Q&A Tuesday: what are the staples in your pantry?

Today’s Q&A comes from Heather, half of the duo behind Rookie Moms.  They’ve got a great website filled with tips on life with little ones, and their book, The Rookie Mom’s Handbook, is filled with 250 things to do with – or without – your kids.

Here is her question:

What foods do you always keep in your pantry?

Share your staples, and if you’re up for it, share your fallback menu items you prepare with them.  I look forward to your ideas!

Tsh Oxenreider

Tsh is the founder of this blog and just finished traveling around the world with her husband and 3 kids. Her latest book is Notes From a Blue Bike, and believes a passport is one of the world's greatest textbooks.

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  1. I always keep macaroni, chicken stock and some canned fruits.

    Dominique´s last blog post…Educating Junior

  2. I always keep tinned tomatoes, stock, tuna, some kind of dried beans, living in England baked beans are a must. I also like to keep some pasta and a few tinned soups for when I am feeling too lazy to cook for myself.

  3. I’m not the best for this question as I’m not the super duper organized household manager. But, in general, you’ll always find a bag or two of flour (homemade bread makes any meal seem super), some bag of some sort of dry bean or pea (the most inexpensive meal I can cook-beans or peas with homemade bread, of course), cans of diced tomatoes (italian is always an easy quick meal), pasta (italian, again, and pancake mix (serves up quickly and gives my family a hot breakfast).

    Alright, I didn’t blog about my pantry today, but about how diverse Jesus is. Not a lot of diversity in my pantry…but you’ll find some here: http://burningbushes.org/

  4. Canned tomatoes, sweetcorn and many different beans . Dried pasta and various grains. Flours for baking and for bread, and loads of different nuts/seeds/dried fruit.

    Nicki´s last blog post…Menu Plan Monday

  5. Different varities of rice, pulses, beans, wheat flour, spices, Indian “masala” powders and some chinese noodles.

    Prasanth´s last blog post…My Take on the Satyam fiasco

  6. rice, rice, rice. Oh – and pasta. So basically a lot of carbs. 🙂

    Tabitha – From Single to Married´s last blog post…Monday Musings – Culinary Skills (or lack thereof)

  7. Hmm…Jasmine rice, soy sauce, oyster sauce, ginger, green onons, pasta, canned tomato sauce, flour, yeast, sugar, oil…oh, and Krusteaz pancake mix

    Aunt LoLo´s last blog post…Dairy-Free Yellow Cake

  8. Spaghetti, spaghetti sauce, canned green beans (may daughter loves them), onions, potatoes, baking mixes, etc.

    I have a whole master grocery list I created that shows my staples on my site if you want to check it out (just click on my name for the link).

    Taylor at Household Management 101´s last blog post…Mar 2, Grass and Mud Stains

  9. Pasta, canned tomatoes, canned broths …

    and I’ve always got some ground beef and cheese in the freezer

    My fallback meal is usually a homemade version of Hamburger Helper.

  10. Staples in my pantry are spaghetti, spaghetti sauce, rice, coconut milk and baking goods (we love fresh baked goods!).

  11. a few varieties of pasta (like for spaghetti dinners, but also for macaroni and cheese), sugar, flour, canned tomatoes, chicken stock, canned tuna, peanut butter… i have a large pantry, my list could go on forever 🙂

    Krista´s last blog post…the kitchen smells so good!

  12. I love to cook and bake, so my pantry is generally stocked with lots of goodies. It’s a very rare occasion indeed if you find my pantry without these things:
    -albacore, packed in oil and water
    – san marzano tomatoes
    – garbanzo beans (dried and tinned)
    – black beans (dired and tinned)
    -kidney beans (tinned – I cannot seem to get dried right, ever)
    – whole wheat pasta (spaghetti, penne, and elbows usually)
    -sweet early peas (tinned)
    -whole wheat, unbleached white, and white wheat flour
    – baker’s chocolate
    – brown jasmine + basmati rice

    Then, in the freezer there’s lots of my garden-grown veggies, and at least 5 quarts of chicken stock, plus a bag of random veggie parts waiting to be turned into stock. There’s always carrots and celery in the fridge, along with hard boiled eggs (the best quick snack for the tribe) and the there’s onions, garlic, apples, bananas and oranges in my produce baskets. I seriously think my boys would stage a coup if there were not apples and peanut butter for their after dinner/before bed snack!

    theresa´s last blog post…What else can you do but knit?

