Transform your paper clutter into digital organization

This giveaway is now closed. The winner is Stephanie – congratulations!

The next giveaway just makes my organizing heart flutter.  The Neat Company believes you shouldn’t have to work to use your information. They’ve developed intelligent products that transform information into something that works for you. Perfect for busy home managers.

stack of paper
Photo by Hobvias Sudongeihm

Their products free the information that’s trapped on paper—so you can secure it, organize it, and use it. When your information is transformed, you are too—from cluttered to confident, from overwhelmed to accomplished.

The whole point of their products is to keep less paper.  After all, what we really want is the information on the paper, not the paper itself.

NeatReceipts is a hardware/software combo that allows users to scan, organize and digitize all their paper receipts and financial documents, and automates the tax preparation process. It is fully compatible with Turbo Tax, Quicken and QuickBooks, and the IRS accepts scanned images of receipts (you never know when that might be important).

Think of it as the digital filing cabinet – you can save, track and manage your information without the paper.  And one Simple Mom reader will win a NeatReceipts!

Here’s How To Win:

1. Leave a comment on this post, answering this question – What’s your biggest organizing challenge at home?

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This giveaway is only eligible to US and Canadian residents.

This giveaway will end this Monday, February 2 at noon EST. I hope you win!

Tsh Oxenreider

Tsh is the founder of this blog and just finished traveling around the world with her husband and 3 kids. Her latest book is Notes From a Blue Bike, and believes a passport is one of the world's greatest textbooks.

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  1. OMG! The paper is killing me. This is just what I need. If I don’t win this I may just go out and buy one. I had no idea such a product existed.

  2. Keeping up with the papers! Seriously this drives me crazy! The school papers are the worst, followed by the finances papers.

    I hadn’t heard of neat reciepts before and am going to check it out!

    Avlor´s last blog post…Tuna thinks he can hide from my camera…

    • My biggest organizing challenge: keeping up with my clean/dirty laundry. I tend to just dump everything on the floor and stuff ends up getting mixed together and wrinkled, so I have to wash it all anyway.

  3. The paper is the hardest part. It comes from everywhere, school, work, mail, kids activities. To be able to get rid of it all would be wonderful!

  4. My brain!

    Amy Andrews´s last blog post…It’s all grass

  5. The receipts are killing me! this is an amazing device and so small! I love it!

  6. The food pantry…is my disaster

    Christine´s last blog post…Freaky Friday!

  7. Probably my closet. Does someone go in there in the night and destroy it on purpose?
    The office desk is a close second.

    Aimee´s last blog post…Foodie Facebook: Michele

  8. Oh yes, the paper is the worst organizing challenge!
    This is a brilliant device!

  9. It’s the paper! I, too, am going to have to look into one of these if I don’t win!

  10. Christine says:

    Paper. It comes everyday. What do I keep? What do I toss? Where do I put it all? So it just ends up in a basket that’s about to overflow.

  11. WOWOWOWOWOW. My librarian, OCD self is going bonkers over this. I think I’ll have to buy one if I don’t win! And I don’t buy much, so that’s really saying something!
    My biggest organizing challenge is lack of storage space. I’m an expat living in Turkey in a very small and poorly appointed apartment. We have not got one single cupboard. None. Nada. So, I’m trying to organize and keep things clutter-free whilst tripping over car seats, the vacuum cleaner, and so on.
    My other biggest hurdle to organization: my husband aka Slobby McSlobberson.

    Kim´s last blog post…On Why One Should Ask If Uncertain.

  12. Definately all the random receipts and paperwork. Is it for the farm? Is it for the house? How should it be filed? Not to mention those receipts that don’t escape my husband’s truck for 6 months. This product looks awesome, we may have to check it out even if I don’t win!

  13. I have 6 children. They all attend school. That in a nutshell, is my biggest organizing challenge. Receipts are secondary. Right behind recipes I snip from the magazines that I steal from the doctor’s offices. LOL!

  14. The paper stacks never seem to end! I work on it each week but more paper is always entering the home. My grandmother is ill so I handle her mail, bills, etc. It is overwhelming sometimes to organize it all because it must be kept. I may look into this product even if I don’t win – but winning would be nice 🙂

  15. My biggest challenge is papers – articles, school papers, receipts, bills, recipes, you name it! This looks like a great tool!

  16. filing papers. my oldest just started kindergarten and I am amazed at the amount of paper he brings home each day. it wreaks havoc on my kitchen counters.

  17. Ugghh… receipts – I don’t even know if I can wait for the contest to be over… I might go buy this right now!

    susie´s last blog post…Playing with my Baby

  18. Definitely my desk of papers. I can only keep it clean for about 2 days before it floods with paper again … Grrr…

    Nicki at Domestic Cents´s last blog post…Good Reads: Princess Edition

  19. like so many others… it’s the paper. paper from church (also where dh works), paper from ds’s school, paper from everywhere else on the planet it seems!!!

