Q&A Tuesday: Where do you want to go?

I suppose I still have some jet lag lingering to be thinking of this question today.  The older I get, the less I want to travel, at least until our kids are older.  C’est la vie.

My husband and I met while we were separately living overseas as expats, and though we often bemoan the difficulties involving travel, it’s probably embedded somewhere in our DNA.  One day, some day, I hope to dig deep some roots and call one place a home.  In the meantime, I want to enjoy some of the benefits of travel while it’s available.

My question for you today:

Where’s your current top travel destination dream spot, and why?

Feel free to be as realistic or dreamworld-bound as possible in your answer.

Tsh Oxenreider

Tsh is the founder of this blog and just finished traveling around the world with her husband and 3 kids. Her latest book is Notes From a Blue Bike, and believes a passport is one of the world's greatest textbooks.

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  1. Germany, to visit my dear friend. Followed by the US to visit another friend… and purely for travels sake, probably Vietnam 🙂

    Emma’s last blog post…September Round-up.

  2. New York, New York!
    For some reason I feel a sense of calm when wandering in NY. I love the atmosphere and the architecture 🙂

  3. My family lives in Beijing, China. Sounds cool, but it means vacation money is usually spent going home to visit relatives. This year, we’ve saved and saved, and we’re going to take the kids to a resort in Thailand for Christmas. I absolutely cannot wait. If I won the lottery and could have more vacations like this one, I’d choose Vietnam, like the commenter above, because I love the cuisine and it’s close enough to be manageable with kids. (you’re right – travelling is sometimes less-than-fun with small kids, and we have four of them!)

    Email From The Embassy’s last blog post…Shay’s Soccer Tournament

  4. Ubud in Bali. I take the kids there each year for one month and we live with the locals. No TV, game consoles or modern gadgets.
    My boys re-learn how to be still and just be. It takes about 4 or 5 days for the restlessness to settle down and then a calm washes over them. They loooooove Bali.

    The Balinese are the most gentle, peaceful and graceful people you’d ever want to meet. They are always smiling. If my blog was earning more money I would live there tomorrow happily.

    Peace, love and chocolate


    Carole Fogarty’s last blog post…The Importance Of Pleasing Your Senses:

  5. We are headed to Istanbul and Bodrum for two weeks this Christmas/ New Year. Turkey has long been one of my dream destinations, and I am so very excited to be actually going! Now I just hope the Euro/ US dollar exchange rate stays where it is for two more months…..

    Rebecca’s last blog post…End of the Day

  6. I, too, met my husband while we were separately working overseas. Even though we’ve been here a while & have no plans to leave, I wouldn’t exactly call us expats as we work for Uncle Sam. We, too, travel quite a bit and just can’t get enough of it.
    I would really love to visit Yellowstone and America’s West with my husband, but my dream spot would be the Cook Islands.

    Dana’s last blog post…Multiple Intelligences

    • we have been to the cook islands twice now (from australia you just head over via New Zealand but it is still far) and it is heaven on earth! definitely recommend it as a great destination – we have been alone pre-kids and another time with both kids and 1 grandma! rent a house on the beach and it is cheaper and magical!

  7. I would love to go to Japan,
    It has always been a dream of mine to visit Tokyo Disneyland, my son’s would love a trip to Mt Fuji where there is the Thomasland and hubs would enjoy going to the ski fields at Hokkaido.

  8. New York!

    To meet Donald Trump! haha 🙂

    No, seriously, I always wanted to go to NY, such a great place I guess

  9. My husband and I want to go to Alaska one of these days. Maybe an Alaskan cruise? I would also like to go to Ireland and Scotland, but hubby doesn’t particularly care to go to either of those.

  10. The two “I’s”. Ireland and Israel.

  11. Japan. Hubby and I plan to go there with in the next 10 years. We cut out a page from a travel magazine and put it in a frame above our computers to remind of us of the goal.

