A lifelong learning dare: go beyond board books

This giveaway has now ended. Check back soon for the winner!

You know what’s one of my favorite side-effects to homeschooling? As the primary teacher, I get a second education. So far just in this school year, I’ve already re-learned the significance of the Fertile Crescent in ancient agriculture, the names of the major types of muscles, and how to correctly pronounce “homme” in French. It’s fun.

I’m a big believer in being a lifelong learner. That’s our main goal for our children’s educations (no matter where they go to school), so it only makes sense that it’s a personal goal as well. The older I get, the more I realize how little I know. And 12+ years this side of university, my thirst for knowledge is far from slaked.

Parents—especially moms of teeny-tinies— often go on mental autopilot. We’re so busy taking care of the little people in our lives, we rarely exercise our brains because they’re just so full from menu planning, playdates, and reading board books.

I don’t think that should be. We should always be learning new things, not only because it’s setting a good example for our kids, but because it just makes life more interesting. It gives you something to talk about over the dinner table.

I’ve already shared some ways I like to pursue a lifetime of learning, and I go into a bit more detail in my new e-book (project 44). Here are a few more.

1. Join a book club.

This past January, when we were still living in Austin, I joined a book club on a whim. I hardly knew anybody in that group, but I was in the mood to meet new people and to read books I normally wouldn’t. It was a blast.

This monthly meeting got me out of the house, provided intelligent conversation with other women, and put something new on my nightstand I wouldn’t have thought to check out at the library.

Use MeetUp to find a book club near you, or just ask around at libraries or bookstores. And if you can’t find one, start one yourself.

2. Soak in TED talks.

Second to listening to my podcast (Ha! subtle, no?), listen to TED talks as you’re folding laundry or starting dinner. This non-profit started in the early 80s to bring together people from technology, entertainment, and design, and has since exploded to become the place to hear from the best-of-the-best in a variety of fields. Their mission is simple: to spread ideas.

At their annual conference, over 50 speakers take an 18-minute slot to speak their mind. Then they post all those talks on their website where you can listen, free. There’s really, really good stuff to stretch your brain. Some of my favorites are Jamie Oliver (he actually won the 2010 TED Prize), Mark Bittman, and Ken Robinson. Oh, how I love Ken Robinson. I could listen to him talk all day.

3. Learn a new language.

Living overseas, this was easy—more likely, I had to find a quiet spot to think and speak in English. But now that we’ve been stateside over a year, I miss hearing the cacophony of different languages. Most everywhere in the world, locals speak at least two languages. Americans are most definitely the exception.

It’s never too late to learn a new language, especially with so many available resources. Your brain can handle it, I promise.

Tate is learning French with Rosetta Stone for school, and I’m jumping in alongside her. She’s able to go as slow as she needs and repeats the lessons as many times as she wants. And since it’s on the computer, it feels like a game to her. Heck, it does to me, too. It’s fun.

I used Rosetta Stone when I lived in Kosovo to help teach English to Albanian teenagers. We used it as a family to learn the local language when we lived in the Middle East. I guess you could say we’re fans.

It’s not cheap, but it’s one of the best language learning resources out there because it teaches you language the way you learn your first language. You start by listening, then by putting meaning behind the noise, followed by mimicking, and finally, tying it all up with writing and grammar skills. Far too often, we approach language in the opposite manner.

Rosetta Stone is a great tool in the home to help you pursue a lifetime of learning. Sure, world travel is best. But if that’s not realistic, this resource is golden.

And guess what? One of you will win a copy of Rosetta Stone, in whatever language you choose!

Wanna try French, like us? Or how about Italian, like Jamie’s family? Or Chinese, Swahili, Welsh, or Pashto? You can choose from level 1 in over 30 languages.

Here’s how to enter:

1. Leave a comment on this post, telling me which language you’d like to try! (If you’re reading this via email, you must hop over to this post and leave a comment here.)

2. To get a second entry, mention this giveaway on Facebook, first liking Simple Mom and then linking to this post (here’s the URL: http://lvsm.pl/oIbwVS). Then come back here and leave an additional comment, telling me you posted.

OR, you can…

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This giveaway will end tomorrow, Saturday, September 3 at 11:59 pm PST. I’ll announce the winner soon after. I hope you win!


  1. Emily

    I would love to learn to speak Russian.

  2. Phronsie Howell

    Honestly, I’d like to boost my Latin skills. My husband wants to do Latin American Spanish. (Which admittedly, I need to brush up on considering my dad’s side of the family lives in Mexico.)

  3. Ches

    I would like to learn tagalog, so I can understand my in-laws

  4. Phronsie Howell

    Facebook posted!

  5. Emily B

    Spanish (Latin American) for me, too–it would be fun to dust off my high school/college Spanish while learning with my 4 year old!

  6. Steph

    I would love the German progam, as my husband and I want to live there one day!

  7. Melissa Jones

    I’m torn between me learning more Arabic and letting my kids start with French (like I did) or Spanish (which would probably be the most useful).

  8. Jenni C.

    I would love to learn Latin and also want my son to learn Latin!

  9. Jenni C.

    I posted this giveaway on Facebook! Thanks for the opportunity!

  10. aimee c.

    it’s a toss up between tagalog & spanish. hmm…or even latin. 🙂 thanks for the chance!

  11. Savannah

    Well…I’m Hispanic but I can’t speak Spanish so the first language I would want to learn is Spanish. Then German….then Hebrew…then Italian…

  12. Jessica D.

    I’ve always wanted to learn Italian!

  13. Gretchen

    I think I’d go for French – hard choice!

  14. Savannah

    I posted this to Facebook! Thank you!

  15. Errin

    I’m currently using Rosetta Stone to learn German, but would like to learn Norwegian, as well! 🙂

  16. Hannah

    I was just thinking about how I feel like my brain is turning to mush with the lack of stimulation! I’d love to learn Spanish!

  17. Errin

    I posted a link to Facebook, too. Thank-you!

  18. Conny

    I’d LOVE to try the Rosetta Stone German … mostly for my KIDS! I already speak some German but don’t know how to best teach my children.

  19. CharleneM

    While I’d love to learn Chinese to move to China….the kids and I are learning Spanish right now. So I’d have to say Spanish.

  20. Tara McClenahan

    It’s a toss up between French and Spanish! 😀

  21. Laura

    What language don’t I want to learn!? I would have to settle on Russian.

  22. Cathy G

    I’d love to learn some Italian as we’re off to Tuscany for a holiday next year.

  23. Margaret

    wow, that’s a very hard decision…. I’d like to say Chinese, but I don’t know if I want to tackle something that difficult right off the bat, or work on something closer to home, like Spanish. I hope I win!

  24. Margaret

    I also re-posted this on Facebook (and I already ‘liked’ Simple Mom before this!) 🙂

  25. Conny

    also just tweeted about the giveaway! 🙂

  26. Jessica D.

    Posted on FB!

  27. Anjeanette

    This is a tough choice. I think though I’d want the Chinese one.

  28. Sarah

    I’m torn… I know that Spanish would be re most useful, being in southern california. But, my boyfriend and I really want to visit Japan next year and I would love to learn a bit of the language first. Thanks for the give-away opportunity!

  29. Danielle

    Italian would be fun to learn!

  30. Robin J

    I think I would love to learn Chinese (Mandarin). Or perhaps perfect the French I barely can remember! Great giveaway! Thanks!

  31. Melissa

    I really need to learn German as we’ve been in Switzerland a year and still know very little!

  32. Robin J

    I liked Simple Mom on Facebook and included a link! Thanks again! Would love this one for my daughter and I!

  33. wendy

    French! My daughter needs to start learning it, and I need help teaching her!!

  34. Anjeanette

    Just posted about this on Facebook.

  35. Daniel

    Turkish. I already have Greek and Macedonian down so Turkish seems like the logical next step from here.

  36. Natalie

    I would use it to learn Hindi, so I could communicate better with Inlaws and teach my kids

  37. Tara

    I want to learn Spanish.. have done a few lessons from this course on my friend’s computer.. Winning this getaway(I hope) will be nice ..
    Thanks 🙂

  38. Steph

    I would LOVE to learn Spanish. Living in California this is basically a must! : )

  39. Heather Tovey

    I’m not actually looking to enter the giveaway since I already have Rosetta Stone. I just wanted to say that I’m learning French too. I find RS a little repetitive sometimes, but I suppose that’s just part of learning a language.

    I’m learning because the family I married into is French Canadian. My husband and I are raising our little girl bilingual. So if I’m going to have any chance of helping her on her homework, I better learn French fast!

  40. Hannah

    I already liked Simple Mom on Facebook, but I linked to the post!

  41. Deanna

    I would love to learn French.

  42. Sarah T.

    I’d love to learn French!!

  43. Crystal C

    I would love to learn Latin American Spanish!! I think we could put it to use. I have been wanting this for our homeschool for a while now. I would love to win!!!

  44. Elizabeth

    Chinese por favor!

  45. Crystal C

    I posted on facebook too!!!

  46. Angie

    Brazilian Portuguese! My husband is fluent, and I desperately want to be able to speak it with him and our daughter.

  47. Nadia

    Chinese! Seems to make sense the way the world is now!

  48. Rachel Dallaire

    Spanish. We recently moved to Portland and the Mr. works with a ton of Spanish-speaking people. He’s been picking it up here and there, but we’d both love to learn it fluently. 🙂

  49. Rachel Dallaire

    Tweeted as well (RachelDallaire) 🙂

  50. julie

    I’d love to learn french.

  51. Anna

    we are adopting our son from South Korea and would love ti learn some Korean, but rosetta stone is pricy so we haven’t started yet

  52. Sara Lester

    Difficult choice- Latin or Spanish? Maybe German or tagalog? Ideally, I’d like my kids to speak several languages.

  53. Sara Lester

    I already like Simple Mom on Facebook, but I posted the giveaway.

  54. Melanie

    I would love to learn Spanish! My husband and I both have lots of family that can speak Spanish fluently, I figure it’s about time we joined the club. It would be great for my son as well.

    • Melanie

      Spanish (Latin American)

  55. Laura

    I would love to learn tagalog as I already understand quite a bit and have a mean grip on the dirty words!

  56. Jacoba

    I’d like to learn Dutch, as both my parents are Dutch and we hope to take all of our kids there on a trip in a few years. It would be neat if they could understand some of their cousins!

  57. Melanie

    I posted on Facebook as well as commented earlier.

  58. Gracia

    I’d love to learn modern greek. After spending a semester in Greece I wish I had kept working on the language!

    Oh and btw, if any of you needs/wants a penpal in Spanish (from Spain), I volunteer! I miss having penpals so much! It’d be a fun way to practice the language, Spanish for you and English for me.

  59. Melanie

    Posted on Facebook!!! 🙂

  60. Lizelle

    No doubt in my mind!! French!

  61. Dana Keller

    Italiano 🙂

  62. tina

    I’d love to learn Spanish!

  63. Marla

    I would love to be able to learn Spanish with my 10 year old son Alex. What an exciting offer!

  64. Cecelia

    Hmm, I’d love to relearn French…if you would call a few years in high school knowing a language. Or Spanish to be able to speak to another group of patients in their own language.

  65. Lisa

    I’m thinking Italian. Yes, Italian would be nice 🙂

  66. Chi Anne

    Would love to be able to communicate more with the neighbors in German! You’re right, Americans are one of the few countries that doesn’t encourage learning another language. We are blessed living in Germany that so many are willing to make up for our shortcomings!

  67. ann austin

    I would love to learn Welsh. I would love to know it before I go there.

  68. Lyndal

    I’d like to learn French

  69. Laura

    I would LOVE to learn INDONESIAN. I live in australia and deliberately chose a sponsor child from a near by country with the dream of going to visit. It would be very useful for me to speak the language. Cheers

  70. Danyel Moulden

    For me, it’s a toss up between German and Italian. I’ve been to Italy three times for liberty ports while I was in the Navy- Naples, Rome and Trieste. And I am completely in LOVE with it! I can’t wait to go back WITH my husband!!!

    However, I have also been teaching my daughter german since she was very young, because that it where her Oma (great-grandmother) is from. (She was a war bride who moved to the US in 1948, during the Berlin airlfts. It started with a “german baby VHS tape that I bought when she was little. Taught basic words, colors, animals and such. She would watch it in the mornings while I got ready for work. (I think I still remember most of them too!!) Later Katerina (Katie) , my daughter, and I used to count to german, spanish and then english while we curled her hair as it was growing out from a “scissor experiment’ when she 2 -3 years old. “einz, zwei, drei,…. uno dos, tres….one, two, three…” Eventually we got up to 20 in each of them, but that is all momma knew!!! Throught the years, I’ve tried to pick up a little here and there, with “word -of the day” calendars and the like.

    Well Katie is 14 now, and a freshman in H.S. Thankfully she has decided to go with German as her language. And we are saving up for the trip to Germany with her class at the end of her Junior year. But momma doesn’t want to fall too far behind. Anyhow, thanks for the opportunity to share a little about my lovely daughter, and how I missed my calling as a linguist. 🙂

  71. Deanna

    I would love to restart my Spanish. I’ve let so much lapse and I’d love to learn it along with my kids!

  72. Monica

    I would love to speak French…my husband speaks pretty well and I always wish I could keep up with him when he’s talking to French-speaking peopel!

  73. Anna Mango

    Bengali – do they have that one?? Or japanese!!

  74. Kara Miller

    I would love to learn French since my husband is fluent! It would be great to speak it in the home so our children could be immersed in it.

  75. Carol

    I would love to learn to speak Spanish!

  76. Kara Miller

    Like ya on fb & posted about the giveaway!

  77. Bernice

    There are so many languages I’d love to learn! I think I’d start with Spanish though since I’ve taken a course of it in university.

  78. Teri Johnson-Frow

    oooo so hard to choose just one! Um first choice maybe Hebrew or Greek as I’m currently studying theology. Second choice would probably be French as two members of my family already speak it – makes it easier to practice. Third would be Italian – it’s top of my list of places I’d like to visit. But mostly I’d just like to learn another language so I can teach my kids – I’ve always wanted them to have the opportunity to speak more than one.

  79. Jenn

    I think spanish would be the most beneficial for me, but how fun would it be to learn chinese! cool giveaway!

