Swap your digits with other moms – in style

by Tsh Oxenreider

Tsh is the founder of this blog and just finished traveling around the world with her husband and 3 kids. Her latest book is Notes From a Blue Bike, and believes a passport is one of the world's greatest textbooks.

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The next giveaway today is from Angie Warren Designs, and she is giving one Simple Mom reader a set of 50 mommy cards!

Mommy cards are the latest trend in the blogosphere for busy moms to quickly share their contact info – a veritable business card for some of the busiest, hard-working adults out there.

Angie’s cards are gorgeously printed front and back, and they all feature a photo (or photos) of your cute kids.

One reader will win a set of 50 mommy cards of their choice from Angie Warren Designs!  The retail value of this prize is $25.  Here’s how to win:

1. Leave a comment on this post, answering this question – What’s your favorite thing to do with other moms?

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  1. have coffee while the kids play
    have our nails done while our husbands take a turn

  2. Ooooh, my mom friends and I like to go to Chili’s and have Margarita’s.
    Ummm good!

    Love the business cards – going to check out the site.

  3. My favorite thing to do with other moms is to talk about our husbands! Kidding (only slightly)… I also love to swap stories and recipies. It’s the friendships that I value the most.

  4. i love to just talk about problems I am having raising my child with older moms who’s kids are grown. They have such good advice!

    katie´s last blog post…Update of My Favorite Links

  5. Just sit down, chat and catch up on life.

    Those cards are super cool!

    Avlor´s last blog post…Transition Gloves

  6. I like to go out for coffee or sushi, or play Wii, or hang out and chat 😉

    Spookygirl´s last blog post…My kids love the Wii..

  7. I already subscribe to your feed-“good times, noodle salad”

    I love getting together with other moms that are realistic about their lives-real moms in the trenches. It is great to get together and laugh, as well as eat a meal that does not require my cutting it for them!

    I love these cards-they are so adorable!

    Amy´s last blog post…Winter Giveaway-Coffee love

  8. avatar
    nikki keller says:

    make out – lol!!! j/k!!! my favorite thing to do wtih other mommies is to have an early morning bruch (the kids are up anyway) and enjoy super yummy breakfast munchies and morning cartoons!

  9. My favorite thing to do with other mom’s is visit over a hot chocolate at the coffee shop while the kids are home with dad!

  10. I love just sitting and catching up with other moms and trading “war” stories of motherhood.

  11. My favorite thing to do with other moms is to sit at the tables outside our coffee shop, warm coffee in hand, visiting and watching the kids play (nicely, of course) at the play area there. Without bugging us, of course. :)

    Michelle G´s last blog post…Happy Birthday, Luke

  12. Wow, these are great! My favorite thing to do with other moms…hmm…sit. I like to sit with other moms, without getting up to chase anyone, rescuing anyone from a climb that proved too high, interrupting myself or friends to call out an instruction or answer or warning. Sitting in quiet conversation is a real treat.

    Holly´s last blog post…What to do with all those cards

  13. Drink and watch our kids play

  14. Well, we love to craft, of course. Whether it be knitting or crochet, art or craft, that’s what we love to do and talk about! Great giveaway, I have been loving those cards ever since I saw them!

    corinne´s last blog post…I’d Like To Thank The Lovely Blogger Who Gave Me This "Lovely Award"

  15. Really, my favorite thing to do is just talk. Having other kids in the house keeps my kids busy, making way for adult conversation. In fact, I’m about to host a play date in a few minutes. Woo-hoo.

    Kristen M.´s last blog post…I Have A Craving

  16. I love getting together with other moms, I actually started my own group on the LDS board of babycenter.com. I started the first thread over 2 years ago and since then we have moved to a private board and there are about 25 of us from all over the US. We get together regularly, often when someone travels to Utah (where a large group of us are located). My favorite thing to do with them is have crafty days! We have made magnets, valentine cards and slings. For our next playdate coming up in Feb we are going to be making baby/toddler bracelets.

  17. My favorite is to go for a walk and chat.

  18. avatar
    Jennifer B says:

    Coffee and a Pastry at my local coffee shop, and knitting/crochet while we talk the morning away. I need my 16 oz single shot iced Mocha to get me through the day, and the conversation feeds my soul!

