Reusable bags: an easy, colorful (and free?) way to go green

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reusable bag
Photo from Flip & Tumble

One of the fun perks to the eco-savvy trend is all the great products out there now. And many times, their initial cost is worth the money-saving benefit they provide in the long run. Today, several of you will have a chance to win some!

Reusable bags are one of the easiest ways to go green – and let’s face it, they’re so much cuter than plastic grocery bags. Almost 1 trillion plastic bags are annually consumed worldwide, and they’re not biodegradable.

In the month I’ve had my reusable bags, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed using them. When I whip one out from my purse in the checkout line, the most common response I get is, “Those are so cool!” I don’t think I’ll ever go back to using plastic.

Here are the brands I’ve enjoyed using, and who are rewarding a few Simple Mom readers with some of their bags.

Shop Wise Bags

• Perks – These durable oilcloth bags are shaped just like traditional grocery sacks, so they fold up nicely and stand up well. I’ve been using mine lately to cart around diapers, wipes, and a change of clothes for my kids in the car. And I love all their great patterns and colors.

• Giveaway – One reader will win a set of three high-quality Shop Wise bags!


Perks – These bags are much bigger than they seem. They hold so much stuff, and they’re easy to fold up and secure with the velcro tabs. They’re pretty, too.

• Giveaway – One reader will win a set of five Envirosax bags!

B. Happybags

• Perks – These high-quality, durable canvas bags can hold a lot of stuff, and their wide openings mean I can toss big things along with no problem. Plus, they’re adorable.

• Giveaway – One reader will win four B. Happybags!


• Perks – These are mesh bags, which are perfect for produce. They fold up tiny, so you can hold multiple in your purse no problem. I’m so impressed with how durable they are – for as lightweight as they are, they can really hold some heavy stuff.

• Giveaway – One reader will win three ACME mesh bags from!


Perks – I love how this micro bag folds up securely and easily, and its medium-sized shape holds things neatly. We use ours to tote books and crayons to and from the car.

Giveaway – One reader will win a micro RuMe, a 13 ounce Earthlust bottle, and a Wrap-n-Mat from Mama Goes Green – all things I use and love!

Flip & Tumble

• Perks – These bags scrunch up nicely, and the colors are great, too. The 24-7 bags wads up into a ball, which means you’re carrying an instant toy for small children – and I love the felt shoulder pad, because normally bags and purses are always falling off my shoulder.

• Giveaway – One reader will win one 24-7 bag and two Loopt bags!

How to Win:

1. To be one of the six winners, leave a comment on this post and answer this questionWhat else do you reuse or repurpose around your home?

2. For a second entry, email me at simplemomblog (at) gmail (dot) com with the secret code in the email’s subject line (no need to write anything in the email’s body, as it won’t be read). To find the secret code, make sure you’ve subscribed to Simple Mom’s feed either via RSS or via email, and look in the footer of any post. I promise you – the code is there.

3. For a third entry, blog about this giveaway and make sure I know about it.

This giveaway ends on Saturday, November 22 at midnight CST.

I hope you win!

Tsh Oxenreider

Tsh is the founder of this blog and just finished traveling around the world with her husband and 3 kids. Her latest book is Notes From a Blue Bike, and believes a passport is one of the world's greatest textbooks.

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  1. Wow. I’ve never been the first comment before (maybe someone else will beat me to it while I type).
    I LOVE re-using old things/repurposing by painting things. (like an old piece of furniture..change it’s color, it’s like it’s new). I also shop at LOT at the thrift store and make things out of what I purchase. Aside from the usual recycling, using reusable bags, I think thrifting is a great way to go green.
    Thanks for the giveaway. I’d love some grocery bags.

    Sarah´s last blog post…Tip Junkie Giveaways

    • Recently here in China (at least in our city), all the shops have stopped giving out plastic bags for your merchandise! You either have to buy the plastic bags for a small price, or purchase a reusable cloth bag. Now we are always bringing reusable bags with us when we go shopping. But they are quite cumbersome and don’t fit very much in them, so these giveaway ones look spectacular! I would love to win one.

