Pop! Goes the bum knee

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Today I’m at (in)courage talking about what happened to me twenty-eight days ago, when my ski went one way and my knee went another. It was loads of fun. From the post:

“As of this writing, I can’t bend my left leg. It’s in a lovely black-and-gray foam brace that starts at my upper thigh and ends mid-calf, and it’s accessorized with a charming pair of slate gray crutches. It’s what everyone will be wearing this spring.

Actually, what happened was my family and I went skiing for the day (we’re within a few hours’ drive to five ski resorts), and I thought it’d be fun to somersault down a black slope with my husband watching. I’ve been skiing for 25 years, but I prefer the nice, intermediate blue slopes, and yet the only way down the top of the mountain was a short black run.

About twenty feet down, my ski caught a clump of snow, and down I went. And mid-spin, my foot went one way while my knee when another. Pop. Good times.”

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