    After that, oh probably Norway and Iceland.

    Avlor’s last blog post…Organizing Round Up: The Craft Area

  12. Easy… after living in India for a year and now being back in the States for a year, I’d love to freely travel between the two countries, leaving my homes completely set up waiting for my arrival each time.

  13. For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to go to Australia with a detour to Fiji.

    Jen@OurDailyBigTop’s last blog post…Make moments matter

  14. japan. that’s our dream vacation. we’d hoped to go there for our honeymoon, but it would cost more than our wedding to do so! but that’s definitely our “save until we can do it” vacation.

    more realistically, i’d love to go anywhere in europe. i’ve never been! or back to the Dominican Republic, to see Puerto Rico, even Cuba. I love Latin America, so just about anywhere in central or south America would be great.

  15. The Greek Coast. Hands down. My husband and I want to go there desperately. So much so that we’re thinking of not adding any more little peanuts to our family so we can travel heavily. We love to travel and vacation and we’re not sure we’ll be able to do that with three children.

    I digress, Greece is my dream vacation.

  16. I would love to live in Germany. And fortunately, that is a very real possibility in a few more years!

    I would also love to visit New Zealand!

  17. I want to be able to make my living online within the next few years so that by the time she’s ready for middle school (grrr/ugh), we’ll be able to get out of Dodge, and show her the world.

  18. I had the chance to travel Europe a bit when I was stationed in Germany. The only countries I missed out on where Scotland and Ireland. I’d love two weeks to aimlessly drive around and stay at B&B’s. You can also sign me up for a bike trip around Tuscany!

    Megan’s last blog post…Why I’ve spent $300 buying things to pee on

  19. To visit the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, but I’m not sure I can handle that long in an airplane, especially if with kids.

    Natalie’s last blog post…Spielplatz #13: Westfalen Park

  20. I’ve spent a good bit of time overseas, so my next desirous destinations would be Alaska, Hawaii & the national parks out west.

    Australia also sounds interesting, though it is a heck of a plane ride! 🙂

    jodi @ bpr’s last blog post…Christmas Planning – Eight Weeks & Counting

  21. the middle east..that great travel destination of the world – because two of my children live there.

  22. Every district in the UK. My husband is a British citizen who spent most of his life in Italy (which he hates). Our goal is to spend a couple weeks in each district/major city in the UK as our boys grow up so they can get to know their roots. So far we’ve made it to Yorkshire and Edinburgh. I am voting for Wales next!

    Amy’s last blog post…a simple prayer

  23. Just returned from an excursion around Scotland, my family’s homeland, with my father. Great trip!
    Next trip is South America with the family for 3 – 6 months. At least that’s the plan now. That way all of us can learn another language and see more of the world.

    Corey – Simple Marriage Project’s last blog post…A Daring Adventure’s Take On A Simple Marriage

  24. Right now we’re wanting to see Niagara Falls & camp at Jellystone Park – sounds perfect. 🙂

    Big dreaming? A tour of France, Italy, England, Germany, etc.

    Jen E @ mommablogsalot’s last blog post…If I Was…

  25. We love Hawaii because it’s so easy, yet tropical. But I would love to visit the south of France.

    Half Assed Kitchen’s last blog post…Poor person’s pan au chocolat

  26. We are considering moving to the UK for a few years to study. We think it would be fantastic for us and our kiddies.

    I would love to go back to Ireland for more than 2 weeks.
    And I’ve always wanted to go to Greece, Spain and Morocco. And Thailand (obviously on a seperate trip). Those will probably have to wait until the kids are older.

    jill’s last blog post…Happy Birthday to me!

  27. I would say Maui… because it would be full of sun and sand and play and rest!

    alexandra’s last blog post…a week in the life… days 3 and 4

  28. Spain – I studied abroad there many moons ago and I would really love to go back – particularly Zaragoza to visit my host family again. 🙂 Also, ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always wanted to visit Scotland.

