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Want to live a little simpler? Love the thought of a more unconventional lifestyle? Need some encouragement that you’re not alone? Want an approachable, unstuffy email you can forward to others you’d like to encourage? This newsletter is written for you.

How is different from subscribing to The Art of Simple blog?

Good question. In some ways, it’s not—some of the newsletter’s content includes links to our best posts of the month. But it’ll provide you with the “best of the best” from the blog in an easily-digested format, as well as other favorite reads from around the web.

It’s also a bit more personal. Your subscription tells us that you’d like to get more down-and-dirty with this idea of thinking outside the box. So? It includes stories and thoughts from Tsh’s life as she lives it—what’s on her plate, what she’s thinking about, what plane she’s on heading to where… You know, the usual.

In short, the Simple + Unconventional Newsletter serves as direct communication for people wanting to make a difference in our modern-day, fast-paced, efficiency-obsessed culture. Together, we can make a difference, and this newsletter can serve as a helpful tool in your life.

Subscribe to the blog? Absolutely. But if you’d also like a slightly more personal approach and a “shot in the arm” for living in a way that aligns with your values—even if it means swimming upstream from the culture—then you’ll like this free monthly newsletter.

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