Q&A Tuesday: Why do you use Facebook?

Facebook is such a funny thing.  I love how it keeps me connected with so many people, especially since we live overseas.  And it’s wild to see how paths cross – how your college roommate can comment on “your wall” right alongside your brother’s brother-in-law’s girlfriend.  It’s sort-of like a wedding, in that way – your worlds colliding, right in front of you.

So it’s a great tool for keeping up with the lives you love, and for you to update others about your family through photos and little text snippets.

But Facebook can also be a time-sucker. With it’s bajillion applications, you can easily do a lot of pointless – albiet fun – activities, such as sucker-punching your sister.  And it’s a quandrary how to handle those people who want to “friend” you, and for whatever reason, you’re not sure you want to.

Susan at Real Simple wrote a little article recently about the oddity that is Facebook, questioning its validity in our lives.  So today’s Q&A is this:

Do you use Facebook?  What’s your primary motivation?  How much time do you spend on it weekly?  And – how do you handle those requests for friendship, for accepting virtual plants, or anything else you just don’t want to do?

I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

Tsh Oxenreider

Tsh is the founder of this blog and just finished traveling around the world with her husband and 3 kids. Her latest book is Notes From a Blue Bike, and believes a passport is one of the world's greatest textbooks.

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  1. I use Facebook, but not like most people. I am actually only friends with people I know and care about and I don’t use any of the other applications that come along with it. I’ve appreciated being able to stay in contact with friends and family around the world, sharing photos and such, but I don’t have time to play on there all day 🙂

    Nicki at Domestic Cents´s last blog post…Giving Up A Like For A Love

  2. I am no longer a FaceBook user i.e. I ask for my account to be made “inactive” or whatever term they use. Because I did not fully understand the “settings” when I initially signed up, I began received all kinds of “friend requests” from people I did not know and frankly I just did not have the time or inclination to deal with it. I initially signed up for FaceBook as my son maintains pics of his life & activities, so it was a “mom” thing, which quickly grew out of control. I felt “bad” for either declining or ignoring “requests” for friends & then even those that were friends would “write” on my board (?, don’t know if I’m using correct terminology) & then I felt obligated to reply, etc… When I went to leave FB, I was given the option to become “private” or whatever and I contemplated it….which prompted me to place my account on hold vs. active. Whatever they call it…..

    As I circulate among many of my friends, I’m getting the drift that more & more of them are being “sucked” into the FB phenomenon & spending more & more time on FB. I know they are all busy moms & wives, and I’m not judging them, I just don’t know where they are finding the time.

    I would prefer to peruse my favorite blogs/websites to learn something new & contribute….imho……

  3. i love facebook! i got into it to get in touch with old friends when i was coming up on my ten year hs reunion a few months ago! it’s been great reconnecting, and i don’t usually don’t friend just anyone- i don’t understand the people that have 500+ friends because i can barely keep up with the 130 people i have on my list!! i don’t play any of the games or quizzes and the plant and fish requests i’ll accept every now and then, but it gets to be a little too much sometimes! it’s nice to be able to ignore requests and when i get friend requests that i don’t really care for i just let it sit in my box!

    natalie´s last blog post…Toddler Pinnafore Dress

  4. Same here. I never understand how these people have the time for flair-rainforest garden-mafia wars. I’m jealous, I wish I had that kind of expendable time!

  5. Ha! Great question! So many people predicted I would become addicted to FB once I joined, but they obviously don’t know food bloggers! I would way rather read blogs than fritter away my time on FB.
    Since my family lives on the other side of the continent, I use FB primarily for sharing photos and videos with them, and of course my friends scattered everywhere. It’s also a great tool for marketing my blog and a lot of steady readers have come from FB.

    Example: I’m having a Giveaway today and will announce it in my FB status to help promote it.

    I spends about an hour a week-maybe-on FB and refuse ANY app. The requests usually come from the same 5 or so people, so hopefully they will get the message soon!

    Aimee´s last blog post…UtHC Bulletin and a Giveaway!

  6. hmmm… I check it maybe once or twice a month or if someone sends me a message. I will say that I’ve really enjoyed touching base with people with whom I otherwise would not have spoken.

    The Modern Mom´s last blog post…New Knobs

  7. I use facebook. I love it. It has helped me get back in touch with many friends that I have missed. And I have also developed new friendships – real friendships, as in we chat on the phone now – through friends of friends. I update my status regularly and have fun little banter with friends via comments. And I do like to be able to chat with friends online.

    But it has also sucked me in and become a huge time waster for me. So I no longer accept any gifts (easter eggs, christmas ornaments, etc.) because #1 I can’t keep up with them and #2 I just don’t care. And I try not to accept any challenges to games. I say try because I always play Pop Answers – it’s like Family Feud and takes about 2 minutes to play. As for friend requests – if I don’t know the person, then I don’t accept. There is personal stuff on facebook and I’d rather not share it with people who aren’t really friends.

    I think it’s like anything … too much just sucks the life right out of you. I’ve been there, done that, with it and I’m now a recovering facebook addict 🙂 …. ha! I say that as I have a tab open next to this one with facebook up and running!

    Heather´s last blog post…Sunshine and Clotheslines

  8. I’ve been reluctant to try it because it eats up time. These comments, however, are making me curious. I may check it out just to see what the hype is all about.

  9. I enjoy using Facebook when I have time. I get on it a few times a month just to check on what others are doing. The best part is hearing from old friends although the funniest thing is that once we say hello, we rarely go past that. It could be my fault and the fact that I live far away from most of my old friends. But still, it is nice to reconnect.

    Rhea @ Experiencing Motherhood´s last blog post…Potty Training Story

  10. I do use facebook (fb as it is affectionately being known…). I have a love/hate relationship with it. As a SAHM, it gives me insight into what goes on outside my 4 walls and helps me stay connected with friends and family, especially those who resist phone conversations or regular email. But it troubles me (yes, sometimes even annoys me) to have to know everything about everyone all the time. And the pressure to come up with clever things to say can be overwhelming. (back to high school days…)

    With the new fb design, I discovered you can change your settings to show only the things you want. You can hide certain friends from showing up on your home page so you don’t see their status updates, (which is helpful for those people you want to be remain in contact with long-term but don’t necessarily want to know what they ate for breakfast that day), you can tell fb that you don’t want to see the “what’s your favorite 80’s movie” quiz anymore, and you can tell it to ignore all those requests for pokes, sucker-punches, etc. You can also set your fb so that the stuff you post on other people’s walls does not show up as a “news feed” item, thereby retaining “some” dignity and privacy between you & your friends (it still appears on their wall but does not get announced to the world).

    All that being said, I recently took an almost 3 week break entirely from fb. I found that despite my annoyance with it, I could not control the amount of time I was spending, just looking at pictures, status updates, and keeping up with what everyone was doing. I felt like the communication I was a part of was starting to feel fake and superficial. It was a hard thing for me to quit cold turkey, but has really helped me to establish a sense of balance between the fb world and the “real” world.