  80. Dani Gibson

    Spanish would be awesome. I’ve heard great things about Rosetta Stone:)

  81. Jennifer Ott

    We’d love to learn Mandarin as a family! Thanks for the chance!

  82. Rochelle

    I would love to learn Swedish!

  83. Jess Eng

    we are pursuing an international adoption and would love to learn more spanish!

  84. sara

    I am definitely a lifelong learner! Thanks for you tips on how to further facilitate that.
    I would love to win a free rosetta stone as well. My son really wants to try japanese. I would love brusing up on my french!

  85. Jean

    I would pick French.

  86. Jean

    I “like” you on fb and I shared this post on my wall.

  87. Lucinda

    Wonderful post, thank you! I’d want to relearn French first, and then move on to so many others!

  88. Lucinda

    I linked to you on FB.

  89. Megan V

    I would love to learn Spanish. It would expand opportunities in my own city to meet and learn from other people!

  90. Anne

    There are many languages that I would love to learn, but Spanish is the language that would be most useful for me in our current place in life.

  91. Brittany

    Such a hard decision! I would say Spanish, then French, then German……..:)

  92. Danielle

    My husband speaks portuguese… it might be fun to have the kiddos (and me) learn a language that we can all speak together. Portuguese or maybe spanish…

  93. Stacy

    Definitey Spanish. My daughter has wanted this curriculum for a long time and she is only 6th grade. My son and husband are getting ready to take a trip to Mexico to see our friends and do mission work with them. My husband has wanted our family to study the language together.


  94. Kathy M.

    I’d like to boost my Spanish speaking skills.

  95. Emily

    Italian is next on my list, as I am already fluent in Spanish. Then French, then renew German…(hey, a girl can dream!).

  96. Thia

    We keep saying we’re going to learn German as a family, but I’d also like to learn one of the Romance languages, so it would be a toss up.

  97. TheActorsWife

    I would like to learn French. My husband’s writing partner lives in Paris, and this past year, when resetting our lifestyle goals, it became clear to us that we needed to go to France, as a family, at least once a year. And one day, when I have a little more career freedom, we’d like to spend part of the year in Paris. To make that happen, I obviously need to brush up on the French I learned as a child. As such I would LOVE to win this give-away.

  98. Jessica (@gardenJess)

    Oh how would I pick a language? I need Spanish these days, and I’ve always wanted to learn to speak Chinese. Then there’s the minute amount of French I learned in h.s. and college – I could build on that. Or the German I picked up in my 20’s – it seemed to come naturally – could I be fluent? (Can you tell how much I’d love to win this?!)

  99. Martha

    I’d like to learn to speak Spanish fluently. I learned a little when I studied abroad in Mexico for a semester. Plus, I am half Mexican, so people expect me to know it even though it wasn’t spoken in my home. I’d like to learn it for myself and to be able to teach it to my children.

  100. Jessica (@gardenJess)

    And now I’ve mentioned the giveaway on Facebook. 🙂 Thank you for the opportunity!

  101. Leslie

    I would love to learn Spanish. My kiddos are accomplished in Latin and it has instilled a love of languages particularly in my daughter. She is taking an on line Arabic course this year. Im a big proponent of learning languages. Through homeschooling and tutors, my children thankfully know more than me!

    Like the pile of books! Are you by chance, on goodreads? Great way to keep up with what others are reading and find suggestions for what to read next!

  102. Karen

    I would love to learn Spanish. Thanks for the opportunity.

  103. Deb

    ooh i studied 3 languages between high school and college, but ended up living in Asia and Australia where I get no practice with romance languages. Would love the Italian rosetta stone to refresh my brain and teach my girls!

  104. Courtney

    I would love to learn Chinese!

  105. Kristin

    Spanish!!!!!!!!!!!!! That way I would be able to communicate on our short term missions projects. Thanks for the opportunity!

  106. Courtney

    I liked/posted on Facebook!

  107. Ashley


  108. Carol

    I need to learn Spanish as we plan to be going to Mexico! Rosetta Stone has been highly recommended by quite a few friends of ours.

  109. Julie

    I took Spanish in high school and college, but don’t have much to show for it. I’d enjoy really trying to learn Spanish as an adult!

  110. Carol

    I just shared with my fb friends. Thanks for the opportunity!

  111. One Frugal Girl

    Spanish, Spanish, Spanish! I really want to win!

  112. Kelsey

    Chinese or Vietnamese–I can’t decide!

  113. Jen

    I would love to use this to learn Irish…I’ve looked it up before but the expense made it out of the question!

  114. Kelsey


  115. Stephanie

    I’d love to learn Latin American Spanish so I can keep up with my 6-year-old who’s in a dual-language program!

  116. ellen

    Our canadian family could use more french!!!

  117. Daniela

    What a great giveaway!! I always wanted to learn Chinese!
    Thank you for the opportunity.

  118. Lisa P

    Spanish. Gracias!

  119. Melissa L.

    I am so excited to learn languages with my kids. I think we should learn Dutch!

  120. Lori H

    My son really wants us to learn Chinese!

  121. Jenn @ Beautiful Calling

    Oh, my! We were just looking at this, wondering if it would be worth it to purchase and if it could really work. This is our first official homeschooling year but we decided to pass on a second language this year.
    We’d choose French for sure. My father-in-law is French and lives in Africa. I’d love to have our family learn and surprise him!

  122. Michele Laramay

    We live minutes from the Canadian border, so french for sure. I would use it for my homeschool.

  123. Shalae Tippetts

    Right now it would definitely be Spanish, as we have so many opportunities to use it right now. Plus we’re doing homeschool this year and I have been wanting to use the Rosetta Stone to help my kinds continue with their Spanish that they were taking in dual immersion before we brought them home.

  124. Hannah

    I would really like to learn to speak Spanish. My husband’s family is Cuban, and I would love to be able to communicate with his grandmothers and follow the conversations at gatherings.

  125. Linen and Tulle

    I’ve been looking at the French one but it is so much money… my son just started taking French in school this year and I want to learn it to read French craft magazines.

  126. Shalae Tippetts

    Like you on facebook and posted about this great giveaway!

  127. emily

    I would love to learn Spanish so that I could get to know my husband’s extended family better.

  128. Amy K

    Would love to increase our Spanish skills. My 7 year old is just starting out and would love the Rosetta Stone program!

  129. Rachel

    I would love to learn German…well, more German. We lived in Germany for three years and I picked up enough to get by, but more often than not, the Germans would immediately switch to English when they realized I wasn’t a native. We really want to go back to Germany for a long vacation and I’d love to improve my skills!

  130. Rachel

    I would love to learn Chinese.

  131. Rachel

    Hmmm, I thought that I got that comment posted, maybe not, so I’ll try again. German, please! We lived in Germany for three years and I knew enough to get by, but most Germans would immediately switch to English as I stumbled through my German. We would love to return and spend an extended vacation in Germany, so I’d like to improve my skills for that future trip!

  132. Krista C.

    I need to refresh my Spanish. I used to live in Argentina, but time (and lack of practice) has made me a bit rusty.

  133. Margaret

    I’d love to learn French, but Spanish would be more practical for my job.

  134. Heather

    I think Italian would be wonderful. I took Spanish in college and high school, and also some French in high school. I have always wanted to try Rosetta Stone!

  135. Denise

    I would love to learn French!

  136. Heather

    We just moved to South America so we feel a real need to learn (Latin American) Spanish ASAP!

  137. Tracey

    I would try Spanish!

  138. Ereina

    We just started homeschooling the first of my three daughters. I would love to use Rosetta to teach them Japanese, so we can all interact when we visit family in Tokyo.

  139. Bree

    My husband’s first language is Portuguese and I would love to speak it with him. I also wish I could speak his native language so that we could teach it to our son.

  140. K Jerread

    There are several but I would want to start with Spanish since we have a heavy Hispanic population in my area.

  141. Heather

    I tweeted about the giveaway… 🙂

  142. Erin

    I would love to learn German (we are descendents from many German families)! 🙂

  143. Jan

    Latin American Spanish would be our place to start.

  144. Erin

    Also ‘liked’ SimpleMom on Facebook! 🙂

  145. Meredith

    Definitely Italian!!

  146. Heather

    I would love our family to learn Chinese!

  147. sarah

    Spanish would be useful to me, but I would love to speak German better….I “learned” it in high school and college as was required, but didn’t really get great at the speaking part!

  148. Allison in E ON

    We’d love the Mandarin course. My oldest daughter was born in China and we are taking classes (My oldest, myself and my Ethiopian-born youngest), but would welcome the at-home support.

  149. Christina Vickers

    Oh my goodness! I would so love to win this! We just started homeschooling our 4 yo, and another mom in the program we’re in was talking just last week about how our kids need to be bilingual. I have been wanting my kids and me to learn Chinese, but French would be a close second! Then, maybe Arabic…. what exciting possibilities! 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity!

  150. Katie

    What a great giveaway! I would love to learn Spanish.

  151. Alison

    I would love to get German for my kids. Their Opo doesn’t speak much English so it would be nice for them to communicate with ease.

  152. Jan

    Definitely Italian…..we hope to go to Italy in two years for a few moths with our boys and knowing the language would be great.

  153. Kinda Crunchy Kate

    I think I’d choose either Latin or French.

  154. samantha

    I’m a homeschooling mom who loves the French language. I would love to win for me and foe my son!

  155. Brianna

    Oooohhhh, I’d love to try the Spanish version for me and my family!

  156. Jaime Smith

    I would love to learn Spanish!!!

  157. Brianna

    Shared on FB!

  158. Becca

    That is easy. It would be Spanish. We are sending our son to a Spanish immersion school and I want to make sure that I can keep up with him!

  159. Lisa

    My family has been talking about doing this recently. I think we agreed that we would love to learn German.

  160. samantha

    I tweeted @swurme.

  161. Erin @ Growing Up Senge

    I know a little French but would love to become fluent and would LOVE to be able to teach it to my daughter! Then maybe I would master Italian and move onto Japanese, Irish, German, Latin…

    Thanks for the inspiring post, as always!!

  162. Helen

    Great dare! I’d like to learn Arabic.

  163. Lori

    Spanish, please 🙂

  164. Amanda

    I was just thinking this week that I’d like to learn Spanish.

  165. bryssy


  166. Erin @ Growing Up Senge

    I tweeted AND posted my tweet (including link to post) on FB! AND I liked Simple Mom on FB!

  167. Ryan (The Woven Moments)

    I have Spanish speaking family, so I would LOVE to learn Spanish (and teach it to my kids!).

  168. Stephanie

    My kids are learning Spanish at school. Would love to learn so I could help them practice.

  169. melanie

    we would pick Spanish — so useful here in the US. thanks for the opportunity!

  170. melanie

    i posted this giveaway on facebook!

  171. Rochelle

    Well, if I’m going to teach a language to my son, I’d pick French. If it was for me to learn, I’d choose Finnish, Swedish or German … any of those would be far outside my English/French/Spanish skills, and also help me understand European patterns for sewing that I often pass over b/c I can’t understand them and an English translation isn’t always available! (and online translators often misinterpret sewing terms!)

  172. Jane

    I’d love to learn Chinese… my younger brother has been living there for 2 years and I’d love to be able to visit and communicate!

  173. Brenda C

    I would love to learn Italian. We are thinking about a trip there next year.

  174. Sandra

    I’d like to learn French. My kids both speak it and I only understand a small portion of what they say. It would also help with the job hunt

  175. Stephanie Clark


  176. Janelle Steidinger

    I would love to do Brazilian Portuguese, as a jumpstart for us & our kids before we move there next year as full-time missionaries. Just started homeschooling, and I think our kids would really enjoy it as part of their learning experience!

  177. Michelle Y

    This is so difficult! I think Spanish would be most beneficial. But, I’ve already started learning French and Russian (high school and college respectively)…so maybe I’d rather do one of those. Or maybe Latin would be nice…

  178. Sandra

    I would love to learn Swahili since we will be moving to Tanzania in the next couple of years! Thanks for the chance!!!

  179. Stephanie Clark

    Posted to FB. Thx for the opportunity.

  180. JGilman

    We would love to learn French!

  181. Rebecca

    I would really love to have command of Spanish or French. Spanish would be so functional for me to know and teach to my son. French because I’m a culinary student and have a dream of being able to work in France honing my skills but would definitely need to work on understanding and speaking the language first.

  182. Erin Messing

    We recently moved to Germany and I would love to learn the language beyond asking if they speak English or ordering bread (yummy!).

  183. Kelly G.

    I have a minor is spanish and do not remember nearly as much as I should! I would love to relearn it with the kids! Unfortunately they don’t offer Amharic or I would chose that as my son is from Ethiopia…

  184. Jennifer Richardson

    Spanish. I’m also planning to homeschool (have a 2 yo and one due any time now) and I figure that’s the most useful language I can teach them at the moment. I took a year in college, but that was so long ago. Would love to try this!

  185. Kelly G.

    I posted on Facebook!

  186. ~Heather

    Going to be boring and go with French or Spanish. (But wouldn’t Latin be amazing too?!)

  187. Carrie @ in the sweet sunshine

    Well my first thought was Norwegian since my husband and I both have some of that in us, but it’s not on the list. 🙁 So my second choice would be Dutch, as that’s what the majority of our ancestry is and his step-mom is from the Netherlands!

  188. Laura

    I would love to homeschool my son with Spanish (Latin America)

  189. Jessica

    We would pick Turkish. A group of our friends goes to Istanbul every year and we would LOVE to be able to speak with the locals while we are there!

  190. Peter

    We’d probably benefit the most from Latin American Spanish.

  191. Hannah D.

    I’d like to brush up on my French, or learn Italian.

    And hurray for those intelligent conversations. We miss you. 🙂

  192. Laurie

    I would love to learn Italian.

  193. Jessica

    Liked you and shared it!

  194. Anne

    Spanish! I learned French in school, but now I am being left in the dust by my kids in Spanish.

  195. Carol Ann Petersen

    As much as I’d love to learn Italian, I feel the need to study French. Both of my kids are from Haiti and it’s one of their national languages. It would be great to be able to communicate better on our next visit to my other adopted country. 🙂

  196. Bethany

    Probably German is the most practical one for me.

  197. meghann

    I’d *like* to learn Irish. I started teaching myself years ago but had so much trouble with pronouncing the odd letter combinations I just sort of gave up.