  13. beans; chicken stock; apple sauce; mandarin oranges; flour tortillas for quesadillas or pizza for lunch; Ritz crackers for little sandwiches of ham and cheese; flour for spontaneous baking or pancakes; bread crumbs for meatloaf; white and brown rice; cereal; cranberries; walnuts; jugs of apple juice.

    With enough in the pantry, I only worry about the protein for the week, milk, cheese, yogurt, orange juice, and bread.

    On Oprah there was a woman that stockpiled dried goods and toiletries. She had enough stuff to last her years.

    Rosa´s last blog post…Building Blocks . . .

  14. Right now I’ve got flour, pasta, canned diced and crushed tomatoes, oatmeal and packaged granola bars. I think I’ll be working on growing my pantry a little more this month!

    Rachel´s last blog post…Stride Rite Review

  15. Peanut Butter, Smuckers All Natural. Also have whole wheat pasta and many cans of pasta sauce. Oh and garlic, lots and lots of garlic.

    Since giving up meat for lent I’ve really increased my pasta and peanut butter intake. I also have a new love for apple sauce. So I’ll be stocking up on that when venturing to the store today.

    the weakonomist´s last blog post…The Great Gilded Bubble: Gold Investing

  16. I keep jasmine rice, peanut butter, and cereal/oatmeal. We eat these on a daily basis. 🙂

    Theadora´s last blog post…It Snowed!

  17. I try to keep essentials in my kitchen: pasta, rice, canned tomatoes, flour, sugar, chocolate chips, yeast, (I buy the jar of yeast and keep it in the fridge), potatoes, garlic, onions, cheddar cheese, and butter…real butter , no margarine:)

    Cindy E´s last blog post…A Baby-moon

  18. One of my staples for stirfry is hoisin sauce. This makes a fabulous sauce for cashew chicken when used with rice vinegar (see Martha Stewart for recipe). I also keep frozen stirfry blend veggies in my freezer and rice. Then you can add any meat you wish. A simple, fabulous meal! (And fairly inexpensive too.)

    Sara´s last blog post…5 Ways to Save Money on Groceries

  19. I have whole grains and organic chicken broth in my pantry of course. Another lifesaver is canned salmon for salmon patties. I also can’t get buy without onions, garlic and sweet potatoes. A baked sweet potato is a better “cheap” meal than Ramen!

    Mary´s last blog post…A different idea for using your emergency fund …

  20. Aside from the flour and sugar stuff, I keep pasta of every sort, canned tomatoes and beans of every sort, both brown and white rice, oatmeal, peanut butter and honey, canned spam and tuna for protein. I like some of the ideas here.

  21. Tomato sauce, pasta, all baking staples (flour, sugar, etc.), diced tomatoes, rice, bread crumbs, oats. Those are the ones that come to mind 🙂

    Nicki at Domestic Cents´s last blog post…Homemade Condensed Cream Of Chicken Soup

  22. I am a huge believer in having some food saved up and set aside in my house in case of emergencies ((natural disaster, trucker strike, whatever) so I get a lot of peace out of having a well stocked pantry that I rotate regularly. The stuff I use the most is canned chicken, kidney beans, canned tomatoes, peanut butter, macaroni and cheese- which my boys would eat for breakfast lunch and dinner if they could!, taco seasoning, stuff for baking treats like flour, cocoa, powdered eggs, and powdered milk, rice and pasta. Those are just a few, but probably the ones I use the most.

