Project: Simplify 2012!

So I was thinking of skipping the spring cleaning series we’ve done around here the past three years. I passively asked you all on Facebook whether you’d still be interested in it, honestly thinking there’d only be a few raised hands.

Well, that goes to show how much I know, because well over 300 of you shouted with a resounding YES! So… let’s spring clean together, shall we?

This year’s is going to be a little different, but all in good ways. The changes are partly for my own sanity, but also because I want this series to springboard us into action for other parts of our life. I don’t want it to drain us—I want it to get us excited for the spring, and to help us see our home for what it is—a gift.

Here’s how it’s going to work.

Project: Simplify—March 5-30, 2012

For four Mondays, I’ll say “go,” and we’ll all tackle a specific hot spot in our homes. Then on Friday, I’ll share my own progress with before and after photos—and you will, too. You can share on your own blog and then link to it on my post.

(If you don’t have a blog, we’ll have a way for you to upload your before and after pics. I’m still working on that part—last year we made a Flickr pool, but this year I’d like to make it even easier for you. One way will be on Instagram, if you’re there—you can simply upload your photos and include that week’s tag. More on that soon…)

Everyone who participates that week will be entered to win a little prize. But heck, even if you don’t win, you still get a cleaner, more decluttered home. Who wouldn’t want that?

I cover a ten-step process of decluttering, cleaning, and organizing your home in my book Organized Simplicity. Lots of people used it during Project: Simplify last year for encouragement and inspiration. You don’t have to, of course, but you know, if you wanted to, that’d be fine by me.

A few differences this year…

• We’re tackling four hot spots this year, not five.

• I’ll leave each week’s link-up open through Sunday at 11:59 p.m. Lots of you worked on your hot spots on the weekends, which makes total sense. So now, when I reveal my before and afters on Friday, you’re free to share your results anytime between Friday morning and Sunday night. I won’t draw for a winner until Monday morning. Huzzah!

• I’m revealing the hot spots in advance. It was fun to pull back the curtain each Monday last year, but there were so many comments that resonated with a, “Nuts! I just tackled that area two weeks ago!” that I figured I’d spill the beans ahead of time, so that you can plan.

This year’s hot spots

I asked you all on Facebook which areas you’d like to tackle most. Without further adieu, here’s this year’s to-do list:

You can interpret each hot spot for how it works best for you. If it feels overwhelming to tackle all your kids’ rooms, just do one kid. Or just do their clothes. For our third hot spot, feel free to focus on just one or two drawers, or only the closets, of whatever. I’m flexible.

Spread the word

Help spread the word about Project: Simplify! Pin this post on Pinterest, announce your participation on Facebook, and if you want, add this button to your blog (to change the size, simply adjust the width size—shown here as 300:

Project Simplify on Simple Mom

Why? Well, because with Project: Simplify, the more, the merrier. And it’ll also keep you accountable to participating. I hope you’re excited… I am.

Tell me what you think! Oh, and also—any ideas on how you non-bloggers would like to share your photos?

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Tsh Oxenreider

Tsh is the founder of this blog and just finished traveling around the world with her husband and 3 kids. Her latest book is Notes From a Blue Bike, and believes a passport is one of the world's greatest textbooks.

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  1. Yay, accountability and community in my treacherous decluttering saga. Love it! Thanks Tsh.

  2. Yay! So happy that you’ll leave the links open through Sundays. I had a lot of fun last year, looking forward to gettin’ clean this year!

    Also…was going to clean Eleanor’s closet out next week…but may just put that off two more weeks. 🙂

  3. The timing is good since my husband will be preparing for his yearly holy day thing called The Days of Unleavened bread prior to April 8th. What this means is that by Passover, all leavened items need to be out of the house, including crumbs and then for a week, no leavening is to enter into the house. There’s some religious significance to it that I normally don’t pay attention to but I’m using this as an excuse to clean out what normally may not get cleaned out. In other words, any baking supplies and what not that hasn’t been used by this time is to go out the door, old spices will be tossed away, and things in general cleaned out so that I’m not having to figure out how old something is. At least, that’s how I’m trying to see it, I’m one who has a tendency to hang on to things FAR longer than I should!

  4. Michelle J says:

    I’ve been getting the itch to clean things out and this is just the inspiration and motivation I need, so excited to get started! Thank you! Tsh!