    Krista´s last blog post…Montreal-bound

  20. heatherly says:

    I am seriously being overrun by papers! Especially on the kitchen counters.

  21. My biggest challenge is the kids clothes and toys.

    Jessica´s last blog post…Fun Friday

  22. Like most people, it’s the mail and what to do with all the different papers that come in from mail & kids school!

    Kristin Solomon´s last blog post…Choo Choo

  23. My biggest organizational challenge at this point is keeping up with all the clothes that my 2 year old triplets are outgrowing. I give some to another triplet family, some are sold, and others donated to thrift stores. It is one of my organizing nightmares.

    MaryBeth´s last blog post…The Rotation

  24. My desk is usually a MESS! I really need to get a bette handle on it!

  25. The paper trail in my house! Oh to keep up with receipts for rebates! I could really use this!

  26. Paper paper paper.

    Stephanie´s last blog post…Moving on

  27. My biggest organization problem at home would have to be my laundry! With 7 kids, its out of control! And because the laundry is my constant house monster, the paperwork for my husbands business, that I do, gets just as bad! I just have piles and piles of….everything from clothing to paperwork! HA!

  28. Papers, papers, papers everywhere (along with the boxes and other junk). Help! I’m wading in old trees!

  29. My biggest organization problem at home would have to be my laundry! With 7 kids, its out of control! And because the laundry is my constant house monster, the paperwork for my husbands business, that I do, gets just as bad! I just have piles and piles of….everything from clothing to paperwork! HA!

    Michele´s last blog post…I’ve been thinking…

  30. PAPER CLUTTER….I’m a piler not a filer!!! Thanks for the giveaway!

    Traci´s last blog post…What is this???

  31. Mrs. CW Mouse says:

    What’s my biggest organizing challenge at home?
    That would be incoming mail. We have our mail forwarded, so I get a huge pile once or twice a month…bills, magazines, and so much to file and sort and shred! As much as I’d love to win this give-away, I don’t see how it could help me in this challenge. But hey, I’m willing to find out different! 🙂
    Good luck everyone, and Thanks SimpleMom for hosting such a fun week of giveaways!

  32. Definitely the stacks of papers everywhere!

  33. My biggest challenge right now is the kitchen. In our house you enter the house from the garage directly into the kitchen – no mudroom. So, the counters and floor are always cluttered with purses, backpacks, mail…all of the stuff that we bring in.

    I love the idea of Neat Receipts! It would at least solve one of my organizational problems in the kitchen! 🙂

    Stephanie´s last blog post…Snow Day!

  34. Paper things that should be filed and I never seem to get around to it!

    Shalae´s last blog post…It’s that time of year

  35. Oh, it’s the desk and filing papers.. hands down.

    Emily´s last blog post…Suzie Homemaker Moment

  36. My biggest challenge is the kitchen counter. It’s just a magnet for anything that comes in the door – paper, spare change, random toys, dishes… I clear it off a thousand times a day!

  37. PAPER! Like lots of the posts above, I am overwhelmed by the amount of paper we have. 🙂

  38. Paper! It seems to multiply. As soon as I get everything read, filed or thrown away, another stack appears.

  39. Stephanie says:

    Paper. I don’t even know what to do with it all.

  40. It’s the toys…is there a neat scanner device for those? Oh, wait, yes, it’s called Goodwill!!! The paper messes are a close second, though.

  41. EVERYTHING! I have trouble organizing and keeping organized! It’s just not one of my strengths.

  42. The greatest organizing challenge in our household is a tossup between:
    1. Papers. (so this post really intrigued me.)
    2. Clothes. Due to our lack of closet space, and my love of clothes…this is a hard one.

    Tiffany´s last blog post…the love of letters.

  43. Wow! This is just the sort of item I’ve been looking for but I did not know it actually existed!

    Leave it to you to find it 🙂

    Best of luck to everyone!

    Lucinda´s last blog post…Ten Things You Might Already Know About Me

  44. The biggest organizing challenge for me is my kids’ clothes, but this would be a fabulous way to organize all their art and drawings on the computer, too!

    stephanie´s last blog post…L.M. Montgomery Reading Challenge ::: The Conclusion

  45. My biggest challange is TOYS!!! I am trying to find a way to organize the toys in my boys’ room to make enough free space for the twin bed that’s coming in a few weeks.

    LaToya @ Christian Momma´s last blog post…Post Baby Body Blues

  46. we have too much stuff. we have given away a TON of stuff but our house is still cluttered and I can’t seem to part with as much as we need to 🙁

    then there is the overwhelming paper situation. We have 3 or 4 big boxes full of bills n stuff, erg.