    But brushing up on my French so I can help my kids learn it is probably more practical. 🙂


  198. Sarah

    I would love Spanish! I plan on teaching it to my daughters and I’ve heard so many good things about Rosetta Stone!

  199. Rachael

    Italian! My whole life I have wanted to learn Italian, but by the time I finished up French at university I was ready to graduate.

  200. Eden Halstead

    There are so many languages that I’d love to learn! I wish I’d had the opportunities that your kids do to learn a new language while you’re young. I took some Russian in college, but for Rosetta Stone, I’d love to try the German software!

    I also tweeted and tagged you! 🙂

  201. Val

    I would love to learn Italian. My husband is fluent in Italian and I LUUUVE the sound of it! I can’t wait to look into the TED Talks. Thanks for the tip!

  202. Kaycee


    • Kaycee

      and I posted on FB!!

  203. Kate

    As much as I’d love to revisit my almost lost French I’d have to go with Spanish just for the pure practicality (which is why the first Little Pim videos we got for our son are Spanish).

  204. Jessica

    I’ve always wanted to learn French, but I’d also like to learn Italian (again). I lived in Italy as a child and was pretty fluent, but lost it over time since we never used it once we returned to the states.

  205. Tricia

    My kids are required to learn Spanish at school so I’d like to learn along with them!

  206. Lee

    I would LOVE to learn Italian!

  207. Meghann P.

    I’d love to learn French. My mom is learning it right now. We’re hoping to take a trip to France for a tour of their pastries!

  208. Shana

    It’s hard to pick. I don’t travel much, but my son lives in AZ, so maybe Spanish. But my cousins daughter lives in Germany…..

  209. Chloe

    I would love to get back into the practice of speaking French! If it felt like a game instead of a college textbook I know I would learn more.

  210. Kristy

    Tough one…Spanish or French. Thanks for the opportunity. 🙂

  211. Seth Comfort

    I would pick Dutch, my wife is 100% Dutch and her grandma speaks Dutch, I think it would be fun to travel over there too!

  212. Jessica

    I would really LOVE to have the Korean learning kit. My husband is Korean, but moved to the states at age 6. He only remembers basic words. He can usually understand what people are saying, but doesnt know how to respond. We have talked about the importance of languages & would love to teach our children how to communicate with the family that still lives in Korea.

  213. Andrea Ginsberg

    I’d love to learn Spanish (Latin America).

  214. Amie

    Spanish, so I could work in some of the bilingual schools in our area.

  215. Kylee

    I’d love to brush up on my German. The German program would be great!

  216. Mary

    We’d love to learn Spanish! I took it in high school & college but didn’t maintain my skills…and now my husband and I would love to be able to interact with the huge Latino community near us.

  217. lisagrace alsbury

    I would love to learn Mandarin (Chinese)! My husband and I work with the international ministry here in our college town and we hang out with a lot of Chinese students. It would be fun to surprise them with our skills! : )

  218. Katelyn

    I am 100% Dutch but can’t speak a word of the language and would love to be able to.

  219. Cate

    Oh my gosh, I would LOVE to win a copy of the French software! Before my daughter was born, my husband and I wanted to learn French together and raise her in a bilingual household, but we kept procrastinating because the software is so expensive. It definitely sounds really intuitive, though…I never did well in foreign language classes and now I think that maybe it’s because they were taught in a way that made no sense to me.

  220. Elizabeth

    French. No, Italian. Wait. French. Italian. Definitely French. Maybe Hebrew. 🙂

  221. Linda


  222. lisagrace alsbury

    Just posted on facebook! thanks for the giveaway!

  223. Ulla Schindler

    Thank you so much for this post! Every paragraph had me go “oh – gotta go back to that link but I want to read more first, link? Read on? Read on!”
    I became hooked on your site a few weeks ago and can’t stop telling people about the things I’ve read and learned so far. I’m raising my daughter bilingual and would love to learn Italian :o)

  224. DebbieRN

    What a fantastic gift. I would choose spanish – for work and a possible mission trip.

  225. Stephanie

    I need to learn Spanish. NEED to!

  226. Leslie Barton

    We were actually going to buy Latin American Spanish, as our home town is in Florida and it would come in VERY handy to know some Spanish. Then my husband got laid off. I would love to win and be able to learn along side my four homeschoolers.

  227. Emily Elizabeth

    I would love to learn Italian! I took courses in college, but seemed to come out with a better writing and reading ability, versus actual ability to speak!

    When my husband and I went to Italy on vacation, I asked an Italian man a question (in what I thought was passable Italian). His response was “I don’t speak English” and walking away. Needless to say, I could use more practice!

  228. Laura

    So many choices! I’d probably go for either Spanish, German, or Russian.

  229. Jenny E.

    We would love to learn Spanish (Latin America). I have tried using simple workbooks, and looked at Rosetta Stone off and on-its just a little too pricey. I love reading your posts. Thanks for the chance to win it!

  230. Leslie Barton

    I linked to you on Facebook. Thanks for the great article and the chance to win!

  231. kari

    i love lots of languages but if i have to only pick one russian

  232. Laura

    Just posted to Facebook. 🙂

  233. Marci

    Spanish I think.

  234. Jodi

    I would love to learn french. I think that will be our first language for homeschool.

  235. Ulla Schindler

    I added to this via facebook and said Italian, but really would love to have the German one for my husband to learn. I’m teaching my daughter as she learns to speak now, and I often think about moving back and my husband would have to learn.

  236. Kim

    I think we’ll try French.

  237. Amanda Gomez

    Spanish is the language to learn in our house! My in-laws are Mexican and speak Spanish. Would love to learn and teach my 3 little Gomez kiddos! Especially for when we finally take a trip to Mexico!

  238. Katie

    While the Spanish would probably be more practical, I’d love to learn Italian. It’s such a beautiful language!

  239. Diane

    Arabic, please but need to brush up on Navajo.

  240. Meghann P.

    I like Simple Mom on FB, and I posted about the giveaway. @Meghann Presley.

  241. Kristina L

    Livemocha is another great language-learning resource for those of us who can’t afford Rosetta Stone.

    I would like to improve my Spanish so I can better communicate with the Hispanic population in my school and community.

  242. elle

    I would love to learn french so that I have a reason to go to France! I would definitely have to practice my new french language skills!

  243. Emily

    What a great giveaway! I’d pick Swahili!!

  244. Laura

    I would love to relearn Spanish. I took a couple years in high school, but my knowledge now is meager to say the least. In Texas, there are places where it would be SO useful. I wish I could speak Spanish every time I go to my local Mexican food store!

  245. Laurie

    Would love to learn French, since it is spoken is so many different parts of the world! Plus, it is a beautiful language and would give me a great excuse to go to Paris with my family.

  246. Melissa

    I would learn Russian. My fiance’s entire family speaks Russian and his grandparents do not even speak English so it’s very important for me to learn the language. I would also like to be able to carry on their heritage to my children so they will also be able to speak Russian.

  247. Ashley Cozzens

    I took Spanish in high school and would love to use this program to relearn the language and share it with my family.

  248. Kristin

    One of the top items on my bucket list is a trip to Italy, so Italian would be my first choice! (Even though I should say Spanish for the whole family, or Korean, so my children can communicate better with their cousins in Seoul)

  249. Laurie

    Tweeted the link~ @laurienaugle

  250. Valerie

    Either French or Dutch – French for work reasons, Dutch because my mother was from the Netherlands, but she never taught us the language.

  251. Sarah Ortiz

    I would love to increase the little bit of French I know.

  252. Nicole

    I’ve always wanted to learn German. There isn’t a real need for it in the desert, but both my grandparents are German and speak a bit of the language so I’ve always wanted to learn. This would be a great way to do that. I keep putting it off and saying maybe once the kids are in school full time, but with Rosetta Stone, I could be learning now!

  253. Nicole Cipriano

    So timely, as Dear Hubby and I are trying to decide on a language to study for the family. We don’t homeschool, so we have to do this in the evenings or on weekends, but would LOVE to try Rosetta Stone.

    Portuguese would be MY first choice, as that is where the great-grandparents are from and we will be headed to the Azores in a couple of years.

  254. Jennifer B

    Tough choice, but the one I think would help me most is French.

  255. Missie


  256. bess

    italian!!! what a great giveaway!

  257. Paula


  258. Christine S

    Probably Spanish. Wow, this would be great for us since our daughter is just learning to speak now!

  259. Leslie @ {Tiny Wings}

    I have ALWAYS wanted to learn French. I have no reason — but it’s on my bucket list!!

  260. Maurine

    Spanish! I’ve eyed Rosetta Stone for a couple of years now, but just haven’t been able to justify the purchase yet. What a great give-away.

  261. Sheena

    I think I’d choose Spanish. I’d like to learn something I’d use frequently. And as beautiful as Russian, French, Irish, and Welsh are, I’m not sure I’d find much use for them in Ohio. 😀

  262. Gay B

    German. My husband works for a German company and Switzerland is one of our favorite places to visit.

  263. Cindy

    We own and are using Rosetta Stone Latin American Spanish, but would love to add French to the mix!

  264. faith

    I have always wanted to learn hindi. What a great giveaway!

  265. Holly

    I’d like to learn Latin American Spanish

  266. Andrea

    I’d like to re-learn Spanish (Latin America)–I have a good grasp on vocab, now I just want to learn to speak it!

  267. Alexis

    Spanish!! I am a Zumba instructor and would love to know what all the songs I love are saying!!!

  268. Michelle

    French would be fun!

  269. Megan

    So hard to choose but I’ll have to go with French :o)

  270. Elizabeth Schoen

    I would like to learn Turkish, because my husband is first generation American and it would be special if he could re-learn Turkish while our 3 yr old son and I get to learn the language! I believe it is important to help preserve some of the heritage of our families, and learning Turkish would open up to many new opportunities 🙂

  271. Heidi

    Spanish would be the most versatile, but Italian would be romantic. Right now I need to learn Arabic to better minister to a woman at church.

  272. Kendra

    It would have to be French, just like you guys! My husband and I would love to learn Spanish, but because we live in Canada, teaching our daughter French seems like the better, more practical choice.

  273. Christine S

    Liked you on FB and linked back.

  274. Cindy

    French! I posted on fb!

  275. Tina

    I would love to win the French Rosetta Stone!! My 11 year old daughter is chomping at the bit to learn it. She uses her own money to buy French dictionaries and picture books and begs me to buy Rosetta Stone. She’d be sooooo excited if I WON it for her!

  276. Julie

    Spanish! This was a difficult decision though. I think Gaelic would rock but probably wouldn’t be the most useful! LOL

  277. Amanda Perrine

    I would love to learn Italian

  278. Melissa

    I would like to learn Urdu…I’m already working on Hindi.

  279. Julia

    I would like to win Latin American Spanish for my homeschool. Thanks for the chance to win!

  280. Julia

    I also liked this on Facebook. Thanks

  281. sam rhoades

    our whole family is attempting to learn spanish! we have no foreign language courses offered in our schools, so we are going at it from home. this would help enormously–

  282. The Little Wife

    I would love to learn french!

  283. Kimmi


  284. Gwen

    Mandarin Chinese! My dad, sister, and I have travelled to Taiwan, but they both took classes in the language and I did not. I’d love to catch up and then go back with a little more power to communicate!

  285. Sara Beth

    Spanish please! I would love this to brush up on my own skills, and to teach my kids.

  286. Laura

    My daughter is determined to learn Spanish, even though we live in Tanzania, where it is not used. But when/if we move back to America, it should come in handy!

  287. Ashley

    I would love for my whole family to be able to speak Spanish. We hope to live in a Spanish-speaking country at some point!

  288. Liz

    I would love the chance to learn Mandarin. Rosetta Stone is a great program.

  289. Jessica

    I’ve always wanted to learn Spanish. I’ve been so many places where it would come in handy!

  290. Lvmolen

    Spanish (Latin America)

  291. Liz

    I posted the article to Facebook. Thanks for the opportunity to win something so cool. 🙂

  292. Melissa

    I would love to own Rosetta Stone for French! My husband has always wanted to learn French and it would be so much fun to win the French program to surprise him with it and learn it together!

  293. Misty

    Definitely Japanese. I used to speak it regularly and now have been removed from it for about 4 years. It’s time to brush up and use it again!!

  294. Leighann of D-Mom Blog

    My 7yo asked me this week if she can move to France someday. So I’ll say French since I get to move with her and haven’t spoken it in years. But I’d really love to brush up on my Italian too!

  295. Mary Wood

    I want to learn Spanish.

  296. Amanda

    Right now, I’d love to try the Latin curriculum, as that’s what my boys and I are doing this year. Down the road, though, I’m thinking the Spanish curriculum would be awesome as well!

  297. Mary Bernheisel

    Our family would LOVE to learn German!

  298. Linda D

    I would love to learn Mandarin Chinese!

  299. Kulia

    My nephew is being raised bilingual French/English so I’d love to brush up on my high school French and become truly fluent with Rosetta Stone!

  300. Leah

    I learned French in school starting when I was 5, so I understand the benefits of learning a 2nd (or 3rd or 4th!) language. My son is starting preschool next week where he will learn basic German, so I would have to choose German so I can learn along with him!

  301. Amanda

    Just posted the article over on Facebook as well! Thanks heaps!

  302. Melanie

    Czech, so I’m totally bummed they don’t offer it! I have a decent base in both Spanish and French, but I’d like to go further in both!.

  303. Holly

    Wow, what a cool giveaway! I sure wish Rosetta Stone would work with Linux — my husband is a nerd (bless his heart), so that’s what I’m stuck with.

  304. Jennifer Berg

    I would like to learn Spanish

  305. Samantha

    Nothing like homeschooling to make you realize how much stuff you have forgotten (or never learned). As I am ending the homeschool phase of life (grudgingly), I have been considering all the options for keeping my brain in shape. Therefore, your post is a timely one for me. Have always heard wonderful things about Rosetta Stone, but could never fit it into the homeschool budget….especially with everyone wanting to learn a different language. Would love to learn French!

  306. Pam in Missouri

    Definitely Mandarin Chinese! My kids are from China and I’ve been wanting us to dive into lessons together. RS would be great for us all to work on.