  5. That’s great, I just posted about it in my German Blog.

  6. I don’t know how you’d corral them, but Instagram is definitely my main way of taking and keeping and posting pictures, these days…

    I’m excited about this! And boy, do I need it. Especially the pantry.

    • I’m totally up for people Instagram-ing their photos. But not everyone has an iPhone, so we’ll need to figure out how to display those photos tagged #projectsimplify. Or whatever.

      Does Charlie have any brilliant ideas? He seems to be good at that.

  7. Wow, its been a year since I found the simplemom blog! I started right when the first unvail took place. I live in Brazil, and have a blog on home/organization/food/wellness in Portuguese, but as most people can read (basic) English, will repost and join the fun!

  8. This project comes at a great time for me as I have the total nesting bug! Our first baby is due in early May and I am ready to clean, de-clutter etc!

  9. I love this idea. I struggle with organization and decluttering, so I am happy to participate! I love that I will be encouraged by everyone here, and I will be accountable to everyone on my site. That’s a sure fire way to get it done!
    Thanks Tsh!

  10. I’m in!! This will be my ‘simplify-along’, I worked through my kitchen in January, so I’ll be finding another area for that week. Accountability is always great for actually getting things done!!

  11. can’t wait! this is absolutely perfect, since i’m pregnant with our first child, due at the end of april — and we’re in a one-bedroom apartment. so, yeah. definitely need to simplify. and the first week falls right after my baby shower! thank you!!

  12. I loved this last year–great encouragement and motivation! For me, it’s very appropriate that “kids’ stuff” is the first area tackled!

  13. With our second due next week, or this week for that matter, I have already gone through your Organized Simplicity book! 🙂

    [Since I got it for Xmas last year, I am making it a must-do every New Year–as what better time to start the year fresh and mostly uncluttered?]

    It was amazing the amount of cookbooks/kitchen stuff/junk/books we got rid of and most of my “simplicity/de-clutter” books that just didn’t make the cut since having yours.

    However, there are still a few spots to tackle (like the office closet)….now I will! If I don’t give birth…

    Thanks for all your inspiration!

  14. OMG this is absolutely perfect for me!!! Tomorrow is my last day at my evening job and I have been itching to spring clean my house from top to bottom!!! LOVE!! Thanks! =)

  15. Yikes, time for Project Simplicity already? I participated last year and then fell off the wagon after my miscarriage. Now I’m getting ready to deliver yet another baby in the next few weeks. Looks like I might be out this year as well.

  16. Love this! Thanks for hosting!

  17. I am soooo in! I am decluttering 40 spots in my home for the 40 days of lent. 🙂

    I have found that if you don’t have a blog, but have a facebook page, you can put your facebook page URL in the website comment link.

    Would that work for this challenge?


    • Facebook is actually how I’m leaning for photo sharing. I’m trying to figure out how someone can upload their photos, tag them “Simple Mom,” and then all of us be able to see them on the Simple Mom page. I’ve got the first two steps down, but for some reason, I can’t get them to show up on the Simple Mom Facebook page. Hmm…

      Anyone know how to do this?

  18. Ooooo! I can’t wait to de-clutter! I don’t have children yet but I think my husband’s drawers, closet and work area will count, right?!

  19. Lisa Jervis says:

    This gets me very excited to spring clean with you! It is so much fun doing it with others, even if virtually!!
    Lisa Jervis

  20. Yay! I’m so excited to do this! I’ve been postponing organizing anything since I’ll probably be moving in August. But really, I can’t go another 6 months of having all my cake pans fall out onto the floor when I need one. And if I simplify now, I’m sure it will make moving much easier.

    • Decluttering now will definitely help when you move. We moved in a hurry and now more than a year later I have boxes of “stuff” still not unpacked and taking up much needed space. I’m in on this challenge…can’t wait to get started!

  21. Woo-hoo! My husband was supposed to be gone for 2 weeks in March, but it just got canceled yesterday. Perfect time for an announcement because now I can feel excited, not bummed : ) Can I just say Kudos to all you military and single parents who tackle projects like this on your own?

  22. I’m in too! I ususally put decluttering last on my list. Thank you for this project – I love working on things like this with the community – and will have my readers to keep me accountable.
    Going for it!

  23. Definitely looking forward to working alongside you ladies! Accountability is a huge part of success!

  24. I am definitely in! Probably take this challenge in a different light, I am currently in the middle of a move. A DIY move to boot! Did I mention we have a one month old… I am using this move as an excuse to pare down our stuff.

