girl in red laughing

The great myth

I get asked frequently how I do it all. Which makes me and my husband laugh. It would probably also make my children laugh, if they could understand what that meant. I’m sure the inquirers don’t mean to imply that I literally do it all, but it’s a subtle message to me that in some (read more…)

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crotchet blanket

How to build a great blanket fort

This week I’m going to deviate slightly from the marriage relationship angle and focus on the parent-child side of things. As the lone male columnist here at Simple Mom, I thought it may be helpful as the dog days of summer are upon us to write up a “how to” on one of the great (read more…)

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clock in oven

Back to the basics: create a weekly routine

One of the great things about working from home — whether it’s soley focusing on home management and your kids, or if it’s to bring in additional income alongside your work at home — is that you can set your own schedule.  No clocking in, no hectic board meetings, no fighting traffic. But the flip (read more…)

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black and white flip flops

Maximize your staycation with preschoolers

It’s good to be back to a regular routine starting today, though we really did have a great family vacation and staycation. We went to the beach for a few days, and hit up the nearby water park, but other than that, we stayed home. Staycation is the latest buzzword — it means what it (read more…)

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Sale window

10 ways to prevent overspending

Bargain shopping is great for finding great deals on items. Yard sales are a wonderful place to save tons of money and still find what we want. But how often do you walk into a sale “just to browse” and walk out with a bunch of things that you probably did not need just because (read more…)

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