  19. Get together for coffee and talk about girl stuff and of course our kids. Who doesn’t talk about there kids when they are with other moms.:D

  20. I love these!

    MamaB´s last blog post…Grace in Small Things 24

  21. I enjoy chatting (online or IRL) about great finds — recipes, home stuff, books, etc. Just can’t beat that good ‘girlfriend time’ ~

    Christy B´s last blog post…An Almanac for Your Personal Library

  22. have an iced coffee and sit at the park- love it!

    kate´s last blog post…Sadly Proving My Thoughts & Feelings

  23. Oh the B-I-B-L-E , Yes that’s the book for me~! I love my Tuesday night Bible study with my mommy friends. To sit around and talk about the importance of raising children centered around God, is enough to keep me going!

    Kara C.´s last blog post…Update on Blake

  24. avatar
    Robin Schick says:

    my favorite thing to do with other moms is to compare ideas. Ideas about dinner, discipline and different personalities of children.

  25. Talk about our kids and share ideas.

    Alicia´s last blog post…Miss America…

  26. I love our monthly book club. We get together without kids or husbands and just chat. The conversation about the book usually lasts about 20 minutes and the next 2 hours are spent gabbing away. I love that.

  27. New Trend? :) I was making cards like this on my home computer and printer when my teenager was a baby. 15 years ago. I had to stop once I got to 5 or 6 kids; they didn’t fit on a card well anymore. 😉

    Amy Jones´s last blog post…Sunday reading

  28. I just like to talk to other moms!

  29. Drink wine and eat cheese and chocolate. Hello?

    Melanie´s last blog post…Expectations

  30. Our favorite thing is to NOT talk about kids! Anything else. :~)

  31. Have coffee and share struggles and successes of life

  32. avatar
    Laura Jones says:

    My favorite thing to do with other moms is ask questions and compare notes! With a humble heart you can learn so much from other new moms and it’s way more refreshing than feeling the competitive edge of how soon your baby did what. I always feel good when I come away from a playdate having received some tips for my little one and, every once in a while, finally having shared some tips, too!

  33. avatar
    Shawna Wagoner says:

    My favorite thing to do with mom friends is go out to dinner and share a bottle of wine. The best part – REAL conversation. :)

  34. avatar
    Angela King says:

    I love to simply chat with other moms while we’re doing anything! It’s also fun to have holiday parties together with our children and exchange names for gifts at Christmas!

  35. Talking and enjoying a glass of good red wine.

  36. Honestly since I am a working mom, I don’t get to do much with other moms. This is really so because my friends haven’t had kids yet. But I do get together with my sister-in-law every so often and we like to chat while our boys play!

    Kristin´s last blog post…How to keep a child busy!

  37. My very favorite thing to do with other moms is sit in a coffee shop WITHOUT kids!

  38. gab and drink

    funny, i was never much of a talker before i had kids, but now it is essential.

  39. avatar
    Jennifer Mendiola says:

    go on long walks with the kiddos on the strollers

  40. avatar
    Lafantasma says:

    I love to go see girlie movies that my hubby won’t see with me.

  41. I really enjoy our MOPs meetings. Eating good food, listening to an interesting speaker, lots of gabbing and, best of all, child care!

  42. My favorite thing to do with other moms is to share experiences. As a new mom, I love hearing how other people do it all!

    christy´s last blog post…Fiona loves oatmeal!

    • My favorite thing to do with other moms is to get tips for dealing with the ups and downs of parenthood. I also like to “get away” from my mommy role and just hang out.

      Elaine´s last blog post…Make-ahead Mondays

  43. Drink coffee while the babies play

  44. Talk. I am always happy to have an adult conversation while the kids run around and entertain themselves.

  45. I like to talk while the kiddies play – that way, we’re all happy! :o)

    Charity´s last blog post…Again With The Tuesday

  46. avatar
    Ann Throckmorton says:

    Are you kidding?… just talking to an adult is a great treat…talk, talk, talk.