  307. Sarah G @ JoyontheJourney

    This is such a tough one to answer! I’d love to learn Mandarin because so many people speak it and one of our dearest friends speaks Mandarin so we’d have a native speaker to practice with. However, learning one of the classical languages like Greek or Latin sounds wonderful too!

  308. Samantha

    I shared on FB!

  309. Chrissy

    My husband’s company might be moving us overseas and this is perfect timing! We would love to learn Swedish!

  310. Nicole

    I would love to learn Spanish or maybe Turkish, I love learning new languages!

  311. Rebecca S.

    I’d love to learn Spanish. I think it’s the language I’d use the most!

  312. Rebecca S.

    I also tweeted this giveaway. 🙂

  313. Elizabeth

    Great giveaway. Thanks! Hard choice. Spanish would bemost useful but French would be a lot of fun.

  314. Sarah G @ JoyontheJourney

    I posted a link on facebook. Thanks for that option since I don’t have Twitter I can never use that entry option!

  315. sarah

    What an awesome giveaway! I would love to learn spanish because I could use it (and not lose it) in my area, BUT I would also love to learn Italian

  316. Lisa

    French! French! French!

    It was my major in college, 10 years ago, and I’ve grown SOOOOO rusty since I’ve only been back to France once since graduation, and once to Montreal. I really want to pass down the language to my kids, but I’ve noticed that now when I speak in French, I am translating my English thoughts into French instead of just speaking it semi-fluently.

  317. sarah

    I posted to facebook

  318. Sam

    I think although Spanish would be practical, I really want to learn Swedish.

  319. Krystyna

    I would love to learn Polish. My dad speaks it but my siblings and I never learned because my mom didn’t know how to speak it. I’ve taken a very basic class but it wasn’t enough to learn more then some simple words like “hello”. What a great surprise for my dad if I learned Polish!

  320. Shannon Moorman

    I’ve been to Germany for months at a time and used to be practically fluent. But living in Canada, I’d love to learn FRENCH!!

  321. Karen K

    I would *love* to learn Italian (and teach it to my son)! Might even be able to get DH in on this one 😉

  322. Shannon Moorman

    I posted on Fbook about the giveaway! FRENCH, please!

  323. Sarah Johnson

    I think I’d like to learn spanish! I live in Texas, so it’s always helpful! I tried taking it in college and was horrible!

  324. Natasha


  325. Lisa Langley

    I would love to learn French or Spanish because I am in college for nursing (ADN) and I think that either of these languages would be helpful in my career.

  326. Karen K

    Posted a link on FB 🙂

  327. Erin

    We’d love to learn French so my boys can converse with their cousin who lives in Paris.

  328. Sarah Johnson

    I facebooked about the giveaway!

  329. Dee Cee Speicher

    I would love to learn Spanish – took two years in high School & didn’t learn a thing! 🙂

  330. Stacey E

    I’ll say Italian or Spanish. Thanks for the giveaway!

  331. Brandy Laughlin

    My husband and son would love to learn Japanese. We are hoping to go as a family one day.

  332. Erin

    I would love to learn Latin!

  333. Mandy

    Defiitely Spanish. We’re getting ready to move to an urban area to help with a church ministry, and I was already thinking how I wish I had retained more of the Spanish I studied in college!

  334. Jennie

    There are so many I would love to learn, but I would have to pick Spanish. It’s one I could use just about every day around here.

  335. Jami

    As a mom of a one year old, I’d really like to raise my son to be bilingual. Maybe all of us moms can change the US from only being a monolingual country! I already have ‘liked’ the Facebook page. 🙂 Thanks for another great message.

  336. Jonah Lisa

    I would learn French for the same reason you described in your homeschooling post last week–it seems to be the most useful. You can get by in most European countries, lots of African countries, and even many Spanish speaking counties. I’s most often a second language in places where it’s not the first language. Plus, it has lots fewer words than many languages and not a very complex syntax so I’ve heard you can get fluent faster than many others. I’d love to learn with the kids and then getting a months group of French speakers together to keep it up.

  337. Erin

    Enter me please! I have always wanted to try Rosetta Stone but it was a little too pricey to try on a whim. I would love GERMAN! Danke!

  338. Angela

    What a fantastic post and giveaway!! I’d love to learn Mandarin.

  339. Brittany

    My husband and I have been looking into rosetta stone for awhile now! But you’re right, it is pretty darn expensive. We’d like to learn Arabic. Both of us have a real heart for missions and know that the Lord has called us overseas, so we’d love to be able to learn Arabic before we go!

  340. Bekki

    Two kids headed into high school this year…homeschooled. We would love to learn Spanish as a family!

  341. Mandy

    My six-year-old boy wants to learn Mandarin Chinese! And I’d love to learn with him.

  342. Kim

    I would love to learn Italian! It would be more practical to learn Spanish. But who wants practical? LOL

  343. Ashley

    I took French in high school, but I’d love to learn Spanish!

  344. Nicole

    Lots of good options, but I would go with Latin

  345. Dana


  346. Tara

    Latin – I think it buys you a lot, educationally speaking!

  347. Jamie

    I would probably learn Italian or Spanish. I love the sound and idea of italian but it isn’t the most practical.

  348. SLVenn

    German or Spanish for me. Spanish is probably more practical though, since so many people speak it in the U.S.

  349. Sandi

    My daughter wants to learn french!

  350. Jamie

    I tweeted (twittered?) about the giveaway

  351. Anne @ Modern Mrs Darcy

    I studied German in college a decade ago and it’s gotten RUSTY. So I would go that route!

  352. Jonah Lisa

    Shared on FB. Thanks Tsh.

  353. Jonah Lisa

    Tweeted, too.

  354. blaire

    Danish! Our family is moving there shortly. My husband has been there since April and our sons (16,14 and 11) can’t wait to join him there.

  355. Holly

    Ooh, hard choice! I’d have to say Spanish for me, as it would be the most useful.

  356. kort

    we’d pick Welsh or Farsi or Russian…something practical!

  357. Tara

    I work in opera and would LOVE to get the Italian Rosetta stone. This has been on my wish list forever, but I’ve just not been able to scrape up the cash!

  358. Jena

    I would LOVE to get the Spanish (Latin America) for my wee one! We already teach her simple words in Spanish, but would love to implement a bit more when she gets older. Awesome giveaway!

  359. Jenny

    I would love for my kids and I to learn Spanish!!

  360. Jena

    “Liked” on facebook and shared!

  361. Amy Holms

    French – because my daughter’s are starting it in school this year!

  362. Andrea

    Our daughter is in a dual language program and is learning Korean so I’d definitely choose it too.

  363. Catherine

    After traveling to Portugal years ago, I think Portuguese is so beautiful! I would love to go back someday and not only listen to the language, but speak it as well. Thanks for such a great post!

  364. Karen Johnson

    I would love to learn Spanish (Latin American) and encourage my kids and their Dad to learn some of it, too.

  365. TheActorsWife

    Just tweeted about this great-giveaway.

  366. Brianne Allen

    I am torn between Russian and Spanish. Oh and French. There are too many choices.

  367. Susi from Germany

    I’d love to learn Italian! Grazie!

  368. coleen

    I tried to learn French before I went to Congo last November and had minimal success. I’d love to try again.

  369. Sheri

    I’d love to learn Greek!

  370. Erika Russell

    Spanish for our whole family! I think French is such a beautiful language, but Spanish is just so practical…

  371. Kristin

    Very difficult decision! I’d love to learn Spanish (Latin America).

  372. Kristin

    I ‘like’ you on Facebook.

  373. Evelyn R

    I took French when I was in school but now I wish I knew at least a little Spanish since my husband has family in Ecuador. Thanks for the great giveaway!!!!

  374. cindy

    Spanish. For many reasons, one of which is that my daughter will go to a dual language elementary school and I want to be able to keep up with her!

  375. Evelyn R

    I like Simple Mom on Facebook and posted the giveaway too.

  376. Sarah

    I’d want to re-learn french and have my kids learn it too!

  377. My Barefoot Angel

    FRENCH! That’s the language I would love to master with my kids. I’ve contemplated getting Rosetta Stone but the price is rather hefty. Winning the giveaway would be fabulous.

  378. Christy

    Spanish for me.

  379. Sarah

    I would love to learn Russian!

  380. Christy

    I took Spanish in high school but feel like I’ve lost it all! Love to be able to actually converse!

  381. Catherine A

    I have always wanted to try this program but it’s just too expensive for me right now. I would choose Japanese. I’m half Japanese and grew up with a mom that felt I needed to speak english only. I regret not pushing her to teach me. My kids are very interested in learning Japanese as well. Thank you for the chance! =D

  382. Amanda

    I’ve always thought German might be fun. I’d love to win this.

  383. Jennifer Benefield

    My husband and I have always wanted to learn hebrew. We want to eventually
    Teach our son. It will be a great tool to study the bible with.

  384. Katie

    It’s on my life goal list to learn Spanish, so that’s what I would pick! I would also like my girls to be exposed to it but feel like that’s hard since neither my husband or I speak it well. Thanks for the encouraging post!

  385. Sheriece

    French for sure! I took almost 6 years of it in high school and college, but have forgotten much of it, and would love to teach my kids!

  386. elisa mitchell

    would love to learn Spanish and teach my daughter!

  387. B

    Would be very useful for our family to learn Spanish but it would be hard to choose.

  388. Alexis

    Russian. I took a Russian class once before I had a baby and I would LOVE to take it back up again!!!

  389. Amanda

    Luganda or Spanish

  390. Merri B


  391. Sarah

    I can’t decide! Spanish, which I once knew fairly well, or Italian, which I have always wanted to learn.

  392. Merri B

    shared on FB.

  393. Avital

    I would like to learn German. I’ve already started a few years ago and took a beginner’s class for my job back then but I would like to expend my knowledge and maintain what I have already learned.

  394. Jen

    I would love to relearn French, since I’ve forgotten pretty much all of what I learned in five years of French classes long ago. But it might be more practical for my husband and I to learn Spanish together.

  395. Michelle

    Being Canadian I would definitely like to learn the French with my family.

  396. aimee

    We would love to learn Chinese! I also think that Portugese is such a beautiful sounding language. What a fabulous prize! Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  397. Melissa

    Spanish! Once upon a time I knew it well enough to converse…but the brain is rusty!

  398. Michelle

    Plus I shared on Facebook too.

  399. Anna

    I would like to learn Spanish because my brother is in Peru and it would be so cool to converse with him in Spanish.

  400. Sarah M

    That’s easy! I am now teaching my kids French after I was a French minor in college, and I’d love to re-learn (the harder stuff) alongside them. We’d love to have this resource in our home!

    Sarah M

  401. Samantha P

    My husband and I just spent two years in China, and we did learn a good amount of Chinese. Now that we are back in the states I am motivated to learn more Chinese, not just retain what I know.

  402. Jessica

    I speak French, but I have wanted to start teaching my children French and have wondered the best way to do this. This would be a great starting point for us!

  403. Jessica

    I posted a link on facebook and liked the post.

  404. Aubrey

    Heading to Italy and would love to speak it when I get there!

  405. Meredith

    Italian would be fun, and would give us an excuse to travel!

  406. Jennifer

    I would love to learn Welsh. What fun!

  407. Michelle

    OOOOHhhhh!! French, French!! My 13 yr old wants to learn it and I’d love to learn it with her. It’s sooo pricey and I will get it at some point but we’ve gotta take care of some other more pressing expenses first. Glad to hear HOW the teach it mimics how we naturally learn language.

    p.s. I LOVE your new e-book. LOVE. IT.

  408. Lara

    I’d love to learn Italian!

  409. Lea Stormhammer

    I’d love to learn Thai. I’m terrible with tonal languages but I really would like to learn it anyway….

    At one point in my life I spoke both Norweigan and German, and I’d love a refresher. My husband speaks Spanish and that’s something I’ld love to learn too! Okay, I think my list could go on forever!

    Thanks for hosting this give-away!

  410. Kristin

    Hard choice! I would like to try Russian, but I might just do Spanish.

  411. Kristin

    tweeted this!

  412. Rebecca

    My daughter (5) really wants to learn French. I think Spanish would be more useful

  413. Michelle G.

    I want to (re-) learn French so I can teach my daughter!

  414. Amie

    I’d love to learn Spanish.

  415. Michelle G.

    Did the tweet thing about this (@mgrimmgossett).

  416. Nicole

    Its a toss up for me. I learned French (and visited France!) in high school, and my hubby’s family is French Canadian. So that would be a great! However living in AZ, Spanish is a really handy tool. I think Spanish would be my choice (first at least)

  417. Rebecca

    I also liked & linked on facebook

  418. Terri

    Bonjour! I would *love* to learn French! 🙂

  419. Brittany S

    Spanish definitely.

  420. Meggan D.

    Spanish… I know a little bit… but would LOVE to know much much more!

  421. Lisa L.

    I would love to have the Spanish version for my almost 13 year old son and almost 17 year old daughter. Thanks for such a great oppurtunity to win such a quality product!

  422. Raquel

    I would love to learn Hebrew or re-learn French (since I took 4 years in high school)!

  423. tiffany

    oh wow, what a great giveaway! I’ve heard the Rosetta Stone software is amazing! I think for our family, we’d choose arabic or french….ayayay, i’m not sure which one though!

  424. Kim Loomis

    I would love, love, love to continue with my French. I have started helping my 6 year old daughter and would love to share this program with my husband as well.
    Thank you for this wonderful offer!!

  425. karina

    I would LOVE to get the Rosetta Stone in Arabic. My husband is getting a PhD in Arabic and we’ve traveled all over in the Middle East (and will continue to for a long time yet). I’ve managed to learn a bit of Arabic while traveling, but I would love to master the language and share something with my husband. And after I’m done, I’d love to help my toddler learn Arabic.

  426. KVossler

    i want to learn Spanish! i live in austin (i’m not from here) and studied Spanish in college, but when i moved to China to teach, my Spanish was completely displaced. even now when trying to speak to people i use Chinese words. i have no idea where all my Spanish went to–seriously, i have no idea–i studied it for two years rather intensely–but i want to start over.

  427. KVossler

    just posted the giveaway on FB.

  428. Andrea

    My family lived in Italy when I was seven to ten years old. I learned the language quickly…and then quickly lost it within a year or so of being back stateside. I would love to relearn, as well as learn alongside my husband. And maybe, someday, our daughter can learn as well!

