Weekend giveaway: Mineral Fusion

by Tsh Oxenreider

Tsh is the founder of this blog and just finished traveling around the world with her husband and 3 kids. Her latest book is Notes From a Blue Bike, and believes a passport is one of the world's greatest textbooks.

This giveaway is now closed. Check here for the winner!

Today’s weekend giveaway comes from sponsor Mineral Fusion. I’ve seen this line of makeup and skincare at my local Whole Foods, so I’m thrilled to have them as a Simple Mom sponsor, and happy to tell you that one of you will win some of their products!

Mineral Fusion‘s collection of mineral skin care is designed to revitalize and repair your skin. Their products are naturally formulated, combining the revitalizing and protecting benefits of minerals and nature’s most soothing botanicals.

Just a few highlights from the company:

Skin-soothing Botanicals

A wide range of naturally skin-loving botanicals are infused in their formulas in order to nourish and soothe skin. From aloe vera and licorice root, to chamomile and white tea, these ingredients offer a variety of antioxidant and skin-calming benefits.

Formula Purity

All of their products are free of gluten, parabens, SLS, phthalates, artificial colors and synthetic fragrances. The complete Mineral Fusion skincare collection is 100% vegan and never tested on animals.


They contribute positively to social welfare through increasing awareness and compassion. One in four women will experience violence in her lifetime. Mineral Fusion partnered with the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence to help raise awareness of this growing problem.


Mineral Fusion wants to give THREE Simple Mom readers a full collection of their new Revitalize & Repair skincare line, tailored to their skin type. Here’s what will be included (the retail value is $100):

  • Cleanser (either Ultimate Moisture or Purifying Gel)
  • Skin Renewing Face Scrub
  • Skin Soothing Toner
  • Age-Defying Treatment Serum
  • Revitalizing Eye Serum
  • Moisturizer (Intense Hydration, Skin-Balancing, or Mattifying Oil Control)
  • Mineral SPF 40 Facial Moisturizer
  • Mineral SPF 30 Brush-On Sun Defense

And also for fun, they’ll also throw in one of their Minerals on a Mission t-shirts.

To enter, simply leave any comment on this post!

This giveaway will end tonight at 11:59 pm CST. I’ll announce the winner soon after. I hope you win!

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  1. This line sounds so wonderful! Would love a chance to try it. Thanks for the chance.

  2. Cool I would love to win.I have been looking for new face products.

  3. I need some make up. :)

  4. avatar
    Alyssa T says:

    enter me – fun giveaway!

  5. avatar
    Jennifer Dana says:

    I have actually been looking recently for new skin care line. I would love to win this!

  6. thanks for a great givaway! =)

  7. avatar
    Stephanie says:

    Would love to try this!

  8. I would love to give these products a try! Thanks for the offer,
    Sarah M

  9. Thanks for the chance to win!

  10. These products look great! I’d love to try them :)

  11. avatar
    Michelle F says:

    c’mon random generator ~ pick me!!! :)

  12. avatar
    Aubrey Bence says:

    This looks fabulous! I was just commenting to my husband how I wish I could find a skin care line that would help revitalize my skin but I don’t know where to start!

  13. Would love to try these!

  14. avatar
    Kristen says:

    I’d love to try this out! I’m turning 40 in a month, and my face could use some help :-)

  15. Oh, I’d love to try these!!

  16. avatar
    Laura Chipps says:

    I’ve never seen this product before. Would love to try it.

  17. Love mineral make up. Hope I win

  18. Yea for natural products!

  19. This is the first time I’ve ever heard of this brand. I’d love to give these products a try…

  20. I would love to try that – and I love that support the Domestic Violence cause!

  21. avatar
    Kristen in MO says:

    I would love to give this a try!

  22. Selling a high quality product while simultaneously supporting those who need it most is a business I can support!

  23. avatar
    erica C says:

    Maybe this would make me look a little alive, since I am so sleep deprived!b finger. Crossed!