    I started making phone calls to my friends to see how they were doing instead of just messaging them on fb; I wrote some letters. I actually got some housework done (!) and played more with my children. Now, I log on to facebook only when my kids are napping or in bed, and even then I find that the pull to spend hours of time on fb is gone. It’s a relief to be back in control.

    • Hello,
      Can you guide me to where I can find these settings? I hate going to my Homepage to see: Who became friends with whom today with 150 posts.

      Thanks, Lisa

      With the new fb design, I discovered you can change your settings to show only the things you want. You can hide certain friends from showing up on your home page so you don’t see their status updates, (which is helpful for those people you want to be remain in contact with long-term but don’t necessarily want to know what they ate for breakfast that day), you can tell fb that you don’t want to see the “what’s your favorite 80’s movie” quiz anymore, and you can tell it to ignore all those requests for pokes, sucker-punches, etc. You can also set your fb so that the stuff you post on other people’s walls does not show up as a “news feed” item, thereby retaining “some” dignity and privacy between you & your friends (it still appears on their wall but does not get announced to the world).

  11. I use facebook all the time. Besides my blog, it’s my second favorite site. I tend to refuse almost all applications people send me (I hit the ignore all requests from…), just because I don’t like cluttering up my box. The only things I have on my profile are yoville (a virtual community type thing, that I rarely go on anymore), the results of a typing test I took, and my relatives. I also get sucked into taking a lot of the quizzes that are going around on facebook. I almost always request people that ask me, because I tend to know them either in real life or online. I’m not friends with anyone I don’t *know* in some capacity. I think it’s a great way to stay in touch, find people you may want to reconnect with, or just get to know your friends better. I just wish they would stop changing the layout. And as a 25 year old, it’s kind of depressing that the creator of facebook is 24.

  12. Shannon J says:

    Not at all. No account, no interest.

  13. Facebook has been a great way to catch up with old friends (and I mean old– as in from elementary school!). I have also been able to meet all the moms I work with and get to know them better. It is a horribly addictive thing, though. I have had to watch myself, or I will shirk all my household duties and suddenly be sucked in.

  14. I don’t use Facebook for the many reasons you mention above. I’m sure there are some great aspects of it, but I feel that for now I have enough to keep up with online. So I hesitate to add anything else that will become a competing priority.

    It feels a little superficial to me as well. I prefer fewer more in depth relationships than lots of “acquaintances.”

    That’s how I feel about it now, but things could change.


    steadymom.com´s last blog post…organization: art supplies

  15. I love Facebook because I’ve been able to catch up with friends from my past. For example, my best friend growing up and I lost touch over the years. I tried so many places to find her but couldn’t because I wasn’t sure of her new last name when she got married. She found me on FB, though, so it’s been so wonderful getting reconnected!

    As for it sucking away my time, it doesn’t anymore. I have to admit, I was addicted at first because it was so exciting reconnecting with people from my past that I wanted to be on there all the time, but then I realized that it was eating up all my time. Now I only get on there once every other day, for about 10 minutes – enough to read the status updates on my friends. And I only accept friend requests from people I’m actually friends with. You never know who is lurking in cyberspace, so I only want people to see my profile if they are people I know and trust.

  16. Honestly? FB wears me out. I joined, when lots of my friends joined. But I just didn’t see the big deal. I don’t care to know when {whoever} is going to the store, and that they’re home now.

    As far as connecting with people goes, I can see where FB could be great. it’s the minute to minute updates that simply wear me out. That, and all of the posting from Blackberry/cells. Do you really need to update that you’re at the park?

    I think that it’s taken away a lot of the face to face relationship. I much prefer meeting at the park, at a friends home for coffee, or – hey! – an actual phonecall to FB.

    Christi´s last blog post…as always, I’m a little late

  17. I am a fairly new FB user. I’m so grateful for it, though! I live far away from almost all my family members, and it has been a great way to keep in touch by sharing pics of my children and little updates on my life. It makes me feel more connected to my sisters, especially. Kinda like they’re right down the road instead of a thousand miles away.

    I don’t spend a whole lot of time on the other apps, though every once in a while I’ll participate in something that looks extra fun. Generally speaking, managing my online time is a big struggle for me. And, I, too would rather spend my time reading a good blog than sending someone an easter egg.

    Brianna @ Heart(h) Management´s last blog post…A Boy with Straight Feet

  18. I agree with Carrie, I have connected with old friends from my childhood and from old jobs. Last week I had dinner with a friend I had lost touch with after we both left Disney. We reconnected on FB. I also use to post updates about my food blog and promote the non profit I work for.

    I just peruse quickly. I am not a spend hours on FB girl! Better things to do.

    Cheri´s last blog post…Asian Salmon

  19. This question really got me to thinking about how much time I really do spend on Facebook. Number one, I have to be on Facebook for several hours a day for work, and then later I get on there for myself and that usually entails two hours or more (because of all those applications and things).

    To be honest, I think I would just rather talk to people I know instead of playing all those silly applications. We would all spend so much less time there.

  20. I know not everyone likes the new Facebook changes, but being able to put my friends in categories is a big time saver for me. I made a category for “family” which also includes my closest friends. I can log in and quickly see what just a few people are up to.

    You can also now “hide” updates from friends. So if you have friends who are always on, you can hide their activity and not have to see how many games of Yoville they played!

    Because we live across the country from family and friends, Facebook is a great way to feel like a part of their lives!

    Sandra´s last blog post…Finally Finishing F

  21. I also love Facebook and have been using it for at least 18 months. Like many of the people above, I keep it simple- no applications, quizzes, gifts etc, except for a few word games and I am choosy about who I am friends with (says she who has 150 friends….but I have deleted about 50 over the course of time and cull periodically).

    I use it extensively to keep it touch with people and organise my social life where I live (Germany) as well as keep in touch with friends and relatives in Australia.

    Right now I would be lost without it!

    Renia´s last blog post…Edit, Add and Appreciate Sunday

  22. I, too, love facebook. I have scaled back though because it can become a huge time suck. I haven’t had a problem with lots of strangers sending friend requests, but you can always filter what different people can see, and I don’t have my address or phone number posted. If a friend needs this info I’ll gladly send it to them. Also, I’ve deleted all the “extras” and no longer accept plants, flair, gifts, ect so that I don’t spend so much time with the pointless stuff. I just check it once a day to catch up on the news.

    Emily´s last blog post…New Diggs

  23. I have a Facebook acct, but only because my cousin “invited” me and I didn’t want to say no and hurt her feelings…So I’m up there, but I’m only friends with people who have “found” me. (all friend in real life, btw) I’ve never spent more than 5 minutes at a time on it, never used it to find other people, and have no idea how to play with all the applications. Maybe I’m scared I’ll get drawn in; therefore, it’s much easier to be oblivious!

