Clean as you go: managing the meal-prep mess

Day One of cooking school introduced me to “clean as you go“: the practice of combining cooking and cleaning to help free up valuable work space, eliminate visual mess, and make for manageable post-cooking clean-up. Since then, I have rigorously embraced the clean as you go motto for all cooking and baking, ensuring that I clean (read more…)

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Clean your face naturally with oil (yep, oil!)

The skin of my adult years has been pretty problem-free. It’s neither too dry nor too oily, and I’ve been pretty content with my 15-year hiatus of using Cetaphil or its generic equivalent. But since I turned 30 a few years ago, I’ve noticed that my skin has become… blah. Kinda dull. Losing its vibrancy. (read more…)

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11 weeks till Christmas: gather your addresses

This week’s project for 12 Weeks to a Peaceful Christmas is to gather addresses you’ll need for your family’s Christmas mailing. And while you’re doing that, it’s certainly not too early to make a general decision about how you’ll send your greetings. As I mentioned last week, when you take care of the little details (read more…)

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The best-kept secret to a clean home

This post was first published in July 2008. While I was scraping dried food bits off my seven-month-old son’s Bumbo the other day, I was reminded of the best universal cleaning hack there is. Clean it right away. If I had wiped off my son’s Bumbo as soon as he finished spreading his meal hither (read more…)

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twisty blurred Christmas lights

12 weeks until Christmas: prepare your holiday budget now

You’re about to hit the floor — as of today, there’s 12 weeks until Christmas. Yes, 12 weeks until December 25. That seems awfully soon, in some ways, but in other ways, you might be wondering why I’m bringing the holiday up. 12 weeks is still a bit of time off, and there’s plenty of (read more…)

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