day with those things done first.

  5. I LOVE to come home to a tidy house so on most days, I try to schedule that extra 15 minutes into my “get ready to leave” time so I can pick up the scattered toys and dishes before we leave.

    I also do the same thing before putting the kids to bed. They help pick up their toys, we get the kitchen tidied up and the rest of the night is ours to relax in a tidy (quiet!) home. I have a hard time relaxing when the house is a mess. My sisters call me Martha Stewart, but really it takes me a few minutes here and there of tidying or a project every now and then of eliminating clutter from junk drawers or closets and my house regularly looks pretty good.

    I do have trouble with folding laundry. Part of it is that I really despise it. The other part is that it’s upstairs and we’re mostly downstairs during the day. Like another commenter said, I get busy with the kids and end up forgetting and stuff sits up there longer than necessary. The kids’ laundry is super easy though because I do not fold or hang any of it. My daughter has three drawers and my son has three baskets. The clothes are “organized” by pajamas, tops and bottoms. I do one load for each kid that contains all their dirty clothes and when they come out of the dryer it’s a quick sorting into three piles and throwing into designated drawers/baskets. It’s our clothes that need hung, ironed or folded that tend to sit. I’ve tried a timer that dings at the end of each load, but it seems I’m always knee deep in potty training or some other task and forget after a while.

  6. I was just thinking about this this morning! And every other morning, when I wake up to dirty dishes in the sink. Maybe it’s a sign … 🙂

  7. This was a great post! I was re-organizing and cleaning an area in my kitchen yesterday and came across a magazine article I had saved that had this type of info in it. It was a great reminder. Seeing this again this morning means I really need to work on being better about this. Thanks!

  8. 1. I don’t make the beds — I don’t see the point at all. Strikes me as the epitome of a waste of time.
    2. “Do it right away” is particularly important when dealing with the mail. Magazines to in the to-read pile, bills in the to-pay pile, junk in the recycle bin, etc. Touch each item as few times as necessary.

  9. Oh ya, I got this message delivered the hard way earlier this week when I did the dishes for the first time in 6 days. I live alone and don’t produce many dirty dishes a day but when you wait almost a week….well, let’s just say that some of my lunch containers were less than desireable.

    I have no dishwasher and have limited kitchen counter space so you would think that I would be quick to wash the dishes…nope – they are my nemesis (the rest of my place is quite clean & tidy). I might have gotten the message this time though because 6 days is a lot of time even for me, especially in the summer. Talk about gross! I have never worked up such a sweat washing dishes before . By the way, I have washed the dishes every night since that nightmare washing session – it is sooo much faster that way and I LOVE walking into a clean kitchen in the morning.

    Oh ya, about the shower – I use a squeegie to wipe down the shower stall after every shower (if there are multiple people showering, then the last person would be the one to squeegie). It takes about thirty seconds and your shower stays cleaner much longer and the shower and bathroom both dry much faster. I got my squeegie at the Dollar store.

  10. I try to do this daily sweep everynight before bed so the house is clean when I get up the next morning – before getting trashed again by th4e hubby, 4 year old and dirty, shedding dog! 🙂

  11. I was going to leave a comment…. but first I need to go wipe down the peanut butter on my counter top! 🙂

  12. @Rick – Ooh, I like that motto. Maybe I should hang that somewhere…

    @Ruth Ann – You bring up a great point that is the arch nemesis of so many moms to littles – forgetting. I do it all the time! I plan to write in the near future about tips and ideas for helping us remember what’s on our agenda while we’re in the trenches.

    @Karen – For me, a made bed makes our bedrooms feel instantly cleaner. I get what you mean, of course, but something about it just calms me. I’m probably weird. 🙂

    Great thoughts and reflections, all!

  13. Loved this post- I was just thinking about this very thing last night. For me, I try to never walk around the house empty-handed- I always carry something with me to put away, even if it is just a few washcloths to put in the linen closet. If I am going from one end of the house to the other, my hands might be full of stuff to put away. Also, if I see something while I am walking by, I’ll grab it and take it with me.

    Putting the dishes in the dishwasher right after a meal is a life saver. I try to have my kitchen at least close to presentable at all time, as well as the entry way, my bedroom and the hallway bathroom. I’ll never forget when I was a teenager and an acquaintance of our family stopped by for a short, unannounced visit. While he was there, he asked to use our bathroom. I about died- it was so bad!!! Just a few minutes at a time means I seldom have that overwhelmed feeling about straightening up. (I just save the overwhelmed feeling for other things!) Thanks for the great reminder!