    Kirwin´s last blog post…Disneyland on the brain

  24. I use FaceBook for connecting. It is super easy to plan activities w/ groups. I was our class president in high school and this is making planning a reunion so easy. Also, just last night, I was able to tell how bad the storms were that were coming our way just because I was chatting with people who already had the storm hit. It is a GREAT avenue to post items for sale. The funny thing that I started on a whim was posting what I was making for dinner each night…..now it is ASKED FOR…it has inspired others to go make dinner! If it brings families closer, I’m all for it. My daughter is in Hawaii….we can talk on FB and it not charge her phone the minutes. I can’t get pics on my phone, she she posts them on FB. I don’t take all the quizzes, games, etc….and it drives me nuts to have my whole home page sucked up w/ someone else’s postings of tons and tons of garbage….then I found the HIDE key….yippeeee…now I just hit one or two buttons and VOILA…GONE!!!
    It is a careful game of what you divulge on FB…..I used to have a lot of my daughter’s friends on my FB…..but have opted to not do that anymore….for one thing….they drive me nuts and the other thing is that sometimes MY FRIENDS don’t post the most appropriate things on their walls…which end up showing on MY WALL.
    I ignore people who request to be friends who aren’t an active part of my life. Some I’ve let in and then taken them off…..no problem for me.

    Traci´s last blog post…Neat Finds from Last Week

  25. I use got on to Facebook to connect with old friends, but now I mostly use it to share pictures with family. I write people notes on it more than I use e mail. I check it every day. I think people usually want to friend you so they can see what you have been up to and where you are now. If I don’t know someone, I just ignore their request. It is a request after all. It is the same with all of the applications. Your Facebook page reflects who you are, so you don’t want to put on a bunch of stuff you don’t care about, just to please someone you hardly know. A lot of those applications ask the person to request friends to join, and on a lot of them the person really doesn’t care if you do or not. After you make a number of friends, Facebook will start to suggest people you may know, so you don’t have to spend much time looking for people.

    mary´s last blog post…Stories

  26. i mainly got on facebook to catch up with old friends i haven’t seen in ages and as a networking aid for my business. i ignore all those gift requests you get. just not enough time for them. i probably only spend 10 minutes a week on it.

    Amy N´s last blog post…The Underneath – A Review

  27. I have a very active account and have since college. I don’t spend too much time on it though because other sites (Twitter, flickr, etc.) are more interesting most of the time. I use it to talk to people I don’t have access to (ie, they’re non-computer people, or we live across the world), to show friends and family my son’s pictures (which they LOVE), and to be friends. It’s not superficial at all, but a chance to reach out more to people I don’t usually see. I hate it when people say “oh, it’s so fake,” but don’t give a chance or don’t use enough wisdom in using it. It’s like any other tool. Use it wisely and it can be a great thing for someone. It works for us!

  28. I have found a lot of old friends, I like to read their status stuff, but I ignore all ‘requests’ because I don’t care about the application crap and games and whatnot. I just want to connect with people.

    Hannah´s last blog post…Good Hell

  29. I use Facebook to keep in touch with friends and family who are spread out over the country. I like “talking” to people I haven’t heard from in a while.

    I just ignore the other stuff generally, but do “friend” those that ask because my theory is I don’t put anything up on Facebook I wouldn’t want anyone to read. I assume it is completely public, because it basically is, because it wouldn’t be too hard for anyone to see it if they really wanted to.

    I guess with all in life, this is just a balance issue.

    Taylor at Household Management 101´s last blog post…Mar 30, Household Inventory: Why Your Family Should Create One

  30. I joined Facebook to see what the hoopla was about. It morphed into me becoming reaquainted with people I knew from high school. I also added some folks I used to work with, people from a church I used to attend, and some family members. A weird thing was becoming friends with neighbors who barely chat with me in person but who will engage with me on the ocmputer. I used to accept all of the applications stuff. Then, my computer got a few viruses and spybots – my credit card and debit card info was highjacked. The bank and credit card company caught it in time so no damage was done. Now, I do not accept any applications. It used to be a time sucker but I’ve limited my FB time to almost nothing and instead I blog.

    Miko’s Girl´s last blog post…Spring Cleaning Party Link

  31. I am on Facebook, and I have quite a few “friends.” However, I don’t do a whole lot with it. I only get on when I get a message or friend request, and I probably only update my status once or twice a week. I enjoy seeing what old friends are up to and staying in the loop with current friends, but the games and applications? I just don’t feel like I have time for that! Sure, I love personality quizzes, and there’s nothing wrong with seeing which TV mom I am…but so far, I just haven’t taken the time to do any of that.

    As for handling friend requests, if I don’t know a person, I don’t accept. And I didn’t accept a request from a guy I went to high school with – he was a little creepy then and looks just as creepy now. And since I have my daughter’s pictures on my page, I decided it wasn’t worth the risk to just be nice.

    Mary @ Giving Up on Perfect´s last blog post…Fine, and how are you?

    • Okay, re-reading my comment, I realize that I sounded kind of negative about Facebook. Honestly, I do accept almost all friend requests, and I’m thrilled when an old friend has tracked me down! And recently, an old friend started commenting on my status and wall, and it’s been fun to catch up with him. So, really, I do like Facebook!! I just haven’t gotten into it as much as some of my friends (yet)!

      Mary @ Giving Up on Perfect´s last blog post…Fine, and how are you?

  32. – Time spent 20 minutes a week or so.

    – I use it as a means to see what my family is up to – they all live far away and post lots to facebook. And to reconnect with old friends, since I don’t live where I grew up.

    – I also use it to direct family and friends to my blog.

    – I treat it like I would any other on-line presence. I assume that anyone can read anything I post there that way I don’t have to worry about who’s my friend or not. I only post photos, updates etc… that I would post to my blog.

    – I don’t accept invites to anything. I simply cannot understand why I’d give virtual gifts (nothings).

    remee @ FIMBY´s last blog post…Felted Wool Snakes and Other March Creations

  33. What a great post! I am right now on the fence with Facebook. I’ve had an account for years now but never really used it much, except to look at pictures when my sister posted them from family events. Now that I have a business, it freaks me out how much info people post on there-what they ate for breakfast, what they are thinking while they are waiting in line-too much useless info.

    I’ve already got a million other things pulling at me-blackberry, text messages, phone calls, 4 email accounts, 2 blogs, keeping up with all my favorite blogs, updating my website, google chat, and blackberry messenger-I just don’t need another site to take up my time!

    Katie @ The Savvy Event´s last blog post…Sarah Danielle Wedding Dresses

  34. I don’t use it but my husband does a little and I check it out sometimes. Its not my thing, too shallow for real friendships and I also do not have time for any more computer stuff! I already waste too much time reading blogs! 😉

  35. Hi,

    I got back and forth between using FB a lot and a little… I get addicted to some of the games for a while and then I loose interest… I am mainly friends with family and old school friends and it is awesome to catch up with them all… i check it everyday or so but I am not interested in some of the things people do… lil green patches etc… some people certainly waste their time on a lot of pointless things… but right now I stop and look to see whats new and then i leave and do something else….but yes definately a good thing if used in moderation 🙂

  36. I’m fortunate to have an iPhone and only use the facebook app. That means no forking around with all the time suckers. I go in, update my status, see what everyone else is up to and leave.