  23. Baking basics like flour, white and brown sugar; pasta and rice; pasta sauce; peanut butter; cans of diced tomatoes; Ritz and saltine crackers; cereal; and lots of granola bars (current favorite when a quick snack is needed).

    Tracey – Girls to Grow´s last blog post…Thanks to Teachers

  24. Beans & Rice along with some seasonings.
    Beans and Rice provide excellent protien and carbohydates and very inexpensive price. They also can be easily seasoned in almost any way to give variety.

    Sara´s last blog post…DISINGENUOUS

  25. Southern Gal says:

    Peanut butter; canned broths, tomatoes, tuna and black beans; bread crumbs; various soups; Ritz and saltines; nuts; maple syrup; graham crackers; and of course, baking supplies are my main staples that I always try to keep on hand.

  26. Lots of pasta and rice, tuna, peanut butter, stuff for baking, and a lot of canned goods. We probably have enough in our “pantry” to last us a month – my hubby is a stockpiler.

    Emily@remodelingthislife´s last blog post…Link Love: Baby, It’s Cold Outside Edition

  27. Pasta Sauce, Pasta (my three preschoolers would eat this every night if I allowed – and sometimes I do!!)
    Canned Tomatoes
    Canned Black and Kidney Beans (for a quick chili, burritos, etc)

    steadymom´s last blog post…learning: a story box

  28. Our kitchen is ALWAYS stocked with flour and yeast (to make homemade pizzas, calzones and breads), pasta of various varieties, fresh spinach (we use it in everything), basmati rice (we use this at least once a week), peanut butter (what don’t we use that for??) and of course goldfish, crackers, string cheese and fruits for my son’s snacks.

    Jen E @ mommablogsalot´s last blog post…Book Review: Revenge of the Spellmans

  29. My pantry always has canned black beans, diced tomatoes, thin spaghetti pasta, Classico sauce, chocolate chips, tortilla chips.

    My fridge always has yogurt, shredded cheese, salsa, baby carrots and apples.

    Kristia@FamilyBalanceSheet´s last blog post…Seven frugal reasons why I’m ready for Spring

  30. For dinners – 3 28-oz cans of peeled tomatoes and 6 little cans of tomato paste to make pasta sauce to freeze and I stock up on pasta and rice when it’s on sale. For lunches – cans of beans make quick soups or turn a cheesy tortilla snack into a lunch. For breakfasts – rolled oats and lots of flour so I can always make bread. I keep my baking supplies stocked so that I know I can always volunteer to bring the dessert when we go places without having to add a trip to the grocery store to my to-do list.

    Michelle´s last blog post…Daring Bakers :: Chocolate Valentino Cake

  31. McCully says:

    I keep a stock of: tuna, dried black beans, dried lentils, dried chickpeas, quinoa, couscous, rice, flour (2 types), sugar, crushed and diced tomatoes, condensed soups, canned pumpkin, macaroni, rolled oats, and a whole bunch more! I keep the “big” items (sugar, rice and flour) in these great bins that I found at a pet supply store. The lids seal shut, and they are on rollers so I can wheel my flour and rice to wherever I am cooking 🙂

  32. Jacinda says:

    baking supplies (flours, sugar, yeast, etc)
    black beans
    garbanzo beans
    canned diced and stewed tomatoes
    tomato sauce
    canned tuna
    canned salmon
    brown rice
    peanut butter
    plain yogurt

    With these staples our quick meals include pasta with sauce, or black beans with rice.

  33. Rice, beans, chicken stock, pasta, some canned fruits and veggies, canned tomatoes. My problem is that I often forget to check the pantry before I head out to buy groceries!