  14. It actually amazes me how little time things take to clean. In my mind it seems like unloading the dishwasher will take forever but you are right, it is just a few minutes!

    My biggest trick is to clean during commercial breaks when I’m watching TV. I even clean as I’m watching movies. I can sweep, mop, dust, etc all while keeping up with my favorite program (and I don’t feel guilty about my “tube” time!).

  15. Soooo true!

  16. I forget how little time it takes to do the things I don’t like to do. Such as cleaning the bathroom. It doesn’t take that long so why do I put it off? Paper clutter also gets me. I don’t know what to do with the papers I can’t throw away so they stay on the kitchen counter making the kitchen look messy.

  17. I do this when making out my ‘to do’ list- there are a lot of things that I can get done in the same amount of time it takes to write them down! Instead of writing them on my to do list, I will just jump up and they will be done in a few seconds.

  18. Just what I needed to hear… I’m gonna go clean up the kitchen now, which will probably take less than 15 minutes…

  19. So true! I wipe the outside of jam jars/fridge containers BEFORE they go back in the fridge so it eliminates the regular need to EMPTY the fridge and clean out the mucky marks left there~ I wash dishes as I go so they never pile up; do a load of laundry first thing every day so *it* can’t pile up. Work is so much more relaxing when I am consciously preemptive.

  20. It’s funny you posted this because I’ve been trying hard to be better at this lately and thought about blogging about it (one idea on your list…you can put your bathroom things away while you are brushing your teeth and then it doesn’t take any extra time).

    I think this is a great thing to teach kids, as well. My boys are scouts and they teach them to “leave no trace” (i.e. leave the campsite even better than you found it). A good idea for home as well. :o)

    One thing I want to get better at is handling mail, paperwork, etc. I want to sort, file, shred, and recycle daily instead of letting things pile up.

  21. It’s really amazing how much you can get done in 15 mins if you try! I managed to fold and put away a load of laundry, dress my toddler and fix her hair, and empty and reload the dishwasher! Wow!

    Charitys last blog post..Lace Ribbon Scarf

  22. Great tips! I’ve noticed it’s much easier to clean as you go rather to wait for things to get out of hand.

    Jennas last blog post..What Our Buyers Advantage Group Realty Agents Do For You

  23. I’m the same way. Some other things I do:

    1. Open the mail and throw out junk mail right away. I don’t let it all pile up. It takes only a few minutes a day and lessens the piles around the house.

    2. As I’m cooking, I clean up anything that I’ve used. This way, at the end of the meal, when I’m full and don’t feel like doing anything, the kitchen is already clean from cooking and I only have the dishes to put in the dishwasher.

    Motherhood and Potatoess last blog post..Lists and More Lists!

  24. Thanks Simple Mom! I stopped my reading, set the timer for 15 minutes, all my paper shredding is done, and my entire office is “tidy” with bare spaces! Feels good!

    I ‘m with you on making beds, it makes the room instantly cleaner, and it’s so much more fun to get into a crisp “made” bed, instead of trying to straighen out the covers as you climb in! 🙂

    amys last blog post..Whew. . .

  25. We have mail wars at my house. I toss EVERYTHING the minute I collect it from the box. Spouse tosses NOTHING. When I was home before him, he complained that I threw out all the “good stuff” (read ads & junk mail) and was convinced that I was tossing important mail along with. After I threw up my hands & agreed he can sort the mail first, my home has become a giant rubbish bin. I must spend at least an hour every Saturday sorting through paper he collects during the week, putting bills and notices on on his desk and tossing the rest. Please don’t even get me started on his obsession with shredding and the mountains of items qued up for the shredder because he always has more than the motor can handle. The point is, I frustrate him when I take care of it right away, and he frustrates me when he doesn’t. In the end it’s just best to close your eyes and delegate some tasks to the house fairies and hope for the best.