    Jen S´s last blog post…Meijer Trip

  37. I like Facebook a lot. Living in different time zones makes it difficult for phone calls so I can keep in touch with family through messages and pictures. It has helped my relationship with my family termendously.

    I also like the Blog Netwoks application. Every morning I sit down and check out what is new with my family and then it tells me which blogs that I follow have been added to. Everything that I enjoy doing is all in one place, 20-30 minutes later I am done. I like to be organized and Facebook has helped make that easier.

    C.J. Carleton´s last blog post…Give credit where credit is due!

  38. I started a separate gmail account for all facebook messages. I visit the site so much less frequently now and I feel like I have a lot more control over how often I go there and how much time I spend. Don’t do the apps, I have done the 25 things about me and those sorts of things every once in a blue moon. Just like when we got rid of our TV we realized how much we DIDN’T miss it! You can always go check your facebook email when you have time, and you can always get the office on dvd. 🙂 Just my thoughts…

    tacy´s last blog post…Not the way…

  39. A friend invited me over to FB. I use it to keep in contact with old friends and family that I don’t see often. I skim it once a day or every other day. I’m not on there for that long-maybe 5 minutes. I ignore all the “hide an egg” “given you a rose” blah blah blah. Sometimes I feel guilty but I just don’t have time to deal w/ that. I don’t even ask people to be my friend-don’t want to get sucked in during the search-and hey, they’ll find me! I like it b/c I’m in contact with the friends I left in Idaho, cousin that lives in China and reunited with old college buddies and my best friend from High School.

    Melissa´s last blog post…Charles’ Poulet Chasseur

  40. Michelle says:

    I use facebook to keep in touch with friends. I’ve met up with friends who I haven’t seen in over 20 years, I’ve found it a great way to network and when I had to give away my beloved dog, I found a home for her through an old friend on facebook. It is a wonderful social media tool. I try to avoid using any of the extra applications and limit who I friend.

  41. I used to use Facebook, but realized it was time to let go. My two main reasons: it was taking so much time and was becoming addicting! I have better things to do to benefit my home and the people around me. Second, every now and then, pictures and comments would be on my home page that were offensive or caused me to get hyped up about a situation that wasn’t really my problem. (i.e. see a conversation between two of my “friends” that wasn’t good)

    I’ve been away from it for a few months now, and it’s been a great thing! I love blogging because it allows me to encourage many and gives me the opportunity to journal. I limit my time on the internet so that blogging doesn’t get in my way of doing things that really matter. Before I left FB, I wrote down tons of e-mails and blog addresses, so I am keeping in contact with my closest friends and family. However, I have realized that a lot of my attention needs to be given to the people God has placed around me here where I am in person. Social networks don’t allow for face-to-face interaction and so I believe we’re losing vital social skills. Well, time to get off this band-wagon….:)

  42. I do use Fb and love it. I spend at least an hour a day. My biggest thing is looking at others photos, because that’s my passion but I love seeing what everyone is up to. But you’re right it was very weird when my IRL life collided with my online friends. but it’s also cool to see someone I know pop up on someone else’s page that I never would have guessed knew each other.

    lisa´s last blog post…Not Me! Monday, 3-30-09

  43. -I joined only a few months ago at the insistance of a friend. I’m glad I did, though that friend is now never on!
    -I have enjoyed catching up with friends and, in the long run, I think it will be a nice way to stay in touch with people instead of tracking addresses and emails.
    -I’m probably on for 10 minutes a few times/week – mostly at work when I’m stuck on a boring conference call!
    -Like most people, I ignore almost all apps unless I see a greater good (like Lil Green Patch).
    – I’m looking forward to using it to plan the next HS reunion. Last time, we tried to collect email addresses, and it was a pain in the neck.

    Side Note: I do have a couple friends who gave up FB for Lent, which I thought was pretty clever.

    Alissa´s last blog post…Thoughts on Frugality

  44. I recently deleted my Facebook account. I hated how you can get sucked into reading about someone that is a friend of a friend and 30 minutes go by. I finally just said “ENOUGH.” I’m embarrassed that it had become such a time waster. I feel so much better now that it’s gone. The people that I kept in touch with on there know my contact info in “real life” – so I won’t lose touch with any true friends. 🙂

  45. I love Facebook! I keep in contact with friends & family from all over the country! but now I’m playing Mafia Wars (I ignore most app requests) and that is sucking up some of my time! I spend about 10-15 hours a week on FB.

  46. Grannie K says:

    I use facebook. I am only friends with people I know. I don’t trade plants or any of that other stuff. Sometimes I take a quiz if I’m bored, but I don’t always share the results. I like some parts of it, but not all of them. It could be a real time waster if a person allowed it to get out of control. Thank you for all your hard work and taking time to share all you do with us.

  47. I use facebook. I am there about 15 minutes a day. I ignore all applications except the one where people want to put my birthday on their calendar. I don’t send applications either. I am only friends with people I want to be friends with. I’ve even gone so far as to “block” some users who couldn’t take NO for an answer. I started with Facebook after my dad sent me a request to join. I have family, highschool friends, local friends, and some virtual friends from a yahoogroup. I think it’s an alright tool, but I could do without it as well. If facebook crashed, my life would go on just peachy.

    Paige´s last blog post…Our favorite new things in the kitchen

  48. I started out using Facebook along with all it’s fun little apps. But now I “ignore” or reject app requests. I use the Flickr app & Twitter app, but that’s it. I admit that I am “friends” with a lot of people I don’t regularly keep in touch with, I accept friend requests from high school classmates. Normally, I would keep my friend list down to those I am close with, but I am also trying to promote my photography (I have a “Page” for it as well), so having lots of friends helps keep my business in front of lots of faces. I have my Twitter feed right into my Facebook status, so I’m not doubling up on status updates all day long. And my blogs feed into Twitter, so everyone can keep up with all my updates.

  49. I’ve been using FB since about 2004/2005 in my last few years of college. At the time, it was really only for college kids, I believe – so I started tinkering with it just to “chat” with other people since AIM (instant messenger) was becoming “passe”…haha. There weren’t any apps though (no plants, music or anything fancy like that). I love that I can keep in touch with people I knew growing up (since I moved across the country) and family (also across the country). It’s also nice to see our god-children/nieces and nephews growing up since we can’t be there to see them. Though I have to be careful what my college friends put on my page since my entire in-law side is on now 🙂 I try to limit it to 15-20 min. / day, but I could see how it could suck you in easily. My MIL is the worst apps offender – I don’t think she realizes how they work and that she can decide NOT to send them to everyone hehe. (God love her!) Overall, I think FB is a great tool! Thanks for a great question!

