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chrysalis cardi

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  1. Tsh! This podcast was so fun and relevant! Just finished listening while setting up a little nativity scene in our home in Antakya, Turkey. My husband, baby girl and I moved here from Beirut to work more closely on relief efforts in Syria. This has been my second Thanksgiving in Turkey (my first was in 2015 on a visit from Lebanon to Istanbul), and it’ll be my first Christmas here. Thanksgiving was beautiful this year, complete with all the typical foods that the American expat community here pulled together, and I’m hoping to make Christmas just as special. I love your nostalgia for a wintry Christmas; I’m from New Jersey and it doesn’t feel entirely like Christmas to me unless there’s lights and snow on the way. It is a fun challenge to create the Christmas spirit wherever you are, and I’m especially grateful to be in a place with so many refugees during this time. Loved the show!!

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