      At our house we repurpose my husband’s old plain tshirts for dust cloths, and you wouldn’t believe the many uses for the ordinary chopstick! We also have old cloth diapers that have been repurposed as burp cloths, and with my son being the kou shui wang (drool king), let me tell you they definitely work!

      Amy in China´s last blog post…Be imperfect!

  2. Wow, they are gorgeous bags! I have reusable bags for grocery shopping, but none of them look THAT good! lol
    I am pretty much a newbie at reusing etc. I make sure I use both sides of printer paper before i recycle it 🙂 but we’re building a chicken coop and that’ll be a great way to ‘reuse’ our kitchen scraps!
    Thanks for the chance to win (altho not sure if it’s open to Aussie’s?)

  3. clothespins! I use them to re-close food bags for storage, keep tablecloths on, make toys. I re-use chopsticks to stake houseplants, and secure them with twist ties, and salad dressing jars for glasses (they are thick and hard to break, handy with kids I the house).

  4. I reuse plastic containers (like yogurt) for art supplies for my two-year-old. I also use junk mail to write lists on, before recycling it.

  5. I have always been one to use the backside of newsletters and bad copies out of the printer and such for scratch paper and jotting notes. Anything that has a clean side gets cut up (usually in fourths) and placed in a small basket in my desk drawer to become note paper.

    Annette´s last blog post…Playing House

  6. I was in the US for 4 months recently, and I couldn’t help noticing how much the Americans use paper bags as opposed to plastic bags (compared to people in my country, where salesgirls give you a weird look if you ever deny a plastic bag to carry a loaf of bread).

    I reuse a lot of plastic containers (you know, those that come with Chinese New Year cookies) for a variety of stuff. When my Mum bakes cookies to be given away to relatives, we actually collect those plastic containers back so that we can reuse them next year.

    And the car-load of papers that I used as my thesis draft! I’m going to reuse those papers for the next 2 years, I think! 😀

    pelf´s last blog post…How “Eagle Eye” has influenced me

  7. We re-use any bags (plastic or paper) that come into the house and eventually recycle when they’re no longer usable. Scratch paper in our house is any piece of paper that has one blank side on it. Cardboard is used in the garden as a weed barrier underneath mulch.

  8. These are the cutest bags I’ve ever seen!! We reuse paper around here like crazy. My three-year olds do art on it all day long. I also reuse soup cans for craft projects.

    Monica´s last blog post…Sleepwalking Potty Training

  9. We reuse our plastic bags; any plastic containers that can be used for the kids for crafts or that I can alter into something beautiful; and any scratch paper gets used because my 2 year old thinks he’s Steve from Blues Clues! 🙂 I’ve also just started purchasing the reusable bags at the grocery store, but they are not as cute as these!

    Becky´s last blog post…What a great weekend!

  10. We reuse or recycle the plastic bags we get when I forget the reusable ones we have (or when we have a large order) to collect trash in our cars and to deliver donations. We buy and resell clothing to consignment shops (especially children’s clothing) and our scrap paper is used for crafting or for my daughter’s art projects. We also heavily rely on our library, which maybe isn’t conventional “reuse” but it’s a great way for us to save money and borrow instead of buy.

    Great giveaway!

    Steph @ Problem Solvin Mom´s last blog post…More handmade Christmas inspiration!

  11. We have been using either some canvas bags we bought from a national `natural’ grocery store chain based in Austin, TX for years now. The newer ones have great shoulder straps as well. We use these for anything from grocery shopping (gasp! 🙂 to holding books to/from the library, recycling, produce from the farmer’s market, to beach bags when going to the beach or the pool.

    In the last year, all the grocery stores around here have started to offer branded shopping bags. These are the ones made out of recycled plastic, and are good for a few years of use before they need to be replaced (but they are recyclable). Even the Texas based local grocery store has its bags. Plus, all of them have trained their sackers on how to pack these types of bags!

    Don´s last blog post…backdrops – 12

  12. Furniture. I keep moving the furniture around, using it for different things, making my husband repaint it, etc….

    susie´s last blog post…Talking in Circles

  13. I reuse coffee cans to store plastic bags in. I cut a hole in the top and just stuff them in. When it is full I quit saving them and take them to the grocery store for recycling. I also have a collection of boxes to put into drawers and send gifts in. Check boxes are great for drawers because it is actually two separate pieces. I also love the boxes from 1800 petmeds, they are a great size and self sealing. Great giveaway!

