Weekend giveaway: Plan to Eat

Today’s giveaway comes from sponsor Plan to Eat, a genius little online program that pretty much does everything for you but actually cook your meals.

This is a simple tool that allows you to store your favorite recipes (and import them from around the Internet!), create menu plans using those recipes, and even provide grocery lists based on those same recipes.

My favorite feature? How astonishingly simple it is. Its clean interface allows for intuitive interaction — it took me mere seconds to get my account up and running, and I had my weekly menu plan created in minutes.

You can share recipes with others on Plan to Eat, you can organize your grocery lists by store, and you can tag your recipes in infinite ways. You can even track nutritional information and cost breakdown of all of your recipes and menus! And for those of you that love going paperless, you can use Plan to Eat’s mobile app to carry all your menu planning with you. No more accidentally leaving the house without your grocery list.

Take a tour of Plan to Eat to learn about more of its features… I’m still finding new ones!


Plan to Eat is offering five Simple Mom readers a one-year membership (valued at $39 each)! To enter, simply leave any comment on this post.

This giveaway will end tonight, Saturday, May 28 at 11:59 p.m. I’ll announce the winner soon after. I hope you win!

Tsh Oxenreider

Tsh is the founder of this blog and just finished traveling around the world with her husband and 3 kids. Her latest book is Notes From a Blue Bike, and believes a passport is one of the world's greatest textbooks.

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  1. DebbieRN says:

    Sounds great! I am curious….

  2. i always plan our meals a month at a time…going back through all the recipes to make my grocery list is so tedious! plan to eat would make it so much easier!

  3. Kara D. says:

    I so need to start planning my meals. I’m lost in this.

  4. I would LOVE to try this. As a mid-lifer I have done the meal-planning for 3 decades now. I am burnt out, fried and otherwise brain dead when it comes to this chore. I would jump at the chance to simplify!

  5. I really need to start being better about planning meals!

  6. Jennifer says:

    Funny, I am sitting here trying to make my grocery list and plan meals for the week. I was just thinking, while waiting for my computer to warm up, I would love something to help me do this. Then I checked my email and saw this giveaway. Of course, I had to enter! I would love an opportunity to try this!
    Thank you!

  7. This is exactly what I need right now!

  8. Jennifer Swanson says:

    My family needs this!

  9. Stephanie says:

    I could really use the help. I’ve tried to do meal plans and plan ahead cooking on my own but I never stick with it for very long.

  10. This looks awesome – I love the mobile app part too! Meal planning is always a chore in our family, this might actually make it fun.

  11. would love to try this

  12. It’s like a swiss army knife … for meal planning! I love it!

  13. This is fabulous!!!! Pure genius!
    My fingers are crossed!

  14. Would love to try this. I have been reclaiming my recipes lately, and this would be a great tool. Thanks!

  15. Cheryl B says:

    I would love to have an easy way to organize and plan meals.

  16. I’d really love to try this as well. I’ve been menu planning since I stopped work to have my baby and it has made life much easier.

  17. Janene K. says:

    Awesome prize! I can use all the help I can get!

  18. holley d says:

    What a great tool to help with cooking. Love it!

  19. Kristen says:

    What a great tool! I already menu plan and this would take it to the next level.

  20. I SO need this!

  21. Wouldn’t it be great it the program cooked for you too! 😉

  22. I’m a new reader and am so enjoying your website! Glad to hear about the plan to eat website and can’t wait to try it out!

  23. Please enter me. This would help my family and me so much!

  24. That sounds great! I could really use something like this! =)

  25. I like the cost breakdown for our recipes. Looks great!

  26. Gabrielle E. says:

    I work full time and my husband heads to work half an hour after I get home. I often forgo cooking to eat sad thrown together options like pb&j with my daughter when it is just the two of us for dinner. I would love to find a method that helps promote cooking healthy options that are easy to reheat since inevitably my spouse or I don’t end up eating together.

  27. Gigi Schwartz says:

    I don’t even bother with cookbooks anymore. this is definitely the way to go.

  28. Perfect! I want to win!

  29. Would definitely love to try this! I need help…lol!

  30. I would really love to win a subscription to Plan to Eat. Sometimes, I’m racking my brains for ideas to make different weekday dishes that will appeal to four children and a hubby who like “proper dinners”. In the heat of the summer I really don’t want to be spending time in the kitchen.

    “If You Can’t Stand the Heat Get Out of the Kitchen”!!! applies to me 100%..

  31. My husband & I need to get out of the rut of eating pre-packages, processed meals, would love to try this meal-planning service.

  32. Kristi Sweeney says:

    What a great idea. I love the idea that I can do my grocery list by store layout!

  33. You had me at mobile app … I’d love to win this!

  34. I would love to try this!! I am always looking for more efficient ways to plan meals and go paperless!

  35. We’ve got a good meal planning/grocery shopping system down using lists from Knock Knock; however, my Mom does not, so if I win, I’m giving my subscription to her! She’s still got 5 little kids at home and works 2 jobs and is going back to school to flip her Master’s Degree! Talk about a crazy life…

  36. I also love that there is a mobile app. Coupled with the main program it seems to be a perfect tool for me. Using this just may get me back on track of planning my meals and shopping ‘by the list’.

  37. I would love to use this!

  38. Gracelyn says:

    This just might change my life.

    My husband, our four littles and I have been attempting simpler life for a few months now. Plan to Eat would add another simple dimension…just in time.

  39. This would make my life so my easier!

  40. I am less than organized with meal planning. Would love to try this method. Sounds very helpful.

  41. I LOVE Plan to Eat! Their system is incredible and just being on the trial version has saved me extra trips to the store. I know exactly how much I need of every item! Would love to have a subscription (especially since the trial ran out — I miss it!)