    Tracie´s last blog post…Snow Day in March

  34. i always, always, always have a supply of tortillas, cheese and sour cream (not so much pantry items as fridge items) if we’re lucky i’ll have a can of refried beans and olives in the pantry too… soft taco / burritos are the quickest, easiest way to scrape up a meal!

    i’ve started keeping a supply of ramen handy too…

    monique´s last blog post…i’ve got the power

  35. I always keep rice, pasta, canned beans, tortillas, cheddar and parmesan cheese, and canned tomatoes. It’s amazing how many meals you can make with just these few ingredients and a few herbs and spices. Mark Bittman had a great article on a well-stocked pantry that I have taken to heart, with great results:

    Anu´s last blog post…Pick your battles – but make sure they’re color coordinated!

  36. Canned black beans and white beans. Fat-free refried beans. .Canned tomatoes (Muir Glen Fire Roasted diced are THE best). Canned tuna. Pasta. Brown Rice. Canned coconut milk (use in place of water when making rice). Chicken stock. Frozen veggies.

  37. Never, never without spaghetti sauce (I add lots more to it but use it as a quick base), tomato sauce, tomato paste, canned tomatoes, and a wide variety of pasta. And always keep frozen ground beef. This saved my bacon last night when dinner snuck up on me. I didn’t realize it was coming. Apparently, I have never lived through that part of the day before!

    Robynn’s Ravings´s last blog post…Word Verification Wackiness 1

  38. We always have rice, couscous, a few different pastas, tuna, lentils, canned tomatoes, tomato sauce, different kinds of flour, chocolate chips and other baking supplies, peanut butter, and graham crackers. The “fridge pantry” includes mozzarella cheese (frozen into pizza-sized portions), frozen chicken, lots of frozen veggies, tortillas, and salsa. We also have a ton of spices and liquid ingredients that only get used a little at a time, like mirin or red wine vinegar.

    Megan´s last blog post…BLT Quiche

  39. Our pantry is always filled with orzo pasta and chicken broth so I can make a quick soup for my son….tons of cereal as my son and I eat it every day for breakfast…cans of beans and tomatoes for vegetable soup and other dishes…pasta and sauces. I try to keep it well stocked so that I can whip up fast, easy meals without running to the store.

    Moltomom´s last blog post…Lost and Found

  40. We always, always have pasta on hand. Along with tuna, rice, and baking supplies – okay, just realized I could list everything. Basically we try to keep bits of lots of stuff, in case we need a meal fast.

    Angie @ The Creative Mama´s last blog post…share the love!

  41. Other than the “staples” (flour, sugar, spices, oils, etc), we always have:
    Taco Seasoning
    Canned diced tomatoes
    Canned Tuna
    Peanut Butter
    Canned Black Beans

    You can do wonders with that taco seasoning – tacos (weekly in our house), but also breakfast burritos, mexican-spiced rice, etc

    Alissa´s last blog post…Things that Make Grandmas Nervous

  42. I stock my pantry like crazy so I have a lot of staples. 🙂 I always have lots of pasta, rice, tomato sauce, diced tomatoes, tomato paste, chicken broth, cream of mushroom/chicken soups, LOTS of spices and oils/wines/vinegars, and of course a fully stocked baking supplies cabinet.

    Sarah H.´s last blog post…Meal Plan Mondays: 3-2-09

  43. My kids could live off bean and cheese quesadillas and pb & j, so I always have cans of refried beans, tortillas, cheese, peanut butter, preserves and bread. You can always find pasta and canned tomatoes or jars of pasta sauce in my pantry – my favorite go-to meal when all else fails.

    Marci´s last blog post…Spring Cleaning

  44. Virginia says:

    I keep pasta, canned tomatoes, spagetti sauce, spices, garlic, onion, chicken stock and beans. I also have so many other things as we cook all our meals at home. We don’t eat out much because we really do love to cook together.

    One really easy soup recipe is to open a can of spagetti sauce, add some water to it, chopped garlic, and the beans (I favor garbanzo, black and kidney – cause it looks really pretty). After this is hot add a half cup or so of pasta and you have instant soup. This takes about 15 minutes and is really good. If you have any meat you can make little tiny meatballs and boil them in it too. Yum!