    Karen’s last blog post…Goats and more goats…

  29. I’ve traveled all over Europe and North America, even been to Australia and New Zealand. But I would love to go to Asia and South America. I think I’d like to go to South and Central America next- start with Northern Mexico and go down to the tip of Argentina. I’m the opposite of you- I have SUCH a travel bug- I only wish I could figure out a way to afford to take a year and go traveling the world- even with three little kids.

    Kelly from Almost Frugal’s last blog post…How to Look Fabulous, Frugally: Part One

  30. My husband and I want to visit Israel so that we can walk where Jesus walked.

  31. Mexico. Specifically an all-inclusive resort. Our plans are to make this dream come true in early summer 2009. It will accomplish several goals for us — 1) introduce our girls to the ocean, 2) provide some much needed R&R for all of us, including hammocks in the sun, splashing in the water and fruity drinks in the cabana, 3) introduce our girls to yet another culture, 4) authentic Mexican food.

    Nancy’s last blog post…The Grinch of Halloween

  32. Right after my husband and I married, we left Colorado and have traveled and lived around the U.S. and in Africa. Anticipating leaving was amazing – to escape normal life with the man i love and embark on an adventure, creating our own life in places that we chose for ourselves. I had no idea how beautiful and dreamy my once “home” would become. i long to be home in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. .

    Hannah’s last blog post…YAY!!!

  33. I’ve always been intrigued by the beauty of New Zealand in photographs and would love to experience it in person.

    Julie’s last blog post…Just Cast My Vote!

  34. Italy (anywhere, but especially the coast) and Paris.

  35. Anywhere with great childcare! These days it feels like a vacation to grocery shop by myself, I can hardly imagine exotic travel. But I’m looking forward to taking my kids to Yosemite, Disneyland, Thailand, and Peru, when they’re ready.

  36. I would love to travel to Italy. My great-grandparents were born there and I’ve always wanted to go. My father dreamed of going and never got the chance. He died in 2004 at the age of only 54. I hope to go someday with my husband and children in his honor. I can’t wait to see all of the beauty and eat the amazing food!

    Tracie’s last blog post…Fall crafts and pumpkins

  37. Practical: My son and I may get to go on my hubby’s next business trip to San Francisco. I think it will be fun (even with a 2-1/2 year old), plus I’ve never been there before. Also we’re intending to go beach camping again soon on North Padre.

    Dream: Time! I’d love to be able to spend a decent amount of time anywhere. For example, I’d love to visit Europe again, but I love to be able to spend three months wandering around with only a vague itinerary.

    Gabriel’s last blog post…Books We’re Loving

  38. Peru. I went there this summer with family for a humanitarian trip and fell in love with the Cuzco and Machu Picchu. I can’t imagine traveling there again without doing something for the people. It was such a beautiful trip.

  39. My parents just moved to the United Arab Emirates, so my dream is to visit them and travel the Middle East (especially Israel, where my husband lived). We’re expecting our first baby in March and it blows my mind trying to think about traveling with (or even without) an infant or toddler. Yikes!

    Conversely, and much more easy sounding, I want to take him to Hawaii (he’s never been!) and show him all around where I lived for a summer.

    Barb @ getupandplay’s last blog post…Can’t stop laughing at the baby arms…

    • I think traveling with an infant is easier than with a toddler. They just lay or sit there! Toddlers are the most challenging because they want to move and explore, and they’re not as good entertaining themselves and sitting still. I was surprised how much better our 3-year-old was with traveling this time around. She sat in her chair, read, watched the little TV in front of her, and slept a few hours. She did great!

  40. My in-laws live in Hawaii, so we go every other year for Christmas. I’ve never been to Alaska though my friend is going next week for a Polar Bear Expedition! I’d love to join her…

    My husband grew up in Tokyo, but I have yet to visit (except the airport).

    I haven’t been on the continents of South America or Africa, so those are high on the priority list.

