8 ways to find motivation at home

I‘ve got several emails with a “to be answered in a post” tag that all ask this question–“How do I find the motivation to work at home when I just don’t feel like it?” I’m responding to this question today because it’s a good one to address in my own life. It’s getting hot, life (read more…)

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Weekend links

Photo by Marco Decluttering Your Feed Reader :: Organizing Your Way Old-Fashioned, Simple Birthday Parties :: Like Merchant Ships The Best Decorating Advice Ever :: The Inspired Room 5 Tips for your Dogs and Kids to Co-Exist :: Make and Takes The List: Children’s Literature We Love :: Simple Kids And two other little announcements: (read more…)

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cycling bridge pathway

A surefire way to get rich quick

Photo by Edward Lim The following is a guest post by Nicole of Burning Bushes In today’s economy, say the words, ‘rich’ and ‘quick’ to someone, and they’re soon looking over your shoulder at that evil sub-prime mortgage lender who started this whole mess. But hear me out on this one — I promise this (read more…)

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Watch out for these health busters

We know that directing our diets away from highly processed foods and toward unrefined whole foods is a surefire way to increase our health and well-being.  That said, most of us still use processed foods every day.  Learning to quickly identify which ones are healthy is essential as we navigate our way through the grocery store. (read more…)

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Guest posting at Reluctant Entertainer

Come join me today on Sandy’s blog, Reluctant Entertainer. I’ve shared my ten tips for laid-back entertaining at home. Make it fun again to have people over to your home!

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