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  1. Have you considered doing an online book club? I have done this with a group of friends who live all over the world, and we really enjoyed it. We picked a book, and then set up discussion times. It was a great way to connect with different people from different backgrounds, over a common interest! Highly recommend it.

    • I’ve done it in the past here on the blog, but it got hard to facilitate. I’m up for doing it again if other people helped lead, too! :)

  2. yay, yay, yay! this makes me happy to hear. I agree about the giveaways also. I feel like there are more giveaways than actual helpful posts these days :( but I will always snatch up a book! 😉 excited to see what’s in store on Simple Mom!

  3. Hooray for books! Also, I am very intrigued by the painting – could you share the title/artist?? Thank you!

    • It’s here, but in general, you can click on the “top image credit” link at the bottom of most of the posts here and see the source (if it wasn’t the author’s personal photo). :)

  4. I don’t mind giveaways as long as I don’t have to do a back flip to enter. A girl has to have hope you know…I will look forward to your book giveaways.

  5. Book love. Yay. Also, are you going to put up the other simple living sites with their last few post titles on your sidebar again? It’d be great!

  6. Hurrah for more books. =) Just thought I’d echo every other commenter…=)
    And, I just finished listening to your podcast with the Nester and I love the little changes that I see already, kudos to you for all the changes around here.

  7. I love books, so i love the idea of more books and less stuff. Im always looking for more books to add to my reading list :)

  8. Thank you Tsh! I wear the love of books proudly on my sleeve! We are a book lovin’ family. (Now, if I could just figure out a way to read while I walk the dog.)
    Can’t wait to see the big changes in store.
    Peace & Strength

  9. I love reading. I keep praying that consumerism will not take a way hard copies of children’s books. I am hoarding for my grandkids. lol

  10. Love books. I’m also interested in your recommendations. Look forward to seeing your changes. :))

  11. Yea! This makes me happy – I was also wondering if I’m the only one getting really sick of constant blog giveaways – I need a break from being sold stuff.