  47. The biggest challenge is the first step — getting the piles of mail, school papers, etc., from the counter where they first land to some kind of staging area where I can deal with them — file, discard, return, pay…..

  48. Junk Mail!

  49. You nailed it on the head receipts!!!

  50. My biggest challenge is organizing my crafting space. I knit, crochet, and sew. Each requires its own tools and materials. Keeping them all together is difficult because I tend to spend all my “spare” time on the craft without allowing time for cleanup.

    Tasha´s last blog post…Memes and howdy

  51. I’m in grad school, and it’s so hard to figure out what I need to keep from completed classes or not. My tendency with other paper work is just to chuck it, but with class-related stuff…not so much. The amount of paper from each class is staggering, and I still don’t know how to organize it properly!

  52. JonathanZ says:

    My biggest organizing challenge? Receipts, incoming paper documents for filing, and keeping up with dirty dishes (no dishwasher!). This thing cleans dishes right? 😉

  53. Our biggest organizational problem when it comes to our papers is our toddler getting into the filing cabinet! This would totally fix our problem.

    Emily´s last blog post…Thankful Thursday

  54. Oooh, that looks awesome! 🙂

    My biggest organizational challenge is my sewing things. Especially now that we have converted what was my sewing room into the nursery! My things are now stored all over the house. But it’s totally worth it. 🙂

    Tammy´s last blog post…~16 Years in the Making…~

  55. TOYS!
    As soon as I get a “handle” on them, it’s Christmas or birthday time again. Ugh.
    The paper is also a challenge.

  56. Southern Gal says:

    Paper, no question. This is such a neat product. I would love to have one and see my counter top, desk top, and file cabinet again!

  57. My biggest organizing challenge is our laundry room. It seems to be the catch all from everything – even the laundry room closet is a challenge. I’d love to have a “laundry room” makover..ha

  58. S-W-E-E-T!! As you can probably tell, paper is my biggest challenge. 🙂

  59. Our biggest org. challenge at home is the closets and drawers (stuff that isn’t visible) to people visiting! 🙂 Working on some of those closets this weekend. I’ve look at this receipt scanner before and it looks awesome! We would definitely use it a ton for both personal and biz stuff!

    Have a great weekend,

    LobotoME´s last blog post…{ organize ME }

  60. Keeping track of the paper–what to file, what to save–and where to keep it.

  61. My garage. I clean it and before I know it I have a new pile of something to go through….never ending.

  62. This is so cool! My biggest challenge probably comes from keeping the financial part organized. We started using Pear Budget and love it. I have a big accordion file where I keep our old bills, but this would be awesome for receipts, I’m always unsure of what to do with them.

    Becca´s last blog post…Weekly Weigh-In with Shrinking Jeans

  63. A big challenge is keeping track of receipts and little pieces of paper that come into the house. They get stashed in drawers and pockets and its always a search when you need one of them.

    Annette´s last blog post…Beautiful Bird = Beautiful Day

  64. Keeping clothes organized

  65. the garage!

    Denise´s last blog post…For as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.

  66. Organizing… my husband and I just had this conversation last night! My biggest dilemma is keeping track of everything that’s in my brain without loosing it. Having it stored somewhere other than THAT unreliable place would be wonderful!

  67. My biggest organizational challenge is staying on top of the kids stuff. Toys, clothes, etc. I am incredibly anal and they don’t get why it’s important to put the barbies back in the barbie bin, or why it matters to put dirty clothes in the hamper… I hope to have them learn those lessons sooner rather than later!!

  68. PAPER- it is everywhere! mail, receipts and a lot of stuff i just don’t know what to do with! this would be so helpful!

    Valerie Ritchey´s last blog post…interesting theology

  69. Ooh… not trying to sneak in a second submission, but I just read the other posts and Rebecca’s post about organizing what’s in her brain is fantastic! I wish I had written that! 🙂

  70. my desk. i have bits and pieces all over the place and end up with piles of “stuff to go through”

    Joanna´s last blog post…Coloring

  71. Definitely paper! I’m so scared that I’ll throw away something that I need that I wind up keeping everything!

    Gina´s last blog post…Just another day…

  72. My biggest challenge is dealing with the never ending pile of mail!!!

  73. My biggest organizational challenge at home is that I have so many lists that I can’t even keep all of them organized!

    Sherri´s last blog post…Thank You!

  74. My biggest challenge is actually putting it away in the system that I started. UGH, it drives me insane how quickly things pile up. Especially reciepts, we have to keep them all since we are a small business.

  75. Jessica B. says:

    We have so many folders on our computer that need to be cleaned up and organized so that everything is more orderly.

  76. One word. Paper. Ugh.

  77. Paper, without questions!

  78. everything! although i love the task! it’s a great feeling to know exactly where everything is! in it’s place!

