Home For the Holidays: What’s Your Favorite Outdoor Christmas Activity?

To add some fun into our Home for the Holidays week, we thought we’d ask YOU to share some of your favorite things about the holidays! On each site, we’ve got a question we’d like you to answer. Share your thoughts here in the comments, and then hop to the other sites to find out what we’d like to know!

Where we live, we’re blessed with weather that allows us to do a lot of activities outside to celebrate the holidays.  But I know that no matter what your weather is like during winter, you’re bound to enjoy some festivities out of doors.

For my family, it’s hard to pick one. Some of the fun ways we celebrate the season outside are by watching the annual boat parade where boats get all decked out with Christmas lights and music, walking around the famous local neighborhood “Christmas Card Lane” to look at all the Griswold-esque houses, and our newest tradition of going out to breakfast and a walk by the beach on Christmas Eve.

But my favorite event is probably our church’s annual celebration called Christmas Under the Stars. We sit around under a big tree strung with lights, sing Christmas carols and hear a reading of the Christmas story; then we enjoy sweet treats and warm drinks– it’s the perfect outdoor holiday celebration!

So that’s my question for you today: What’s your favorite way to celebrate the season out of doors? 

I’m looking forward to hearing what you do with your family to get outside while enjoying holiday traditions.

After you share your favorite, head to the other sites to answer their questions:


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  1. We live in Florida and our favorite Christmas time (and most other times, too) activity is to go on a night bike ride and look at Christmas lights. We also love our little town’s Christmas parade. It lines up right outside our house, so we sit on the front porch and watch it. Then we come in and drink hot chocolate.

    • Such fun ideas, bryssy! Love that the parade goes right by your house. It’s definitely got its pluses to live in warm weather for Christmas, huh?

  2. Our weather is usually cold but we still enjoy bundling up and watch our towns Christmas parade.

  3. annabelle says:

    Going out to search for the best Christmas tree:)

  4. Watching the Lights Parade and taking a trip up to the snow (2 hour drive or so to reach any) for a day of sledding and a “camp”fire.

  5. Elizabeth says:

    We are in Canada on the coast, so it is iffy whether it will be a green or a white Christmas. But, when conditions permit, sometime over the holidays a skate on a nearby pond is a must….all the neighbours, and any friends and family you can get together and ………hot chocolate (or a hot toddy!)

  6. Building snowmen, hands down! Then enjoying them for days (or weeks) to come!

  7. I don’t handle the cold weather very well, but it’s always fun to go for a drive to look at Christmas lights. This weekend, my husband and son and I will go to a tree farm for the first time to pick & cut our Christmas tree, looking forward to that!

  8. This is an activity that only takes about half an hour, but we never miss it! On Christmas Eve, before the candlelight service, we set up the luminarias down the driveway and sidewalks (lighted candles placed in brown paper bags, surrounded by sand). This Spanish tradition means a lot to my mother, who grew up in South America.

    It’s beautiful to drive through certain neighborhoods where every house participates in setting up luminarias; gorgeous tradition!

  9. snow icecream!

  10. Hunting the elusive Christmas tree!

  11. going out & cutting down our Christmas tree!

  12. Cutting down our Christmas tree!

  13. Jaclyn Ley says:

    We love to take our son to the Christmas parades in our town and the neighboring towns.

  14. A large church in our area does a live rendition of the Nativity story – actors dressed up like they would have been in Bethlehem (even demonstrating things in a market-like setting), fully decked-out Roman soldiers, Joseph and Mary riding on a real donkey, and wise men that ride in on a real camel! It’s always super crowded but it is a fun and amazing way to bring the story to life, especially for the kids.
    Our other favorite is to go up into the mountains (about 30 mins away) and cut down our Christmas tree and go out to breakfast.

  15. Love the walk on the beach idea…and Christmas Under the Stars sounds amazing! I like picking out a tree and also bundling up to take a walk and look at lights. But I’m thinking we might need to steal your walk on the beach idea for this year!

  16. I not-so-secretly love putting up outdoor decorations every year. My husband thinks I’m crazy, but I like to make a big event out of it.

  17. Christmas caroling! When I was young my family would sing (and bring a plate of goodies) to our neighbors and other friends. It wasn’t completely outside as we were often invited in for a few minutes, but there is nothing that beats singing a Christmas song in the chill December air!

  18. We love making ice cream outta snow… SNOW CREAM, yaayyyy!

  19. When I was in High School, my friends and I would walk around a friend’s neighborhood with candles and carol. Then we’d go back to the house and put together Christmas boxes for soldiers. Now that I have toddlers, we love going to see the Zoo Lights together. We bring a different extended family member with us each year to share the experience with them.

