It’s giveaway time – your family budgeting problems, solved.

by Tsh Oxenreider

Tsh is the founder of this blog and just finished traveling around the world with her husband and 3 kids. Her latest book is Notes From a Blue Bike, and believes a passport is one of the world's greatest textbooks.

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I told you that today, I’d tell you about what tool I use for our family budgeting, and that I’d give you a chance to win it. I did not lie.

Photo by Dayna Bateman

It seems rather nerdy to get excited about a budgeting program, but then again, I’ve never run across anything like Pear Budget before. I used Quicken for a long time, mostly because it was what I had – it came free on our MacBook. But it started driving me bonkers, mostly because it was confusing to use (and I consider myself more or less computer savvy). There were just silly things I didn’t need to mess with when it came to managing every day family finances. Plus, it kept unexpectedly freezing on me.

I first heard of Pear Budget from a few personal finance blogs I really admire, such as Get Rich Slowly. It didn’t really sound like anything different or spectacular, but people kept recommending it, so I decided to check it out.

What I noticed first was the interface. It’s gorgeous. It’s clutter-free, it’s streamlined, and it’s easy on the eyes. That may sound surfacey, but to me, it adds enjoyment to budgeting. A good aesthetic doesn’t make a budget tool suddenly something I can’t live without – but it’s hard to find, so I appreciate it when it’s there.


The great thing about Pear Budget, however, is that it’s elegant interface echoes its simplicity. It really is so easy to use. You simply set up your budget in about 15 minutes, and you’re good to go. Head over there for a minute, read their initial home page, and head back over here. You’ll see what I mean.

Other things I like about Pear Budget:

  • It’s completely based on a zero-based budget.
  • You can fully customize your tags – there’s none of the pre-entered kind.
  • It’s quick and powerful – because it doesn’t do anything but budgeting, it takes mere seconds to load.
  • It beautifully handles both my regular, monthly expenses and my irregular expenses that show up only several times a year.
  • It uses the classic envelope system – you fill in a category’s amount, and it depletes the total as its spent.
  • They’ve got a blog that regularly answers questions and provides a place to contribute your thoughts (love that!).


Charlie and Sarah Park and their three preschool-aged girls are the family behind Pear Budget. About five years ago, they created a spreadsheet to help track their spending, and mostly for fun, they posted it online. After it was downloaded over 100,000 times, they decided to turn it into the web-based application we now see.

The Parks are a work-at-home mom and dad, and they get how busy parents are. They know what it’s like to manage a home. And they personally relate to staring in cloudy confusion at budget software that just doesn’t work for them. They know that when you only have 15 minutes of computer time every couple hours, you’re not going to want to spend it trying to understand how to work a tool. You just want to update your budget, see the results clearly, and move on.

pear_budget.jpgPear Budget completely aligns with my home management philosophy, so Simple Mom enthusiastically recommends them as an ideal budgeting tool.

I’m happy to say that Pear Budget is only $3 a month – that’s $36 a year, which is really affordable. But I’m even happier to say that one of you will win a lifetime subscription to Pear Budget! That’s years of lightweight budgeting ahead of you.

In order to win, simply enter a comment in this post! In your comment, please tell me your best cheap date idea. To enter a second time, subscribe to Simple Mom’s feed by either RSS or by email, and email me the secret code you see at the bottom of all the posts (see here if you want further explanation). You don’t have to be a new subscriber to get a second entry – just email me the code! To get a third entry, post about this giveaway on your blog, and let me know about it.

That’s it! This is obviously open to worldwide readers, since there’s no shipping involved. And you don’t need a blog to enter, but you need to make sure you provide a valid email address with your entry.

This contest will be open until Wednesday, June 25 at midnight Pacific Standard Time.

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  1. I just signed up for the free trial and I’m super excited! My husband had a great cheap date idea: A backyard “drive in”. Either put your TV on the hood of the car in the driveway and watch from the front seat, or drag a couch outside, plug the tv in and watch under the stars!