  25. I may get a jump start on this as we’re hoping to list our house after the March Break, but I’m TOTALLY in!

  26. We are moving on March 4th. So I am excited to follow along and get inspiration for orgianizing as I unpack and settle into our new home. It has been great to purge as I am packing. Hopefully we will only move what we need and what will fit in our new home.

  27. Sounds great! I recently found your site and have been going through some of the older posts for inspiration, but I’d love to join in on something current. I’ll have to think of a substitution for the first week since we don’t have kids yet…suggestions, anyone?

  28. A year already? Wow.
    Thank you for releasing the list early, I was worried I would miss out something good this time. My hubby deploys to afghan mid march so we are taking a vacation in the first week. I will just have to work on the kids stuff in the next few weeks. I’m tackling his wardrobe this year – it’s coming the week after he flys so there will be the last of his home laundry to put away for a while, might as well organise while I’m in his drawers, they are such a state right now I gave up and just leave him a pile of clean clothes on his nightstand usually! It’s good to have a project during the transition weeks too.

  29. Hi Tsh, I’m new here to Simple Mom, but I just listened to your message from the Relevant conference and LOVED it!!! It was so encouraging and inspiring! Thank you for what you shared. I am no pro-blogger, but I do have such a passion for the things that I write about. Sometimes I struggle with whether or not I should blog because life is so busy and I really am not skilled at (or even actively seeking) how to get my blog more widely read, though I’d love to encourage as many people as possible. For some reason though, God keeps inspiring me to continue on (though I’ve contemplated stopping many times). So much of it is a passion for the purpose of my blog, and another part is that I just really enjoy it and am refreshed by it. Thank you for your encouraging words that expanded my vision for the value of blogging.

    And on a side note, I think I’ll join you in the Spring cleaning! Sounds like a great idea! My pantry and our kids’ stuff definitely need some attention!

  30. I followed along last year, but didn’t actively participate. This year, I will participate! But I will start late and go at my own pace because we’ll be moving into our house Mid-March. I’ll be de-cluttering and simplifying as I unpack! I can’t wait!

  31. I am definitely participating! And we are moving soon, so this is the PERFECT pre-move project! Thanks!

  32. I am IN! I have been pecking away at it for a year…just maintenance mostly…so many hotspots, so little time.

  33. I am new to blogging, how to I get that button on my blog. Use blogspot.

  34. This challenge comes at the perfect time for me. We are planning a move this summer so decluttering this spring will make that move go smoother 🙂

  35. Christina Y. says:

    Oh my goodness, I’m so excited to spring clean with you again this year! Last year, I had joined your blog just in time for your spring cleaning. You were so motivational to me! Can’t wait for this year’s spring cleaning – especially because we’ve had our third child since last year and things seem to be piling up. We are in desperate need of some purging and organizing 🙂 Can’t wait!

  36. Wow! I found you this time last year! I just want you to know that you have helped me keep my house sane this past year. I purchased your book and it has helped with more than just the cleaning/organizing. I am super stoked that I have just started a blog and I can link up this time but last time around I was really hoping there was a way to share my photos on Facebook. Could we upload our photos onto our wall and tag you in them?

  37. i love everything about you and your website Tsh!! i am still in the “on your mark” part of getting ready to “go” though 🙁 but i am following along and praying i will have the Umph to participate. hopefully my 6mo old and 2yo wont cry too much about it. or me.
    i would MAKE a blog if thats all that was stopping me from participating LOL
    i think time/ organization/ interuptions is much more of a factor…
    also, i bought your 52 project kindle book but i wonder if there is a way to also print it? i dont actually have a kindle..i downloaded the “kindle for imac” and have found that i dont really like “reading” books on the computer. which is funny b/c i love blogs. i think the issue is, i just love BOOKS. and FWIW i found your “read aloud chapter book” post just fantastic and i made a “book to do list” so i dont forget about any of the ideas.
    thanks SO much for sharing your mind and heart with those of us online. it is clearly your gifting and calling.

  38. Count me in!! Out 5 kids have taken over the entire house…upstairs and down. So I’m excited to see the first area…although I don’t know how to tackle this in 1 week. help?! 5 kids with way too much stuff.

  39. Thank you!!! I feel like I am growing an alergic reaction to my STUFF (mild exageration) SO ready to do some de cluttering. I’m excited!

  40. Alright, I am in! Enough reading about things… time to buck up and do something. lol Thanks for the motivation.

  41. I am so EXCITED! I was about to do all of this on my own anyways (after just finishing Organized Simplicity). Glad I can tag along.