    TX Poppets last blog post..What’s On My Mind

  26. Great points and I can hear the enthusiasm in your words. Here’s the catch…unless you develop a routine or any other sustainable approach that works for your own personality, it’s like to be like a fad-diet that leads to a crash & burn of sorts and you are left becoming more lax on things again, but with an additional heaping of guilt on yourself. What has worked for many people I know is to develop a routine and an auto-pilot approach. As you mentioned, cleaning as you go is a really great way to shorten the time a task takes AND the mental exertion put into its completion (seeing undone things are very demotivating). When we notice what tasks can be integrated into our life as a routine (like loading dishwasher after dinner, empty dishwasher in the morning when making coffee/tea, etc.), we are able to think through what can happen & when, rather than trying to remember what needs to be done while “in the moment” AND doing half a dozen other things. As for undone tasks, like getting side-tracked and missing the opportunity to do the laundry as soon as its dried, that’s where the auto-pilot approach comes in. When we do something at the same time each day, or right after/before something else, etc. we are creating internal reminders for ourselves that aren’t as easily forgotten as thinking we can just remember to do it.

    Suzannes last blog post..Focus Challenge – Month 5

  27. What a great post today! I love your idea of picking up as you go. This will force me to have better time management as I usually get in a hurry and leave a mess for later. I already implement the 10 minute rule ~ get as much done as you can in 10 minutes. When I don’t feel like doing chores I break it down in 10 minute increments throughout the day. The ten minute rule also works well for children!

    Monicas last blog post..Swimming for Exercise

  28. Of course I know you’re absolutely right. My problem is that I’ll talk myself out of doing these things right away because I’m in a hurry or eager to move on to the things I actually WANT to do. I never thought about how much time it is costing me in the long run. You have a knack for pointing out things that should be so obvious, but somehow aren’t without a little guidance 🙂

    Jennae @ Green Your Decors last blog post..Green Rooms in a Box: Posh Dining Room for the Super-Spendy

  29. You are so right about this! If I could just stay on top of dishes instead of letting them pile up… what a time saver that would be!

    I do pick up our living room every night. Nothing is worse than waking up to clutter everywhere. (Why can’t I apply this to my kitchen?!) I also make the beds every morning… it feels better to crawl into a made bed every night plus it save a little bit of my sanity by creating the facade that my bedroom is clean. 🙂

    bees last blog post..Two Weeks

  30. I know it’s easier to clean it up now, but I constantly procrastinate. Why do I do that?!? You’re right, not only does it take much more time later, but it drives me crazy to look at the mess. I’m off to declutter right now…

    Michelle@Life with Threes last blog post..Here’s where I start to feel old…

  31. @Suzanne – Absolutely, a routine helps enormously. I’m a huge advocate of routines, and have written about them here. So your words are true! I think one of the specific challenges among a sector of Simple Mom readers are having very small children at home. It’s borderline impossible to have the same day every day, and to get one thing done means to also stop three times to refill a sippy cup, kiss a boo-boo, pick up a toy from the high chair again and again and again… My point being, I think a routine is most needed and highly recommended, but it’s not always easy with little ones. It’s easy to let life’s little chores pile up, if you’re not careful. 🙂

  32. I’ve done that 15 minute timer trick many times and it works wonders. Sometimes I look around and get overwhelmed with the amount of things I see that I want to clean, tidy up, or organize. I set the timer and I do what I can in that time period. I may not get to it all, but I always feel much better after I am done. It saves my sanity.

    Amiyrahs last blog post..Pionner Woman Cooks… still my tummy…

  33. I’ve recently discovered that listening to podcasts while ironing helps me to stop putting it off. I actually look forward to it sometimes if there’s something interesting on my iPod!

    I decided to try a similar tack with other tasks that I put off around the house. If I’m feeling overwhelmed or simply can’t be bothered with something, I put on some fast tempo music and do whatever it is for the duration of 1 song. Nine times out of ten, I get the task done before the song finishes 🙂

    Journeyers last blog post..Getting to Know You

  34. People ask me all the time how I keep my house so “clean” and THIS IS THE ANSWER!!! I’m not neurotic, really – I’m not one of “those moms.” I just have a place for everything and about 2-3 times a day, I do a clean sweep through the main room and kitchen and put everything back where it belongs. The kids pick up their toys before naps and bedtime. I clean up kitchen messes immediately and if dishes sit in the sink, they soak in water to avoid food crusties. I fold and put away laundry right away. (that’s a big one b/c if I leave it for later, I won’t do it for days)

    I linked to your blog to tell my friends and readers the answer to the “your house always seems so clean…” comments. THANKS!!! I couldn’t have said it better myself.