  2. My best cheap date idea is what I did for Valentine’s day 2 years ago (before the kidlets came along). I didn’t want to deal with the expensive restaurants with fixed price menus …I wanted the night to be meaningful, so I drew on 2 of our favourite things – our beach honeymoon and our favourite restaurant meal (bertucci’s pasta). I searched online and found the recipe for our favourite dish and made that (I kept the menu simple…served it with freshly squeezed lemonade, and for dessert, warm brownies with vanilla ice cream)…then I cordoned off a corner of the apartment, hung shawls to make a little “room/tent”…laid down a picnic mat and arranged some cushions and candles…I turned off all the lights in the apartment and put a cd of nature sounds (waves crashing on a beach)….when hubby came home, I covered his eyes and took him to the “honeymoon corner”….it was one of the most fun date nights we ever had. It felt like we were somewhere exotic – but there was the comfort of being in our own home…and of course – hardly any cost involved! (Hope this entry wasn’t too long!)

  3. Our cheap date sometimes consists of hitting a bucket of golf balls – half off on Sunday afternoons, and ice cream at our favorite ice cream place.

  4. Cooking at home with a rented movie!

  5. avatar
    Stephanie says:

    Our best cheap date is going to the putting green for free and sometimes getting McDonald’s on the way. Now that we have three kids, though, it is not as cheap as it used to be…babysitters are expensive. Usually now we have in-home movie theater nights…a movie, some popcorn and sleeping children…what more could we ask for?

  6. One of our favorite cheap dates are a DVD from the local library, popcorn and home made pizza! It provides an entire evening worth of fun!

    Crazy Daisys last blog post..Thursday Thirteen #9

  7. favorite cheap date is movie night at home. Sometimes it’s a movie on tv, a movie we rented, or a show we’ve taped earlier in the week.

  8. Our fav cheap date is a game of ‘frolf’ or ‘disc golf’ at the local park then stopping at the store for a 1/2 gal of burnt almond fudge ice cream.. yummmm.

    Jens last blog post..An interesting read…

  9. My favorite cheap date is packing a “gormet” picnic lunch and heading down to the free concert in the park. We sit and have a great meal outdoors next to the river, listen to some great music and then take a walk around downtown and window gaze…..Doesn’t it sound fun!

  10. Our cheap date is to get a couple of glasses of wine and relax in our hot tub after the kids go to bed. We get a lot of quality time together and we definitely get a lot of uninterrupted time to discuss things.

    Suzannes last blog post..Random Bits and Pieces

  11. Favorite cheap date: taking lunch to my husband in the field, and hanging out with him in the tractor. Easy to do when the kids are at school, and uninterrupted time to talk.

    Kellys last blog post..Happy Anniversary

  12. avatar
    Heather says:

    I love to take advantage of all our cultural offerings around the city. There’s concerts in the gardens, movies in the park, etc. They’re all fun and mostly free! We feel like we’ve had a lot of entertainment and our pocketbooks aren’t hurt!

  13. avatar
    Heather says:

    We like to check out all the cultural offerings our city offers- concerts in the gardens, movies at the park, etc. It’s a great little romantic excursion and it’s free!

  14. We love handling finances and possessions God’s way – check out the 10-week small group (Life Group) study on budgeting and finances at I do need a budgeting software that is easy!
    Cheap date? We have a public restaurant that has wedding year round on Saturday afternoons and another one in the evening. We take snacks and a beverage and walk around the restaurant/town area and listen to the music and then find a place with a view. It is so neat to see the happiness! Different styles of music too (is this too cheap?).


    Alysons last blog post..And Away We Went – An Orphan’s Adoption

  15. Hi! I would love to win this subscription – please enter me three times.
    Cheap Date Ideas:
    My husband and I just like getting out of the house together – it doesn’t have to be for a fancy dinner in order for it to qualify as a date. We have a favorite restaurant that often publishes buy one get one free coupons in the paper and can spend around $12 for a nice meal in a fun setting (AJA Noodle Co.). Also we’ve saved coupons for ice cream and treat ourselves to a little dessert and then a walk on the beach (Lake Ontario).

    Now I’m off to subscribe to your blog and link you to my own site.

    Caroles last blog post..on making lists

  16. Cheap date: My favorite dates all involve being outside, so beach walks, sunsets, hikes, etc. One year for my husband’s birthday, I blindfolded him (only while we were in the car) and brought a bottle of wine up to a secluded hot springs in the foothills.