  45. I’m a vegan so my pantry includes tons of beans and legumes (always dried), pasta, vital wheat gluten (for making seitan), and nutritional yeast. I’m also a big fan of big bottles of tamari, rice vinegar, olive oil, and really good apple-cider vinegar.

  46. Basmati & Jasmine rice are always in my pantry. The possibilities with both are endless, and they really make a satisfying side to any meal.

    I’m getting hungry now just thinking about all the fun things posted here!

    Monica´s last blog post…“baby, just take the bus . . . “

  47. Other than most of the stuff mentioned above, I like to have a can or two of black olives available to dress up a salad or pizza. My husband keeps a jar of alfredo sauce handy- though I don’t usually eat that.

  48. Hmm. White and whole wheat flour, sugar, brown sugar and cornmeal in the baking cupboard. In the pantry: rice, pasta, canned black/kidney/white/garbanzo/refried beans (I’m trying to make the switch to dried but am not there yet), sundried tomatoes, nuts, quinoa, peanut butter, tahini.

    I also keep a lot of canned fruit around in the winter. Fresh fruit is incredible expensive and pretty mediocre in winter in Alaska. In the summer we eat fresh fruit like it’s going out of style. 🙂

    As I’ve become a more profecient baker and cook it’s fun to always have stuff on hand to make a good meal with minimal effort. There’s nothing like a well-stocked pantry and frig.

    liz (perspicacious.org)´s last blog post…growing things at home and school

  49. lots and lots of black beans. my family lives off black beans – it seems like we have them just about every meal.

    Lula Belle´s last blog post…hello new shoes

  50. I always have chicken breasts, ground beef, flour, sugars (white, powdered & brown), pasta of some sort, cream of chicken soup, canned peaches, frozen strawberries, frozen blueberries. My favorite thing to throw together is Purple Juice Salad. It only requires strawberries, blueberries, banana, sweetener & milk. So yummy!

    Heather´s last blog post…Emily’s room

  51. i’m not a mom (rather a college student) but i keep mine stocked with spaghetti sauce, dry pasta, cereal, peanut butter, and cans of soup! mmmm

    stephanie´s last blog post…Me, in pictures.

  52. I make sure we always have noodles, rice, cream soups, diced tomatoes and tomato sauce in the pantry.

    Jenny´s last blog post…Her Memory Amazes Me

  53. Pasta and sauce- spagetti is always a quick thing to fix, Rice, Black Beans- again another quick fix, flour, bisquick, canned soup.

  54. My fallback foods are roasted chicken, homemade chicken soup, pasta with marinara (add sausage, or shrimp and mussels), tuna and cannelini beans for lunch, and clam chowder.

    My pantry runneth over. But, in general, I have flour, sugar, too many spices, pasta – orcini de pepe, angel hair, penne; rice – boil-in-bag brown, and white; vinegar – white, apple cider, basalmic, raspberry basalmic, red wine vinegar, rice wine vinegar ;oil – veggie/canola blend, olive oil, sesame seed oil, oil spray, oil baking spray; canned tomatoes – crushed, diced, tomato paste, tomato sauce;tuna; cannelini beans; minced clams; clam juice; chicken stock; beef stock;chicken bouillon; fresh garlic; mac n cheese; popcorn; paper bags to make microwave popcorn; peanut butter; white and sweet potatoes; onions.

  55. Hello!

    Great question — I love seeing what other readers keep on hand.

    In our house we keep rice, pasta, canned tomatoes, tomato sauce, tuna, and cream of something soup. We also keep browned ground beef in the freezer and tortillas and cheese in the fridge at all times.

    These ingredients enable us to whip up a tasty meal in no time flat.