  429. dee P

    Learning Spanish for my oldest is the goal.

  430. Shannah

    Spanish, I think. Could see the benefits of Chinese or Japanese, too, but there are more Hispanics in my area.

  431. dee P

    I found you at facebook and liked. It wasn’t tough at all. Tough is a spelling word this week. 🙂

  432. dee P

    HA, I found you on twitter too. Thanks for the fun.

  433. Christyn

    German! I would love to have a conversation in German with my Grandmother. 🙂

  434. Shannah

    And I posted the link on Facebook…yay for multiple chances!

  435. Jenna

    French. I would love to learn with my husband and daughter. Thanks!

  436. Fiona


  437. Paula

    So many languages … so little time. I’d like to learn Japanese, Spanish, Russian, Greek, Hebrew … on and on. Thanks for the chance to win!

  438. MemeGRL

    Oh, wow. What a cool opportunity. I think I would probably pick Spanish, because there have been so many situations where I wish I spoke it. But…I might decide to stick with my other two romance languages and pick up something else, like German for my kiddos, or an Asian language out of interest. Thanks for this–it’s fun to dream for a few minutes!

  439. Fiona

    i tweeted!

  440. Sarah

    Spanish for us please!

  441. Angela

    Learning Spanish would be super helpful. We live in a predominantly Hispanic neighborhood. We keep saying we should take classes, but haven’t gotten around to it.

  442. Cynthia

    I would love the French one! I took French in school right up through high school and I still can’t carry on a conversation in that language. This sounds perfect in helping me finally master it while teaching it to my boys, too!

  443. Angela

    I just shared this link on Facebook, too!

  444. heather

    Our family NEEDS to learn Spanish! It has been on our list forever and as my middle daughter (who is Guatemalan) grows older, it is becoming a much bigger priority!

  445. heather

    Tweeted the giveaway too…hstuart3

  446. Michelle

    We’d love to learn French…we’re bumbling our way through using library books and CDs, but I’m sure it would be a lot easier using the program. 🙂

  447. Ceejay

    I want to learn Chinese!

  448. Kaley [Y Mucho Más]

    I started learning Portuguese a while ago and I’d like to get back on the wagon!

  449. Liz

    Latin American Spanish. My husband is starting back at school after being out for almost 20 years and will need any help available with foriegn language. We live in TX and with such a large Hispanic population that are Spanish speaking I figure it would be a great asset to start to learn to speak their language! 🙂

  450. Ceejay

    I tweeted.

  451. Becca

    I would love to learn Greek and/or Spanish!

  452. Teri

    I’d love to refresh myself on the french I took in high school!

  453. Ashley Spearman

    I would love to learn Russian. I learned German in high school and excelled and Russian seems similar so I’d like to give it a try.

  454. Margo

    Italian, to honor my ‘paisans.’ I know a little from my mother, but I’ve always felt bad the native tongue has ended w/me…

  455. michele

    Spanish would probably be the most useful. But Italian could be fun or brush up on my German!

  456. Stephanie R.

    Oh!! I so also believe in life long learning. To be honest I would like to learn Japanese… mainly because I know that it would thrill my son. That way I can also teach him and pay it forward. I’m going to facebook this onto my site also!! Thank you for this give away.

  457. Susan

    French! My son is studying it now and I would love to recover what I learned in high school and college.

  458. Liz

    Just tweeted! 🙂

  459. Jennifer

    Oh! My kids are in a Spanish Immersion school and I would love to be able to speak with them as they become more fluent and be able to help them with their homework. I would 100% pick Spanish!

  460. Leigh

    My 5 yo just told me he wants to learn Chinese. I’d DEFINITELY need help with that one!!! So Chinese it would be!

  461. Elizabeth

    Learning Arabic would rock my world. For real.

  462. Rebekah

    My daughter would love to learn Spanish… I’m pushing for Latin!!

  463. Leigh

    I just tweeted!

  464. Jodi

    While I would love to learn French (finish what I started in highschool.) I think Spanish would benefit our family the most.

  465. Jamie

    Latin American Spanish! It would be extremely useful where I live and useful for my kids too!

  466. Kateisfun

    I would choose Swedish. I lived there for two years and didn’t learn anywhere near what I wish I did (everyone loves to practice English… including me 😉 and now that I’m gone I’m nostalgic for it…

  467. Jodi

    I put it on facebook!

  468. Trish

    I know it may seem boring, but I really want to learn Spanish. I took some in high school, and other than knowing how to ask for a bathroom, I believe I’ve forgotten most of it. I’d like to be able to share more with my daughter, to give her a little bit of a prep in her second language learning.

  469. Darla

    I would love to learn Hebrew! already working on Spanish 🙂 !

  470. Katie brown

    Latin American Spanish!

  471. bdaiss

    Oh, I love Ted talks! Not just educational – but FUN!

    I think I’d pick Italian. I learned some from my extended family growing up, but I’d love to be fluent. And pass it on to my kids!

    (PS – my browser is giving me troubles. Apologies if this is a repeat!)

  472. Darla

    Just posted a link on facebook 🙂

  473. Amy

    For the past 3 years my husband and I and our two sweet babies were on our way to Lebanon to be missionaries. We were going to dive into Language school and swamp ourselves in it for two years. But we were just told last week that we are unable to attain visas and now are not able to go…. But in our hearts we would still like to learn the language of the people that we have grown to love. Arabic.

  474. Heatherly

    I want to brush up on either Russian or Spanish! I need more time to decide!

  475. Heatherly

    I tweeted the giveaway as @pinkdaisyjane

  476. Mary Elizabeth

    My son just started kindergarten at a Chinese immersion school. I would leap at the chance to learn Chinese with him! Thanks for hosting this giveaway, Tsh.

  477. Wendy

    I’d love to learn Spanish.

  478. Myrtle

    hard to pick one. My eldest will be going into French Immersion next year, so brushing up on my Francais would be good. I can muddle my way around, but I’d sure like to be fluent. If I were to let my husband pick he would most likely choose Mandarin.


  479. Jennifer

    Always, always, always wanted to be a Spanish speaker.

  480. Erin

    Ooh, hard choice! I’ve always wanted to learn Russian, but I’d love to help my kids learn Spanish. I’d probably go with Spanish.

  481. Michelle Johnson

    I am longing to learn Spanish! My 20 year old son is currently serving a full-time mission for our church in Mexico City. He is half-way through his two years! In June, my husband and I will have the privilege of traveling there to bring him home. We will spend a week meeting the people he has served, taught, and loved in Mexico. It would be such a treat to be able to converse with them, without our son having to interpret!

  482. Abbigale

    We have a good number of German speakers in our community. I would love to be able to communicate with them on a deeper level in their native language. (More than guten tag anyways!)

  483. Amanda B

    I would love to learn to speak Slovakian as we had a Slovakian exchange student staying with our family this past year. I’d love to visit her and show her what I can do. If not that, then Mandarin.

  484. Laurie Barton

    I’d love to learn Italian

  485. Sherisse White

    We are putting our daughter in German biligual school starting this year. My husband would like to learn German to help her out. This Rosetta program would really help him. Thanks for the contest.

  486. Beth

    Spanish here. My son’s ready but I’m too rusty to teach him. By the way, I would stalk Sir Ken Robinson if I could. I wrote about and linked to his TED talks on my blog, too.

  487. dena stoltz

    Italian!!! No particular reason other than it’s beautiful and I love languages!

  488. Laura

    Oh I would love to win this! I think I would like to learn French. I took Spanish in school and French has such a different feel to it.

  489. Sara

    I would LOVE to get Rosetta Stone in Farsi. I can speak it but can’t read or write it and my husband is interested in learning it as well. I’m hoping it would then filter down to my kids too.

  490. Amy

    My son is learning French at his elementary school and I would LOVE to support him by learning it at home!

  491. Stephanie

    I think I’d like to learn French – in depth. I took it in high school, but never learned enough to be fluent. I do have a toss-up on the decision, though – I might want to learn Russian instead since my brother-in-law lives in Moscow and it would be really fun to be able to call him and speak with him in Russian! 🙂

  492. Catherine

    We’re learning it ever so slowly, but another resource would be great!

  493. Gretchen Biasotti

    After living in California most of my life I have been exposed to Spanish nearly daily, yet I have never made real progress in formal classes. I would love to try this technique to see if I could get past the halting toddler Spanish I can put together now.

  494. Lisa

    I would learn Spanish.

  495. Loretta

    Spanish would be extremely useful as we think about moving to the SW, but there are so many I would love to learn!

  496. Stephanie Titus

    I would love to brush up on my Spanish and teach it to my children!

  497. rani

    I would love to be fluent in Spanish!

  498. Tiffany

    I have loooong wanted to learn to speak Italian.

  499. Cortney

    If I were to use Rosetta Stone to teach my kids, I’d pick Spanish (I already speak it, but they hesitate learning from me and it might be more fun for them on the computer).
    If I were to use it for myself, I’d learn Italian.

  500. Vanessa

    Would love to improve my Spanish and help my children learn it too.

  501. Stacy

    I know a very little bit of German and would love to learn more.

  502. Erin

    This is fabulous! I would really like to learn Spanish!

  503. rani

    Posted on Fb!!!! And laready like (Love0 you!

  504. Susan

    We live in Texas – Latin American Spanish!

  505. Carol

    We have a problem. My husband says we should learn Spanish. But I’d like to learn Tagalog. :o) So I guess if we win this giveaway, we’ll have to duke it out, eh?? Not really. I think we’d pray first.

  506. Lisa S

    my husband and I would love to learn spanish!

  507. Mary Elizabeth

    Cheers, Tsh. Liked you and then linked to the giveaway on FB.

  508. Jenn F

    I would love the French to help my son out as we prepare for school!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  509. Amy

    Just liked and mentioned you on Facebook, which I was glad to do. I have really been enjoying having your posts delivered to my inbox this summer. In fact, I was hoping to meet you at Evo. We have a mutual friend in the charming Marie Holt LeBaron, and she told me you left before I arrived. Maybe next time… 🙂

  510. Stacy

    shared on Facebook

  511. sarah bambach

    Welsh would be fun; Spanish would be practical!

  512. Cybil

    I would love, love, love to learn Spanish.

  513. Cybil

    I already like Simple Mom on Facebook.

  514. Tricia

    I would love to learn Spanish (Latin America). I live in Florida and my daughter does mission work in Mexico! Thank you for your blog – I enjoy it very much.

  515. Meagan

    My husband and I have wanted to learn Spanish along with our kids…so I would choose Spanish!

  516. Ruth Hill

    I would like to learn Spanish because I think it would help me in my teaching.

  517. Michelle

    We would have to start with Latin American Spanish. My husband and his family are fluent. I understand quite a bit but am not very good at keeping up in conversation. My kids know some vocabulary but really need to learn it conversationally. Thanks!

  518. sandy eyles

    I would love to learn French.

  519. Victoria

    I’d love to learn Spanish! It seems to be so relevant in the US these days.

  520. dawn

    I would love to learn FRENCH. I have been eyeing Rosetta Stone for a while now, but haven’t been able to splurge on it yet.

  521. Nancy Mosley

    I think we’d have to go with Spanish first. That is what the kids would like. I’d love to do French. But I think for the children I’d pick Spanish if I won.

    Thanks for the giveaway. -Nancy

  522. Lucia Haskins

    I would love to win the Rosetta Stone French language progam.

    Thanks, Lucia Haskins

  523. Karrie

    I would get Latin American Spanish for my son?

  524. Megan

    I homeschool my four children and want to learn a new language with them. I studied a little Welsh in college (a language of my ancestory) and would love to continue that with the kids. My husband is Hawaiian and I want the kids to be familiar with that language, too.

  525. Marsha

    I would love for us to learn Korean so my daughters could talk to their grandma in her native tongue.

  526. Anna

    I’ve always wanted to learn Italian!

  527. Jessica H

    I’m trying to win this for a missionary friend of mine that wants to learn Spanish. Thanks!

  528. Jackie

    I would love to learn Italian. I took Italian classes in high school, but that was years (and years!) ago.

  529. Catherine

    My daughter wants to learn Swedish, so that might be what we’d try first, but I have a long list, including Hebrew and Latin. Thanks for the inspiration!

  530. Paula Mantel

    I along with my 13 year old daughter would love to try Japanese!

  531. Melanie H

    I might chose French!

  532. Sunny Espanet


  533. Alyssa

    Spanish, please.

  534. Lori

    Would LOVE to learn Spanish, and help my kids learn as well!

  535. Blessed Mom

    My husband would love to learn Chinese and although I had some Spanish in school, it was too many years ago. I would pick Spanish.

  536. Tamrah T

    It’s a toss up…Spanish or German.

  537. samantha

    I am trying to learn Latin American Spanish, with the Google Translate App 🙂 haha I have post-it notes all over the house and my office trying to learn. I want to learn it to work the Spanish speaking mom’s in my community! Thanks for the offer!

  538. rebecca pickens

    I would love to work on my spanish.

  539. Kathleen Kats

    I am currently trying to teach my kids Russian. My husbands Russian but with his work hours there is little time for him to help. My Russian is terrible! Here’s hoping I win I’d live to have Rosetta Stone!

  540. Carol

    Posted to Facebook!! 🙂

  541. Tammy

    Would love to learn French, should learn Spanish.

  542. Anna

    I linked to you on FB!

  543. samantha

    i “liked” you on FB and posted the link on my wall! Thanks again!

  544. Emily

    I’d love to learn Spanish 🙂

  545. Jessica H

    Posted on Facebook!! Still trying to win for my friend that wants to learn Spanish.

  546. Lalena

    I would LOVE to learn French & Portuguese!

  547. Sarah

    I am dying to learn French!! I spent part of a summer in Paris while in college, and now that I’m home with my two little ones with one on the way from Ethiopia, and starting 4 year old preschool, world travel for pleasure is on the backburner. Learning to speak French invigorates me and gives me hope that I’ll end up back there someday!! 🙂

  548. Lori

    Just posted the link on FB! Fingers crossed!!!

  549. Sunny Espanet


  550. Jessica Lieber

    I want to learn French!

  551. Gail Hinds

    We would love to learn Spanish! Thanks!

