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12 weeks until Christmas: prepare your holiday budget now

You’re about to hit the floor — as of today, there’s 12 weeks until Christmas. Yes, 12 weeks until December 25. That seems awfully soon, in some ways, but in other ways, you might be wondering why I’m bringing the holiday up. 12 weeks is still a bit of time off, and there’s plenty of (read more…)

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12 green and frugal lessons from my mom

As I try to simplify my life, spend less and focus more on sustainability, I am often reminded of the way my mom used to do things. We’ve come full circle, in a number of ways. It seems like every new thing we do to save money or the planet was being done by my (read more…)

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8 ways to pursue a lifetime of learning

Sure, most of us want to be intelligent, well-rounded, informed people with an interesting opinion and an ability to conduct an adult conversation. But sometimes that’s hard when your days mostly involve diaper changes, Goodnight Moon, and Charlie and Lola. As a student in school, it’s easy to learn new stuff — you’re bombarded with (read more…)

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Everything you need to know about Twitter… and tons more

This giveaway is now closed.  Check back soon for the winners! My lovely friend Alli Worthington (@alliworthington) just released her e-book this week, The Smart Girl’s Guide to Twitter.  And if anyone should write this book, it’s Alli.  She knows social media — and Twitter in particular — better than anyone I know. I use (read more…)

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11 great digital tools for home life

Photo by Johan Larsson It’s been well over a year since I first wrote about the digital, paperless tools I use to be more efficient around the home.  It’s time for an update. It’s easy to feel absolultely overwhelmed when you look for a tool or useful website online.  There are hundreds of choices, and (read more…)

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