  17. I really need to start a budget :)

    We love board games, so our favorite cheap date is playing games with a snack. Honestly just turning off the TV is helpful to get reconnected.

    Our cheap date WITH the kid is to go to the local fountains at one of the outdoor malls. Our daughter can run through the fountains while we sit on a bench and talk. We can see her the whole time, but feel like it’s just us reconnecting. She has a blast too!

  18. Thank you so much for your financial posts. I look forward to hearing about your grocery tips!! 😉 I hope I win!!

    Elizabeths last blog post..Martha, Martha, Martha

  19. Cheap date: We always get gift cards for retaurants and we save them up and use them when we really need a time out together. Afterward we’ll go hiking (we have a place to go that’s close) or we go to the movies. Dinner’s free, so is hiking, the movie gets a little pricey but we usually do the free stuff. :)

    Elizabeths last blog post..Martha, Martha, Martha

  20. avatar
    jeanne j says:

    my cheap date idea is to go to the early movie ( cheap!) and we bring our own snacks :)
    Truly, just as much fun :)

  21. Our cheap date:

    I buy Rib Eye steaks, a bottle of wine, and something for dessert and we eat at home!

    Carolines last blog post..Trendy Bags

  22. I’ve looked at Pear Budget but been too much of a cheapskate to try it. I just might have to give in if I don’t win it.

    celticbuffys last blog post..Confusion and WTH?!?

  23. My favorite cheap date idea is one that we do every Saturday night…we rent a good movie, I make a fun, special meal that the kids wouldn’t want to eat and we treat ourselves to a nice (for us) bottle of wine or a margarita if we are having Mexican.

    When we were first married we loved to go to a bookstore and share and dessert and just browse!

    Thanks for doing this!

  24. A favorite cheap date for us is putting the kids to bed then going to the spa in our apartment complex and relaxing for an hour or so. We come home fully relaxed, grab a snack and watch a little tv.

    Note: kids are teen and preteen in case anyone was concerned. :)

  25. First of all, I absolutely LOVE you blog! You have such wonderful, helpful information.

    My hubby and I enjoy what we did back in college. Go to a coffee shop that has live music, sip coffee and chat about life.

  26. This is soo what I need. Since I just graduated college I’m a little fearful about the budgeting world I’m about to step into, but your blog is really helpful! What a great program as well!

    Britneys last blog post..The greatest, best guilty pleasure EVER

  27. Winter= rentals +ice cream
    Summer = picnics and long walks

    christinas last blog post..It was one of those nights…

  28. My favorite idea for a cheap date? Re-creating a menu from our favorite restaurant and putting on some great music as we cook together. I guess you do have to buy the ingredients, but it’s cheaper than going out and can be done while the kids are sleeping!

  29. Starbucks!

  30. Since I am a single mom, my best cheap date would be to have someone else cook dinner for me. It could be anything – as long as I didn’t have to cook it.

    Martines last blog post..Shrimp Friday

  31. Thank you for suggesting Pear Budget as a great program. Just recently tried YNAB and didn’t really like it.

    Any way on to my cheap date: Our cheap date is the beach, we go once a month just the two of us. We live really close to the beach, so gas really is not much of an issue when it comes to it. Usually we’ll bring a cooler with a few snacks, drinks, and our bathing suits. We stay till sun down and then go get the kids =)

  32. I only “date” my two lovely daughters adopted from China, and we like to go to a local nature preserve, have a picnic, and then a long walk and talk.

  33. Our favorite cheap date is having our kids babysat by their aunt and uncle while my husband and I spend some time together at our home, um, not making another kid.


    Stacy (mama-om)s last blog post..My Son’s Weapon of Choice

  34. my husband and I would enjoy the free music in park series while we were dating. I would pack a simple snack and blanket and enjoy the good times and music.

  35. avatar
    Miranda says:

    We bring a hot drink in the winter or, go grab something cold when it warmer weather, and go to a beautiful lookout spot, then we snuggle in the car and listen to a sermon together. We then go somewhere to eat or do something else and discuss what we thought about the sermon. It’s great and encouraging.