    Take Care,


    Trixie´s last blog post…Buget Saver Dinners: Pot Pie

  56. I always have assorted pasta , spaghetti sauce, flour, yeast, sugar and peanutbutter.
    I had limited funds for the week I would buy a whole chicken, rice, chicken stuffing, diced tomatoes, shredded mix cheese, and frozen mixed veggies. Now with this list and the above staples and assuming I have basic spices and butter I would make:

    1. Roast Chicken, stuffing, mixed veggies and homemade bread( enough to be used thru the week)
    (Remove as much chicken as possible and boil the rest to make stock)
    2. Small amount of left over chicken mix with leftover stuffing add diced tomatoes, cheese to make a chicken bruschetta
    3.Make flour tortillas and have chicken quesadilla with rice
    4. With the chicken stock I would add any leftover chicken (this will be pushing it) , mixed veggies, rice or pasta to make a soup
    5. Pasta with sauce
    6.Veggie cheese and rice casserole

    For breakfast I would make toast w/butter or peanutbutter and maybe some simple muffins.
    For lunch grill cheese, peanutbutter sandwich and any leftovers.
    I would say with what I have on hand I could make it thru with as little as $30.00 out of pocket

  57. V. Higgins says:

    Spaghetti sauce, pasta & Annie’s Boxed pasta….
    I’m a newbie 😛

  58. Great question!
    Penne– it’s our favorite pasta.
    Coconut Milk–great for curries
    Oatmeal–we eat it every day
    Beans–canned for adding to soups, and dried for Mexican dinners
    Everything imaginable for baking except shortening. Hate the stuff.
    Rice–about 5 kinds, we love sushi, risotto and pilafs
    Tomato products, but not many other canned vegetables or fruits.

    I always try to have something worthy of a full dinner in stock in case guests drop by. Shrimp and peas in the freezer, risotto rice and chicken stock in the pantry, and a knob of Parmesan in the fridge will ensure a kicking risotto every time!

    Aimee´s last blog post…WFD? Chorizo & Black Bean Soup with Corn Bread

  59. Marvelous question..I keep all the regulars (baking items, peanut butter, etc), but there are a few things that I keep around to really spice things up.

    -roasted red peppers (throw in with some pasta or on a burger to make extra-yummy)
    -jar of pesto (toss in the pasta with the red peppers, or on a sandwich is incredible)
    -goat or feta cheese (a salad isn’t a salad without one of these; goat cheese is amazing on pizza or bruschetta; feta cheese makes the BEST burritos and fish tacos)
    -artichoke hearts (for a quick dip with sour cream and parmesan, wonderful on pizza or an antipasto platter.

    xo, amanda @ http://www.kiddio.org / http://www.housemade.org 🙂

  60. In the pantry, I always have a variety of dried beans AND 1 can of each refried, black and kidney beans (for emergencies), rice, natural instant mashed potatoes, a bag of pasta, a jar of sauce, oil and vinegar and cans of diced tomatoes.

    In the freezer, I always have chicken and ground beef, plus shredded chedder and mozzarella cheeses, 1 cup portions of homemade chicken broth, frozen breadcrumbs (that I make using the heels of our bread), ready-to-bake pie crust, tortillas, frozen veggies and bags of diced onions, red peppers and celery that I buy in bulk to chop and freeze.

    With all of the above (plus spices I have on hand), I can make chili, several Mexican recipes, meatloaf with mashed potatoes and veggies, pasta with meatballs, chicken pot pie, shepherd’s pie, homemade mac ‘n’ cheese and a bunch of soups, to name a few.

    Katie @ 3 Blondes and a Redhead´s last blog post…Meal Plan – 3/2/09

  61. We are big fans of the Vegetarian Chili mix from Fantastic Foods. You just add a can or two of kidney beans (I like one white and one red) and a can of diced tomatoes.

    RookieMom Whitney´s last blog post…Fall birthdays and Kindergarten entrance and why I feel bullied by the yuppies.

