Get an energy buzz with Mocha Toffee Brownies

Photo by Ali Ali writes at Divine Domesticity. She is also the Blissfully Delish editor at the online magazine Blissfully Domestic, where I’m also an editor for Digital Bliss. Needing a bit of an energy boost? Try my Mocha Toffee Brownies. They are fantastically ultra rich, ultra chewy, and ultra caffeinated. Enjoy them with a (read more…)

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Q&A: what’s the best spot in your home?

This week’s Q&A Tuesday comes from Emily, a stay-at-home mom to two and living in Florida. When she’s not eating bon-bons, she blogs about simple and frugal living at Remodeling This Life. Emily asks: “Where is your favorite spot in your home, and why?” My thoughts: Great question, Emily.  Can my answer be between my (read more…)

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Make your own seasoning blends: 7 unique recipes

I love to make my own seasoning blends. It allows me to tailor the flavors to my particular tastes, and it also allows me to adjust the heat so my kids will enjoy their food as well. To top it off, I’m able to avoid all those unpronouncable chemicals that look like someone just ran (read more…)

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Slow-cookers – more than just food warmers

Photo by Sara Nicastro Darla is an an all-American Iowa girl, married to the Chief of Police and mom to an 11-year-old boy (it’s all about the testosterone at her house). Currently she works from home as an accountant and also as a silver power seller on eBay, and is the Managing Editor for Blissfully (read more…)

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Gather your holiday addresses now, when there’s still plenty of time

This week, I’m collating our Christmas card mailing address.  This isn’t too complicated for me, since I already keep an extensive database of friends and family with FileMaker Pro. But even if you don’t have this, it still shouldn’t take you too long.  Set aside a few hours this week, and gather your mailing addresses.  (read more…)

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