    Monique´s last blog post…Chemical-Free Kids

  50. I love facebook because we live away from most family and friends and I don’t have time to call like I would want so I have a way to say “hi”.

    I only tend to check status of friends on the feed unless I am off to say hello to them. I absolutely try to ignore all app type requests because that is the time suck for me.

    Actually facebook has given me a time effective way to communicate with friends and family that I wouldn’t have had before…I now know how my cousins are doing over a 1000 miles away, a friend in Bulgaria, and friends in Italy. To maintain correspondance otherwise would have been hard.

    It has a learning curve to get into it, but it is well worth it if you resist the extras!!!

    Angel´s last blog post…WordPress Summer of Code 2009

  51. FB newness has worn off for me, so my time there is much more limited. I do enjoy being able to see glimpses of my friends’ lives from across the country. That has prompted more phone calls and personal emails than normal, because I know more of what they are doing so more to talk about.

    I have started ignoring almost all those requests. I have even posted one status update that I would no longer accept them, so please don’t send them to me. That did help.

    I would suggest a timer for anyone who has trouble stepping away from it. I put a 15 minute time limit on my blog reading so I don’t get too sucked into it and miss all the other things I should be doing.

  52. Michelle says:

    I was on it for about 4 months and had to cancel my account. I am a SAHM and found most of the “down” time I had (ie – kids napping) was wasted learning more about people from high school I never cared to keep in touch with in the first place. I was reading less at night and my house was looking rough. When I found myself feeling a little jealous of everyone’s pictures and comments about their perfect families and fabulous vacations, I knew I had to quit. I live in the real world where money is tight and sacrifices need to be made so we can raise our three children ourselves. We grocery shop with coupons and live within our budget. Our vacations consist of a tent, a couple fishing poles and a cooler full of food for the weekend. We have a great life! Being on FB seemed to be comprimising my ideas about what I know is right for my family. For me, it turned into negativity in my life and it had to go.

  53. I use Facebook and I love it because I don’t necessarily need to know people’s emails to keep in touch. I don’t spend a huge amount of time on it weekly as I spend more time on blogging and reading blogs – now THAT is my addiction! I do like that Facebook emails me when there is a new message for me so I don’t need to add that to my daily online routine.

    For those requests for friendship, if I don’t know the person I’ll ask them how I know them and if they don’t give me a good reason that jogs my memory then I decline them. I don’t want friends for the sake of friends. I also have my security settings so that only friends can view my photos, profile, etc. This has cut down on a lot of spam.

    For accepting virtual plants, etc. I block those applications. There are very few that I have accepted.

  54. I use facebook and check it several times weekly, because it’s way too much fun to see what old friends and new friends are up to. Plus, people seem to share way to0 personal of information on there, which is always a little funny if you don’t know the person that well. My husband and I are always saying, “Hey did you see this?!”
    That being said, I steer clear of all apps and surveys. These seem to be such huge time wasters, and no one really cares what the last meal I ate or what color my shirt currently is. I also have no problem not accepting friends that I don’t know or know well enough.

    marissa´s last blog post…My latest project…

  55. I do use facebook. I do not do any of the surveys, applications, gifts to friends etc etc…. I use it only to keep in touch with friends that I may never see in person again but thanks to the internet I can stay in touch with. I am not sure how much time a week I spend on, this is a good challenge for me, I will start being more aware of the time I am spending on there.

  56. I’ve used FB to catch up with old friends, which has actually been (mostly) great! I got together for a wine-tasting with two girls I graduated from HS with, and I know it wouldn’t have happened were it not for FB (or another similar social media app). However, I’ve also had some weird comments that have made me uncomfortable and I’m still trying to figure out why in the world my neighbor growing up, who is well into her eighties, threw a Hello Kitty pillow at me!

    Paula´s last blog post…I Spy a Loaf of Bread Behind the Couch!

  57. I use Facebook as a tool to keep up with family throughout the continent. Many relatives are also on FB, so just posting a daily status update and scanning others’ updates allows us all to have an idea of what is going on in each others’ lives. i.e. who is sick, who is travelling. It gives me an idea of what to pray for, for each person. I don’t use any of the apps, although others do. I also use FB to organize group activities. Just post an update that we’re going to … at…time, please join us! Or using the event feature, for more formal “invitation” situations. It saves a lot of time making tedious phone calls, eliminates “phone tag”, as each person can respond when it is convenient. That leaves more time for genuine connections –which are more likely to actually connect, because I have an idea of what the person is up to and when they’ll be home.
    I also use FB as a tool in my work with teens. Sometimes they’ll share things in a message which they are uncomfortable sharing in person. Or they’ll post pictures from a party, and then discussion can flow from there. It’s a great communication tool, as well as a help in monitoring –both what they’re up to, and their general mood. I have noticed several people whose status updates have been “down”, and have been able to address the issue of depression much quicker than I otherwise may have.

  58. I use facebook daily. My church family uses it a good bit to keep us posted on things going on at the church. I also use it to keep up with internet friends that I made when I was pregnant on i-village. I love it but I try not to let it consume me!

    Candace´s last blog post…Lemon Cake

  59. I do love that FB helps me connect with people I haven’t seen in years. That part is so fun! I don’t stay on there very long though. I don’t do all the apps and gifts and stuff. I just check people’s status updates to see what everyone has going on . . . sometimes I’ll look through new pictures or links that have been posted, but not often.

    A friend and I are working on writing a book and we started a Facebook group for our friends, family, and readers to support the cause. That has been really neat – to see friends of friends join and know that we are able to use a platform like FB to expand our reach!

    Megan@SortaCrunchy´s last blog post…As He Leads Us: On Marriage, Part Three

  60. I find that it’s a great way to keep my family and friends updated on my daughter and our life here in Hawaii. She is only six months old and instead of sending out tons of emails with huge picture attachments, I just direct everyone to my Facebook albums. I also use my status updates to ask for help – parenting tips, household management tips, etc. And sure, I indulge in the fun quizzes. It is worth the time I spend on there. I have so many friends around the world since we’re a military family and got back in touch with friends from high school, college and grad school. I love staying connected this way and seeing their pictures and daily life snippets.

  61. I’m an avid FB user, but I try to limit my time on it… I have been known to spend HOURS on it, mostly “cyber-stalking” my friends and acquaintances.

    Lately, however, I’ve been trying to use it just as a form of communication with friends and family who are not nearby – updates on life, pictures of our family, etc. Plus, I enjoy competing in WordChallenge (app) with my Mom and other friends and family! 🙂

    Ashley´s last blog post…Jr. High Memories…

  62. Facebook is great for finding friends from high school and college- just to see what they are up to- if they are married, having babies yet, getting a real “grown-up” job, etc. Plus, you get to see pictures of the wedding, babies and so on, when I most likely never would have otherwise. But all the apps and stuff- I don’t really like. The only one I use is Scrabble- I play with my husband. = )

    Taryn´s last blog post…It is Finished!