  62. We always have:

    green beans
    diced/whole/stewed tomatoes
    tomato paste
    tomato sauce
    spaghetti sauce
    cream of mushroom soup
    shells and cheese
    elbow noodles
    instant mashed potatoes
    cooking oil
    all kind of spices
    ground beef (we have over 100 pounds of venison, and 200 pounds of ground beef from a cow that my father in law had processed… too much, but such a blessing!)
    chocolate syrup
    chicken wings/breasts/drummies (just chicken, haha)
    pork chops
    stew meat

    That’s a normal peek into what’s in our *pantries…*

  63. I always have the following in reserves: chocolate chips, butter, sugar, and pasta. Well, if nothing else – we can ALWAYS have chocolate chip cookies! What else could one possibly need??? 😉

  64. Here is my long list…

    Assorted Pastas
    Cream of soups (mushroom, Cream of chicken, Cream of celery)
    Canned Fruits
    Spaghetti Sauce
    Enchilada Sauce
    Canned Veggies – Corn, green beans, olives, Carrots
    Tomato Sauce
    Diced Tomatoes
    Stewed Tomatoes
    Tomato Paste
    Dry Milk
    Condensed Milk
    Evaporated Milk
    Black Beans
    Kidney Beans
    Northern Beans
    Chick Peas
    Pinto Beans

    With this list I can make a ton or recipes if I need to . One of our favorites is Taco Soup or Ettoufee. I’ll have to post those recipes on my blog… tomorrow 🙂 Here is a link to my post about Stockpiling food if you’re interested (I’m a newbie blogger and appreciate your advice or feedback 🙂



    Donna S´s last blog post…Menu Plan Monday

  65. Great question…especially for all the comments, I love some of these ideas! I’m doing the Great Kitchen Sweep this month, so I can tell you I tend to stock up on a LOT of rice, canned tomatoes, canned beans, frozen brocolli and frozen peas…I have many a meal planned to work my way through them!

    Lisa Byrne´s last blog post…Cleaning Out the Cupboards

  66. Where I used to live, I had a little room under the stairs, about 10X10, that was my pantry, Large shelves, big enough to hold rubbermaid totes, went from floor to ceiling. My how I miss that room. But I still stock my pantry, which I don’t have, so it sits all over the house in everybody’s way. One day I’ll try to organize it. Anyway, I always have oatmeal, rice, dry beans and lentils, wheat flour or wheat berries, tea, potatoes, onions, garlic, oranges, apples, different gluten free flours, cornmeal, crushed or diced tomatoes, all kinds of herbs, baking staples such as soda and vanilla beans, almonds, peanuts (homemade peanut butter), walnuts, all kinds of frozen meat and veggies, coconut and olive oil, honey. I’m sure there is more but that is all I can think of. I am trying to get to the point where I only cook from my pantry and my shopping trips are solely for stocking up. I get a lot of my bulk from azure standard.

    Kathleen´s last blog post…Our monthly bills.

  67. I always have pasta, spaghetti sauce, penut butter, rice, oatmeal, soups, essentials for baking, healthy snacks for the kids . . . and there is always some sort of chocolate hidden away in there just in case it’s one of THOSE days. ; )

    Bethany´s last blog post…All Occasion Card Camp!!!

  68. I always have crushed tomatoes, black beans and tons of grains on hand (quinoa, brown rice, pasta of varying shapes and sizes). My husband makes a great little dish with some fresh chicken and most of the above ingredients.

    RookieMom Heather´s last blog post…Activity #5: Banish your mommy guilt

  69. Dried pinto and black beans, pasta (mixed variety), canned crushed tomatoes, tomato sauce, onions, potatoes, bread, mild cheddar cheese blocks, canned soup, white and brown rice, flour, bakers sugar, powdered sugar, eggs (basically, all the necessities for cookies and cakes), variety of nuts. There is more, but I don’t want to bore anyone with the tiny details of my pantry. 😉

    Liz´s last blog post…A Walk Down Memory Lane

  70. I tend to overbuy on staples, but my favorite easy meal involves mostly things that are mostly not perishable… burrito bowls.

    Mexi Corn
    taco seasoning
    Whatever meat is in the freezer or leftover (hamburger, chicken, etc)
    sour cream
    can of beans

    I make this all the time. It’s my standby because I always have all this stuff and who doesn’t like a big bowl of yum?