    Katies last blog post..The secret to keeping a "clean" house

  35. This is so true, and oddly it took me until I was thirty years old to figure it out. Honestly, there are so many things that are just that obvious and it took me that long to figure out (containerizing things and having a place for everything). Now if my husband would understand that if he just washes the oatmeal off the pan it’s easier to clean than once it’s dry!

    Amandas last blog post..Baby Cheapskate bumGenius 3.0 Cloth Diaper Giveaway!

  36. Jennifer says:

    Here our my “tips”:
    1. I wear a cobbler apron because of the deep pockets in front. Then you can smile when you pull out a tiny renegade sock, and realize that someday the babies’ socks are going to be huge (I have 2 little guys).
    Yes, I feel like a dork, but I don’t have to throw out my decent t-shirts anymore because someone wiped jelly on the front of the shirt. Ha! I win.

    2. I set the timer for 5 minutes because I am a subscriber to short attention span theatre, lol. I play games with myself all day trying to beat the timer and it’s actually fun for me. Hey, I have to do something to keep myself entertained!

    3. I bought laundry baskets from the dollar store and when I pull stuff out of the dryer, I pull everyones’ laundry in his/her particular basket. I put the “hangables” flat on top of the dryer and put them on hangers asap, as I don’t iron. I can then deliver each basket to each room and not try to sort with little sticky fingers helping me.

    4. I keep a 2 ring index card notebook (office store, $2) that has plastic dividers and have “to do”, “projects”, “info”. This is harder to lose and I usually have a place to write down what I need to do, or info about my house’s measurements, son’s sizes, etc.

    Hey, you gotta do the best you can and have a really good sense of humor. I refuse to be uptight or an “angry” mom because things really just don’t go the way I plan. Life varies. If it didn’t, I would be bored.

    Have a fun weekend!!!!


  37. i ‘stumbled’ upon your blog and love the 15-minute clean up. we do that at my house–even though we don’t have kids! 🙂 it makes it a race to the finish…much more fun than just cleaning.

    curlywurlygurlys last blog post..Breakfast In Bed: A Contest!

  38. I learned this trick too..only I figured it out after my daugher was grown. Live and learn.

  39. It sure is a challenge with a toddler who happily moves through the house pulling things down and dumping things out, but my habit is to straighten as I move through my house, all day long. It seems much simpler to me to put away one or two things multiple times a day than to let it all build up into an overwhelming mess. The same goes for dishes– I do them after every meal so I’m not overloaded at the end of the day. If I do let the messes build up, we have a group clean-up before bedtime so we can start the next day feeling fresh.

    Jessica @ Practical Nourishments last blog post..Simplifying

  40. Exactally! I have been doing this for years. Everything has a place and it all needs to go back to it’s home!

    Some tips. First thing in the morning when my baby is eating her breakfast, I unload the DW. Then it is ready for me to load up during the day. Nothing sits in the sink. And every evening right before bed, if the DW is full– it gets turned on. If not, it waits one more day. Then I sweep the floor after baby has gone to bed and I am settling down to rest!
    Also, when I get the mail, I open and sort it right away. Bills go in the bill drawer (that I take care of at the end of the month – 24th or 25th and I pay for the whole month). Magazines get put in a pile to go into the L.R. or Bedroom for browsing. Junk mail and envelopes from bills get filed in the trash. Why save them for another time. I might as well make it one clean sweep!

  41. Ugh–it’s so true! I might try this one by making a 15-minute playlist for the iPod and filling it with fun songs. Hopefully this will keep it fun and brief–so I’ll actually get that initial cleaning done.

    Too often I start a “quick” cleaning and end it a few hours later. These cleaning jags make it seem like if I wipe down the kitchen counter now, who knows where I’ll stop. The toilets? The floors?

    I really like your idea of setting limits. We’ll see how it goes!

    Sara at On Simplicitys last blog post..Three Things You’re Good At

  42. I’m a therapist and have been “assigning” this to my clients for years. It makes a huge difference in many of my clients’ lives.

    Judys last blog post..Yuuuuuuuuuummmy!

  43. I clean my house every night after my two toddlers are in bed. That includes washing dishes, sweeping and mopping, etc. That way I can work during the night in a clean house and in the morning, we all get up to neat place . . . though it only stays that way for about five seconds!

    The do it as you go method really is good, but I find it just isn`t possible all the time. I do try to wipe sticky messes immediately, but to tell you the truth, this is more so my kids don`t track it around the house than because I don`t want to scrub later!

