Queen for a Day Giveaway 2011

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Welcome to Simple Living Media’s Queen for a Day Giveaway! Today we’ve got five giveaways full of treats to celebrate the mom in your life, just in time for Mother’s Day on May 8.

Moms are great. I know; I am one (ha!). Seriously, though — think of what mamas do for the human race. Imagine what families and cultures and neighborhoods and the younger generation would be like sans mothers. I’m pretty sure the world would collapse. Just guessing here.

I love that this week, the five blogs at SLM are celebrating mamas by blessing five of them with a gift basket full of goodies! Each item in each of these baskets would make a fabulous Mother’s Day gift for the mom in your life — most of the items are around the $20-$30 range, and most are made or sold by fellow mamas.

Hooray for moms! Read on to find out what’s in the Simple Mom gift basket.

This week, I get to bless one mama with a gift basket full of these items! Everything included would make a unique, affordable gift for Mother’s Day.

1. Necklace from Funky Vintage Lovely

April at Funky Vintage Lovely sent me one of her Keep Calm and Carry On necklaces, and I’ve pretty much been wearing it ever since. I love this thing! The blue goes with just about everything I wear, and the little mum charm makes it feminine without being girly-girl.

She’s got the cutest things in her shop, all of which would make perfect Mother’s Day gifts. I love this darling dahlia wax flower ring, this sweet + simple blossom necklace, and this bright & cheery magnetic tabletop magnetic chalkboard.

Between now and May 8, you can use the code MOM10 for 10% off your gift purchase.

April is including one Keep Calm and Carry On necklace in the Simple Mom Queen for a Day gift basket!

2. Set of four magnets from Lisa Leonard Designs

My friend and talent extraordinaire Lisa Leonard just launched a new line of home decor, alongside everything else she creates (when does this mama sleep?). I am drooling over her pennant banner (it would look darling in my daughter’s room), and of course, her jewelry is amazing. Next purchase for me is this “my treasure” necklace etched with my kids’ names.

But Lisa sent me one of her new items — four custom-made magnets — and I am thrilled! Oh my goodness, I love these things so much. These are heavy-duty magnets made of hand-cast pewter, available for customizing just about anything you’d like. Mine say “tate’s creation,” “reed’s creation,” “finn’s creation” (when he’s ready to create), and “this week:”. I use them constantly already.

Between now and April 30, use coupon code sosimple15 to receive 15% off anything in her store.

Lisa is including a set of four customized magnets in the Simple Mom Queen for a Day gift basket!

3. Classy Hobo Bag from Bayan Hippo

Bayan Hippo is an Etsy shop run by a mama of twin girls. Based in Turkey, she sews and designs all her amazing bags herself.

She sent me her Classy Hobo Bag in carmine red, and I haven’t touched my former purse since. This thing has pockets galore, and I can fit absolutely everything I need for a day in it. I’ve even put Finn’s diaper bag (it’s small), my Bible and journal, and usual purse stuff in it. At the same time. The strap is super sturdy and comfortable as well.

I also love her Pretty Purse in apple green and her Modular Messenger Bag in gray with leaves. All for under $40, the quality is outstanding! Shipping is incredibly fast, too (even being based outside the U.S.).

Between now and May 8, you can use the coupon code SIMPLEMOM for 10% off your purchase!

Bayan Hippo is including a Classy Hobo Bag in the Simple Mom Queen for a Day gift basket!

4. Mr. Darcy Proposal T-Shirt from Brookish

I literally gasped when I saw the Brookish shop on Etsy. Full of items celebrating the wonder that is Pride and Prejudice, shop owner Brooke creates items emblazed with some of our best-loved P&P quotes and locales.

Check out this coffee mug with the quote, “We seem to have been designed for each other” from the incorrigible Mr. Collins. Or this typography-inspired floursack dishtowel with the names of famous P&P locations.

Brooke sent me her organic American Apparel t-shirt celebrating my favorite character, Collin Firth Mr. Darcy. It reads, “In vain I have struggled. It will not do. My feelings will not be repressed. You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you.


Brookish is including the same t-shirt in the Simple Mom Queen for a Day gift basket! (And check out this fun Father’s Day gift idea.)