    My cousin lives in England, which I’ve never visited. Since I’ve got a place to stay, I should make my travel arrangements!

  41. V. Higgins says:

    Goodness… I don’t know if I could narrow it down.
    I have to echo the two “I”s, Ireland and Israel, but closer to home I ache to go on a 15 day cruise to the Hawaiian islands with my DH. Someday I would absolutely love to cruise slowly around the world, stopping where we want to and moving on when we feel like it *want*.

  42. oh, let me dream here……….a cruise through the Alaskan wilderness…….before it’s all gone……..

  43. Even though we’ve been to Hawaii twice, I’d love to go back! Both times were before my daughter was born and I’d love for her to go with us sometime.

    My favorite island is Kauai and my husband’s is the Big Island, so we’ll have to do both 🙂

    Jenny’s last blog post…Fleurville Mothership Diaper Bag $46!

  44. Mt. Rushmore in South Dakota… I live only a few hours from there in Nebraska and have never gone to see this amazing site!

  45. I’m with Mary Beth, I’d love to visit the country in the Middle East where my sister-in-law and her husband are living. I’d also like to visit, oddly enough, Bosnia. My husband and I taught ESL to refugees for several years when we were first married and developed some precious friendships with several Bosnians. Their culture is so neat and I’d love to see their country (or what is left of it).

  46. I would love to visit Ireland. All the pictures I see and the programs I watch on tv just feed that desire!! Dear Hubby wants to go to Canada and that’s okay with me too!! Hopefully we’ll get to do some traveling in the next several years. Our “baby” will be 16 in less than 2 months and I’m afraid empty nest will consume me!!

    Deb’s last blog post…My To-Do List

  47. a flight into Santiago, Chile, where we will spend a few days before renting a car and driving south, exploring the changing country, before ending the vacation with a couple weeks exploring Patagonia, complete with day-trip to Antarctica (not that i’ve been thinking about this or anything…)

    Sara’s last blog post…I’m Alive! With a Recipe!

  48. France! I’ve always wanted to see Paris, but I recently saw the movie Paris, je t’aime and it made me want it even more.

  49. My husband and I would love to go to New Zealand. We are huge Lord of the Rings fans, so that got us even more interested recently. But overall, we just love exploring beautiful landscapes and we’ve never been to that part of the world.

    Sarah H.’s last blog post…Organize My Wardrobe: Clothes Clutter Control Part 2

  50. I would really love to go to New England to see the foilage someday…my husband? He wants to go to Iceland!

  51. Bilbao, Spain to visit my long-time pen-pal (originally from Ireland) now friend. And of course, back to Ireland (I spent a summer way back when to meet my friend & her family). I’m a firm believer that Ireland is one of those places everyone should visit before they die. So beautiful, awesome people, unlike any other place I’ve ever been. Love it!

    Vicki’s last blog post…Lisa Leonard jewelry

  52. My husband and I have our travel priorities laid out. First, visit the Eastern US where my Dad and brother live whom he’s never met, then visit Brazil where his extended family lives whom I’ve never met and then to Burkina Faso where he spent three years and then to Hawaii where he has some friends. I wonder how long all that will take us…

  53. Europe, however I am an expat with a 1 year old so travelling back home to Australia is about the only overseas trip we take.

    Everyday Mom’s last blog post…The joys of living behind a cornfield

  54. The Vatican, Rome & Italy. For several months.

    Maybe the holy land, too.

    Jen’s last blog post…Websites Up

  55. Honestly, I want to go anywhere with my husband, that’s quiet and we can sleep. That’s all!!!

  56. My first destination would be Monet’s Garden in France – as an avid gardner and a huge Monet fan it has been a dream of mine for years! The second place would be England. I am half English as my father is a full blooded Englishman and I have never been to England! My son may be doing an internship at Cambridge this summer so I think next year may be my year!!