  63. I only friend people that I know and I rarely use an application. I think I may use the site for an hour a month, sad but with 2 little ones, a house to keep up, blog reading and school I just don’t have that much extra time.

    LaToya @ Christian Momma´s last blog post…What happened to the village??

  64. I hardly spend anytime on Facebook. I hate all the applications that I’m sent. Then I feel bad if I don’t send something back the person who sends me something. So I check in once a week.

    SoBella Creations´s last blog post…Sugar Pie Farmhouse

  65. I use facebook primarily for keeping in touch, sharing photos and a bit of my life with family and friends spread out across the nation. I like the new convenience of being able to look at updates according to friend groups – that has saved me time because I can go directly to the folks I most want to see. I’ve stopped adding applications because 99% are not useful and many don’t even work. I’ve also deleted the majority of the ones I did have.

    I also use facebook as another promotion source for my blog. I have a page with fans there and appreciate the new profile-like qualities pages have, even though it requires a bit more time on my part. So many people “live” on facebook it makes sense to me to be a part of it. I can’t say exactly how much time I spend there but I’ve gotten better at limiting it. I know it pretty well and even wrote a post on my dance blog recently about privacy settings, which many people are not aware of and don’t use (though perhaps they should, particularly if employers, students, etc. have been added as friends).

    Nichelle´s last blog post…What Is Artistry and How Do I Develop It?

  66. Facebook is great. I came into contact with high school friends that I haven’t seen high school. I’m not into all of the applications that Facebook have so I usually just ignore that part of Facebook. I usually check Facebook via my cell phone because it’s just easier that way.

    Christel´s last blog post…Feeling A Bit Emotional Today

  67. I have had a fb account for almost a year now and if used properly it is a great tool. I don’t add people I don’t know and I don’t add the kids of my friends. I have the account set to be for friends only so my thoughts are only to those people. I check it about every day and will spend a max of 5-7 minutes doing that. I love that I can keep in touch with people I wouldn’t normally bump into. I don’t have time for a phone call every day but I sure do have time to send someone a quick encouragement or prayer. You have to set limits like everything else, tv, internet, etc. I hav found that I can set boundaries for myself easily in this area so I keep using fb.

    Christine @ Live to Learn´s last blog post…Super Long Post Full of Kid Pics

  68. I have really enjoyed FB for connecting with friends and family. I spend probably a total of about 20 to 30 mins on there everyday. I find that I hardly ever get email anymore as most communication is through my FB inbox. I do ignore all application requests now as I think they are a waste of time and I only accept friends that I actually know. In the beginning I found myself accepting friend requests from friends of friends and now I intend to go through my account and do a little “clean-up”. I find it hard enough to keep in touch with friends that really matter and having all those extras is a bit of visual stress. I love that I can post pics and videos of my little guy for family that is far away to see. They all now got to experience my sons first steps along with me. Who knew we that could ever be possible!

  69. I use Facebook mostly to stay in touch with friends, particularly ones back home in Canada, but also a few online friends and people I`ve met while traveling.

    I pop on there a couple times most days, just to see what`s going on, but don`t spend much time. Yesterday, however, someone hacked my account and changed my photo and put up a post saying that I was pregnant . . . which netted me a lot of excited congratulations. 😛 SO, I did spend time fixing that and changing my password!

    As for applications, I just click ignore. Most people invite so many of their “friends” that they don`t even notice.

    Genesis´s last blog post…BackBlaze: Ultimate Customer Service

  70. onemusingmama says:

    I use FB primarily to feel connected to friends and family scattered around the country. I have about 50 “friends”, and 90% of them I already had their email and/or snail mail addresses. I enjoy getting the little glimpses into their lives that don’t necessarily happen from the occasional email or phone call (or holiday card, in some cases). Most of us don’t do IM’ing but will chat on FB every now and then since it is so easy. I don’t accept any applications – the privacy standards for non-FB apps can be weak, and you are giving out a lot of personal information by downloading those apps. My privacy standards are tight – only friends can see what I’m doing, and I have no problem not accepting friend requests from people I don’t really know or don’t care to have in my network. I do keep FB open on my computer to read people’s updates, but don’t actually spend that much of my real time on the site.

  71. Because my husband and I are campus ministers, my primary motivation in joining Facebook was to communicate with our college students. We have found FB to be by far the most effective tool in announcing events and setting up meetings with them. Most of them check FB far more often than they do their email. Aside from that, I use it to keep in touch with family members, college and high school friends, etc. It CAN be a huge time-waster. I always say that I’m thankful it came about after I graduated from college or I may never have made it! I spend maybe 15-20 minutes on it a day. I only accept friends that I know or have a desire to “talk” with and I don’t use any of the applications. I also don’t even open any of the invitations (other than event invitations). I delete them all. I also used FB to chat with my husband when he was overseas recently.

  72. I love Facebook for keeping in touch with my old high school and college friends. Its also great for friends and family that are not close by.

    I usually hop on once a day for about 10 minutes. I keep it to a minimum by:

    1. I don’t do any silly throwing of snowballs or the like
    2. I delete all such snowballs or this or that thrown at me
    3. I will on occasion do a silly quiz but only if it intrigues me
    4. When I do a silly quiz, I don’t send a reply to others. I just post it on my wall
    5. I look at my ‘friends updates’, post a quick remark on my wall and leave it at that. Rarely do I write on others walls, but sometimes I do.

    Janelle´s last blog post…Menu Plan Monday: No Grocery Store Edition

  73. I use facebook for the connecting. Been on since just a few months after it started up, and in college it of course took over much of my time. Now, I don’t sign on much (it’s quicker and more in and out to go from my iPhone, actually), but I still use it to say hello to friends that I am not close enough to phone, check pictures of others, and sadly, stalk the crazies in my life for gossip fodder.

    My older relatives and little siblings who joined recently are the ones who seem to have been sucked into the application craze. Everyone in their mid twenties went through all that years ago and now use it in a much more simple way. (By the way, blogs are my time suck)

    I do get creeped out a bit when it comes into my real life. Just the other day I was in my home town and ran into a high school friend…been at least 7 years since I spoke/emailed/posted on wall ANYTHING…but we are facebook friends. She strikes up a conversation immediately: “How’s married life, happy anniversary, though I know you are alone since Hubby’s deployed….” It was strange, she already knew about my life.

  74. Sandi King says:

    I love Facebook as a way to re-connect and build community.
    I have never allowed it to become a time suck, because I accept friend invitations only from actual friends and I ignore all application requests. (Mafia wars, save the rainforest, whatever)

    Like anything else out there, it can be a valuable tool if used wisely and a dangerous addiction if used poorly. I have no patience with people who say “oh, I don’t have time for that…” and add very judgmentally “you must have so much free time!”

    I spend no more than 10 minutes a day and have deepened friendships with old friends and family in ways that are incalculable.