  14. I love to reuse perscription bottles and spice bottles for all of my crafting embellishments!

  15. We recycle plastic bags by using them to carry lunch each day to work each day. Also when our supply overflows we take them back to the grocery store! I would love to be a winner as these bags are much prettier than the store bags.

  16. We reuse ziploc bags, sandwich kind and freezer bags. I bake and freeze or cook and freeze a lot so this has saved me a lot of money! We also use any containers that have held sour cream, ricotta cheese, etc. for craft supplies and of course, for food.

    Oh, yeah, and we use holy socks for dusting cloths! Just slip on your hand and voila!

    Laine Chambers´s last blog post…So How Do You Keep a Rambunctious Three Year Old Busy?

  17. I LOVE using re-useable bags.

    I save jam jar lids for the kids painting – they hold enough water to clean their brushes and are hard to spill.

    JanMary, N Ireland´s last blog post…Craft Storage – before and after

  18. What don’t I repurpose? lol . I like taking kitchen containers that I’m getting rid of (plastic) and storing toys in them for my toddler. I like using old t-shirts as “paper towels” now that I’ve made the jump. I’m hoping to use an old fitted sheet that has lost it’s “fit” and making a throw pillow cover out if it. I hate throwing things away and I hate having clutter so I either repurpose or give away anything I can.

    Shannon´s last blog post…Sugar Free Coconut Flour Cranberry-Walnut Muffins

  19. We reuse all of our plastic bags, plastic food containers etc. It’s also been great reading other’s comments . . . what great ideas!

    Tami´s last blog post…Comfort Soul Food

  20. I re-use dlaundry detergent bottles and fill them with homemade laundry soap. Plastic bags asgarbage bags and in-a-pinch wetbags for cloth diapers. Furniture will often get a new coat of paint and get re-used somewhere else. We also Freecycle quite a bit rather than throwing things away we no longer want.

    I also blogged about this give away at

    Jackie´s last blog post…partial

  21. As a homeschooler and brownie scout leader, I basically reuse any sort of packaging that comes into the house. Two weeks ago I needed 75 baby food jars for my scouts to make pet rock containers while celebrating the 70’s 🙂

    Jenny´s last blog post…Favorite Things…

  22. Does it count that I re-use pieces of trash for baby toys? 🙂 My boy loves playing with plastic bottles and cardboard boxes more than anything else.

    And it will be a long time before I forget the baby food years since those little containers are storing various little things in pretty much every room in our house!

    Joanna´s last blog post…And It’s Only 10 am …

  23. Awesome giveaway, Tsh! When grocery shopping, I try to buy things that come in fun, reusable containers. I just started buying spaghetti in long round tins and was so excited because it meant no more throwing away the old cardboard packaging. I use glass spaghetti sauce jars and plastic containers for storing stuff around the house – plastic gets used for toys or art supplies in the playroom. Glass gets used for my things in my craft area or just for decorating with. I actually have to battle the minimalist in me every time I keep packaging. I am finding a balance though.

  24. Empty coffee cans become drums for my four year old. They are also good for storing nails and screws and such. We also “reused” our hardwood floors by refinishing instead of replacing them. Great giveaway!

  25. I have one bought grocery bag, but I have also made a couple…out of old T-shirts. They are great for holding awkward items, but they don’t stand up, so are annoying at the market. I used them for gathering things from the garden though, and as a back up diaper bag. We also use cloth napkins!

    Rebecca´s last blog post…Obama does weekly YouTube posts?

  26. We’re trying to reuse/ repurpose as much as we can -for instance reusing glass jars from spaghetti sauce, jam, etc and putting there our own homemade preserves or using them as airtight containers for keeping spices – or art supplies.

  27. Well since I do use plastic bags for groceries (and bring my own to the store usually) – I reuse the bags for little trashcans in the bathrooms and at my desk.