  79. Paper! It breeds at night.

  80. the toys are the killer for me. but this looks great!

  81. biggest organizing challenge: all the paper that four children and two adults manage to produce, bring home from somewhere else, have mailed to them, etc.

    second biggest challenge: kids toys and mom’s crafting stuff

    anja´s last blog post…Bike/Bus Winter Commute Planning

  82. The receipts, definitely the receipts. My husband has it stuck in his mind that receipts must be held for 7 years in the event of an IRS audit. Have we thrown out ones from 7 years ago or longer? Of course not!!

  83. The paper, the bills, everything – it’s overwhelming! I *need* to get this under control in some way.

    Di´s last blog post…Lakehouse Teatime fabrics

  84. I have a couple real challenges – recipes that I tear out of magazines or print from online, and bills and receipts!

    Karen´s last blog post…Another Giveaway Link

  85. Clutter, clutter, clutter

  86. My biggest organizing challenge is my Husband! He keeps all receipts in one rectangle metal box and just keeps adding to it. When we need to find something we dump it all out on a bed or dining room table and then pick up each piece till we find the receipt we need. This would be wonderful to win!

  87. My biggest organizing challenge at home is my office/craft room/computer room. I am a former stamper, scrapbooker wanna be, and now a sewer and mom to a two year old (who just brought me two packages of bias tape). The same room that tries to hold all of my stuff, also houses our computers and all of my husbands photography stuff. Oh and all of our “office-y” stuff, credit card and utilitiy statements ets. It is bursting at the seams!

    april´s last blog post…The One About Finger Painting.

  88. Umm, my biggest organizing challenge at home is not a thing. It’s a person! My hubby (God love him) is definitely not as “into” the home organization as I am. I’m constantly picking up all of our old bills and papers from around the house and putting them away. I love that man, but this part of him drives me crazy!!

    Allison (Dog Mom)´s last blog post…Video Viernes!

  89. How appropriate – it’s our office. It’s our catch-all for paper, electronics, art supplies and stuff we don’t know how to deal with.

  90. filing. i’ve got everything in a nice neat pile, but finding the time to file it all is brutal

  91. All paper documents! It’s a disaster! Receipts, bills, statements, oh what a space saving thing this would be. 🙂

    Megan´s last blog post…Faith & Family Live: Small Successes

  92. hands-down, the filing cabinet. rarrr…

    tara´s last blog post…newness

  93. Paper & receipts. We have our own business and I office at home. I must keep up with personal receipts which can transfer to business receipts & vice versa, business cards for personal & business. I’ve been attacking & perservering through this for 25+ years. It’s not just my own paper, everyone else wants my helps, wants to know where things are and it’s constant organizing & re-organizing. Then there is my husband’s office: reciepts, warranty claim forms, backup documentation. Then theis is my adult son, married & needing help within the family to declutter, work on their paperwork, etc… Then their are my grandchildren – beautiful art, notes, doodle papers.. Then their are the Church papers, lessons and notes. I continue to persevere but PAPER IS A FULL TIME JOB and as my memory worsens, my fear increases. PLEASE HELP!!! I’ve looked a the Neat Receipts product since it came out – just have been unsure if the time requirement to scan/speed justifies the end result – I think so!

  94. I am LOVING this giveaway – my husband and I were just talking about how we needed one of these!

    Our biggest problem is paper – mainly trying to decide what we need to keep for taxes, etc. Such as do we need to keep the internet bill after it’s paid? Or can it be tossed – so there’s always an overwhelming pile of ‘stuff’ to ‘file’ (which never seems to happen). This would help so much!!

    Megan´s last blog post…Chick Pot Pie

  95. Baby Stuff says:

    Too much paper! And the flatbed scanner takes too long to scan everything.

  96. No doubt about it … the office. Just sitting here, I’m surrounded by stacks of receipts, waiting for FSA response, stuff I need to file, old letters I can’t throw away, and more. This would be so awesome. Why am I blogging when I need to clear this away? Because you have so many wonderful ideas! Thanks so much.

    bfs ~ “Mimi”´s last blog post…Thankful Thursday Sunset Beauty Across the Nature Pond on a Walk with Hubby Man

  97. Well – I recently organized my home office, so I would say that now it’s the calendar/mail bin in the kitchen. It’s just awful!!


    Rhea – Experiencing Motherhood´s last blog post…Do I Need A Fertility Doctor?

  98. This is it-all those papers!! Which is why this would be such a fabulous thing to win! THanks!

    Bethany´s last blog post…Quick!

  99. my greatest challenge? my HUSBAND. there are days when i feel like he un-does everything i organize…

    and with this handy gadget, there would be no “un-doing” of reciept files!

    jpritchard´s last blog post…scalpel. masterson. SPOON.