  47. I like having them over for lunch… and chatting while watching the little ones.

  48. My favorite thing to do is to sit around and discuss the same things we are ALL going through. Knowing we are not alone in our struggles and circumstances. Bonding with copious amounts of coffee.

    Darling cards!

  49. My favorite thing to do is to have a girls night out (which usually just means to head to Starbucks for a coffee), but also when we have playdates and are able to just sit and chat and catch up. Life gets so hectic that we often let this go by the wayside, and I miss it!

    Michelle Meyer´s last blog post…Late Barefoot Bloggers post (yet again!)

  50. My favorite thing to do with other moms is to get together, drink hot beverages, and talk about life.

  51. Getting together WITH the kiddos – going to a playground or gym to let the kiddos play with each other and burn energy while the mamas chat it up.
    Getting together WITHOUT the kiddos (rare!) – coffee house!!

    Mandi´s last blog post…tortured.

  52. I joined a mommy group on MeetUp.com and I’ve been lucky enough to meet a like-minded group of mommies who get together for play dates and coffee and other kid’s activities.

    MommyAmy´s last blog post…Homemade Granola Bars

  53. I love park playdates. The kids can run wild while the moms chat. In cold weather we bring coffee, in the summer we all hit the ice cream truck… fun for everyone.

    Laura´s last blog post…New In The Shop

  54. I just started a crafting group with moms so that we can get together every month, learn a new craft and have some grown-up conversations. I think it’s really going to be fun!

    Kati´s last blog post…One … two …

  55. fun. Thanks.

  56. The best thing about other moms is giving each other a pat on the back for doing a sometimes thankless job!

    Dara´s last blog post…

  57. i love to meet other mom’s for coffee without kids and with kids parks work best for me!!!

    Jamie Ivey´s last blog post…Dinner benefiting REAL HOPE FOR HAITI

  58. Take the kids to see animals in the park or zoo.

  59. I love to invite other mom’s into my home for play dates. Brunch or lunch & talk while the kiddo’s (mostly ALL boys) fight. Er. . . I mean play. : )

  60. How cute are those?? Love them! Can she even do them for someone like me who is mom to the masses? :)

    I love to get coffee with my mom friends. It’s such a treat and we can sit and visit.

    50s Housewife´s last blog post…At Least It’s Cozy Inside

  61. drink coffee. anywhere. if there’s a promise of coffee, I will be there.

    @mommyamy — meetup has saved my sanity too. my moms meetup group is the best ever and I would have no friends or social life without it. highly recommended!!!!!!!

  62. Knitting is lots of fun – definitely easier to do without the kids around, but enjoyable any time.

  63. This looks awesome. I love to just sit & chat with other moms without disruption from kiddos. I know – I’m dreaming. 😉 One reason I so love my MOPS group that meets once a week.

    Lisa in ME´s last blog post…My Daybook

  64. My favorite thing to do with other moms is to meet at a local park and go walking. I get to socialize, exercise, and breathe some fresh air all at the same time. Works for me.

  65. avatar
    Rebekah Giannatala says:

    My favorite thing to do is accomplish something. Whether it be a craft, planning an event, or maybe just even catching up. I like to feel like my time is well spent as I “multi-task”—the kids are happy, and I’m doing something I need to do too!

  66. Those are so pretty! I love to scrapbook with other moms. I get so many ideas from seeing other people’s projects.

    Sydni´s last blog post…Sea Kitten High School

  67. My favorite thing is our playgroups… it’s a time for moms to (mostly) connect, as well as let the little ones run around. And the only thing better than that is an actual Mom’s Night Out where we get to get away from the kids for a while! :)

    Misty´s last blog post…Happy Anniversary Post, Part II

  68. Going out to eat and having completely inappropriate conversations while drinking equally inappropriate drinks 😉

  69. I love to go shopping with other moms. It’s fun, we get to hang out for a long time, talk about our kids, our lives, or whatever, and we go to lots of great stores looking for deals!

    Erica´s last blog post…7 Month Pics

  70. My favorite thing to do with other mom friends is to sit down and chat!

  71. I’m about to start my third week of being a mom. Not sure what moms do together yet…probably being outside at the park will be nice. Looking forward to that. And, of course, exchanging mom cards!

