Tell Your Story, Then Live It. The power of writing your own obituary.

Tell your story, then live it.

One of my favourite things to do on holiday is visit bookshops. I almost always buy a new book while away and have purchased countless Moleskins (unlined – all the better to doodle in!) before boarding a plane. Last Christmas, while on holiday in Banff, I bought myself two game-changers. One was Amy Poehler’s ‘Yes, (read more…)

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How we make family roadtripping sane(r) & cheap(er)

Right now, I’m writing this post in the passenger seat of our car, en route to Texas from Oregon. I think we’re in New Mexico. Pretty sure it’s the Middle of Nowhere at the moment. When I Instagrammed a few pics from California a few days ago, more than a few people made the general (read more…)

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bay area friends

Cuppa reads

What a week of camping this has been. We started out in the Pacific Northwest, then ventured south to a night in northern California (where I barely slept, what with my numb toes!), hung out with friends in the Bay Area for the weekend, zipped a bit east over near Sequoia National Forest, froze again (read more…)

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Grace for the Journey

Grace for the journey

I recently posted about my very first capsule wardrobe. I had been intrigued by the idea and wanted to give it a try. I was feeling pretty good about it until a few commenters mentioned that I still had way too many clothes. Hmm. Was I doing it wrong? Is there some kind of minimalist (read more…)

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A Summer of Stories: 10 Prompts for Writing Great Summertime Tales

Because a summer shouldn’t be without great stories

The trade-off for swapping in a school year of normalcy for one of unconventional field trips and journaling: school needs to extend a bit into the summer for us this year. As you might expect, establishing any semblance of routine into our education was a laughable defeat and so, early on, we shrugged our shoulders (read more…)

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