  552. ~Suzanne

    I would say Spanish would be my first choice…not a lot has stuck with me since my public school days. We homeschool, too, and I would love to relearn along with my kiddos:)

  553. Susan M.

    I would love to practice my Spanish, Latin America (esp. since my daughter is from Guatemala, and we would love for her to be bi-lingual). Thanks for this great giveaway!

  554. Tricia C.

    I’m a middle school teacher who has just been asked to teach Spanish to 8th graders. This would help immensely! My Spanish is very, very rusty. I’d love to strengthen my skills with this beautiful language. Thanks for the chance to win!

  555. Archer

    I would get Spanish! Loved this post. I think its SO true that its never too late to learn anything. I think that’s what keeps our brains healthy! You CAN teach an old dog new tricks. 🙂

  556. Susan M.

    Also, I like you on Facebook (I like you in email too). 😉

  557. Fernanda

    I would love to learn French and Italian!!

  558. Jess

    Amazing giveaway. I was just talking to my hubby about wanting to teach my girls languages.
    I took French in hs so that’s a choice, but I’d really love to learn Romanian since it’s part of us.

    I’d also love them to be fluent Signers too.

  559. Kathleen Kats

    I just posted on fb about this give away! 😉

  560. Amanda P

    Ooohhh great giveaway! I’m torn between Spanish, which seems almost necessary living in America, or Greek, because that would be cool. :).

  561. Karelin James

    I’d love to learn Japanese. Living in Hawaii, there is ample opportunity to use it! *:)

  562. Lillian

    Probably German. Maybe Spanish, though.

  563. ~Suzanne

    Here is my second entry for “liking” and “linking” to your post on facebook. Thanks for the opportunity to win such a great prize!!!

  564. Raji P.

    I want to learn Italian so when I go to Italy again I will know more than a few key sentences. Such a lovely language!

  565. Sunny Espanet


  566. Kelli

    would love to learn and polish up my Spanish!

  567. Amanda sadler

    I would love to speak Russian since we are adopting from there!

  568. EFY

    If I were able to choose a language to learn, we would work on French. It is the trade language in parts of West Africa where we have someone we love, and are going to have cousins and perhaps a brother all living there. Thanks for the giveaway! Blessings

  569. Elizabee

    I’m torn- I would love to brush up on my middle school French, but maybe Spanish would be more useful so I could help my second language learners from Mexico .. . thanks for such a great prize offering!

  570. Raji P.

    Already liked and loved you on FB, now linked you, please choose me 🙂

  571. Sherry

    I would love to learn French. My brother in law and his family just moved to Switzerland. We want to visit them and it would be fun to know the language!

  572. Erin

    Ooh! I would LOVE to try French or maybe Italian!

  573. Marisa Anderson

    We’re planning a missions trip to Peru, so we’d choose Latin American Spanish!

  574. Josna

    This was a hard choice for me, but I’ve always wanted to learn Urdu, so that’s my choice. I’ve posted your link on Facebook too. Here’s a post from my blog on my experiences with Hindi as a child: Hindi Lessons .

  575. Kelli

    Tweeted your giveaway! Please pick me!!!

    • Kelli

      Tweeted as @kelliwommack

  576. Nikki


  577. Christine

    I would love to try Spanish.

  578. Ashley A.

    My mom has a life long dream of learning Spanish and I would LOVE to give this to her. She has tried other cheaper programs but I think she would really be ably to succeed with Rosetta Stone.

  579. Ashley Ramsey

    I would love to learn Latin! I have a friend who studied Latin and it’s amazing how useful it’s been for him.

  580. Chrystal

    I would like to learn French. My mother’s family is french and I learned some in university but it’s getting rusty. It might be fun for my sons as well. Fingers crossed!

  581. Melissa B

    We recently opened a wine bar, so I would love to learn French and/or Italian for more convincing accent and hopes for travel someday!

  582. Sheila Jubera

    I would love to learn Irish! Or French! 🙂 Maybe Italian… 🙂 So hard to choose!

  583. Patty

    We’ve tried learning Spanish via the “traditional” route and haven’t done so well. I’d love to have another try at it!

  584. Aimee

    I would love to relearn French. c’est tres beau!

  585. Louise

    We’d like to learn Spanish and this would be an awesome resource to have as we start homeschooling this year!

  586. mkw

    I would love to learn French!

  587. Lisa M.

    I would love to learn French!

  588. alison

    I would love to learn Italian with my toddler. I’m just beginning in our homeschooling adventure, and so excited about the possibilities of things we can learn together (or re-learn for myself!) And we would love to take a trip to Italy to hone our conversational skills after learning it! Thanks for the chance. 🙂

  589. Jennifer

    I’d love to learn German!

  590. stacie

    I would love to learn french!

  591. Casey

    I would love to learn Spanish. It’s 3 of my grandkids first language and the one they’re most comfortable with.

  592. Abby

    I would love every one, but I’m into Greek right now. I wish I could afford a Rosetta Stone program!

  593. Jen

    I really, really want to learn French!

  594. Sandra

    French for me…

  595. Mary Beth

    Great post – very inspiring! I’d love to learn French.

  596. Lisa

    French. Or Latin. Probably French to start with.

  597. Sarah

    Wellllllll….. Lets see… I still know how to ask if I can go to the bathroom in French, but that’s it. Spanish would be very useful since I have many spanish-speaking friends at my community college. My hubby is Italian, as is his family. THAT would be a good one to learn just in case one of his family members tried to say something mean about me without me knowing (Bwahahah!). I have always wanted to visit Sweeden, then I heard about their high suicide rate, not to mention it is supposed to be cold and grey there a lot of the time… I suppose I will have to be satisified with Ikea for now. Ah. Then we have Latin. I’ve heard it is a very hard language to learn. But I do love a challange. Plus it would be cool to know with my interest in animals, plants, and other things that all seem to have a long Latin name tucked in behind the Average Joe name. Really cool post. I totally dig lifelong learning and this is an awesome way to promote it!

  598. Jen

    I ‘like you’ on Facebook 🙂 Please, oh please… can I win?!

  599. Billie Jean

    I would love to learn Spanish (Latin America)! Thanks!

  600. Hillary

    I would choose Spanish.

  601. Dawn

    I’m learning french right now.. though a tutor and library resources.. sure would be nice to have Rosetta Stone to help me :).

  602. Rebecca

    I would like to learn Spanish and to help my kids learn it too, as there are many people in NC that we could speak with!

  603. Christine S

    Japanese. Or French.

  604. Kristin


  605. katherine

    would love to re-learn spanish!

  606. BarbaraL in OK

    Italian! My 11-year-old son wants to learn Italian, which would be fun!

  607. katy

    I know a bit of Spanish…would that be a waste or a way to totally refresh? Spanish I think. Though Italian is so lovely….no, no, Spanish.

  608. Jasie

    We want to learn French! Wish they had Amharic too so I could understand the in-laws. Thanks!

  609. Sarah S

    I’ve wanted to learn French but always took Spanish in highschool/college because of practicality. I’m not using it anyway, so nevermind what’s practical! French it is!

  610. Andrea Despain

    Hungarian. My husband speaks it and we hope to visit in a couple years- would love to learn this even if the useful quotient isn’t exactly high 🙂

  611. Stephanie d

    Living in the south Spanish is what I want to learn so I can communicate better with some sweet Hispanic friends.

  612. Dawn

    Liked and linked on facebook!!

  613. Karen

    French first, then Spanish. To travel more I need to be able to communicate better! Thanks! for the giveaway!

  614. Jessie

    Great post! I would choose Latin, although German and Italian are also tempting me!

  615. Kristine

    My husband and I would love to learn Spanish (Latin America). We would love to travel and serve more somewhere in Latin America again someday. We are also hoping that our children will get to go to the Spanish immersion school in our neighborhood so it would be great to be learning alongside them!

  616. Kristine

    I have posted this on facebook and have “liked” your blog for awhile now!

  617. Vicky M

    Spanish would be really helpful right now.

  618. Kim

    I would love to learn Latin!

  619. karen

    I’d love to learn Irish so I can keep up with my kiddos when they learn it primary school when we return to Dublin.

  620. karen

    shared the link from your page on Facebook! 🙂

  621. Kelly

    Italian! It’s such a beautiful language!

  622. karen

    I tweeted too! @karenjoyhuber

  623. Angela

    WOW We would LOVE this for Spanish, and our second choice will be Mandarin after learning Spanish. What an awesome giveaway!

  624. Amber

    I would LOVE to try the Spanish Rosetta Stone!!

  625. Lisa

    I would learn French. I love Rosetta Stone.

  626. Michelle Turner

    I would love to learn Japanese, but I think I would be practical and go with Spanish 🙂

  627. Amber

    I posted the link to the giveaway on my facebook page!

  628. Petra

    I would love to learn greek.

  629. Dahlia O'Neil

    I would love to learn Irish!!! And I’m so excited to listen to TED talks now too, thank you!

  630. Idaho Jill

    I had 7 years of Spanish in school – my husband is practicing spanish every day (he is fluent in french, so it’s not too difficult for him), so I’d love to win this for him since he has been so diligent in his practicing! (We want to move to Chile someday – he is getting a head start!)

  631. Rita

    Would love to learn Spanish–for professional and personal reasons. Thank you!

  632. Kathi P.

    I would pick Spanish (Latin America) for my girls. (And me)

  633. Lee Ann Hill

    My husband will be going to China for work in November and my 4 year old is captivated by all things Chinese. We would love a Chinese Rosetta Stone! Love your posts. They are so encouraging and inspiring. We will be homeschooling and get alot of info from you. Thanks!

  634. Paula

    I would like to learn Spanish! What a leg up that would be for my career!

  635. Louise Cleveland

    Going to Spain in April and would love to learn Spanish!

  636. Emily from Readytowait.com

    What a great giveaway idea. Last year I had a student who only spoke Korean. I spoke no Korean. I was so sad to not know what he was telling me… I wish I had thought to do Rosetta Stone. But… if I win I will do Spanish. I have many more Spanish speaking students and it would probably get the most use.

  637. Paula

    I posted the link on my FB!

  638. Nancy

    I want to learn French too!

  639. Emily from Readytowait.com

    Tweet, tweet! I tweeted your giveaway! @Ready2Wait

  640. kelly

    I liked you in Facebook.

  641. Mary

    I would like to learn Spanish!

  642. Rita

    And, posted on FB. (Kinda hate to spread the word! 🙂

  643. Mary

    I re-posted on Facebook!

  644. Abbey

    I would like to learn Spanish. I’m a lifelong San Antonian and I took French and Greek when I was in school. I regret it. I wish I knew even just a little Spanish so that I could manage a simple phone requests from customers by myself at work.

  645. Lauren


  646. Messy Wife

    I would like to learn French. I spent good 7 years in Montreal but did not pick up the language because I was shy enough to stick with my Chinese and English speaking friends. It’s a language I think I should know.

    Don’t know if you get to this part with so many comments… the link for “listening to my podcast” was actually to the meetup page instead of your podcast. Or, maybe you were really trying to be subtle? 🙂

  647. Sheila

    I’d love to learn so many of them, but Spanish would be the most useful for me.

  648. Megan

    I would love to learn French and Spanish!

  649. Catsuda

    I know it’s kind of pedestrian of me, but I really want to learn Spanish. My daughter just started learning it in school, and we live in a very diverse suburb of DC where Spanish would be sooo helpful. It wouldn’t hurt for travel, either!

  650. Cecilia

    I’d love to learn Spanish!

  651. Lori West :)

    We would love to learn Chinese! My dad goes over there to work with them, and my son really loves hanging out and getting to know the Chinese exchange students at his school! This would certainly help! 🙂

  652. amybower

    So hard to decide….I think I would like to learn French!

  653. Katie Davis

    I would like to try the Spanish Rosetta Stone. I took Spanish for many years and would love to reconnect with the language–I do quite miss it.

  654. Kristy Wellcome

    How funny, I have just been thinking that I would like to learn Italian and that it would be fun to do it with Caitlyn.

  655. Lori West :)

    I already “like” you on FB – but I did add a link to this post! 🙂

  656. Linda

    Spanish! I was just introduced to your blog and what a treasure! I’ve got lots of reading to do.

  657. Kristy Wellcome

    I posted, I posted! 🙂
    Thanks for the TED talk mention, Brandon has listened to various talks but I never thought about doing it myself.

    • karen


  658. Stacey

    Brazilian Portuguese, my godparents live in Rio and we are constantly being invited to for an extend stay. What an amazing opportunity for homeschooling that would be, and I would more comfortable understanding the language.

  659. Zonya

    Thai. We may be spending a year in Thailand in 2013, and it would be great to have a head start.

  660. Teri Sperry

    I read Spanish well and used to speak it well, but I’m very rusty for lack of practice. I would love for my son to learn it, but I haven’t pushed it. From what I’ve heard about Rosetta Stone, it would fit his style of learning well, so it would be great to have a chance to try it out with him. Thanks for the opportunity!

  661. Colleen

    I would love Spanish. I’d like to build on the little I know and my six year old son has been dying to learn another language.

  662. Emelia Rogers

    Spanish please!

  663. Jolene in Michigan

    It would be a battle between Spanish and French in our house. I suppose we could do both! 🙂

  664. Zonya

    I liked you on facebook and commented about the giveaway

  665. Stacey

    I posted to facebook, got to love TED talks they are addictive, so are radiolab pod casts.

  666. Miranda

    I’d love to improve my Spanish.

  667. christi harrison

    I would choose Spanish. It’s a language I have some previous study in but it has been awhile since I’ve used it. Thanks!

  668. Jennifer

    I would definitely like to start with Spanish. My husband and my oldest have also expressed a desire to learn Spanish.

  669. Lori G

    I’d love to become FLUENT in Spanish (Latin America). I took Spanish in Jr High and High School, along with one year of refreshing in college, but fluency is something I’ve always wanted! Helllllpppppppp!

  670. DM

    I would like to learn Spanish.

  671. Tameka Downing

    I would love to learn Spanish.

  672. Tameka Downing

    I follow Simple Mom and Rosetta Stone on Twitter.

  673. foxbrooken

    Hooray for life learning and providing an environment for our children to be life long learners too.

    Right now, we’re interested in French.

  674. Tameka Downing

    I tweeted about the giveaway.

  675. Mama Martin

    French would be our modern language of choice!

  676. Connie Immink


  677. Paula @Motherhood Outloud

    Spanish! We’ve been saying we want to learn it forEVER to help with ministry opportunities both where we live & in the Dominican Republic where we often travel.