    Being that I shop mostly garage sales and the thrift store – I consider all that recycling as well. And better yet – when we outgrow our thrifted clothes/books/toys – they get donated back to the store…a never ending thrift cycling!

    Edi´s last blog post…One of My Most Embarrassing Moments

  28. I reuse glass jars for storage. I just made pumpkin puree and homemade chicken stock and my peanut butter jars are the perfect size! I resuse plastic food containers when I send food home with people and don’t want to worry about getting the container back.

  29. Definately LOVE those shopping bags. we use them for carrying lots of things. We re-use all other shopping bags that come in the house. Definately recycle paper to be used for kids drawings or use the backside in the printer. Haven’t gotten rid of paper towels, but do buy Bounty so I can rinse and re-use a few times before they fall apart. Will be composting soon, as soon as I figure out where I will put my bin!

    Sue´s last blog post…Pillow Talk

  30. I would love one of these bags!

    Stuff we re-use…everything! Bounce dryer sheets, for one. I save cans for craft projects with the kids…

    Mrs. Sprinkles´s last blog post…Books on Homeschooling

  31. One of my goals for the coming year is to use only reusable bags for my shopping. What a great give away. Thanks!

    While we repurpose all of the time around this house, one of the most money saving ways is by using the backside of things that have been printed on the computer. I am in graduate school right now so I use a lot of paper for notes. Instead of purchasing lots of paper for that purpose I use the backs of articles and papers from previous classes to take notes for the current classroom. Since those documents have been saved on my computer or are available in print somewhere else, I don’t need the paper copy anymore. It works wonderfully!

    Vanessa´s last blog post…Laundry Day

  32. Great giveaway! Some things we do to reuse are, we turn used toilet paper rolls into a set of binoculars for the kids, used computer paper gets turned into works of art, used dryer sheets are great for scrubbing the bugs off the front of the car and are 1 reusable grocery bag gets used to tote around everything from groceries to taking meals to a friend, to packing a picnic lunch.

    Rachael´s last blog post…Driving the Safari truck with Aunt Tiffany.

  33. Instead of using a lot of papertowels for cleaning, hand drying etc. I purchased a huge stack of face cloths at target I keep in the bathroom and kitchen etc. I use a specific color for hand drying, one for cleaning wood surfaces, and one for all purpose cleaning. They get tossed in the wash and reused instead of the trash. Before we were going through about 3 rolls a week!

  34. We reuse old clothes and towels as all-purpose rags–and haven’t purchased paper towels in years. Also, we use the zippered pouches that new bedding comes in to store out of season clothing.

  35. My boys and I were just talking about the items we reuse this morning. The main thing that definitely gets used more than once around here are clothes and shoes. With three boys close in age almost every item we buy goes through 3 seasons before it is carted off to Goodwill.

    Sarah @ Ordinary Days´s last blog post…Husband FAIL

  36. Lots of great ideas in the comments! Wow! I re-use brown paper grocery bags and small paper bags with designs on them (like from a specialty store) as wrapping paper…the brown bags are fun because then the children and I can decorate them ourselves.

    Thanks for the chance to win something fun!

    Lisa´s last blog post…catchup.

  37. We reuse bags – plastic and paper – and also plastic containers that some foods come in. A lot of things can be reused for art projects for my two kids and I really never know how it’s going to be repurposed until my 4-year-old and his imagination go to work!

  38. Enter me please! 🙂

    stephanie´s last blog post…Not a Baby Anymore

  39. We like to reuse empty paper towel and toilet paper rolls to keep the wires for our electronics organized. Just slip all of those wires through one of the rolls before plugging them in and they don’t get tangled up.

  40. I try to find ways to reuse everything at least one more time. I reuse food cans for crafts and plastic tubs that food comes in for crafts and to store food in in the refrigerator. I use old coffee grounds in the plant soil.

    I do have some totes that I purchased at Kroger’s but these ones that are in the give away are so cute, I would love to win me some.

    Cheri´s last blog post…Gettin ready

  41. I give empty baby food containers to a friend who makes her own butter. She says the little containers are perfect.

  42. I have a few of the Meijer or Walmart re-usable bags, but these are adorable!!!

    I reuse brown paper bags for cookies right out of the oven – – cut one open, lay it on the counter, and it becomes a cooling station for chocolate chip cookies!!

