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A Summer of Stories: 10 Prompts for Writing Great Summertime Tales


A Summer of Stories is a collection of 10 short story prompts for kids to get them writing during the summer months! Includes tips for parents, the 5 elements of a story and plot, room to brainstorm and write a rough draft, and encouragement that writing can be fun.

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Product Description

Writing is a skill that takes practice, patience, and good old-fashioned persistence—good writing doesn’t just happen, in other words. But too many of us freeze at the daunting thought of weaving an epic, attention-stealing tale, and so we never begin. We leave it to the experts.

Kids are often willing to stretch their imagination, bare their soul, and put their reputation on the line—but sometimes they simply need a bit of oil to get their gears grinding.

Consider this e-book an oil can.

How It Works

The first few pages are for you, the parent—motivation and resources to encourage your kids to write their stories, including ideas for making it work for older or younger kids. It’s written with a nine-year-old in mind, but it can easily be tweaked for any kid who loves a good story!

This e-book is laid out so that you could print all the pages horizontally, cut in half, then bound them at a copy shop. Included are lined pages, but if that feels too constrictive for your writer, replace them with blank, unlined pages.

If you’d rather not print the entire e-book, or if you’ve already got a notebook for story collecting, simply use the prompts digitally and have your writer scribble her work in a separate journal or spiral-bound notebook. I’ve purposely left off page numbers so you can print however many pages you like, in whatever order you like. You could also buy the Kindle or Nook versions, which don’t include space for journaling.

Each story session includes:

  • a prompt
  • questions for brainstorming through the elements of a story and plot
  • space to write a first draft (in the PDF)
  • tips for editing and polishing it with final touches

10 Story Prompts

Kids aren’t short on imagination—sometimes they just need a little match to get their fire blazing. A Summer of Stories includes ten story prompts, like this one:

You’re at a sleep-away camp, where kids spend the night together away from their parents, under the guidance of counselors. As you roll out the sleeping bag on your assigned bunk the first day, you notice something sticking out from under the mattress—it’s a piece of paper. You pull out the paper, only to discover… it’s a map! But a map to where?

Nine other prompts include magical bikes, a garden gone awry, digging a really deep hole on the beach, talking animals, an underwater world, peering over your neighbor’s fence and finding the unexpected, opening a mysterious trunk at the grandparents’ house, a strange day at the lemonade stand, and falling in to a hay bale… it’s not what it seems.

I know what you’re thinking—you kinda want to write these stories, too. Hey, I won’t judge.

The Skill of Writing

A Summer of Stories is light on the technique and heavy on the fun—but it does explain with friendly terminology the five elements of a story, the five elements of plot, and point of view. It also includes our favorite resources for grammar, if you want to use this e-book as a springboard for teaching or discussing parts of speech, sentence diagramming, and the basic construction of the English language.

What kids are saying

“I love it! So great for kids!” -Tatum, age 9

“This is going to be really fun!” -Joe, age 7

“I like that it helps me think about the ideas for my story and gives me a place to write them down so I don’t forget them.” -Dylan, age 8

“It’s really cool the way Ms. Tsh shows us how we can write about anything. Anything at all! This will inspire kids to write. I know it did me!” -Faith, age 11

“The story session in A Summer of Stories helped me write in a creative way, and I understand the parts of a story now. It made writing fun and easy.” -Isaac, age 9

“I liked doing the little steps and making up funny characters—it’s fun writing it.” -Kaia, age 9

“I like that it helps me think about the ideas for my story and gives me a place to write them down so I don’t forget them.” -Dylan, age 8

“I can’t wait to write a story!” -Danny, age 9

“I’m going to use this to write Pokemon chapter books!” -Dacey, age 9

What parents are saying

“Simply organized and creatively arranged, Tsh’s ebook is the perfect kick-starter for kids who need extra writing practice. . . and those who just love to practice writing. I wouldn’t be surprised if my daughter is still journaling away in hers well beyond the summer months.”  – Kristen Strong, Chasing Blue Skies

“With two girls who love creative writing but don’t necessarily appreciate writing assignments, I love that A Summer of Stories offers them inspiration as well as the tools they need to take their writing to the next level, all in a format that feels fun and self-motivated rather than like another assignment to dread.” – Mandi Ehman, Life Your Way

“This is perfect timing. My son finished the school year with a huge interest in reading and writing. I was wondering how to keep that creative fire burning this summer. This ebook starts right where the teacher left off, expanding on what makes a great story, and the writing prompts are perfect. He is so excited to get started!” – Alysa Bajenaru, Inspired RD

“As a writer I find I’m often in a block, but the way Tsh lays out this guide I found myself even inspired! Looking forward to working through this with my son.” – Angie Warren, Photo Class for Kids

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