  75. I use Facebook out of habit. It debuted my freshman year of college–I was pretty much the target demographic. And since I have a bunch of friends who work there, I think I’m stuck.

    I am kind of a purist though, and don’t use any outside applications (with the exception, temporarily of Scrabulous, and of the FriendWheel, which was originally supposed to be a part of the main site. There was even a funny entry in the FAQ about the graph generation algorithm).

    Kathy´s last blog post…Rain, Rain, Go Away *(or A Near Miss)

  76. I love it. I’ll admit it. I am a facebook addict.

    As a high school teacher, it affords me the ability to stay in contact with former students across the globe. It also gives me control over who can see what–and it has the distinct advantage of being used much less by high school students than Myspace.

    I’d say I’m on FB about an hour a day. It’s hard to say because it’s usually running in the background when my computer is on, and I also have the application on my iphone now… but I’m on it a lot. The only apps I use are Scrabulous and Word Challenge. The rest are annoying.

    I ignore most requests… and my rule about adding students is that I won’t add anyone until they graduate. And then I’ll only add them if they are students I like and trust. 🙂

    Heather´s last blog post…Sunday bike ride

  77. I love facebook. It is fun and interesting to see what people outside of your daily life are up to. I look at it too much, but only use the posting and messaging functions. I don’t accept weird cyber gifts and requests if possible. All that said, I really enjoyed the Real Simple article (I subscribe) and felt like it rang true.

  78. I have only been on FB one day. I got on so I could monitor my sons FB profile and to connect with a close college friend. I am not sure if I am going to stay. I already have too many friend requests that I do not want to accept. They are people I know well, so you know what that makes me! So now what? Many are family that I see all the time, I don’t need to FB with them. I really enjoy doing my blog. People can view it when they want and I love it when they leave comments and I don’t have to deal with friend requests!

  79. i swore off facebook when it first came out…until one day i returned from class in college to find my desktop computer open to a “welcome to facebook” page–my roommate had kindly set an account up for me.

    and actually, it has become a true blessing 🙂 my husband & i have moved to the opposite corner of the country–away from friends & family. we are able to keep up to date with good friends from high school whom we grew apart from during our years in college…and now, with him deploying soon, facebook is absolutely an indispensible tool to let loved ones know “i’m okay over here in the warzone” on a near-daily basis 🙂

    it IS time consuming–if you make it. but i really consider it one of the blessings of technology…as long as you steer clear of all the time-sucking app’s 🙂

    jpritchard´s last blog post…old man.

  80. I signed up for a FB account because some out of state friends choose to use that instead of a blog to share family photos, etc… and it was the easiest way to keep up with them. I would rather read blogs, to be honest. Now, out of state family are also using it, so I check in, very briefly, a couple times a day to see what’s up with family and friends that I don’t get to see or interact with very often. I’ve hit “ignore” many times for friend requests or whatever extras there are, and I keep my friends list quite limited (25 after about five months). I’ve never once done a “status update.” I do enjoy a 3 minute game of Word Twist or Scramble a couple times a week…figure it’s good for the brain to do a word puzzle now and then. 🙂 I’m still a bit baffled by Facebook, but I’m making it serve my purposes, so in that sense, it’s working out OK for me.

    Elaine´s last blog post…pouting

  81. V. Higgins says:

    I started using Facebook in college (back when you could only use it if your school was part of the network). It was a much safer and “cleaner” (less visual clutter) than MySpace (which I can’t stand). It has been a great tool to keep in touch with my old high school friends and college buddies. Now I’m out of college and it’s my preferred way of keeping in touch with my distant relatives (aunts, uncles, cousins) and the best way for me to share photos and news with my many circles of friends. I’m not much of an app user (I think the only one I use regularly is Flair Board) so I only spend probably 20 min a day on it (at most). I think it’s an awesome way to keep in touch with my friends lives without spending a ton of time on the phone or having to re-tell a story 10 times in 10 different emails/phone calls.
    My favorite thing about Facebook is being able to share photos. A lot of my friends are now getting married/starting families and it’s awesome to be able to see photos of these special times so easily.
    I’m very computer literate (thanks to my IT husband) so I keep up on the privacy settings for each group of friends and *never* add someone as a friend that I haven’t personally met.

  82. I keep thinking my next blog post will be about my decision to give up Facebook for Lent. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made. (Even though many Facebook users I know have responded with horror to the news that I would even THINK of doing such a thing! Ha! 😉
    Like so many of your readers have said, it became a serious time waster for me. After my husband made a few cracks about me spending so much time on it, I began to examine my habit more closely. I was both ashamed and astonished at how many hours each day I was WASTING on there!
    During my Facebook “fast” I have found myself enjoying much more time with my family and getting more work accomplished around my home. And I have had more time for other things that really matter to me like spending time in prayer and reading my bible. ALL those things have brought me more peace and joy than anything I’ve ever read or any “friend” I’ve ever made on Facebook.

    Amy´s last blog post…Take Every Thought Captive

  83. It seems that everyone I know has an account and they keep “suggesting” that I get one, too. But I already spend so much (too much?) time blogging (writing and reading) that I’m sure I couldn’t manage having a fb account, too. I fear my computer chair would just grow into my backside!

    Deidra´s last blog post…68506::Sunny Day

  84. What a time-suck! I signed up under an alias. My friend signed up under her real name and now its like she is back in high school again. All these people are trying to connect or link her with others and she wants out but is now afraid to hurt anyone’s feelings. Gives me the heebie-geebies thinking of all those ‘shadows’ creeping back into my life.

    Chris´s last blog post…The Beach and a Polaroid Camera

  85. well, I don’t think I’ve fully embraced facebook … and I’m happy about that. I joined b/c everyone else was joining and I slowly found out that I mas missing out on information (reunions, photos, etc.) I keep my profile simple and I do not use any of the applications. I use it primarily as a way to stay connected with friends that I don’t see or talk to on a regular basis … I like to see their photos and be readily available if they need me or I need to get ahold of them. So, I spend about 1.5 hrs on facebook each week.

  86. I have a love-hate relationship with FB. I love how it has brought more regular, even daily, contact to friends who were floating to the periphery of my life. I love how friends who find email overwhelming find FB a perfect way to keep in tough. My solution for all the other stuff that is too much a time-sucker for me and doesn’t suit my purpose for using FB is to simply ignore it. Don’t think I’ve offended anyone by not receiving their virtual plant or golfish yet!

  87. I guess I am on FB, but I check it once a day just like I check some of my best friends blogs. I got a FB account to keep up with my family, my sister’s kids are teenagers and it is a fun way to conect with them. The other part of the question about all the pland, pocks and groups. I have made it a goal to see how many I can get with out every replying.

    Becky´s last blog post…BYU Museum of Art

  88. I love facebook too – I’ve reconnected with friends from high school, and one from junior high, that I would more than likely never talked to again otherwise. I also use it to keep in touch with family members, share pictures, etc. I’m another one that only adds true friends and family members. I don’t get people that have 300+ “friends”. Who knows that many people?