  43. I love reusable bags! I have several, but I like these so much more! I use my daughter’s old formula cans to store odds and ends in. Unfortunately, they’ve changed the size and shape and it’s not as easy to use them for stuff.

  44. How fun! We re-use dryer sheets to clean the dishes! Fill your crusty, icky pan with hot water, toss in a used dryer sheet, and let it sit for about 20 minutes. All the baked on crustiness just wipes off!

  45. although we do use reusable shopping bags (from our local retailers – they’re not very pretty!), occasionally we end up with plastic shopping bags at home. we try to give them several re-uses before finally using them as garbage bags. because i make our own bread, i usually wrap loaves in those bags and i can use them for a long time that way.

    we also re-use glass jars for keeping spices; and those cute little paper Starbucks bags often get used for toting a hostess gift or something like that.

    Krista´s last blog post…fun with kids – Cinnamon Christmas Tree Ornaments

  46. I love the reusable bags! I really don’t reuse alot of things except for a few plastics from Aldi’s. I guess I need to start!

  47. I reuse all of our plastic containers as tupperware. Great for storage in the fridge or whatever and free too!

    Kristin Yeager´s last blog post…Obama!

  48. Great giveaway! We reuse brown paper grocery bags for our main trash bag under the sink. But we still have too many plastic bags that end up in our house from drugstores, etc. We recycle those.

    One thing we’ve been struggling with, for those of you who don’t reuse your grocery bags for trash bags…what do you put your trash in? (Especially main kitchen trash?). I don’t think those big plastic Glad bags are biodegradable. that’s why we’ve used the brown paper bags for our trash. But if I could find something even better that would be great!

  49. In our small house, it’s a constant battle between what is too cluttery to save and wanting to save everylittlescrap. The big things I save right now are storage boxes/jars from food (pickles – although we can’t seem to get the smell out of them! LOL, babyfood, etc) and I save even small scraps of fabric and old clothes for art projects, new crafts, etc.

    Amy´s last blog post…I found it!

  50. What wonderful giveaways! We do try to reduce, reuse, and recycle around our house, and my three year old is particulary good at seeing a second use for many things. He loves to store his toys in Folger’s coffee containers (the plastic ones), and he also uses cardboard paper towel rolls for pretend sword fights with me. 🙂

    Julie – On the Dot Creations´s last blog post…:: Ribbons and Bows ::

    • plastic bags, bread bags, produce bags, baggies-we reuse them for other things all the time.
      I love to reuse the sturdy plastic bags kids’ socks or sheets or the like come in-they’re great for organizing and keeping things together…like art supplies or toy sets with small parts or for taking toys to grandma’s or restaurants…

  51. I repurpose glass jars by using them for our dinner leftovers (great for pasta sauces!); I never thought I would, but I am cloth diapering my youngest son right now and love it; I use cloth rags (sometimes made from old towels I had planned to give away) instead of paper towels; we also use cloth napkins at dinner instead of paper.

    Cara´s last blog post…Sunday Snapshots

  52. I love figuring out how something can be repurposed instead of tossing it. I repurpose our old T-shirts into grocery bags. A very simple thing to do… cut off the sleeves, cut the neck a little bigger and sew the bottom together. They work very similiarly to the plastic bags that all the stores use.

    Great contest… those are some fantastic bags!!! Much prettier than my t-shirt bags.

    Jody´s last blog post…Stuffed Pumpkins

  53. I reuse my kiddos’ artwork (& believe me, there’s enough of it!) for everything from thank you cards to notepads!
    I’d love these nifty bags — mine are plain & green!

  54. I re-use paper bags to hold the recycling. The bags have held up for quite a few months and when they get to ratty I can recycle them.

    I also re-use plastic container lids as palette’s when the kids are painting.

    tabitha´s last blog post…Questions

  55. We reuse the plastic bags that we get as trash bags for our trashcans. These bags are awesome and I have wanted to get some. Thanks!

