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What’s healthy for kids is healthy for adults

We all have those phrases we heard our parents say when we were kids, the ones we swore we’d never use when we become parents. How often have you stopped in astonishment when you hear a phrase exit your mouth you never thought you’d say? The very ones your parents said? The funny thing about (read more…)

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9 weeks till Christmas: plan for your family to give to the community

With nine weeks left until Christmas, it’s easy to start filing our mind with travel itineraries, gift ideas, and the weekend holiday plans.  But when we expose our family to the world beyond our visible sphere, we infuse our seasonal experience with what the season is really about. It’s not too early to prepare for (read more…)

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Mountains and valleys

In addition to the 12 Weeks to a Peaceful Christmas series, today I’m also over at (in)courage, where I’m sharing about a personal mountain climbing experience from a few years ago: “When we first moved overseas a few years ago, it didn’t take long for our little family of three to hit rock bottom.  Early (read more…)

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10 clutter-free gift ideas for kids

This morning, our four year old daughter told me, “I don’t want a bunch of things for Christmas. I just want one thing: a pogo stick.” We are constantly cutting back on the number of toys and parts and pieces that are so often underfoot in our home, so the approaching holiday season has me thinking (read more…)

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Transform email from stressful to useful

This post was first published on October 29, 2008. Ah, email – a portal to the outside world for any stay-at-home parent. It’s such a helpful tool for communicating with friends and family near and far, for taking care of some household tasks with less transportation, and even providing endless opportunities for working from home. (read more…)

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