  20. Julie Capp says:

    We now live in the mid-Atlantic, but come from MI and CO, so every year I hope, hope, hope for snow If and when it comes, no matter what else is on the schedule, we bundle up and head out for the sledding slopes. There is nothing like crunching along on virgin snow with the anticipation of the first (and maybe only) sled run of the year! And, if that snow comes on Christmas Eve, I just know it is filled with special magic 🙂

  21. the walk to see the street that gets all decked out with lights

  22. I just recently moved to the central coast of California. So I get to see the ocean everyday. One of my favorite thing’s to do outside is take a walk and look at all the houses decked out in lights. This year, I’ll get to see some boats with Christmas lights, too 🙂

  23. you name it! we are in Maine, and have snow on the ground! love caroling door to door, sledding, stringing popcorn to hang for the birds, taking late afternoon walks to look at the Christmas lights, snowshoeing on full moon nights, ice skating, ice fishing…

  24. Bootsie Battle says:

    The Bethlehem Walk is quite a celebration for our area. You are given tokens to pay your taxes and walk thru Bethlehem. The experience brings the story of Christmas to life and for the children they are able to touch and feel the wares of the shop keepers and sit in the field with the sheep. It is always an evening enjoyed by all.

  25. The highlight of the season for me takes place outdoors. By far I love going out to the mountains to trek the forest and chop down our Christmas tree. It was a tradition my husband’s family always had and we’ve carried on. We load up the kids and pets, take a drive, I pack treats, and after we find the perfect tree we sit by the bonfire and relax. Nothing else matters to me when it comes to the holidays.

  26. As a kid, it was always going to pick out the best Christmas tree. Now, I think it is pulling up to my mom’s house, my car piled full of presents for the family, and getting bowled over in the driveway by my mom and my dog because I’m “FINALLY HOME!!” And yes, that’s a tradition.

  27. Living in Cape Town means that we are having our longest days of sunlight and sometimes very hot weather over Christmas. My favorite outdoor moments involve times when neighborhood friends are all on holiday and can come over for a late afternoon swim that turns into an evening visit with the kids playing cricket on the lawn and dads cooking for us on the braai (barbeque). Being surrounded by family and friends definitely gives me the warm, fuzzy holiday feel.

  28. Laura Meyers says:

    We always go to our town’s tree lighting every year! Then, our Fire Dept. comes with the truck all lit up carrying Santa as a passenger! We have Dickens Carolers, and then you can take a little train ride through the arboretum, (which is also all lit up!)

  29. Darlene Richardson says:

    Christmas caroling!

  30. Every year we help friends with a Nativity Hayride; a free community event where you go on a hayride into history & talk to Mary being surprised by an angel, Mary & Joseph on the way to Bethlehem, shepherds being surprised by angels (in tree stands behind them), wise men following a star, and end at a barn labeled “Bethlehem Inn” where you go inside & see Mary & Joseph & the baby in the manger with animals all around. Then you go down to the house for free cookies & cocoa and stand around a bonfire & talk. When you are ready, you get back on a wagon to go to your car. More people come every year so this year they are doing 3 wagons…it is a lot of work but these friends just “rope more people into helping” for that one night.

  31. Genevieve says:

    I love sledding, snowman building and making snow angels with the kids.

  32. We do a family mini-Olympics including everyone from the two year old to the 70 year old. We have a biathlon, a figure skating (this is a very loose term for what happens on the ice), a bonspiel and since we are Canadian it get’s capped off with a friendly hockey game and a bonfire with hot chocolate, hot toddies and Wienner Punsch with appetizers. We have created a podium of old stumps and we also make “medals” (often created from tree branches with pops of colours from Cranberries and random gold or silver coloured things that seem to be everywhere over the holidays. It helps that we have a fair bit of space and skating rink in the back yard. Everyone can participate in everything, or if they don’t want there is always something else going on. It’s so much fun for everyone.

  33. Kristina Best says:

    Driving around looking at the Christmas Lights.

  34. Ali Minor says:

    Selecting a tree to cut down at my dad’s ” tree farm.” When I was in high school we started planting baby trees and for the past 7 years my husband and I have been bringing one home. Now that we have kids its even more awesome.

  35. I’m a cold-weather grump…so our only outdoor celebration consists of picking up the Christmas tree as a family. We’re all bundled so tightly we can barely see through the hats and scarves. The kids look like little fat elves and someone always has to pee just after getting bundled. But we take lots of pictures and it’s made for some great memories in our little family!

  36. Our family loves to go to the local park and go sledding every year! The kids (including my husband, LOL) have a blast and I take lots of pics!

  37. We love doing the 12 days of christmas for someone in our neighborhood. We put a small gift on the doorstep, ring the bell and hide. That is the highlight of our Christmas.

  38. Here in Lewiston, Idaho, we have a park that the city lights up every year. Our family loves to walk through it several times during the holiday season. We especially enjoy it if it has snowed.

  39. sledding. we usually have tons of snow and its so carefree to go zooming down a big hill!
    also, making maple taffy in the snow.

  40. Here in Spain there are in all towns the “Three Kings Parade”… Streets are full of people and boys and girls try to take the gifts and candy thrown from floats. It’s on January 5th, and we eat hot chocolate and “churros” (a fried sweet dought like donuts).
    We really enjoy this day!

  41. Dayna Nickle says:

    It’s always fun to go for a drive to look at Christmas lights. This weekend, my husband and son and I will go to a tree farm for the first time to pick & cut our Christmas tree, looking forward to that!

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