    I probably spend 10-15 minutes a day on there reading updates and playing with apps.

  89. I recently joined Facebook- last month and I do check on it daily. I will participate in the questionaires and some of the quizzes [never more than 2 a day] but all together I spend at most 5 minutes on it or less daily.
    I won’t accept anyone I don’t know. Don’t accept or engage in flairs and other fb giving things.
    I do like briefly knowing what is going on with others and it helped me get in contact with those friends from another time [before children] and find out about my high school reunion details.
    I think I have 30 friends but only 15 of them are active.

  90. Facebook is great for finding old friends and connecting with family. However, I block all useless apps and only friend those that I know and like. No need in being phony with people just so you don’t come off snooty or rude. Facebook has been great for me and I have found that of all the social networks out there, it provides a far more positive experience than I feel I would or could get anywhere else.

  91. I’ve had facebook for 4 years now and I have lots of friends because nearly EVERYONE ive met and become friends with since sophmore year (2005ish)is my friend on facebook. I got it when I was in high school and it was just first opened up to highschoolers (it was only for universitys first). Now that its open to everyone and people as young as 13 its not as fun because I can never say what im really thinking because my mother n law or boss will see it, (especially with this “new” facebook) I do love to facebook stalk friends of interest, I wouldnt know anything I know if it werent for facebook.

    Also I highly recommend you just ignore all applications. They give you way to many updates so you dont see important ones. Go to “See All” the next time you get a red notification and edit your settings to only notify you of tagged photos, wall and feed comments,I keep only nessecary ones likes photos and notes but no zombie throwing stupid stuff.

  92. I use facebook. I am only friends with people I actually know in real life. I only accept requests from two applications.

    I use it strictly to keep in touch with family. Though we are not overseas, we are 1200 miles away from both sides of our family, and facebook has been such a blessing to me.

    I do admit that it can easily be a timesucker for me though. Organizing and assigning my internet time is on my to-do list as I get the hang of scheduling my days. 🙂

    Tiff @ The Faery Inn´s last blog post…A Little Masterpiece.

  93. This is a good topic!! I have found that young moms–and probably SAHMs in particular–use their computers to communicate. You can do it on YOUR time, and not have your phone ringing at inopportune time–and not worry about disturbing the sleeping kids of your friends! I admit, I am on my computer off and on all day–checking my Etsy shop, sending and replying to e-mails (which is how I keep in touch with virtually EVERYone), blogging, reading blogs, reading articles, checking the news, etc. etc. So what I’ve noticed is, Facebook is a great place for family updates and getting in touch with old friends–AND keeping tabs on your mommy friends throughout the day. To me, it’s like a day-long play group! It keeps me company and it sure is fun to see what friends and family far and wide are up to!!

    Tabitha´s last blog post…Cracks me UP!

  94. I haven’t joined fb. Sadly, this means that I still haven’t seen baby pictures of a couple of my nieces since they are only posted on fb (even though the families have blogs as well). At least among my family, fb seems to be replacing most e-mail and blogging.

    Amidst this “I have to join because everyone else is” pressure, I’m not sure everyone is taking the time to read Facebook’s Terms of Use (scroll down to the section “User Content Posted on the Site”). By agreeing to the Terms of Use, you agree to give fb full rights and permission to everything you post. That means fb owns your pictures, your private messages, your video, everything – and fb can do anything they want to with it.

    I’m staying away

  95. I use and love facebook because it has brought me back in touch with my highschool class of 1988, it keeps me connected to my family in India, and my friends all over the place. Yes, it can be distracting, but I enjoy the lasting connections it has helped me keep!

    rani shah´s last blog post…A couple of Cutie Patooties!!!

  96. I have lots of (way too many) friends on Facebook, but there’s not a one that I haven’t met in ‘Real Life’. Many are long-lost friends/acquaintances from elementary-high school and college; others are people I’ve met in the many places we’ve lived; and my family. When I first joined (over a year ago) I got sucked into lots of the applications, but I don’t do that anymore. When someone sends an ‘invite’ for an application I know I’ll never use, I just block it from allowing anyone else to send that one.

    I go on once a day now for about 10 minutes. I’ll stay longer if someone else is on at the same time who I want to chat with but that only happens once a month or so. Occasionally I upload pictures, but mostly I use it to communicate with my social group here where we live now. It’s easier than email sometimes.

  97. I use facebook to contact with people I really know. There are simply too many applications and games inside which can be real time sappers. I steer away from them and have ignored lots of requests on it.

    Dominique´s last blog post…TT- Prizes/Ryan swimming

  98. i live hundreds of miles and a border crossing away from my family & friends back home… fb for me is a way of easily keeping in touch with people. for example, right now i’m making plans with 3 friends from highschool to get together when i take my son home for a visit over Easter break… we’re having a conversation using messaging to figure out which date/time is best.

    i also love the photo feature for similiar reasons – it allows me & my family and friends to see our kids growing up over the miles.

    as to applications and such… i’m in the process today of erasing most of the apps that i have on there, and getting rid of some “friends” too – people that i “know” from mommy boards and such but not in real life.

    Krista´s last blog post…getting back into the groove

  99. I was on Facebook for about 6-7 months, finishing about a year and a half ago. I’m quick to toot my horn about how I “escaped” Facebook. It was fun, sure, it was a scream to connect up with all those elementary school friends, old camp people, etc. But the timesucking thing really got to me. As a homeschooler, I was unable to find a good balance of computer time and everything else I had to do and for me, that meant a total, cold-turkey amputation. Sure, I miss it from time to time. My mom is still on and every once in a while she’ll tell me about some great or funny photo’s that so-and-so posted so I’ll borrow her account and take a peek. I’ve done that maybe 2-3 times. But overall, I’m not sad that it’s out of my life. The most accurate reason I share with people these days is that I have enough trouble finding time to stay connected with my “real-life friends”, never mind the 250 people whom I normally only see once every 10-20 years.

  100. Shannon B says:

    I use Facebook a lot and am on it every day. I don’t sit at my computer continuously, but usually when I’ve brewed myself a cup of coffee, usually twice in the a.m., in the afternoon, and again in the evening after the children go to bed.

    I resisted it for a long time. I finally started an account and remained somewhat choosy about my friends. I have over 200, which isn’t a lot, but at the same time, I haven’t accepted every friend request I’ve received, and there are many more people on Facebook that I know in real life that I wouldn’t friend, either.

    I read the article you posted and agree that it’s like a never ending cocktail party. Being 30 in small town that I’ve lived in my whole life, I know ALL the gossip now instead of just some of it. I put pictures of my family and friends up freely while still remaining respectful.

    I have found old friends that I haven’t kept in touch with. Facebook is definitely a great way to keep in touch, but I don’t believe it’s going to last forever! You get what you put into it, and I doubt most people will be able to keep it up, and something newer will come along.

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