  678. Katie

    I would love Spanish (Latin American) to learn w/ my 5 year old!

  679. Diane

    I’d love to learn French & Italian! And get a refresher in the Spanish I learned in high school.

  680. Nichole

    I would love to learn Latin!

  681. Valerie

    I would love to win the Spanish course. We have tried several Spanish resources, but still feel lacking in the ability to speak and comprehend it.

  682. Alisa


  683. Kelsi

    I’d like to learn French and Swedish, please.
    Thanks for the opportunity!
    Also, was wondering if there are special Rosetta Stone programs for kids? Or do the kiddos just do the adult version?

  684. Denise Cinnamond

    I would love to learn to speak Spanish.

  685. Kerrie

    Another one wanting to learn Russian here.

  686. erica b

    We would pick Spanish or a middlen eastern language! Looking like will be living in South America or the Middle east. So this would be awesome!

  687. Danika

    I would love for the whole family to learn Spanish.

  688. erica b

    Posted the give away on fb

  689. Denise Cinnamond

    Hi I just also Liked and Linked on FB! Thanks!

  690. Gina G.

    Oh how I would love the Rosetta Stone for Latin! I took some Latin in college and have been longing to revisit and relearn!

  691. Jessica

    A portion of my family lives in Kenya and I would love to learn Swahili.

  692. Stephanie Pease

    Spanish would be soooo practical! I would love to learn it. There are a lot of Hispanic moms at my son’s school, and I can tell they feel uncomfortable when I try and talk to them and they can’t understand me.

  693. zzipper

    Spanish (Latin America) please. I do afterschool care for kids and would love to be able to help them learn a new language.

  694. Shannon

    There are so many beautiful and interesting languages in this world that I’m hard pressed to stick to one. Being Canadian my french skills are not what they should be but on a personal level I would love to learn Chinese! I find it fascinating how the tone of your voice fluctuates to change a words meaning. It must be wildly difficult to learn but I’m up for the challenge.

    On the other hand I would also love to learn Gaelic! (I believe they label it as Irish on the website?!) It’s such a beautiful language and it would be so nice to touch base with my roots and heritage.

  695. Rebecca

    My personal favorite is Italian although Japanese, and Chinese would be great too.

  696. Jessica

    I liked and reposted on fb. Thanks so much for the chance.

  697. Fiona

    Hi. I would love to learn (and to teach my kids) Spanish.

  698. Bessie

    I want to learn Spanish ( Latin America).

  699. Nicole Devereaux

    I live and minister in a major Latino community of Minneapolis so I need to learn Spanish!

  700. Meladi

    I would love Latin American Spanish!

  701. cagey

    I would love to learn Hindi – I know quite a bit (for a white girl, that is) but I still have far to go.

  702. Amanda @Wandering

    I would love to re-learn Spanish and teach my boys. Or Mandarin Chinese.

  703. Kristy

    Spanish or Mandarin Chinese!

  704. Bessie

    Liked you on FB and shared link as my status for an extra entry!
    We are homeschooling our 2 1/2 year old and have decided to focus on bible study and Spanish this year along with all the other play and art, music, readIng, etc. We found the Whistlefritz Immersion DVDs to be great for young Spanish students and Seeds Family Worship CDs have helped us learn and sing great bible verses! I love homeschooling too for the reason that I get to learn so much as well!!!

  705. Tasha

    I’d love to learn Italian. Now that I’m adjusting to life as a sahm I may just have time!

  706. Kelly Hargrave

    I would love to learn Dutch. My dad immigrated from Holland but without family around to practice he is losing the language as he gets older

  707. Stacy

    Spanish would be a blessing!!!!

  708. Russ

    I’d like to try Italian

  709. Amber

    My husband’s brother married a Brazilian. My two nieces and one nephew live in Brazil and only speak portuguese! I would love to learn portuguese so I can have a conversation with them!

  710. Angela

    Liked and linked on facebook. 🙂

    I would love to learn to speak Spanish fluenty. My son has a lot of family in Mexico and I would love for him to be able to communicate well with them. I’l also like to study French and German so I could read some of my favorite works in their original forms.

  711. Julie

    I would love to learn French.

  712. Krissa

    I’ve heard great things about Rosetta Stone…I can’t decide between Spanish (most practical for me) or Swedish…my mom would love this and I think it would be fun to learn too!

  713. manda

    I have been dying to learn French and Italian for quite sometime now!!

  714. Anita

    I would love for our family to learn Spanish. My 7 year old daughter has learned a bit in school, but now that I’m homeschooling, I thought it would be so neat for us all to learn a new language. I think Spanish would be good, because we live in Southern California, my husband is half Mexican ( he doesn’t speak any of the language, though), and because we plan on doing a lot of work with orphanages in Mexico in the near future. I’ve heard The Rosetta Stone is a great tool for this, and I hope to be able to use it soon!

  715. Kristen

    French…for sure!

  716. Josi

    Married to an Italian man with 2 children, I’d love to learn to speak Italian. Also, we’ve always had a library night at our house and as soon as the kids could write their own name, they could get their own library card.

  717. stephanie

    AHi I would love to learn Spainish …My husband and I are moving to Roatan in central American. I looked into Rosetta Stone before but its pretty costly….so I would love to win!

  718. Josi

    I posted on Facebook and hope that others find your site.

  719. Tamara C

    Most definitely Italian!!! As a classical singer I have learned a limited amount but I’d love to really KNOW the language well.

  720. Dorothy

    I would love to learn Hebrew! What an amazing giveaway!

  721. Christina Y

    French would be cool!

  722. Bethany

    French! I took it in high school and would love to re-visit it!

  723. Bethany

    We live in SoCal so Spanish is a MUST #1, but then I’d like to venture into more later on. Oh, and I LOVE the TED talks too! Awesome that you give such a great shout-out to them! 🙂

  724. Dorothy

    I posted on Facebook, too. I found that one of my friends already likes Simple Mom!

  725. Kelly D

    We are currently using RS Homeschool Italian 1 for our boys (and myself). I’d also like to add French when they’re a little older. We love it!!

  726. Trena

    I would like to learn French.

  727. Ordinary Sarah

    I WISH they would make an Albanian version. My husband is Albanian and I would love for my kids to have another way to learn the language beyond the bit that my husband and his parents teach them.

    But of the available choices? I’d have to say Latin because I can see that helping in so many other parts of their education as well.

  728. Kari

    I’d love to learn spanish with my kids. I’d love to be in a bilingual medical clinic someday (when the kids are grown–gives me lots of time to learn!)

  729. Elizabeth

    Living in Florida, Spanish is the obvious language to learn, but I always wanted to learn an Asian language–I love Japanese & Chinese foreign films. 🙂

  730. Tiffany

    Thank you for this offer and for your daily blog! With French ancestory and a love for France, I would very much like for my son and I to learn French. With plans to homeschool my little one, Rosetta Stone would be a great help! I “liked” the Simple Mom FB page and shared the link!

  731. Nicole

    I would LOVE to learn Latin so I can teach my little ones as well!!

  732. Elizabeth

    Oh! And I posted on facebook too! Love the TED suggestion. I always read about it in Fast Company, but haven’t tuned in to it yet.

  733. Nicole

    And I liked you on FB! 🙂

  734. Tiffany

    Did I mention that I shared the link on FB?!? Thanks!

  735. Tim Tilson

    German would be good for me and my family! Very cool!

  736. Julie

    Oh wow, I so hope I win this! I need to learn French ( like yesterday) because I now live in quebec with my fluently bilingual husband, and I’m hoping to homeschool our two babies, but unless I learn myself, I don’t feel that they will pick up enough of the language by learning at home with an English mom, so it has been at the top of my to-do list for quite some time.. only the price is a big deterrent.. there seems to always be more immediate things that need our attention. (although likely not as important in the long run!)

    • Julie

      Just posted on FB too….

  737. Ange Movius

    Yes please, Spanish! 🙂

  738. Tracy

    I would love to learn Italian!

  739. Ange Movius

    I liked and posted! Spanish please! 🙂

  740. Jacqueline

    We are just starting homeschooling this year and I would love for my daughter to start French nice and early!

  741. Chris

    I would like to learn either Spanish or Japanese. I retain a small vocabulary of words from both languages, but am not able to converse fluently in either.

  742. Sarah @ Sarah Bohl Designs

    I would LOVE to learn Spanish. My 4 year old will be going to a Spanish immersion kindergarten next year, and I’d like to be able to speak at home with him!

  743. Andrea G

    We would love to learn Chinese.

  744. Narelle @ Cook Clean Craft

    I’d pick French, my sister-in-law lives in France with her French husband and two adorable kids. I’d love to be able to speak my niece’s language with them (and I just love all things French!).

  745. BB Doerr

    Thanks of the reminder! We are having so much fun with French right now, since my daughter just started with it in school. So, French would be my choice.

  746. Emily

    Oh, I have been wanting to learn French for a few years! This would be a fun birthday present for me!

  747. Lorus

    We’d love to learn Greek!

  748. maria constantino

    I would love to learn Italian.

  749. Holly

    I would use Rosetta Stone to improve my Mandarin so that I could be more effective in working with and ministering to international students at my local university.

  750. Erin

    I’d love to learn Portuguese

  751. Carol

    I would love to get back to my Spanish. Four years in high school, and all of it is pretty much gone!

  752. jen

    I would love to speak Lithuanian, my mama’s language!

  753. Debbie

    I would definitely want to learn Mandarin Chinese, and it would be great for the rest of our family as well!

  754. Heather

    I’m split between Spanish and Portuguese! My husband speaks Brazilian Portuguese and is always trying to get me to learn!

  755. Kristine


  756. Kristine

    Also posted link on fb.

  757. Emily Thomson

    I’d love to learn how to speak Spanish!

  758. Sylvia

    I would love to learn Italian. My husband plan to tour the country one day and if I spend an extended period of time there, I want to speak the language! 🙂

  759. Riley

    I would like Latin American Spanish so I could learn it in my homeschool this year.

  760. Riley

    I would like Latin American Spanish and I posted it on my Facebook.

  761. Auburn

    I would like to win latin american spanish for my homeschooling mother

  762. Auburn

    I put it on my Facebook

  763. Candace

    Spanish would be most practical, but I’d love to learn Italian so that I’d have an excuse to go to Italy!

  764. Beth

    German or Spanish…really want my son to learn one or both and I need to re-learn both!

  765. Katherine

    Would love to relearn Latin American Spanish and maybe French, too. 🙂

  766. Susan E.

    We would love to learn French as well!

  767. Nabiha

    I’m really keen on learning Arabic…this would be a great asset..thanks for the chance!

  768. Jessica Y

    It would have to be Spanish. Thanks so much.

  769. Jeri Thurber

    I would absolutely love to learn Irish with my little girl!

  770. Verena

    I am a native German girl living in the US. While I was still a student I lived in Sweden for about 5 months and was just amazed about the fact how good those Scandinavian people speak English. There was no need for me to really learn their language, instead I intensified my English. I wish I would have learned Swedish as well. This would be first choice for me in this give-away for sure!!!!!

  771. Stephanie

    French or Italian, it all depends…Dutch is an option too.

  772. Jen from KY

    My husband speaks it like a native, my kids are learning it instinctively, but so far I am hopeless. I want to learn to speak Arabic!

  773. Kara

    We moved to China 6 weeks ago and I have just started language lessons. I would love to use Rosetta stone…I need to learn how to tell the taxi drivers to “stop” (so far it’s just right and left)! : )

  774. Stephanie

    I shared on fb and I already like you there!

  775. Angie Huff

    I liked you on facebook, and posted about the giveaway.

  776. Soile Viilo

    I would love to learn Italian!

  777. Angie Huff

    I suppose I would pick Greek. It is such a hard decision!

  778. Melinda

    Oh, I love this giveaway. I’ve lived in Asia and Europe, and really enjoyed learning the local languages, but realize also how hard it is. I’d love to have this resource to use as I long to learn French. As a Canadian I feel quite ignorant that I can’t speak French, or more than five words of it, since we have two official languages. It would be marvelous to learn more and practice using French as we know live in a part of Canada with a large French-speaking population. Hmm, and I think sharing some of the knowledge gained with my two year old would be extra fun, too.

  779. isty hulsey

    Why, French. Of, course! Ha! It would be wonderful to know what the locals are saying (…or, what the sign says) on my next trip to Pari. My daughter, Beatrice, loves to watch Oui Oui, Madeline, and Tchoupi. I have no idea what they are saying. She does and she is four! Ahhh, this giveaway is terrific!

  780. Lori

    I live in San Francisco, where most of the population is Chinese, so I’d love to learn Chinese (Mandarin). Thank you for offering such an awesome giveaway!

  781. Christine

    My family and I would love to learn Espanol….especially since we live in central/south Texas!!!

  782. Charlotte

    I would LOVE spanish from Latin America to homeschool my four kids please 😉

  783. Kacey

    I’d like to learn Spanish.

  784. Jaclyn

    Spanish and/or French!

  785. Kacey

    I posted the URL on my FB page.

  786. Keri

    I would love to learn dutch or french. My husband and I have dutch background but neither of us can speak or understand a word of it.

  787. Kacey

    I tweeted the giveaway @wellroundedhome.

  788. Chez

    Cool! I think it would be fun to learn French like y’all, but Spanish is probably a much more useful skill here in Austin. Been meaning to try to learn it (again, high school Spanish was mediocre at best) for years!

  789. Sara

    I would love to brush up on my Spanish while teaching my 1st-grader!

  790. Lisa B

    I’d love to speak Hebrew fluently

  791. HeidiJ

    The kiddos and I would all like to learn spanish. Thanks for the giveaway!

  792. April Mueller

    I want my family to be fluent in spanish! We live in TX and it is really the most practical language to study. I spent my school years learning french. 🙂

  793. Sidne

    I would love to speak French, in anticipation of that world travel!

  794. Pattyann

    I would love to win!! I have three daughters and we could all learn Spanish together. The oldest one is currently taking it in school, but how fun would it be to be able to practice as a family.

  795. Carina Marshall

    I would like the entire family to learn French. We will be spending a month in France over Christmas as part of a house swap deal. We desperately need at least a little bit of the language!