  56. Lately I’ve been reusing baby food jars for my homemade lotions, scrubs, etc.

  57. I love reusing my milk cartons. I personally use them for watering jugs and scoops. The kids use them for craft projects. We have lots of fun.

  58. I reuse baby wipes containers – to hold sewing/craft supplies, but also for cloth wipes solution 🙂


  59. I just used some leftover fabric to cover a cardboard box to wrap a gift in. Now it can double as storage for the item.

  60. I don’t reuse enough. Any of the plastic bags I get go through as many uses as I can. I need to reuse and repurpose more, really.

  61. We reuse clothing. Passing it down or using the material to make baby clothes or other items.

  62. Ohhhh what pretty bags! I have some large ones I reuse from Costco but they are very big and bulky and not at all cute.

    Around the house I reuse all kinds of things, especially glass jars, egg cartons, plastic tubs (i.e. what carryout, butter, etc. comes in) and paper (I save my school papers and print stuff on the other side).

    Great give away!

    Lucie @ Unconventional Origins´s last blog post…Inspired Projects – Paper Planes to Decorate Your Child’s Room

  63. Thanks to Modgirl’s post today – I will be reusing fabric softener sheets on my Swiffer (instead of buying those pricey Swiffer sheets).

    I save glass food jars instead of throwing them away – and use them in a variety of ways. Spaghetti jars with a little sand and a votive become luminaries. Jelly jars hold paintbrushes and water during art time. Applesauce jars store rice and beans.

    And where would I be without our local children’s resale shop! I take our used toys and clothes in for store credit and purchase the next size of clothing for the kids.

  64. My husband and I reuse our plastic grocery bags for MANY things. (we have one Kroger canvas bag but it never holds enough of our groceries). I also reuse paper for scraps. I’m sure there is more but my brain doesn’t work well this early in the morning. 😉 I absolutely ADORE these reusable shopping bags and hope I win one! 🙂

  65. I’d recycle my entire house if I could just find the right way to do it! 🙂 Plus, we rent, so my landlord might not appreciate us recycling the (ugly) curtains! LOL.
    We recycle clothes, turn them into puppets, or more clothes, bags, etc. We make lots of abstract art, using toilet roll as a ‘stamp’ on canvas. LOTS of double sided use of paper, and especially love using envelopes that come in the post for notes, or a shopping list, or letting my kids cut with scissors. Oh, how I’d love a new bag to HOLD all of my stash just waiting to be used! 🙂

  66. We reuse oatmeal canisters as storage for small toys or even as toys themselves for my 19-month-old.

  67. I’m cutting down on the paper towels we use by cutting up old t-shirts and using them as cleaning rags. I keep a basket of cloths by the kitchen sink for cleaning up spills.

    Kristen´s last blog post…Discoveries

  68. I love re purposing yarn.I unravel sweaters and make something new with them!

    Those bags are adorable, my family has been trying to get into using only reusable bags….we’ve gotten a started!

    Emma´s last blog post…*Warning:Rant Ahead*

  69. I dust with old socks and keep old t-shirts to use as rags. I use old rolled-up towels as a “draft dodger” to tuck under doors to keep out cold air. Thanks for the giveaway!

  70. We use an empty pop up kleenex box to store our receipts for the day. That way when my husband budgets he doesn’t have to go all over the house looking for receipts – they’re all in one place and contained.

    Candace (Mama Mia)´s last blog post…How did I think that this was a good idea?

  71. I’ve been shopping at yardsales for all of Little Miss Baby’s clothing for the fall. I’ve found some fantastic deals on her clothes, and a bunch of toys too. I also made her some big chunky blocks by covering some empty boxes with contact paper. And I love reusable bags, I have one with me all the time.

    Di´s last blog post…The Good, The Bad and The Toddler

  72. We try to reuse as much as possible. When my kids come home with a ton of papers, I look through them and then put them in a pile of scrap paper. My kids use them for art projects, notes, and I even use the other side to print coupons. I love the reusable bags that you have blogged about! They are so fashionable!

