Your home: the best company to work for

Do you love your job? No, I mean, really love it? Or are you just doing it because someone has to stay home with the kiddos, and well, the laundry isn’t going to fold itself? Many of us have “bonus” jobs – we work from home for pay in various ways, and some of you (read more…)

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Make a coo.kbo.ok

I love poring through cookbooks, especially when they have color photos and richly descriptive text. Photo by Emma Smith But when it comes down to it, about 75 percent of the recipes I use on a regular basis come from the internet. Betty Crockers of the post-modern world have a plethora of recipes at their (read more…)

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36 tips for productivity in the home

pro•duc•tive: (adj) Having the power to produce readily and abundantly; generative; creative. Photo by bitporters We home managers have a lot to do. What are ways we can increase our productivity without hiring a staff? Here are a few tips. 1. Determine your specific goals and desired results. Do you want a perfectly labeled pantry? (read more…)

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Shabby Apple

From time to time, I’m going to feature one of the Recommended Resources you’ll see in the right-hand section of this site.  I have special place in my heart for mom-owned business, and today’s feature is one of them – Shabby Apple’s childrens line, Shabby Baby. These dresses are aDORable.  And they come in sizes (read more…)

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money plant

10 surprising side effects to money management

I love reading your blogs full of excitement about looking into Dave Ramsey’s concept of financial freedom. The idea of a “total money makeover” truly has been eye-opening and freeing for our little family. We never relied heavily on debt, but we still never thought we could actually be financially fit. It always seemed like (read more…)

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