5. Penny bracelet and earrings from Smashing for Pretty

Smashing for Pretty is a delightful Etsy shop run by Jonathan, an 11-year-old boy. Yep, you read that right. He takes coins and upcycles them into one-of-a-kind jewelry. Using everything from dimes to pennies, Jonathan creates earrings, bracelets, and necklaces.

His idea started when his dad brought home a smashed penny from the railroad track, and he wanted to try it, too. He showed his mom, who then asked him to make her a necklace. And thus his business was born.

As Jonathan says, “I smash the coins in our basement. Dad brought home an angle iron and we bolted it onto a log so I could smash coins on top of it, and I use my dad’s drill to make holes in the coins. That’s where I work pretty much. My mom helps me hook the jump rings on to the chains and helps me to get it looking right.”

Isn’t he the coolest?

His family sent me the Penny bracelet and earrings, and I love them! So fun and unusual. Plus, I just love the idea of kids learning business skills at a young age. Think of what Jonathan is learning.

Smashing for Pretty is including a Penny bracelet and earrings in the Simple Mom Queen for a Day gift basket!

6. Collection of Books

To top it off, the following books are also included in the gift basket:

Green Market Baking Book

Laura Martin has written an absolute gem of a book in the Green Market Baking Book. A compilation of recipes from well-known chefs (Alice Waters, for one), every. single. recipe in this book is sugar-free. And it’s a baking book. Its premise is that locally-produced sustainable whole foods, seasonal fruits and vegetables, and natural sweeteners make baked goods better for you and the planet.

This book is a delight to look at, too, with all of its colorful, vintage-y illustrations. Plus, it has all sorts of great info about the different natural sweeteners, how to make everything gluten-free, and the tips for buying seasonal produce (all the recipes are organized by season!). I hope to try the honey strawberry shortcakes with honey-sweetened whipped cream sometime this week.

The Reluctant Entertainer

My friend (and Simple Mom regular contributor) Sandy Coughlin’s book The Reluctant Entertainer gives inspiration, advice, and practical tips for entertaining in your home. Never one to be perfect, Sandy encourages us that showing gracious hospitality isn’t about serving a five-star meal or elaborate centerpieces. This book is all about helping you break free from your anxieties that keep you from welcoming people into your home. Her blog is all about that, too.

Steady Days

Simple Homeschool editor and Steady Mom writer Jamie Martin’s book Steady Days (got all that?) asks the question, “Are you parenting like a professional?” If you feel overwhelmed by a lack of direction in your parenting, this book could help. She believes that when you love what you do, that love translates to others in your life.

Organized Simplicity

My book Organized Simplicity is about learning who you are, how to say ‘no’ to the things that don’t matter so you can say ‘yes’ to the things that do, and then create your home to reflect these same values. More than an organizing book, it’s a book written to encourage you to live intentionally, with purpose and thoughtfulness.

How to win

One Simple Mom reader will win all of the items listed above, making it a sweet gift basket to bless the mama in your life (maybe it’s YOU)!

Everyone has three chances to win. Here’s how:

1. Comment on this post, answering this: Tell me something you love about a mother in your life.

2. For an extra entry, “like” Simple Mom on Facebook. Then leave an additional comment letting me know you’ve done so.

3. For an extra entry, tweet about this giveaway, using @SimpleMom and the hashtag #mothersday. Then leave an additional comment letting me know you’ve done so.

This giveaway will end this Saturday, April 30 at 11:59 p.m. EST, and I’ll announce the winner this Sunday. I hope you win!

Check out the rest of the Queen for a Day baskets:

Tsh Oxenreider

Tsh is the founder of this blog and just finished traveling around the world with her husband and 3 kids. Her latest book is Notes From a Blue Bike, and believes a passport is one of the world's greatest textbooks.

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  1. Something I love about a mother in my life. My MOM, she is amazing. Something that I love about her is that she was strict and stern when we were young, but she made sure we knew the realities of life. And now that I am an adult with children of my own, She is my best friend and her lessons prepared me for the reality of life. We always knew that she loved us, but she was preparing us for adult life, and she did an amazing job.

