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The secret to not being overwhelmed :: Conversion Diary Freedom in 704 square feet :: NY Times Want to make better decisions? Here’s a mental trick :: Storyline On pitching tents, stillness, and stitching :: Jerusalem Greer on Sorta Crunchy 7 ways the lives of the poor differ from yours—and 3 ways they don’t :: (read more…)

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Rest for the weary

Don’t be too jealous, but see that photo up above, in the header? That’s where I am, right now, as you’re reading these words. It’s a retreat center called Laity Lodge in the middle of the Texas Hill Country, along the Frio River, and it’s not an exaggeration to say that it’s quite possibly my (read more…)

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Eat ethically, straight from your doorstep

Back when we lived in Turkey, it was a lot easier to eat well. And by “well,” I mean purchase, prepare, and consume food that was ethically-made and in season. Don’t get me wrong; there was still your standard packaged food and German-borne imports, but on the whole, food was well-made and trustworthy. After we (read more…)

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Making time for what matters

Sometimes I feel like there just isn’t enough space in my life. There isn’t enough room to see all my friends, finish all of my work, attend every significant event, volunteer at every charity, keep my house clean and functioning, to eat (something other than string cheese or rice krispies) and to still end up (read more…)

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Because everyone loves a good story

I‘m happy to report from the recent reader survey that almost 60% of you think we need to add more cowbell to the blog. SUCH A RELIEF. Its lack has been bothering me for some time. But I was also giddy to see that so many of you love the idea of featuring readers and (read more…)

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