  36. Our best cheap date?
    A walk on the beach followed by sitting in the car watching the waves, listening to our wedding song “Leather and Lace” by Stevie Nicks just enjoying each other’s company. We don’t have a lot of extra money after the bills are paid so cheap dates are our thing.
    Another cheap date is saving the gift certificates we get as gifts and use them to shop or eat out when we have no extra cash but want to get out of the house. Super cheap–dinner on someone else–and to stretch the gift certificates even further, we look for coupons or specials->if we are lucky, we can get more than one night out w/a gift certificate!

  37. We’ve been doing this budgeting process — not knowing the name — out of necessity since we are on one-income that wasn’t planned for ahead of time. It is a simple process, and I was using Pear in its beta stage and LOVED it. After a while, though, I felt like nothing was changing and seeing all the expenses we had and couldn’t really afford only upset me. However, I will be returning to work in the fall and we’ll have money then and so that will be a great time to really start budgeting properly. I’ve learned so much in this phase of making everything stretch; hopeful I can sustain it when the money starts pouring in (and not out). Would love to win Pear for life!! I actually sent them an email my first day using it because it made me so happy. : )

    Shawns last blog post..Keep going; nothing to see here

  38. Our favourite cheap date idea is to stroll around the park where we got married, then going for burgers and fries at our favourite corner restaurant. Meanwhile, the kids spend time with their cousin, who loves to babysit them.

    Nenettes last blog post..Happy Summer Solstice!

  39. I think our favorite “cheap date” is when hubby gets out of the office for lunch and we meet at the local Weenie Wagon. When we were building our house, we would stop everyday and get some hot dogs for lunch on our way to check out the progress at the house. She’s reasonably priced – less then $8 for the both of us and we both get away from the stress of work.

    Faiths last blog post..Cats and Dogs

  40. Our first (and favorite) date is going to Costco for a $1.50 Hot Dog. Then walk around trying all the furniture, clothes, books, video games, bikes, sample foods, etc, and enjoying each others company. Leave your wallet in the car! NO spending….just enjoying!

    JamieBEEs last blog post..Pear Budget

  41. At my house, hubby and I enjoy “Monday Movie Night” we rent DVDs for FREE from RedBox on Mondays, give the kids an early bath and let them watch cartoons in our bed, then watch our movie and share a pint of ice cream on the couch. It’s nice and quiet, and only costs me 50 cents!!!

  42. For a cheap date, we always enjoy long walks, enjoying our local river-walk, and free Shakespeare in the park plays throughout the summer!

    Susannas last blog post..Four

  43. avatar
    Elizabeth Mays says:

    My best cheap date idea is to go down to the beach (we live by the lake) and stroll up and down the lighthouse pier in the early evening when the sun is lowering. It’s gorgeous with the colors on the water. Then we like to go up on the bluff and sit in one of the swings together and just enjoy the sunset and watching the sailboats out on the lake.

  44. avatar
    andyjean says:

    Our favorite cheap date has been the same for years – packing up picnic supplies and exploring the national forests that we have to the north and south of us. Sometimes we’re on foot, sometimes in our truck or on our ATVs. Love the photos we take and the thrill of seeing things we haven’t seen before. We even plan our vacations to see the national forests & parks in other states.

  45. avatar
    sarah n says:

    We swap childcare with some friends so childcare is free. Then we will usually grill some steaks at our house and play a game or watch a movie. We also like to play tennis on our date nights.

  46. avatar
    Julie D says:

    The budgeting software looks great…if we win using it might become our new favorite cheap date. For now, its getting take out dessert and watching Friends reruns.

  47. avatar
    Elysian Girl says:

    My favorite “Cheap Date” is when we make up a little dinner for our daughter and settle into a game with her before bedtime. Once she is down we then head to the kitchen and begin to dig through the fridge and look to see what bits of seasoning and ingredients are left for the week and we whip up an fantastic meal together. We then retreat to the screened porch with candles and some music and enjoy it being just the two of us spending some quality time during dinner.

    Thanks for the fab giveaway! (did I mention I love Pears?)