    I learned Spanish in school in the US, and took it into college. I chose Spanish because it was the most practical thing to learn in Virginia at the time (French and German seemed ridiculously useless). Now I live in Australia, where NO ONE speaks Spanish. I would have been better off with French! Who knew?!

  796. Jennie F

    I speak Spanish, I’d like to speak French, but I think I would have to choose Latin so I can learn alongside my children who will be learning it at their school starting next year. So many great options!

  797. Leigh

    Italian. I would love to learn Italian

  798. Jessica

    I’d love to learn German…or Arabic.

  799. Jessica

    I tweeted it. @Jess_Reflects

  800. Bethany

    I’d like to learn Korean. I’m stuck at the advanced beginner level and it is really hard for me to go out and take classes with my schedule. Rosetta Stone sounds like just the thing!

  801. Kaight

    We homeschool our five children, the newest two joining our family from Ethiopia. Since Rosetta Stone doesn’t offer Amharic, we would all like to learn Spanish (Latin America) together.

  802. Elyse

    Wow, that’s hard…. I would like to learn so many! I think German, though; it’s the language that so many source materials for history and music are written in! (Plus, Germany’s the next place DH and I would like to travel, if we ever get a chance to go abroad again.)

  803. Gracie

    I’m torn between French for my Canadian roots or Spanish since we live in Texas and it might be more useful. Who knows? Perhaps I’ll learn both someday!

  804. Amanda Gutzwiller

    We live where there is a large Hispanic population and I would love for my 3 year old daughter to be able to communicate and play with English and Spanish speaking children.

  805. Tracey


  806. Leah

    I’ve heard such magical reviews about the Rosetta Stone! : ) I’d passionately love to learn French and definitely improve my Spanish. Thanks so very much for this wonderful give~away! : )


  807. Yvonne

    We currently moved to Seoul and the children are learning Korean so fast. I’d love to try Rosetta Stone in Korean. I am German but learned Turkish with an American system when we were living in Istanbul. I found it much better than the German one.
    I love to read your post. You are so active and positive and that is very powerful!

  808. Theresa Brennan

    I would like to learn Spanish!

  809. RV

    Swahili would be wonderful so I can communicate with our Compassion children even better. French and German would be helpful too.

  810. Donna Dorsey

    I would love to learn the language of my ancestors, which is Italian. Thanks Tsh for the opportunity!


  811. sarah

    My son’s starting french school this year and I need to catch up! So French it would be – very happily – for me!!

  812. mary

    I would love to learn Spanish. My husband is fluent and my children are learning it, but other than colors and the word “bathroom”, I don’t know anything.

  813. Jess E

    Russian please! Love your website too!

  814. Leyla

    I’d love to learn Mandarin! I’ve always wanted to try Rosetta Stone since I’ve heard such good things about it.

  815. Kim @ Homesteader's Heart

    It would totally be Spanish. I’ve heard such good things about this program.

  816. kristin

    my oldest daughter was born in vietnam… i’d love to learn vietnamese with her!

  817. Coleman

    I would love to learn either German or Hebrew!

  818. Daniela

    “Like” you on FB! Would love to check out Rosetta’s German lessons 🙂

    Thanks for posting!

  819. Jaime

    Vietnamese, please!!! I’ve tried other language resources and they just aren’t cutting it. Would love to give this a try. Thanks for the chance to win.

  820. Nita

    My boys and I would like to learn Spanish.

  821. Amanda


  822. Lydia

    Dutch please!

  823. Kim

    We would love to learn spanish as two of our children are adopted from Guatemala and we would like to travel the country with them when they are a little older.

  824. Amelia

    I’d love for the kids and I to learn Latin American Spanish.

  825. Kim

    linked to the giveaway on facebook.

  826. holley

    What an awesome giveaway. I would choose to learn Spanish with my kids.

  827. tricia

    I would love to learn Italian!

  828. Sharon W

    I’d love to try Chinese. My husband speaks Chinese and Taiwanese and we’d love for our daughter to learn at least Chinese. But, I wouldn’t mind learning it too. Especially so I always know what the two of them are talking about 😉

  829. jj


  830. Heather Byrd

    French. Or Italian. I can’t decide!

  831. Sharon W

    I tweeted @hislovendures11

  832. Cathie

    I’d love to learn to speak Italian, although Spanish would be much more practical!

  833. Amy Leigh

    My husband moved to the U.S. from Mexico about 7 years ago. I met him in a restaurant while I was practicing my budding Spanish skills. We agreed to help each other learn our own language, and one thing led to another. . . now we are married and have a home and family! It is important to us that our children (although living in the U.S.) grow up hearing, speaking, reading, and writing Spanish fluently. We have been looking at different curriculums/programs to enhance their learning.

  834. Elizabeth

    I’d vote for Arabic or Spanish!

  835. LorriL

    Oooh, great giveway, thanks! We’d love the Chinese one, since my daughter has had an incredible fascination with China since she was 3 or so.

  836. Dani

    I want to learn Spanish, pretty please =) thank you sooo much.

  837. Lauren

    hmmm brushin up on some spanish would be nice. thanks!

  838. Pat C

    What a great offer! I have been looking at Rosetta Stone because I’ve been wanting to learn Latin American Spanish. Thanks–your emails are always full of interesting stuff!

  839. Leah Gillette-Fox

    I took four years of German in high school and loved it, but if my high school would have offered French, I totally would have taken it!

  840. Leah Gillette-Fox

    I just shared the article link with all my FB peeps! Wondering what they are doing to continue their life long love of learning?!?!

  841. casey

    spanish! how fun 🙂

  842. Kerry

    love to learn Spanish 🙂

  843. casey

    shared on facebook 🙂

  844. Kelly Lange

    900 comments?! Wow 🙂 I love seeing how popular this blog has become, Tsh! I would love to learn Spanish, either the Spain or Latin version. And my half-Spanish husband would appreciate that too!

  845. jessica

    I wish I had a better grasp of Spanish, it’s fading since it’s been 10 years since I was in Ecuador.

  846. jessica

    I mentioned the giveaway on FB

  847. Jessica

    Japanese, I think. So hard to pick just one…

  848. Jessica

    I linked to this post on FB.

  849. Rosalinde

    I’m torn between Hebrew and French. I think I’d go with Hebrew, since I have people with whom I could practice that.

  850. nopinkhere

    Probably Mandarin. But I’d also like to refresh/expand my Spanish and German.

  851. Sole Ravendo

    I’d love for my kids to learn spanish!

  852. Bethany Joy

    I’d love to use Rosetta Stone to learn Korean! (I’m living in Korea teaching English!) Been here two weeks and desperately need to learn more Korean to interact with locals and for daily life!

  853. Karol Nicoletti

    I would like to learn Italian.

  854. Rebecca

    I want to get Spanish (or French) for me and my kids. I need it to brush up on for them to try and out learn me on it. 🙂 Of course someday I want to learn Welsh to go visit there someday, but I know in the grand scheme of things either Spanish or French would be much better to learn for where we live right now.

  855. Britiney @ Consider the Lilies

    Wow! What a hard choice! I’d have to choose french or spanish. French would be fun. Spanish would be practical. Thanks fora chance to win!

  856. Karol Nicoletti

    I linked to this post on FB.

  857. Suzanne R.

    I would love my husband to learn Italian!

  858. melissa

    I would love to learn Spanish or Swahili. Thanks!

  859. Heather

    I would choose Spanish!

  860. Sandy

    French, s’il vous plait.

  861. Kristen in MO

    I would choose Spanish (Latin American). I learned quite a bit and got to live in Spain for a few weeks after high school. I think it would be a great way for the family to learn something I care about.

  862. Lisa

    I want to learn to speak Dutch… so I can talk with my husband’s family!

  863. Kelly

    Would love to learn French!

  864. Jamila6452

    COOL giveaway! I’m huge on languages – learning French as a kid really carved out my path in life! I would love to learn how to speak Arabic now.

  865. Amanda

    I would love to learn Greek.

  866. Emily

    I’d like to try Italian.

  867. Lori Greene

    I would love to learn french–ooh-la-la!

  868. Hannah D.

    Posted it on Facebook!

  869. Jenn

    our family is preparing for an overseas move and the language we want to learn isn’t available via rosetta stone – hungarian! any suggestions?

  870. Elizabeth

    I took German (and went there) in high school but don’t remember enough to use or teach. But I think I would want to start learning Spanish especially since many of my neighbors speak only Spanish and I can’t visit with them. My kiddos are young and I really want them to learn languages at a young age.

  871. adf

    I would love to finally learn German!

  872. adf

    Just posted to facebook 🙂

  873. Jill

    I would like to learn Italian.

  874. Heather Abbott

    Either Irish or Italian. I’ve spent time in both places and would love to live there someday and learn to speak the languages fluently!

  875. Heather

    I would love to learn French !

  876. Paige

    Oh how I would love to learn Haitian Creole. I went on a missions trip there last February and am planning to go back in January. I’d love to be able to communicate with my friends there more easily. If there’s no Haitian Creole, French would be a great substitute, as it is very similar and is the root of much Creole! Oh how I am praying to win… My sponsor child would be so surprised if I could speak to him in his language when I see him in January!!!

  877. Beth R.

    I’d love to (re)learn Latin American Spanish. Thanks!

  878. Robin

    I’d love to get the Spanish (Latin American version). I’d planned on teaching my younger children some basic Spanish, but I’d love to use this since my skills are very limited.

  879. Erin

    Learning Spanish would be great!

  880. Rachel

    Dutch – both my parents are Dutch immigrants and I want to learn Dutch for when they revert back to their mother tongue.

  881. Amy

    Dutch! My ancestors all came from the Netherlands.

  882. Janice

    We are also a homeschooling family, five girls, and would love to continue their foreign language education. We started Spanish last fall in a co-op setting and are not able to continue this year, but would love to finish teaching the girls Spanish.

  883. Alison Minor

    I think Spanish (LA) would be the one most used by all family members, although I’m interested in Chinese.

  884. Jeni

    I’d love to brush up on my Spanish!

  885. Mary Beth

    I would love to learn French AGAIN! I had 4 yrs is HS and college, but most of it has slipped away from me. I think learning it via Rosetta Stone wouldbe easier and longer-lasting.

  886. Alison Minor

    posted on Facebook

  887. Kimberly

    Spanish, probably…

  888. Alison Minor


  889. Lisa F.

    Thanks so much for this opportunity. Would love to bring my Spanish full circle… then take on Italian!

  890. Reagan

    Oh my goodness! I would love to win Rosetta Stone and I would learn Spanish. I am a teacher staying at home with kids right now and would find it invaluable with some of my parents. My husband and I also went on a mission trip to Honduras this past spring and I would love to go back with more knowledge of the language and ability to communicate.

  891. Mary Beth

    Posted on my Facebook, and I already liked you!

  892. Mindy

    We would love to all become fluent in Spanish as a family. But I would also like to learn Chinese.

  893. Jocelyn

    I just started Rosetta Stone Spanish and am loving it! I would love (and probably will) do Korean next as my husband works for a Korean company. What an amazing giveaway, thanks!

  894. Christine Matkin

    We would love to learn Mandarin – my two girls were adopted from China

  895. Erin

    Either Spanish or German!

  896. Kathy

    What a super giveaway. I always wanted to take French in college but didn’t have enough electives. This sounds like a fun way to get the basics.

  897. Debbie

    We are all Spanish students here and really want to use Rosetta Stone in our homeschool this year!

  898. Andrea

    We’d like to learn Spanish… then maybe French and who knows after that!

  899. Lisa

    I’d do Latin American Spanish – a Rosetta Stone course that I’ve been longingly flirting with, and wondering if I’ll ever quite be able to afford it!

  900. Leah

    Swedish-I remember my great-grand parents speaking Swedish. Some day I will make it to the family reunion there (it would be great to understand everyone) 🙂

  901. Leah

    Posted on facebook and fingers crossed

  902. Sarah Wells

    oh, i’m in need of an easier way to relearn Spanish! I’m soon volunteering in a free clinic where that’s what many of my patients will speak.

  903. Kel

    I would have to pick Spanish. After that, probably Latin or French. Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  904. Grace

    I would like to learn Italian.

  905. Courtney

    it would be hard to choose a language, but i think i would go with french. i took 3 years of it in high school/college, but really have slacked and can’t remember much at all!

  906. Liisa R

    Since my husband and I are moving to Albuquerque next summer, I want to greatly improve my Spanish. It is a very bilingual city and I’d love to raise babies who can speak two languages right from the get-go!

  907. Courtney

    i posted this on facebook!

  908. doreen

    I am desperate to learn Spanish. Not only do I teach at Head Start, I have an adopted daughter whose father was Mexican. I want her to learn Spanish and be able to communicate with other children that assume she can!

  909. Grace

    I mentioned this on facebook!

  910. Kel

    I posted the link on Facebook. I’ve wanted to try Rosetta Stone for a long time, but the price has always stopped me. Thanks for the chance to win!

  911. Kiersten

    My husband speaks Italian, and I’d love to learn it, too!

  912. Sally

    We have the French and have loved it. Tempted to get the German to teach my kids (with a good accent). I speak it, but I haven’t been back in 20 years, so the accent isn’t that great. For me I would either be tempted to learn Chinese or Russian.

  913. Emily

    I would love to learn French!

  914. Emily

    Posted on Facebook!! Here’s hoping!

  915. Gretchen

    Ohhhhh, Spanish is what we are attempting this year. Spanish would be super to learn.

  916. Jocelyn

    I already like you on Facebook and I posted a link to this page so all my friends could try to win, too!

  917. Lucie

    Simply French.

  918. Adrienne K

    What a great giveaway! Thanks, Tsh! I would love for our family to learn French together.

  919. Liz BK

    We’ve been wanting to work on Spanish (Latin America) since we live in Southern California. My pre-schooler is learning some at school, and we’d love to be able to reinforce it at home! Thanks.

  920. Adrienne K

    I just posted on Facebook.

  921. catlin Evans

    I want to refresh my Chinese with my son!

  922. Jen M.

    German would be my choice.

  923. desilou

    we’d love to start learning Spanish! thanks for sharing this give away 🙂

  924. Shelly!

    Oh my goodness! What an incredible give-away. Thank you! If I could choose…I would chose Cantonese. My husband speaks it and I’d love for us to teach our family together.

  925. <