The things you don’t need (but they say you do) for a new baby

This post was first published on October 8, 2008, and since we’ve got number three percolating, this topic has been on my mind. Expecting parents know the gauntlet of baby gear pushed and prodded their way through the store’s aisles. Modern-day culture all but convinces the average parent-to-be that they may very well fail at (read more…)

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Easy Recipes for Natural Homemade Cleaners

If you do a search for “natural homemade cleaners”, you will find about a gazillion results out there. So why am I trying to reinvent the wheel? In a word, simplicity. Contrary to what the cleaning aisle at the supermarket might say, you don’t need a lot of different specialty products to get your home (read more…)

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Color me happy: use color to impact the mood of your home

Modern research has shown that when our eyes connect with a color, our brains release different chemicals that impact us on a physical and emotional level. For instance, being in a red room will increase your heart rate and stimulate chemicals associated with aggression and high energy, while the color yellow stimulates serotonin (the feel-good (read more…)

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8 natural solutions for the common discomforts of infancy

Colic, earaches, diaper rash . . . as all parents know, infancy is a time filled with finding solutions for the ailments that cause our babies pain or discomfort. Between the glossy ads in parenting magazines and the aisles of choices at the supermarket and pharmacy, it can be overwhelming to try to choose the (read more…)

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New on Simple Kids: 5 Techniques to Inspire Healthy Food Choices in Your Child's Diet

Simple Organic readers will appreciate the tips in today’s post on Simple Kids, where Christen gives us five techniques for helping our kids to embrace healthy eating at a young age. From her post: It used to be so easy. As a baby, junior gobbled up his vegetables to his little heart’s content. You were (read more…)

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