  42. Sounds great – although I really need ways to wrestle old toys away from my 9 year old. He never wants to get rid of anything!

  43. PERFECT TIMING! I just downloaded Organized Simplicity and getting ready to start that. Been wanting/wishing to simplify for years (so hard to do with a 5 year age gap on kids), but I always come up with some sort of excuse and put it off. Now I’ll have to be accountable, to not just myself, but an entire community of people striving for the same goal! Thanks Tsh, can’t wait!!! Game on…

  44. Ooh. I’m excited. I love getting rid of and organizing stuff. It just so often takes a backseat to everything else going on. This will be great motivation.

  45. I am in! thing I am having the hardest time with is getting rid of the stuff, There is a lot!!!! i don’t want to jsut give it away, it is a lot of money, but my fear is it will never leave if I don’t…suggestions?

  46. Oh, yes. We shall. I can’t wait!!

  47. Tsh, I started following your blog last year when you did this project, but I wasn’t at a place where I could join in. This year? I am ECSTATIC to participate. And thanks for the heads up on the hot spots. I am a planner and am glad to know what I can put off cleaning until March 😉

  48. This would be GREAT for my husband and I to tackle! Especially since we are moving at the beginning of April. We may not make everything looks pretty, but holy smokes will it be good to get rid of stuff before we move! The only hiccup for us is that we don’t have any kids yet…what would you replace with the kids’ stuff?

  49. I’m in! March is my least favorite month of the year. I was looking for a distraction and this is it! Thanks for the encouragement.

  50. This is completely in line with my 40 bags in 40 days. I don’t blog but started a journal, complete with pictures and during the 40 days of Lent, I will be purging my home. I have 4 children, one married, two in college and one still at home in highschool. Throughout all of my busyness with them, my home has suffered, and we have accumulated piles of stuff. Thanks for another resource I can use during this time.

  51. Yeah. She says with dread when the first topic is kids stuff. Oy. 4 kids=lots of stuff. Thank you for being willing to host and hold our hands while we try to reign in our lives to be something simpler.

  52. This is just the motivation I needed! I’ve been looking at all the clutter around me and have been feeling overwhelmed and paralyzed, not knowing where to start. After reading this, it doesn’t seem so daunting anymore, but definitely doable. Thank you!

  53. I would love to join in. I am simplifying our home and lifestyle this year. My word for the year is contentment and it fits right in with simplifying our home. We are in our 60’s, thus no pitter patter of little feet. What do you want us oldies to do in place of the children’s items/room week?


  54. Lots of you are bringing up the whole “I don’t have kids at home” issue. Good point! Sorry to unintentionally leave you hanging there.

    Go ahead and declutter your own stuff (or your spouse’s!). Basically, stuff that goes in your master bedroom—clothes, shoes, and the like.

    Sound okay?

    • I’m in the pool of readers without kids as well…
      But personally I’ll focus on the first words on that list “toys”, which in our adult life would mean all the dvd-s, books, games (console, pc and board games) and all the other bits and pieces that we use for entertainment at home.

      On another note: Thank you for this project!
      It will not only help de-clutter our flat, but may just be the right springboard to get our simplecouple blog going. Since at the moment it’s getting a bit dusty, due to all the sneaky time thief that crept on us.

  55. So excited about this! I did this last year, but delayed since 2 of the weeks I spent on the East Coast visiting family. I couldn’t wait to get home and finish! When I did… we (embarrassingly) found mold on some things in the closet. I live in Seattle though and the closet didn’t have a lot of air circulation (I was trying to maximize every square inch of storage). Anyways, thanks to you and your encouragement, I probably wouldn’t have discovered at as soon as I did! Can’t wait to play again!

    I also think things like this really do spill over into our physical and emotional health.

    • They absolutely do. I continually declutter year-round, and every time I remove stuff, I feel emotionally and physically lighter.

  56. I love decluttering and do so on an ongoing basis. I will be joining you all but may have to slightly modify projects (not sure yet) if a specific room doesn’t need too much decluttering. Maybe I’ll declutter/organize at the same time.

  57. I wish I could participate in this because it’s such a good idea but I’m crazy about constantly getting rid of things so I have nothing to organize or toss these days! Good luck everyone and I can’t wait to see some pics! Maybe I can get more ideas for organizing!