    Genesiss last blog post..Are You Up For a Challenge?

  44. When I go to wash my hands I run my wet hands over the surfaces of the sink. Then I wash my hands. I dry my hands with a hand towel and then use the hand towel to dry the sufaces of the sink.
    Every once in a while I give the toilet bowl a quick swish with the brush between the weekly cleanings.
    I brush my dog every other day, and sweep my floors on the days the dog doesn’t get brushed I swear that I cant figure out why she’s not bald!).
    If I cant wash the dishes immediately I at least rinse and stack in preparation for when I can wash. Puting the flatware in one of the glasses or cups filled with water keeps them from crusting up. You can put the dish soap in the glass too and when you’re ready to wash up put the glass under the tap while the sink is filling.
    Multi-tasking rules!!!!

  45. This is a subject I talk about in all my time management workshops… I call it Use Every Five Minutes or Tiny Time. It is soooo much easier to do the small things right when you notice them than to wait until later. It’s like the difference between doing ten sit-ups each morning, or doing 70 all at once at the end of the week. I know that’s a strange analogy, but you get the point. Great post!
    ~Monica Ricci

    Monica Riccis last blog post..Feed Test

  46. I would have to agree with a few exceptions. I find that it is much easier to clean up spaghetti and cake if I let it sit for a day. Then in dries up and it is much easier to sweep up.

  47. has saved my sanity. I can’t recommend it highly enough

  48. I found your blog via Soule Mama, and now I’ve spent my entire evening reading about your home management notebook, menu planning and cleaning tips! I’m not sure how I’ve been doing this stay-at-home mom thing without you!

    Now, I’m off to clean the ketchup from tonight’s dinner off the baby’s highchair so that I don’t have to do it in the morning when it’s all dried and crusty. You are so right!!

    Saras last blog post..The one in which I return

  49. Woo I thought this was a fab post and really got me thinking to the extra hours I waist on cleaning. I plan to have my timer with me and see how much I can get done just to inspire me for less ‘I will do it later’ style cleaning…I bet in 15mins I could really change this kitchen from a riot of mess to a place to feel comfortable in…Oh no not toast on the lap top again….

    Suzie Sewss last blog post..What’s in the box…

  50. This is totally my style. I also try to do one load of laundry each day. It keeps it from piling up and becoming the beast that takes all day to conquer!

    I am so glad I found your blog!

    Ali Bray’s last blog post…A Woman’s Right to Choose

  51. I know you hear this a lot but, I’m so glad I found your blog!!!
    I am motivated to tackle my home with a new mindset.
    My little tip: when loading the DW I put like utensils together for super quick unloading…spoons together, forks together etc. Cuts down on a bit of time and effort.
    I have spent hours pouring over your articles, and I keep finding myself agreeing, relating and being inspired. One last thing, I appreciate that in these “politically correct” days you freely share the role your faith has in what you do everyday. It is so refreshing to see Jesus’ name used in a way that is not a curse word! Thank you and God bless!

  52. Yep, this is my MAJOR problem! I need to clean as I go. I will definately try harder to put this in to practice. The one thing I have really been working on to keep up on is keeping dirty dishes out of my sink and keeping my sink shining (thank you Flylady!) It really does help me start my morning happier!

    Christin´s last blog post…J.O.Y. is Mine in 2009

  53. So true and yet I do not do it. I am totally a DO IT NOW kind of person, and yet the house cleaning just doesn’t happen as it should. Thanks for the reminder.

  54. I couldn’t agree more…the ‘little’ things you do, as you go along…cleaning, really add up in the long run…you can save yourself literally hours, by always taking a minute or two, to clean up behind yourself and tidy up your immediate surroundings before moving on…

    I found this blog by surfing for menu planning tips…I’m absolutely Giddy, LOL…I am in Blog-Love!! Your site is fabulous! I love lists, organizing, planning, managing my household and your site is a treasure trove of tips and information. Thank you for this!! A kindred spirit! This will be a huge help to me….am adopting a baby boy from S. Korea (He should be coming home within a month!) and quitting my job to be a full-time Domestic Diva & mom…

    I will definitely be back! Have already sang your praises on Twitter! 🙂

  55. i try to do most of these things immediately and then i have a cleaning schedule of one relatively short task to do each day that keeps everything clean on a regular basis

    Carrie´s last blog post…Practical Ways to Save Water

  56. Thanks for the tips, having the right cleaning tools really help

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