    Kallie B´s last blog post…A photo a day.

  72. My favorite thing to do with other moms is have moms and kids dinner when the dads are away. We let the kids eat first, then run around and play while we eat, have some wine, and talk.

    My other favorite is to meet at a coffee shop and then head to a playground and let the kids run wild while we sip coffee and chat.

  73. avatar
    Rebecca G says:

    I love to go to craft nights. Making cards or scrapbook pages. I also love to go to Mops and then have playdates at eachothers houses. That way we (the mom’s) get to catch up and know that we are not the only one dealing with the terrible 2’s! Meanwhile the kids can go play together.

  74. I like to just chill with my mommy friends. Sometimes its so easy to get wrapped up in the “mommy world” that you forget to take a moment for yourself and your friends. We grab some coffee and chill. Thank goodness for good friends!

  75. I think go out and do something girly – a pedicure or a foot massage which are very common and affordable in my part of the world.

    Amy´s last blog post…give aways and more knitting

  76. I love to just hang out with other Moms and swap tips and tricks for handling things with the kids.

  77. i love grabbing coffee and a chat…adult conversation does wonders for my day.

    jessica´s last blog post…Happy…

  78. I love to pray with other moms.

    Julie´s last blog post…Smoothie Addict

  79. A bunch of ladies in my neighborhood get together once a month to play BUNCO. I look forward to it every month. I love getting out for a night and spending a couple hours with some awesome moms!

  80. i love leaving kids and kid-talk home with Daddy, and going our for drinks and appetizers…to remind ourselves we’re adults, too!

  81. I love to go out to dinner and let the Dads take the kids. We trade a few funny baby/kid stories, but mostly have Adult Conversation. Does me wonders!

    Jennifer´s last blog post…Mom’s Pillows

  82. it’s fun to just sit and chat and have some adult time – never hurts to swap kiddo stories too! :)

    jodi´s last blog post…So Blessed

  83. Recently I have been meeting some moms from my hometown at a kind of “knitting night”, we do bring something to knit or crochet, but of course we mainly chat and laugh all night… 😉

  84. I enjoy my monthly homeschool moms support group meeting at a local coffee shop. Two hours of sharing ideas and cinnamon latte – one of the simple pleasures of life.

  85. I love to share ideas with other moms and talk about life.

  86. frop the kiddos off at school, then we run the stairs at swallow cliff tand catch up over coffee/tea at starbucks. fitness, friends, and relaxation…no better combination

  87. my favorite thing to do with other moms is have coffee/tea and gab away…

    Courtney from Mommie Blogs´s last blog post…guess who is sounding so much better

  88. laugh about the trials and tribulations of what the day brings over a cup of coffee!(or wine, after-hours)

    marissa´s last blog post…We Caved.

  89. I love to go out to dinner with the moms in our playgroup. It’s really nice to kick back and chat about grown-up stuff and to eat a meal without cheerios!

  90. The thing I love to do with other moms is what we refer to as : “Mom’s Night Out”, that we all desperately look forward to! And sometimes it’s low key and other times it can be wild. But, no matter what, we always have a blast and cheer each other on in whatever is going on in our lives.

  91. So cute! On those rare times I get together with others we are usually scrapbooking.

  92. My favorite thing to do with other moms is have any kind of conversation that is not in a “princess” voice !

  93. I love to share various desserts with other moms while chatting about things that make our lives simpler and enjoyable. A glass of wine is sometimes included!

  94. My favvy thing to do with other moms is to meet for coffee and talk about how they would handle this stage and that stage and about life in general!

    Stephanie´s last blog post…Home

  95. I love hanging out at the beach, reading gossip magazines while the kids build sandcastles! Oh… I miss summer!

  96. Go out to lunch/dinner and just talk about life!

  97. Talk and visit. I just love getting to know there are other moms out there in the same situation as me!!!

  98. My favorite thing to do with other moms is just get together for a low key playgroup where our kids are entertained, and we can talk about anything and everything. And of course yummy food is always involved!

  99. I love having coffee with other moms…sans kids – so we can actually start AND finish a conversation! :)

  100. avatar
    Shannon Finegood says:

    Going out for coffee w/o the kiddos!