  58. Thank you for a great idea. I am going to join this project! It will help me to have motivation to declutter in some areas at home.

  59. YES! I am jumping on the bandwagon, Tsh. I feel like starting right this moment. OH, my goodness, I am READY!

  60. Super excited! This was awesome last year and I think I’ll be more productive without having a one year old this time around!

  61. So excited about this my home really needs a go through before spring yard sale and consignment sale season begins. This will help me to be accountable to seeing the project through.

  62. I am SO excited for this! These four are definitely hot spots in my house and I just got your Organized Simplicity book so I can’t wait to start! My son is 3 and we have another baby on the way and right now the baby’s future room is my son’s overflow playroom. That’s right, he has a bedroom, a play room and an overflow playroom brimming with barely used toys. And don’t even get me started on the clothing. The boy wears the same pants everyday while well meaning gifts hang with the tags still on in his closet! This is going to be so fun!

  63. I am very excited to join you! And thanks for letting us know in advance the hot spots…helps me start thinking about it and getting excited. Can’t wait for March 5!

  64. ahh, I think I need to do this. I’m definitely in for the challenge and adding it to my personal blog!

  65. Yay! I can always use a new excuse for some extra cleaning.

  66. Yey, I’m in! Perfect timing as the kids’ toys are starting to drive me bananas. Week 3 looks daunting!

    By the way, I bought Organised Simplicity a while ago and it was, hand on my heart, a life changer. When I follow your advice our house is a much happier (and neater) place!

  67. I just cleaned out my kid’s room yesterday and got rid of 6 bags (6 bags!) of stuff. I’m looking forward to this. I have not participated in the past, so there will be lots for me to do!

  68. Tsh-
    I LOVE it I have ben participating n Org Junkie’s 29 day challenge where we pick one area and work to declutter and reorganize during the month of Feb… I picked my basement- my largest cleaning project EVER! But it has inspired me to tackle other projects too- which is why your Project Simplify will be the perfect thing for me to tackle in March!

    Thanks for the inspiration! And I am starting your book over next week’s winter break (yes, the kids have a whole week off from school next week- so I am hoping for plenty of reading time next to the fire!)


  69. I’m bummed that I’ll be missing out on week 1, but will definitely join you on week two!

  70. Hay so glad to see this come around again… And would love to have a reason to whizz through my kids stuff with them and get them sorting!!!

    Would it be okay to ask folk that play along if they have kids books to get rid of they would consider our project… over the next two weeks my kids and I are trying to build a library of books for a rural school in Lesotho. Book by book… It would be wonderful if even one reader would like to post a book, they can find the details for our project here:

  71. I’m so sad! I’ll be out of town for two of those weeks!

  72. sounds totally doable! and it’ll help me get ready for my new baby by focusing those third trimester nesting hormones!

  73. Yea! So excited so that you are doing this again. Last year we were staying with my in-laws so I worked on decluttering around their house. It will be fun to do our own house this time.

  74. We’ll be on a family trip for the first couple of weeks, so I’ll have to follow up at my own pace once we return. I just worked on the kids’ clothes two days ago, so I’ll save books and toys for next month 😉

  75. Okay, I am up for the challenge, especially since I committed to becoming a Minimalist by the end of 2012. Yeah, it is much harder than anticipated. And with Valentines Week here and two recovering sick girls I had not been doing much in the simplifying category. So this is the perfect challenge!! Thanks for recharging my desire!

  76. Ursula Liao says:

    Wohoo! I’m game this year and totally psyched! Thanks Tsh!

  77. In honor of this great challenge, I’m joining up and I have a giveaway on my blog to get us all in the mood!! Please hop on over and enter!!!

  78. Just stumbled upon your blog – I’m excited to spend some time noodling around, and perhaps join you for spring simplifying. I’m feeling SO weighted down by stuff (7 people in 1300 sq ft does not make keeping STUFF easy). I’m trying to get ok with simplifying – it’s a challenge to change my mindset to not think everything is “special”, but I’m getting there. Maybe your blog will help.

  79. I plan to join you! I am not a pack rat by nature, but it still surprises me how much a family of six can accumulate….and how quickly! My blog post today links you 🙂

  80. Excited. posted about this on my blog and will see if anyone else will join!

  81. I’m really really excited about this and think it will be great motivation to do it all together!

  82. Wendy Fadness says:

    Choose my own adventure!!! I still have Christmas stuff in the garage; most of it went under the house but then I remembered the wreathe, and the…. My husband and I have talked about pulling the boxes down, sorting through “memorabilia” and replace our “keep” items in plastic storage bins. There is so much more to do in that garage!