    • Isn’t it amazing that the mothers we took for granted during our childhood are still sources for love and friendship now that we are grown? My mother lives in another state and when she comes to visit it is like a hole in my life has been filled. And now she passes those sames lessons that you speak of on to my children when she is here.

  2. I “like” Simple mom on Facebook. I also shared this giveaway so all my FB friends can try to win too. Thanks for this amazing Mother’s Day Giveaway.

  3. I love my mom’s generosity! She is a thoughtful gift-giver and because of her, I learned to keep a gift drawer of items that I know people will love so I’m ready to bless them for a special occasion! My mom is generous with her money as well, helping friends and family when needed.
    Thanks for hosting this giveway!

  4. I love that my mother-in-law is always ready with a supportive and encouraging word, a hug, or a thoughtful gift. She goes out of her way to be sure you know she loves you.

  5. My mum always supports me even if she thinks what I am doing is a bit mad. She will tell me what she thinks (only once) and then let me do whatever I think is best. This relationship has taken a while to get there but I am profoundly grateful to her.

  6. The “something” I love about a mother, is the “something” I learn from every mother I meet – good and bad. I LOVE the wonderful collection of mothers I know and try to take something away from them all. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY EVERYDAY!!!

  7. I love my mom’s adventurous, creative spirit. She’s such a great grandma!

  8. I just “liked” Simple Mom on FB.

  9. Phronsie says:

    I like on Facebook

  10. Phronsie says:

    What do I like about a mom in my life? I like that my mom loves to celebrate just about anything. Even those obscure, “no one knows about them” holidays.

  11. i just received an easter basket full of my favorite sweets and an anthropologie apron:) in the mail form my momma! I love that even though i’m in my 20’s she still knows how to put a smile on my face and make me feel oh so loved and special on holidays and everyday!

  12. aimee c. says:

    i like when a mom takes time to go on “dates” with her child(ren). it’s both beneficial for mother & child. i plan to do this when my child(ren) are older. thanks for the chance. such a great gift basket!!!

  13. Jennifer Y says:

    I love that my mom has always been there for us, no matter what. Growing up we always, always knew we were loved, even when we made mistakes, she loved us anyway. She taught us so much by example; I hope I can be a good example and teacher for my boys like my mom was for us.

  14. Jennifer Y says:

    I already like simple mom on facebook.

  15. What I love about my mother is the fact that she has the best view and ultimate way of helping me be the best mom I can be from heaven 🙂 As a mom of 3 (one being 10 days old) I feel her guidance daily and appreciate all she has done for me.

    Hug your moms!!!!!

  16. I “liked” simple moms on FB.

  17. Sandy White says:

    Something I love about a mother in my life has to do with my Daughter in Law. She is and excellent mother to my grandchildren. She is dilligent, hard working, and concientious and takes such good care of her family. She is always doing something to make her home nicer, her family happier, and reach out to those around her. She is a real blessing to our whole family.

  18. Sandy White says:

    I like on Facebook.

  19. I love my mama because she shows her love 24/7. And that’s what it is all about. Love galore. She helped me become who I am- and I show thanks to her not only on Mother’s Day, but every day.

  20. I already like on fb

  21. I love that my mom is selfless.

  22. I like you on Facebook.

  23. What I love about my Mother is that she raised me to love God, my family, and others with all my heart. She demonstrates selflessness everyday and encourages me to be a better mom by her example. My mom is my best friend and I realize now more than ever that our relationship is a gift.

    I also “liked” simple mom on facebook and tweeted @simplemom #mothersday on twitter from @stephcatlett

    Thank you for this giveaway!

  24. I love that my mother has been so willing to come over to my house to help me take care of my children while I’ve been on bed rest and now through the first two weeks of my newborn’s life.

  25. I like Simple Mom on Facebook.

  26. I love that my Mom is always there to help me with my baby, answer questions, and be a calming force in my life! She is the best!

  27. I liked Simple Mom on facebook!

  28. Oh, what a lovely giveaway! My Mom is going to be at my house for Mother’s Day this year and I’m planning something special! My Mom is my biggest cheerleader and encourager! She has helped me so much as a young mom and she is one of my best friends!