  48. cheap date ?? family babysits – just sitting and visiting anywhere!!

    sandys last blog post..The road to Omaha

  49. Last year for our anniversary we were BROKE! We sent the kids to my parents, then stayed home for the weekend, went out to eat, spent time talking and just being together. It was an awesome weekend and cost almost nothing!

    Sweetpeass last blog post..These Directions are Only for Planning Purposes . . .

  50. avatar
    Shiloh Blasdel says:

    I love to go hiking with my husband in the mountains and watching the sunset.

  51. My favorite cheap date is to go see the local sites. My husband and I got free tickets to ride the Aerial Tram downtown, so we rode it, took pictures like tourists and had a blast.

    Erikas last blog post..Fixed and Strawberries

  52. Our fave cheap date is to box up dinner and eat at the beach. Living 20 minutes from a great lake is perfect for that, though any park would do just as well. Sometimes when it’s buggy or cold we eat in the car rather than in the sand, but it’s equally as fun to get out, do something different, and spend some time alone together. It’s the same dinner we would have eaten, same price we basically would have paid, just a change of venue.

    Em.s last blog post..Set Up Sunday!

  53. avatar
    Joe Fanthorp says:

    I would love to get my hands on this product.Thanks,

  54. My personal favorite cheap date is a picnic (we’re just a block from a gorgeous park, so we just pack up whatever we would’ve eaten for lunch anyway and take it down there – hot food’s still hot) in the park followed by reading to each other.

    His favorite is popcorn (we make it in our pressure cooker and just add salt, so it’s really cheap) and a competitive board game, especially Settlers of Catan.

    When we lived in the States, our local astronomy club hosted free nights every month where they’d set out tons of telescopes and have free star charts, photos, and once we even won a year’s subscription to their sponsor’s Astronomy magazine!

    Thanks for the post! I’ve been subscribing to the feed already so I’ll send you the code.

    Lori Anns last blog post..Crafting & Creating

  55. avatar
    DEBBY WARREN says:

    LOVE a cheap date….put the kids to bed..drape a beautiful tablecloth over the deck table…grab a few candles, and your best china…the best wine you can find…and your hubby’s favorite dinner served to him…all in the dusk of the day, the children all sound asleep in their beds… :) My husband loves that…cheap and SO romantic!

  56. For our cheap dates, we get a grandparent to watch the kiddos, go get some ice cream and walk around a park. There are also a lot of great free outdoor concerts in Richmond, VA, so we head out to see some in the summer.

    Leighs last blog post..We don’t need no steeking badges!

  57. avatar
    Rebekah says:

    My husband & I love to walk… makes for a pretty cheap date! We’ve had some of our best conversations on our walks and it’s a great time to enjoy each other’s company.

  58. Pack up a picnic and take it out on the boat on the lake and just enjoy the views and conversation! Our topics are wide-ranging from our children to our business to religion, politics, the economy, our future, our past. Finding time to be relaxed is so precious and I love spending time talking with my husband which is not always possible with two small children!

    Frugal Mom LAs last blog post..Abundant Life Challenge

  59. Since we have an infant we don’t ge out much. But we have found redbox to be a great date. The movies are cheap, easy and they have a vending maching at our grocery store.

  60. avatar
    Crystal says:

    We have gone to some local theatre productions and matinees are even cheaper.

  61. We have a local park where they perform Shakespearean plays on an outdoor amphitheater; my hubby and I like to get take-out sushi and go enjoy an evening under the stars with great (free) theater for entertainment!

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

    Megrets last blog post..Monday’s List o’ Links

  62. First of all, thanks for all of the amazing advice and tips! Your blog has inspired and helped my husband and I tremendously!

    Our favorite cheap date idea is riding my DH’s bike. We live in the country and can cruise around for very little gas. Plus we can stop along the way and take some photos or eat a little lunch. It’s nice being able to get out, spend some quality time together in nature, and know that you aren’t breaking the bank. Plus we are able to stop and sight see whenever we want. (Since photography is my passion, this date ranks very high!)

  63. My husband & I love to take walks all over and look at houses (we’re renting now) and get ideas of things we like & don’t like for when we actually own a house!