    Heather´s last blog post…Cozytown, Population: us.

  71. I always try to have black beans, canned tomatoes, white and wheat flour, chicken stock, chickpeas, and canned pineapple in my pantry. It seems like these are the items I use the most often.

    Nikki´s last blog post…What’s for Dinner this Week…

  72. Noodles, spaghetti sauce, soup and marshmellows! I know, but I LOVE them!

    Kimberly´s last blog post…Kids in the Kitchen

  73. I like to think I kep a well-stocked pantry and can cook something great at a moment’s notice.

    I always have:
    canned tuna
    canned salmon
    lots of beans: northern, kidney, black
    lots of pasta-all kinds
    olive oil
    lots of canned tomato products-sauce, paste, stewed
    son’t totally need, but use: vinegars…
    broth or boullion
    oatmeal, holy cow lots of oatmeal
    a bit of chocolate
    crackers of some sort
    flour, sugars, etc.
    dried fruit and nuts for snacking

    I have a lot of freezer staples, too:
    browned ground beef, turkey, chicken
    boneless, skinless chicken breast
    whole chicken
    lots of frozen veggies

  74. I make sure we always have noodles, rice, cream soups, diced tomatoes and tomato sauce.

    Magnetic Material´s last blog post…Why switch to a water meter?

  75. My pantry includes my fridge & freezer as well. Here’s what I always have on hand.

    Tortillas, rice, pasta, frozen veggies — broccoli, spinach, corn, green beans, cheese for slicing or shredding, eggs, for baking — flour, sugar, and add-ins like chocolate chips, frozen blueberries, nuts, canned tomatoes and beans.

    With basics on hand, it’s easy to come up with a meal. I’m amazed at the families I see on tv and in print that spend as much on food in a week as we do in a month (for the same size family).

    Loved reading the comments. Good information here. Thanks for asking & sharing.

    Nancy´s last blog post…Love / Hate

  76. Baking basics: Flours, salt, yeast, sugars, honey (local or not), baking powder & soda, spices, etc.
    Breakfast: Farm fresh pastured eggs, bread (homemade or not), oatmeal, raisins, coffee/tea, milk
    Lunch: PB (natural crunchy), jam (homemade!), tortillas, shredded cheese, plain yogurt, string cheese
    Dinner: Pasta, rice, beans, frozen meat (local – we are well stocked with venison from our own land plus local grass-fed beef), chicken broth, condiments, vinegars, canned tomatoes, garlic, onions

    Meals I can almost always make: Pasta with meat sauce, rice & beans, quesadillas, PB&honey, cheesy scrambled eggs & rice (I liked this with salt & pepper when I was little, and now we like it with soy sauce on Korean sticky rice), pizza, marinated roast venison (got to plan to thaw it though), breakfasts like soaked muesli, eggs & toast, oatmeal w/raisins, pancakes/waffles

  77. I keep lots in my pantry. Close to 15 types of pasta, pulses, canned tomatoes, various types of sauces from around the world. I wrote up a post on this last year – http://domesticgoddess-ourworldmyworld.blogspot.com/2008/12/grocery-shopping-and-hoarding.html

    Domesticgoddess´s last blog post…Bento #36 – Caterpillar Bento

  78. Well, I’d be repeating myself with all of your comments, but pretty much what the other ladies are saying. There is nothing better than the feeling of a stocked pantry! I can’t wait to see what you do w/this info!

    Happy Weekend 🙂

    sandy´s last blog post…No Rigidity & Upside-Down Chip Cake!

  79. roasted red peppers, shredded cheese (mexican mix and mozzerella), canned tomatos, chicken broth, tortillas, olives, capers, tomato sauce

  80. Cool post/article on patry good. I keep pasta, canned fruits and veges, soups and basic mixes such as (gasp) Hamburger Helper. I’ll bookmark and post to my blog. Thanks! Closet Tailors of SW Florida

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