  29. “Liked” you! 🙂

  30. Something I love about a mother in my life… My mother in law is always there for me if I need her, and she spends much of her time and energy providing for her family, both by working outside the home and cooking up healthy delicious meals on a daily basis. She’s amazing!

  31. I tweeted about this giveaway!

  32. I love that my mother-in-law is one of the most loving, warm people I’ve met, and she is always there to help anyone in need. Thank you for offering this giveaway!

  33. I already ‘like’ Simple Mom.

  34. My mom has loved me through chaos, making tough decisions to help me reach the other side.

  35. I like Simple Mom on FB!

  36. I love that we have moved closer to my mother, a month ago! She is always there for me and my family, wether it is for support, a helping hand or to make food 🙂

  37. Susan Baker says:

    Unconditional love.

  38. Kristen M. says:

    I like Simple Mom on facebook.

  39. Kristen M. says:

    I love my mother for her servant heart. She recently came to visit her newest grandbaby and voluntarily took the 3am shift each morning. I slept great knowing that my baby was in my mom’s care.

  40. My mom makes me want to be a better mom! She has the kind, gentle spirit I am aspiring to gain. She is amamzing

  41. Liked you on facebook!!!

  42. I am blessed to have two fantastic mothers in my life. One from birth, who has always loved and supported me. Another from marriage, who has always loved and supported my loving husband. Far from the stereotypical mother-in-law, she never fails to compliment me on the way I’m raising her grandchildren while overlooking my obvious failures as a housekeeper and cook:)

  43. I love how my mum never complains when I ask her to quilt down yet another quilt for me. In fact, I think she even expects it 🙂 Thanks Mum.

  44. Lindsay Sledge says:

    One mother that I love and always look to for inspiration is my friend Dayna. She is one of the most compassionate and loving people I’ve ever met. She gets up early and goes to bed late ensuring her kids are taken care of. I’m blessed for knowing her.

  45. My Mom shared with me her love of reading. She took the time to read to me so that I could learn to read for myself. She spent countless hours with me in libraries and bookstores, teaching me (and later my kids) to love the written word and to embrace the knowledge and adventures that could be found in books. I’m looking forward to hearing her read to her first great-grandchild this fall.

  46. Lindsay Sledge says:

    I “liked” on FB.

  47. like you on FB. 😀

  48. I liked Simple Mom on Facebook.

  49. Tweeted it!

  50. What a wonderful giveaway! I love that my mom is willing to try new things. She had always wanted to play the piano and gave it a whirl when she was nearing 60. Five years later, she’s playing Chopin in her recitals and loving it!

  51. Liked on Facebook.

  52. Tweeted as well! (@unc929400)

  53. What I love about mothers in general is how we tend to ‘get’ and support those in our circle. We love and support one another and that’s the way it should be.

  54. I just liked Simple Mom on FB!

    AND the thing I love about my mom is that she has always encouraged me to be exactly who I am…and nothing else.

  55. I have a work mom, she has been there to guide me from the day i started my first job (16) Her name is Grace and she has been a great joy to my life. She was 37 when i first started my job and has watched me grow up these last 23 years. i would like to win this prize for her as she has had a devasting loss in the past month.

  56. I love the way my mother has committed herself to joy, despite all of the forces that have threatened to push her down.

  57. Jennifer says:

    Something that I love about a mom in my life – she is always there to listen, she asks questions about my life and she is always eager to play with my children!

  58. Jennifer says:

    I already “like” you on Facebook. I LOVE Simple Mom!!!

  59. Jennifer says:

    I tweeted about Queen for a Day too!

  60. My mom raised the four of us to be independent but with a great love for each other.

  61. I love that my mom knows so much about finances and always happily does our taxes for us. She has taught me how to be thrifty and to live a good life. I will always be grateful for that.

  62. I like that my mom stayed at home with us kids when we were growing up, then went back to college (at the same time I did) just because she wanted to finish her degree.

  63. Like simple bites on FB. 😀

  64. I love that my mom is the sweetest person in the world. She doesn’t have a mean bone in her body. Even when I was at my worst, she always had a smile and hug for me.