  64. avatar
    Alice Hansen says:

    My best cheap dates always involve an evening walk – its so nice when my husband suggests this because it means he wants to talk to me. There’s not much else to do on a walk!

  65. avatar
    Staci J. says:

    I usually do our budget on paper so this would be wonderful. My cheap date idea is we take our kites to the park and fly them. It’s a blast.

  66. That would be a rented movie, on my couch with hubbie!!

  67. We love sitting in the back yard with a cold beer after the kids have gone to sleep.

    Alanas last blog post..5 Eco-friendly Ways to Cure Summer Boredom

  68. My favorite cheap date is a free Redbox rental and homemade pizza!

    Sundis last blog post..Three Things for Cricket

  69. Cheap date: either hanging out at Borders, or watching DVDs and breaking out the ice cream we’re hiding from the kids. 😉 We’ve got all 7 seasons of Gilmore Girls on DVD (his idea, not mine!) so we’ve got years of cheap dates lined up… 😉

    Julies last blog post..wordless Wednesday

  70. Send the kids to Grandma’s, get a free redbox, and stay in bed! Boring, but always very needed and enjoyed!

    Pattis last blog post..Cut it.

  71. My best cheap date is right in my hometown- go visit some free museums in DC! Take a picnic and eat it in front of the Washington Memorial- beautiful!

  72. Our favorite cheap date (of days gone by, when we lived in a bigger city) was to go to the local gourmet grocery store that we LOVED but couldn’t afford to shop at for the “real” day to day stuff. We would wander the aisles and pick out a few fun and exotic ingredients – specialty herbs (you could be as little as a teaspoon and bag them yourself), rice or pasta we’d never had before, etc.—and go home and make a meal with our finds.

    lisas last blog post..

  73. Best cheap date: make our own personal mini pizzas while drinking a cheal bottle of wine. We wait til ouu daughter goes to sleep and then begin cooking. We have the kitchen to ourselves and lay out all of our toppings. Its a fun way to spend time with one another without having to leave the house.

    Carlys last blog post..Three sweet girls and an incredibly fun weekend

  74. Cheap date: A trip to the park for some outdoor hiking. Then the baseball fields at the edge of the park to watch some little league and grab a hot dog. Now I need something for the winter here up north!

  75. We love to go for walks in our neighborhood – the houses are old and interesting, and it gives us plenty of time to talk! We’ve been doing it for years and I haven’t gotten bored yet. Of course, I’m not quite a mom yet ( a few more weeks), so I don’t know how this will evolve!

    Sarahs last blog post..On Memories and Garbage…

  76. My cheap date idea is to use our Netflix subscription (we have one of the lowest subscription rates) and make sure we always have a movie for the weekend. We get some snacks and soda, and we watch a movie together after the kids are all in bed.

    Angie @ Many Little Blessingss last blog post..1930’s Follow Up: My husband took the test

  77. avatar
    Lachelle says:

    Since we have a young one at home that we’re not ready to leave with a babysitter . .. we put her to bed, pop a bag of microwave popcorn and watch a movie together. It’s a cheap date and perfect for us to relax!

  78. We order a take and bake pizza and I set up a board game while hubby goes and gets it. (pizza place is 3 blocks away, so the gas is even cheap!) We have a newborn, but since games are generally one hand friendly we can still play together while one of us holds her.

    JenOs last blog post..Sleepy Ru loves daddy

  79. avatar
    Heather says:

    Cheap date idea- We put our two & a half year old to bed, sit by the fireplace (or candlelight in the summer) and watch our wedding video & look at our wedding album. We’ve been married 6 years & love taking a stroll down memory lane.

  80. Free day at SAM – Seattle Art Museum!

    Jeans last blog post..More ‘fun’ with food

  81. We love to take our dogs to the dog park. It is free entertainment at it’s finest :)

    Christian Kays last blog post..The Picture I promised

  82. I won’t pretend that I read all of the other comments. I’d love to win me some pear.

    Our favorite cheap date is to grab the laptop and a Netflix movie and head to the beach in hubby’s Westy Vanagon. We have our own drive in and if we time it right we can enjoy a sunset too. I usually make some dinner and buy a pint of Ben & Jerry’s for a treat.