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  73. In addition to some of the things already mentioned, I reuse #10 envelopes – cut off the ragged edge and write my grocery list on it with corresponding coupons in the pocket! And the bags inside cereal boxes are way better and sturdier purchased wax paper, just wipe clean and cut off the edges.
    I use cloth bags for groceries but none of them are as coooool looking as the ones we could win!! Here’s hoping….:)

  74. What great bags! We reuse any kind of bags that we get for trash bags, etc. Ziplocks are definitely used numerous times before disposed of. And I use those nifty baby food containers for carrying baby snacks like cheerios and puffs.

    Thanks for such a great giveaway!

    Larra´s last blog post…Today’s the Day

  75. I use terry-cloth washcloths as rags, and one day when I was doing my cleaning, I ran out of Swiffer cloths for my Swiffer. So I used one of the rags, and found it worked just as well as the disposable Swiffer cloth. I’ve been using them ever since! 🙂

    Tammy´s last blog post…~Have You Ever?~

  76. Old t-shirts. We use them as rags, Cut them up and make baby doll clothes and hats from them etc

  77. Cool bags! I would love to win any of them! I have a bottle cutter and make vases for family and friends out of old glass bottles. I save cans from canned food and make individual frozen pies in them. Then you can just put them in the oven and have them ready! My hubby says I hord. I say I can figure out something to do with stuff we might just stick in the recycle bin or throw away!

    Bryssy´s last blog post…Free Chore Chart Download

  78. We reuse plastic bags all the time. They become our lunch bags, overnight bags,etc.
    We also reuse the paper bags – wrapping paper (after decorating), dog poop bag, craft masks, etc.

    Deanna´s last blog post…So Brave, Young, and Handsome

  79. I’m happy that so many people are excited about not using regular plastic bags! Super Fresh sells great bags–cheap, roomy, durable (I’ve had some for over a year and a half), with two handle sizes sewn in! I keep them behind the seat in the car and use them for other shopping also (a reusable bag of goodies from the craft store is a beautiful thing!). I just love saying, “…and I have my own bags.”
    I reuse glass jars for dry food storage and decoration (bunching spaghetti sauce, salsa and jam jars together looks really unique and cozy with tea candles inside), always use dryer sheets twice, reuse old clothes for cleaning rags, use cloth napkins, and use microfiber cloths instead of paper towels. To get even more life out of clothes bought second-hand, my sister and I make sure to give each other a look at our Goodwill piles before we donate–sometimes we end up reclaiming clothes we got rid of months ago!

  80. I try to reuse everything in my house. An old vase now houses our spoons and spatulas, old toothbrushes clean out the caulk in our bathroom and empty butter containers are used for storing leftovers.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

    One Frugal Girl´s last blog post…Free DVD Rentals

  81. All of my cleaning rags are reusable – i use microfibre cloths to clean glass and to dust – no more paper towels!

  82. Wow, some of these comments contain great tips! I reuse jars for storing odds and ends like screws, etc. I save fabric for crafts and patches, and paper that’s only been printed on one side goes to a pile for my kiddo to color on.

    Jennifer Muth´s last blog post…getting duller

  83. I am trying to be more aware of what I buy. I am not buying the big honkin’ thing of individual water bottles at Sam’s Club anymore. Just refilling reusable bottles.

    Sue´s last blog post…Gratitude13…..

  84. The majority of items in my home are thrifted.
    One of my favorite projects is to repurpose thrifted clothes into bags, pillows, etc.

    Courtney´s last blog post…Comfort Crafting

  85. Sorry, forgot one of the best! Working in an office I see TONS of paper (only printed on one side) in the recycle bin every day. I save stacks to bring home for use in our printer, and I love using them for wrapping and paper crafts –it is so snowflake season now!

  86. What gorgeous bags! We re-use lots in our house. Our toddler views normally cast off items with imagination, old coffee cans become drums, big cardboard boxes become cars or boats, the backside of printer paper become materpieces, and on and on daily.

  87. Love the bags! So cute! We reuse ziploc bags as much as possible (unless they’ve had raw meat in them) and I’ve started reusing glass spaghetti sauce jars to hold grains and lentils that I buy from the bulk bins at our co-op.