  42. Trying desperately to get organized and simplify, learning meal planning is my next step. The app sounds cool!

  43. Very cool and much needed!!!

  44. How funny, I was thinking a few days ago that I needed something like this to help create all of the special dietary needs for my family. It’s hard enough to make a meal plan in general, but throw in diabetes, weight loss, pregnancy, and a picky eater(who is not the toddler, for the record), and you’ve got a challenge. I would really love to have this!

  45. Ooooo… this looks wonderful and so useful! Thank you for hosting this giveaway!

  46. Oooooo! I would absolutely LOVE to win this! I can’t live without planning my meals, but still after nearly 7 years of doing it it’s still frustrating to me. Something like this would change my meal planning world!

  47. Christina Yerke says:

    Would love to try this out! Any way to stay more organized with cooking and meal-planning sounds great to me 🙂

  48. Kristen says:

    Always looking to make meal time and grocery shopping easier. Thanks for the opportunity to try this program!

  49. this looks fabulous! I’m notorious for never planning meals until dinner time!

  50. It’s kismet. I just sat down to do my weekly meal planning when I saw this post.

  51. This could save my family from a lot of last minute, thrown together meals….which is my meal planning strategy at this point!

  52. That is awesome! Especially that there is an app!

  53. Wow! This is exactly what I’ve been looking for to help me get meal-planning under control.

  54. Kathleen says:

    I don’t usually enter these, but this one seems like something I’d really like to try. So, why not? 🙂 Good luck to all! I *heart* SimpleMom.net! Thanks for the work you do!

  55. Melissa Boland says:

    Love this idea! Thanks for chance to win:)

  56. Maybe this would help me keep track of the recipes I tear out of magazines..

  57. Jocelyn says:

    I’d love to try this!

  58. Genius! I love to cook, love to try new recipes, and would love to save time on my menu-planning! What a great give-away!

  59. I would love this!!! looks so simple!!

  60. This looks fantastic!

  61. Looks like a great meal planning tool!

  62. Sounds great. I would love to try it.

  63. I could get down with that mobile app. Fingers crossed!

  64. Candice Shepard says:

    I’ve never tried a meal planning “plan” but what a fabulous idea! I would love to give it a try.

  65. Would love to have this!

  66. Michelle Kjersten says:

    Wow, so awesome. I definitely need this 🙂

  67. I’m going to take a tour right now!! Sounds exciting, as I struggle with menu planning. My family just moved, and I still haven’t found my recipe box!! If I used Plan To Eat, that wouldn’t be a problem 🙂 Thanks for a chance to win!

  68. This sounds much more advanced than my white-board menu & clipboard shopping list!

  69. Cheri in the Lone Star State says:

    Meal planning made easy- love!

  70. kristen says:

    Sounds like a good plan to me! :0)

  71. looks like a great tool to have 🙂


  72. Ok, so I took the free one month trial of this site, and really enjoyed it. Wasn’t enough time to work through all the features though, and right now we do not have the money for a membership. I Hope I win, so I continue to work with this site.

  73. This is right up my alley, er shopping aisle, and much needed in our house! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!!!!

  74. This sounds great! It would make shopping with my 9 month old son so much easier with the phone app. His joy of shopping is getting mommys shopping list and trying to eat it! We’re also a new family, this would make it so much easier for our transition of actually making meals for us!

  75. I would love to win this!

  76. This would be so helpful!

  77. I have tried a few meal planning sites…yet to find one that works for me. Would love to give it a try!

  78. Laura Aiuto says:

    This is just what I need right now! Plus it has a mobile app. Perfect!

  79. Becca S says:

    I would love to win this… it would be so helpful for my family’s crazy schedule right now!

  80. I have been scouring the internet for the right meal planning website…. this looks perfect!

  81. My mom uses it- I love it! Would love to have my own membership!

  82. I could really use the help meal planning!

  83. Great idea! And I like the mobile app part- I hate losing grocery lists all the time because I’ve misplaced them!

  84. I’ve been wanting to join Plan to Eat for a long time, but have been trying to cut back financially. This would be such a gift! Great give-away!

  85. Tanya W says:

    Oh yes please! I am terrible with meal planning and could def. use some help. Thanks for the chance to win!

  86. This sounds neat! I hope I win!

  87. wow! This sounds like exactly what I have been looking for. Thanks!

  88. Kathy WL says:

    What a great idea. Some weeks I do good on menu planning, but most it is a scramble.

  89. Crystal says:

    This would be great!

  90. Mandy P says:

    This looks like a neat site!

  91. This is exactly what I need right now. Love it!

  92. Emiley Baker says:

    This would help me out tremendously. I recently had my third baby and meal planning has fallen by the wayside. I need help getting things back on track!

  93. I would love to give something like this a try! I’m already a planner, so having it all in one place would be lovely.

  94. I think I’m going to win!

  95. This looks like a great way to start planning meals!! Thanks for the chance!

  96. Lore McSweeney says:

    I love the mobile app and the price! Thanks for bringing it to my attention

  97. I bake & cook (pretty much prepare any kind of food) for a living! I love being organized when it comes to planning food out (I make very detailed meal plans 6 weeks @ at time)! I use SO MUCH TIME & PAPER due to constantly trying out new recipes & having endless grocery lists (& the two don’t always go hand in hand!)! 😀 This would be just wonderful to have! I would use this probably more than facebook, twitter, & gmail combined! HA! 😀 I like it so much, I think I will blog about it today! 😀

  98. Gloria Obuchowski says:

    I need software like this. I’m currently using my Google calendar to record and plan my meals.

  99. Jennifer B says:

    Wow, I could really use something like this! Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  100. April l says:

    Simple, intuitive, helps cut down on meal time stress? Sounds like something I definitely need to check out. Thanks for giving away the chance to win!