    Robins last blog post..What’s for Dinner – Week of June 23rd

  83. My husband made a treasure hunt with clues all leading to the prize. So creative and so much fun oh and it did not cost a penny

  84. avatar
    Kim Ross says:

    Best Cheap date idea……this is a great way to spend the evening after the kids are in bed….take out a board game and a bag of your favorite chips and play together!

  85. Cheap date here = kids in bed, Mom and Dad watching a movie and eating popcorn!

    Angis last blog post..Summer is Here!

  86. I’m in..

    our best cheap date is to go to the second run movie theater where tickets cost $2/person and bring our own candy/pop (they allow it). So for less than $10 we can go to a movie and have a fun together!

    Petes last blog post..Guest Post: Automated Tithing: A New Way to Give

  87. We rent movies from the library and watch them after the kids are in bed. Sometimes we make popcorn or ice cream sundaes. It’s stress free because it doesn’t cost a fortune and we don’t have to hire a babysitter.

    Amandas last blog post..Totally Tuesday… (get it? It’s a days of the week theme…)

  88. My best cheap date idea is to have a date night at home. 1st- schedule the date. 2nd – Make it a priority. Even though your date is at home- it has to be a priority “date night.” After the kids are in bed, have a dessert and play board games together. OR- since it is summer, sit together outside on the patio or deck and enjoy a (decaf) coffee together.

    Jane Anne Owens last blog post..Comic Relief

  89. I would love this – right now we’re using, but it is in beta and I’m less than happy with all the bugs!

    Our best cheap date: schedule it on a Tuesday evening. We have a local theater that shows $1 movies on Tuesday nights, and this summer Baskin Robbins has $1 ice cream (also on Tuesday nights). We get free babysitting because I teach voice lessons to a few local girls (the barter system is GREAT.) So…we get a nice date for $3!

  90. great giveaway — we need budget help, and this sounds wonderful!

    my best cheap date idea would be a yummy picnic with inexpensive but gourmet-ish sandwiches, fruit, etc. in a park — but then again, the way to my heart is through my stomach!

  91. avatar
    Jonathan says:

    I have been looking at Pear Budget for a few days and it looks pretty cool. I’m just now getting started and would love to get it free! Thanks.

  92. avatar
    Erin H. says:

    My best advice for an inexpensive date is to act like a tourist in your own town and check out the local museums, landmarks, etc., many of which have free admission days or discounts available. In reality, on the rare occasions my husband and I have a “date,” we usually borrow a DVD from the library, buy a few treats from Trader Joe’s, and out the children to bed early. Thanks for the giveaway; Pear Budget looks great.

  93. our cheap date…drop the kids off at the ikea play room while my hubby and i wander around the store. we get to spend some great time talking and dreaming about our future dream kitchen…and then we get the kids and finish the evening off with a $1 ice cream cone for everyone! can’t beat it!

  94. This sounds like a great site! Thanks for the info and the giveaway.
    My best cheap date idea is going bowling together. We always have a great, inexpensive time.

    Colleens last blog post..Sad Breakfast

  95. Pack a meal, and go on a hike. Good conversation, the blood flow gets going, out in nature… Can’t beat it!! :) And I’d love to try this product out!

  96. Ideal cheap date: free summertime movies in the park with a picnic. Realistic cheap date: sitting in front of the tv with ice cream.

  97. This sounds like something I could really get into. Thanks for the post :)

  98. oops! I forgot my best cheap date idea…..
    Since I have 2 small children and the budget is tight as it is….. My husband and I have movie night at home after the kids are asleep. I get 1 or 2 boxes of the theater size candy at Target, we pop some popcorn and watch the latest netflix arrival.
    I know it doesn’t sound like much, but we enjoy it.

    We also like game night. We play board games. Again, it doesn’t sound like much but we always enjoy it.

  99. My favorite cheap date is definitely the local outdoor summer musical production! It’s free! And you can bring a cooler with all the snacks you want. Perfect!

    Katies last blog post..preoccupations

  100. Video from the redbox after the kiddos are in bed. A whole $1!

    Koris last blog post..Turkey Roast