    By the way, I have about 30 partially full cans of paint. I found I can recycle it at the hazardous waste disposal center. It is at one of our county dumps. I’m going to cart half of it over there. They offer recycled paint for free if you want to try a new color!

    They did caution me on how much I can carry in my car safely at one time.

    I hope that helps someone!

    Have fun “coming clean” about your mess!


  83. I’ve just cleaned out my closet and want to keep the momentum going so this is going to be a great project for the Spring. Looking forward to getting my daughter’s “kid space” all sorted!

  84. This is exactly what I need. Can’t wait to start photographing my messes with Instagram to lend them that artsty-vintage aura.

  85. I SO needed this! Can’t wait to join in!

  86. I think I’ll half participate this year. My son’s room needs some focused attention, and last year I never completed the paper-clutter project. I started it by putting all my papers in a box, and they are all still there. I’m sure you can imagine, this has been a nightmare all year when I’ve needed to find things. I just said to myself this week that I’m going to plan some time to organize it all.

  87. Sarah Raines says:

    Started today and even got my husband to help. I wanted to shout “TAWANDA!!!”

  88. Count me in! I’m in need of some motivation to get my house in order. I have already blogged about my intention to participate, so there is no backing out now 🙂

  89. Brilliant idea for a blog Tsh.
    I moved to Brazil a few years ago and bought a hourse by the beach with my husband.
    The idea was to majorly de-clutter our lives.
    Unfortunately, the reality of two kids and a beach at the end of the garden, means plenty of clutter.
    In my honest opinion I think I have a cluttery kind of life, but I’m gonna take your advice here, and give it one more go.
    Plus I’m about to buyt a huge chest for the kids’ toys, and that should help…

  90. I tend to work toward decluttering all the time, but I’m still really excited about this challenge!

  91. Hélène Métivier says:

    I am definitely in this year also! Love these challenges that get me out of my sofa 🙂 I guess I have a week to get my blog going, so I can link up!

  92. I didn’t make it past the second week last but I really need work on all four hot spots you will have us work on so I am in! I just Pinned it to share with my peeps 🙂

  93. I just want to say thanks for Project Simplify! Sounds like it will be cool! I have just recently come across your website and have found it very interesting. Looking forward to all the cool ideas and blogs.

  94. I will not join this party for different reasons, one being I started couple of weeks ago (yep I am not working fast…). I just finished reading your book Organized Simplicity yesterday and it definitely inspire me A LOT! I started decluttering last year and lost myself on this path during the spring. I started again after the Xmas break this year and so far I have tackled several spots in my home already. As you write it, your book is not a magical recipe but it really does give some good hints and reflection points to help one on the road. Thank you and I will be following this Spring cleaning with great interest.

  95. I’m so excited to participate in Project Simplify this year! I’ve been looking through some of the before/after pictures and blogs from last year and I can’t wait to make some real progress in my home! Thanks, Tsh, for hoisting the organization baton high in the air and allowing us all to follow your lead toward a happier and healthier household, and – hopefully – some charitable contributions and/or extra $ in our pocketbooks as we cull out the stuff we really don’t need or want any longer. : )

  96. Hi The Simple Mom and Friends,
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    Tia Gannon
    PlumLife Team Member

  97. Hey! Just found your blog the other day when I was looking for ideas for chore charts for three year olds… I love it! Think I’m going to have fun exploring. I also want to participate in this year’s project simplify, but I’ve already tackled some of my kitchen (cabinets, pantry, and fridge) a couple weeks ago. The link to that project is below. But I’ll definitely work on some of the other areas!

  98. I participated in last years’ Project: Simplify challenge, and IT WAS LIFE CHANGING – Thank You!!! I got so much inspiration from seeing the before/after pics that others posted, and loved having a “deadline” that helped keep me accountable each week. Also, for each week’s project, I would find myself implementing additional ideas once others posted what they had organized.

    I’m looking forward to participating again this year. With how well the systems worked from organizing last year, things are still in pretty good order,. However, we’re expecting our 4th child mid March….so we gotta make space for the new one!

  99. i love it and plan to join this year! i don’t have kids though so not sure about number one!

  100. Margaret says:

    This may be a good way to really get my blog going. I do not have little ones but do have grandchildren. I will see how this works for me.

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