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As part of our Home for the Holidays week, each of us at Simple Living Media is featuring one of our favorite charities today. I”m really excited about the organization I”m sharing with you today and I know many of you will resonate with their values.

Plant With Purpose is an organization dedicated to fighting poverty by way of environmental solutions. We had a great guest post last spring about Why Every Day Should be Earth Day which gave a little bit of information about Plant With Purpose and this holiday season I wanted to tell you a little more.

Read on to learn more about what Plant With Purpose does and how easy it is for you to get involved.

About Plant With Purpose

I personally got involved with Plant With Purpose several years ago when a friend of mine was working for them. I fell in love with the organization and how they incorporate three aspects into their work: environmental restoration, economic empowerment and spiritual renewal. This holistic approach to development brings about an improved quality of life, restored relationships, and self sufficiency for the people in the countries where they work (currently 250 communities in Haiti, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Tanzania, Burundi, and Thailand).

Plant With Purpose does not just give handouts; they educate and empower the local people to use their land more wisely to ensure its productivity for years to come and to provide for the people. It is teaching a man to fish (rather than giving him a fish) at its finest.

The Power of Trees

The simple act of planting a tree can have monumental effects on areas where deforestation has devastated the land and the livelihood of its inhabitants.

I love this video (be sure to click over so you can watch it, if you”re reading this in a subscription)– it”s a fun explanation of how planting trees and sustainable agriculture fit in with the fight against poverty.

How to Get Involved

Here are two easy ways to get involved if you”d like to partner with Plant With Purpose in their fight against poverty.

Gift Catalog

Buying a “gift” in honor of a loved one that actually helps someone else is becoming more and more popular. Many organizations provide catalogs with these opportunities, and Plant With Purpose has a variety of gift choices in their Village Market Gift Catalog. Categories include animals, trees, and eco items (such as a cistern, stove or latrine), in addition to options like purchasing a family garden, business skills and microcredit loan training, or spiritual renewal materials.

Among these categories are fifteen poverty-fighting gifts ranging in price from only $1 to plant a tree to $1,000 to build a cistern. Other transformative gifts include a brood of 10 chicks for $20 to provide eggs for a family to eat or sell in the marketplace, a fuel-efficient stove for $30 to improve a family”s health, or a garden for $50 to provide nutritious food for a family.

At check out, shoppers can print a holiday greeting card to give to a loved one to let them know they transformed a life in their name.

Village Sponsorship

Through the Grow a Village program, you can get involved by choosing a village to help support in Africa, Asia, Latin America or the Caribbean. Donors can choose a recurring or one-time donation, and recurring donations are matched for the first year! Sponsorship helps fund things like small business loans and sustainable farming education.

My family and I have sponsored a village in Mexico for a few years now, and I love getting updates about our village, which include photos of the villagers and their farms and prayer requests.

You can also get updates on what”s going on Plant With Purpose on Facebook and Twitter.

I think it”s so important to remember that the importance of natural living and caring for the environment goes beyond our personal choices. The environment is a vital factor in the fight against poverty. Teaching people in developing countries to use their land to their benefit rather than to their detriment is imperative if we want to help improve their standard of living and break the vicious cycle of poverty.

Thank you for considering partnering with Plant With Purpose today to make a difference this holiday season!

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  1. This is a really interesting charity. What really impressed me, is how this organization works to teach the people to make their own decisions. That’s really important that they have complete autonomy in how they want to care for their people and land etc. Really good post today 🙂 🙂 🙂 Have a great week. Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather 🙂

  2. Wow I had never heard about this one.
    Thanks I will check it out…big fan of plants here!

  3. This entire post gives me CHILL BUMPS. I love it. I am such a big fan or restoration in all of its forms. Plant with Purpose. Just INCREDIBLE Kingdom work being done. Love, love, love it.

  4. Im lover of plant and all things that organic. But here in indonesia we face many destruction of forest. So come to indonesia please and save our forest.

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