  57. Fun question!!
    There are soooo many places I want to go, but like you alluded to, traveling with kids can be significantly more challenging (not to mention the cost of travel). So for me, I want our travels these days to be extra meaningful.
    Right now that mostly means visiting people we love, in places we’ve never been. A couple places on our to-go list are:
    Cabo San Lucas, where some good friends live.
    North Carolina, where are very good friends are moving in a couple weeks.
    Italy, where one of my oldest friends lives (and will be getting married!)

    Gidget’s last blog post…Holidays by Hand Craft Carnival

  58. oooh, sorry about the “are” mistake- should read “our very good friends…” 🙂

    Gidget’s last blog post…Holidays by Hand Craft Carnival

  59. I love Italy. Charlie proposed to me in Cinque Terre, and it would be incredible to go back.

    We also have a dream of going to Argentina and eating lots of red meat!

  60. Right now, I want to travel from the southern east coast all the way to Seattle. My daughter and her family just moved there and I already miss the grandchildren so badly!!! I’ve never been to Seattle and have my daughter and her loving husband to thank for some many neat trips we would have never made otherwise.

    Mary’s last blog post…Sausage, kale and potato soup

  61. I’ve only been to two other countries before and they were our neighbors…Canada & Mexico. There’s a lot of places I’d like to visit in the U.S. and abroad, if I weren’t financially challenged — three at the top would be Venice & Tuscany in Italy, Paris, & London — just for starters.

    Suzy’s latest blog post… Fall Book GiveAway & “A Ride Along The Lincoln Highway” — Airs Tonight!

  62. I am American and my husband is English (met in Israel and have lived overseas for most of our 14yr relationaship). I have traveled on 5 continents but my desire for travel never goes away… my DREAM destinations that are still on the list are: Alaskan cruise as pp mentioned, travel through Russia, safari somewhere in southern Africa, Morocco, Turkey, and trekking through Macchu Piccu. Those will have to wait a little while apart from Morocco which will hopefully happen in 2010.

    to those worried about traveling with kids – Tsh is right that the toddler stage is the hardest. My oldest made her first trip from Oz to New York at 3mo old and my kids have traveled a fair bit. after the toddler trips we said next big trip was when they did not need any extra gear (nappies, bottles etc) or naps and can have their own seat and food etc. looking forward to it as they are now 3 and 5.

  63. I would love to tour all of Europe “Rick Steves”-style. I love his travel show! He does everything “through the back door” where he finds quaint culture-filled places, instead of just doing everything touristy.

    Teresa’s last blog post…Happy Hallo-wii-n!

  64. South America, Africa, Asia, Australia (outside Melbourne because we’ve been there) and Eastern Europe.
    DH & I are both Irish but we live in Seattle with our (Irish-American) kids. We’ve done a lot of travel in Europe with the kids, mostly to see family. Now (well, in June 2010) we’re going to bite the bullet and take them out of school and continue the round-the-world trip we started in 1995 (before they came along). Check out my posts on planning a RTW trip with kids and destinations my kidshave chosen to visit.

    wandermom’s last blog post…photos from paros

  65. what a great question. i’ve been back and forth to northern spain 3 times this past year. http://lylahledner.blogspot.com/2008/07/these-shoes.html and it’s still a place i’d love to return to. but this time, i’d like for british air and iberria airlines to NOT loose my suitcase.

    lylah ledner’s last blog post…Becoming an On-Purpose Home Keeper Series – Part Four

  66. Andrea Owens says:

    There are so, so many exotic places that I would love to go if there were possible (someday maybe), but I would so love to go to Colorado Springs to visit my brother and his family. Although I’m 68 years old, the school calendar rules my life. During the summer, the cost to fly is a lot more, so I wait for the long weekend school break to try to take advantage of the less expensive flying rates. So, maybe, just maybe I’ll be able to fly out at the end of October when there are 5 days off from school and my grandson whose 12, has autism, will be out of school.

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