kyle and tate in greece

The art of simple travel

After I graduated college almost two decades ago, a friend and I did the prerequisite backpacking-through-Europe thing. I dipped my toes in the waters of Irish pubs and Indian street food, and I left thirsty for more. Before that, my heart pounded when, for the first time, I walked around a few blocks alone, breathing (read more…)

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Don't save your stickers

Stop saving your stickers

I was a pretty cautious kid. I didn’t want to make mistakes, disappoint anyone or regret a decision. I prided myself on being the “good girl” and remember the sting of doing the wrong thing at school or with my friends. I distinctly remember crying at night for at least a week because I decided I (read more…)

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simple summer fun

Working hard at keeping summer simple

“Just keep things really simple,” my husband keeps saying. It’s March, and we’re sitting on the couch after the kids are in bed, and I’m telling him how Spring Break has left me feeling wiped out. Our Spring Break is two weeks long, and I’m unloading a fortnight’s worth of frustration to my husband. The (read more…)

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field guide map

A field guide to redesigning your simple life

You might have seen on the blog’s Facebook page yesterday that I asked you guys for a bit of help. See, next month I’m leading a workshop, and you are all invited. World Domination Summit is currently my favorite conference (funny name, I know), and this year, they’re trying something new—academies before and after the (read more…)

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4 ways to help kids engage with poverty issues

There was enough mud underneath my toenails to make any mother-in-law cringe. We’d become accustomed to leaving our shoes behind because they’d be buried six inches under anyway. With my 10-month-old on my back and my 2 1⁄2 year old in hand, we trudged through the village where our medical team busily helped deliver health (read more…)

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