  65. oops. posted on the wrong page. 🙂 I really want those books!! 😀 ha ah

  66. “Liked” Simple Mom

  67. My mom and mother-in-law took such good care of me after we had our baby. They cooked so much food for us so we didn’t have to and held our baby so we could eat.

  68. Stephanie says:

    My mom is always there when I need her.

  69. My mom – the “keep calm and carry on” – that was her.
    Always calm.

  70. I love that my mom showed me how to create, even when I was really young.

  71. I like Simple Mom on facebook!

  72. I love that my mother always put me and my sister first. She bought us new things when she didn’t have new things. She always babied us when we were sick! HA


  73. The mom in my world gives “Keep Calm and Carry On” new meaning every day!

  74. My mother read her Bible every morning. I am not sure she knew how much this would have an impact on me. Now as a stay at home mom, I understand the dedication it took to do this.

  75. My best friend was a very young mother, but she and her husband have done a fabulous job of raising their daughter. She has gone back to school and gotten her degree in elementary education and is now a wonderful teacher.

  76. I love that my mom continues to stay active even after 40+ years of rheumatoid arthritis have crippled her hands and feet. She is spunky!

  77. I love my mom’s cooking. I’m never hungry when she’s around.

  78. I “like” Simple Mom on facebook. Thank you for the giveaways!

  79. I love that my mom is so capable and sure of herself. She raised 8 kids – the youngest 5 are still at home, and homeschool us all. She encouraged us always to do what we love and not let anyone talk us out of it. My dad was a Submariner, so although he was present in our lives emotionally and spiritually, he wasn’t physically always there. My mom was strong in every area of her life and passed that on to all of us.

  80. I also “like” Simple Mom on FB!

  81. I already like you on FB!

  82. I love my mom’s care for our family. Even though all of her children are grown, she continues to take care of us when we’re sick & help in our homes & she is a wonderful grandmother to all her grandchildren.

  83. I love to see my mother as a grandmother. We had some struggles in the past, but we worked hard to get closer again and I think we did it!

  84. My mom was just visiting our family. We had a baby last month and she was here to help and I sure do appreciate all she did for me, both now and as I grew up, and all she did for my kids. She’s an amazing “gramma” and I miss her terribly now that she’s headed back home.

  85. My mother is so inspiring to me ..she grew up in a situation of neglect, abuse and conditional love. In one generation she has turned the tables, making sure we understand nothing of the things she experienced. She has raised 6 children, is the grandmother to 10 little ones and is on her way with my dad to the mission field in Singapore! We truly “rise up and call her blessed.”

  86. I LOVED you on Facebook!

  87. I “liked” Simple Mom on facebook!

  88. my mom has always modeled a relationship with God before me. I can remember waking up Saturday mornings to find her outside on the porch spending time with the Lord. It is such a beautiful memory that encourages me all these years later in my own relationship with God.

  89. My mom is always thinking about how she can help to make our lives better. I might casually mention needing something (birthday candle holders this week) and she will pop up with it. She cuts out all of the coupons in the Sunday paper and categorizes them before giving them to me. She takes my coupon notebook at least once per month and purges all of old coupons and reorganizes it. She is fabulous!

  90. I am already a fan on FB! Does that count?

  91. Kris Freitag says:

    I love my momma because she balances being my supporter, friend and still my momma with ease and grace. I appreciate how our relationship has grown and developed as I have gotten older!

  92. I love my mom for always praying for me and I love my mother in law for never criticizing what we do, even though I’m sure she’d like to sometimes! 🙂

  93. I love my mother’s wisdom. After 34 years I’ve finally decided to really consider everything she says as she has usually been right!

  94. My mom always believes in me, no matter what.

  95. Kris Freitag says:

    Ok, I liked you on FB too–welll, I liked a comment on fb, my general like button is gone. Sometimes I can’t figure FB out.

  96. Already like Simple Mom on Facebook!

  97. I like you on facebook.

  98. For 36 years, my mom has always had the time to talk and the time to play.

  99. What a great giveaway! Thanks for a fun opportunity.