  88. Here in China, it’s illegal to give away plastic bags. So I have bunches of cheap store reusable bags, but could use some sturdy ones – especially if they aren’t emblazoned with the name of my Chinese grocery store. Still, I collect the plastic bags they give you with your produce – I have a dog, so you can probably guess how I repurpose those plastic bags. Also, I use plastic baby food containers instead of ziploc bags for the kids’ lunches.

    Email From The Embassy´s last blog post…Writing Advice

  89. I posted about the giveaway on my blog!

    Sue´s last blog post…Gratitude13…..

  90. We just repainted the house, so I’m reusing clear food jars to store leftover paint. Paint keeps better with as little air in the container as possible. It’s also incentive to clean out the fridge!

  91. We buy much of our food from the co-op’s bulk bins. Grains, beans, honey, oil, vinegar, maple syrup, peanut butter, flours, sugars – so many things; and the store encourages patrons to bring in their own reusable containers to refill (matter of fact, they charge .15 – .20 cents for a new plastic container). When we do get a new glass container, it is reused to fill with bulk food, store homemade bath scrub, leftovers or fresh yogurt. Everything else (plastic containers, tin cans, beer bottles, paperboard, plastic bags and foil) is recycled, and we use the plastic bags that make it home for our curbside recycling. We *heart* reduce, reuse, recycle!

  92. We reuse paper bags, plastic bags and plastic containers (think margarine and sour cream)…although I’ve always been a little weirded out to store leftovers in them because they’re not really designed for that.

  93. I love this! My husband and I reuse just about everything. We collect rain water in barrels and use it water our trees and plants, even lawn. We don’t use “bought” water to water our lawn. We compost our food scraps. We actually only generate about 1 bag of trash every 10-14 days. It’s great.

    I wash and reuse a lot of my ziptop bags. It takes a little effort, but after composting, I began to notice how many of those little baggies would end up in the trash.

    We have our own grocery bags, but if I do get the random plastic bag, I either recycle it (based on the number), use it for my bathroom trash cans, or reuse it when I take my doggies on a walk or to the park.

    When I steam vegetables, I reuse the water for my indoor plants. There are so many nutrients that can be lost (even from steaming) from veggies rich in water-soluble vitamins. At least those go towards making my plants healthy. There is a noticeable difference in the plants.

    We also donate magazines to hospitals after reading and clothing and bedding to local shelters so others may reuse our things.

    I enjoy finding ways to reduce my footprint. And it really doesn’t take much effort.

    Thanks for the great giveaway, Tsh!

  94. These bags are so cute! A year ago I bought two reusable bags from Target but they are beginning to tear now, and they aren’t nearly as cute as these-they’re just big & red-but it’s better than nothing! In our home we’re making the transition from paper to cloth. For 6 months we’ve used cloth napkins instead of paper and for about 5 months we’ve used rags, made from old t-shirts, instead of paper towels. It was harder to stop buying paper towels than napkins but I love using our rags now. It’s much better for the environment, we save money, and we have less trash! We recycle & compost as well. So, since we have very little trash, if we happen to get a plastic bag from the store, it works great as a trash bag, because our can is so small. Thanks for such a great give away!

    Jess´s last blog post…A Day of Celebration!

  95. We reuse plastic bags & any printed paper with a blank back side becomes scratch paper.

  96. I use mine for dirty clothes at the beach. Before we get in the car, we through all the dirty stuff in the bags. They put on the clean and the car stays a little cleaner.

  97. Love the reusable bags. We use old socks and t-shirts as dust rags.

  98. When I do get grocery store bags (blush) I use the paper ones for wrapping paper and art projects for the kids– and the plastic ones go for picking up after my dog on walks.

  99. Stephanooch says:

    Those bags are A-Dorable! I’ve been looking for cute bags. We reuse shoeboxes and food jars for storage: toys, craft supplies,etc.. We also reuse our chinese takeout containers for food storage. It’s like free tupperware!

  100. Wow! What a great giveaway. I have some bags, but they don’t look anything like these. I reuse plastic containers to store kid’s toys/art supplies. I also reuse plastic bags as trash bags in my bathrooms – that way I don’t have to buy more plastic bags at the store.

    Keri´s last blog post…Meals for October 13-19