  24. This sounds great! I would love to try it!

  25. avatar
    Rebekah says:

    Oo-la-la!! I would SO love to try Mineral Fusion Make-up! I have been wanting to try a mineral make-up for quite some time. :)

  26. I have been wanting to try a new line of skincare for a while. This stuff looks GREAT.

  27. I think I’m going to win!

  28. These look great! We’re trying hard to use natural products on our skin in our house.

  29. Sounds lovely! And you can see it from the number of posts :) Sign me up! :)

  30. Thanks for this fabulous chance to win this.

  31. I have been looking for a new product…………hope you choose me……thank you.

  32. avatar
    erica C says:

    *fingers crossed*

  33. avatar
    Fernanda says:

    WOW – what a great giveaway – I love mineral make up and would love to try this line!

  34. avatar
    Victoria Wheeler says:

    This sounds lovely!

  35. I would love to try this line. Thanks for the giveaway.

  36. avatar
    Tina Riemer says:

    I love mineral makeup; this would be fun to try.

  37. Sounds like just what my face needs!

  38. I would love this!

  39. I’d love to win the Mineral Fusion products! I am really trying to find & use products that are natural and especially free of parabens. Thanks for having the giveaway.

  40. Am I the winner? Woohoo!!!!

  41. avatar
    Stephanie says:

    Would love to try these!! :):)

  42. avatar
    Tracy B. says:

    Thanks for sharing this! I’m looking forward to checking out this line of products at my local Whole Foods!

  43. If my skin can look like hers…well, then…pick me, please!

  44. Enter me, please! And thanks for all the giveaways. :)

  45. avatar
    Stephanie says:

    Love to win free makeup!

  46. Ooh!!! Sounds like great products!

  47. avatar
    cecilia says:

    Wow,sounds like a great company, I would love to try this since I suffer from adult acne, Thanks!

  48. I’m getting to the end of my last batch of bare essentuals, so I’d be interested in trying this out!

  49. Would love to try this out!

  50. avatar
    Stacey F says:

    This sounds FABULOUS! My skin would love to win!!

  51. This looks wonderful and I’d love to try it out!

  52. Hi Tsh. I’d love to win the Mineral Fusions skin care collect. What an awesome giveaway. How fun to have a quick giveaway like this.

    Have a wonderful weekend…Tracy :)

    P.S. I’m having a few giveaways too. I hope you stop by and enter.

  53. avatar
    Rebecca says:

    My skin is screaming for a change. My cleansing and makeup products are certainly needing a healthy update. This sounds like it is just what I have been searching for lately. I will purchase several of these regardless, but it would be wonderful to win some in the meantime.

  54. avatar
    Valerie says:

    Fun – would love to try these products.

  55. Great giveaway! I’d love to try it. Thanks for the chance!

  56. avatar
    Angela Bender says:

    I have been wanting to try something new. This sounds great!

  57. avatar
    Tevi Graham says:

    What an awesome giveaway! I’m new to your blog and have loved everything you do and how generous you are to your subscribers. Keep up the great work! God bless!

  58. avatar
    Samantha says:

    It would be lovely to be the lucky winner. I need a little refreshing and revitalizing these days. It would totally make my day if I was the chosen one. :)

  59. Thanks for the opportunity to win this wonderful make up set!

  60. I’d love to try these products. I’m always looking for better sun protection!

  61. Would love to try these products!

  62. Would really love to try this product as I am trying to switch all my skincare over to all natural with no harmful chemicals. It is a process from a girl who loved her make-up and lotions! Thank you, Tsh!

  63. avatar
    Tabitha says:

    I’ve been wanting to try this brand.

  64. avatar
    Rebecca says:

    My skin is screaming for a change. I certainly need to try something new and healthy and these products look fabulous. I will purchase some of these regardless, but it would be wonderful to win some in the meantime.

  65. I would love to try this :)

  66. I’m always on the lookout for natural cosmetics. Sounds great!

  67. avatar
    Sandra Rieder says:


  68. Tsh, thanks for the giveaway. Looks like something we’d enjoy in our house. Blessings

  69. yes, I would love to win the skin care too!

  70. What a generous giveaway! This would be amazing to try.

  71. avatar
    Elizabeth S says:

    How funny! I was just thinking I’d like to switch to mineral based makeup. Thanks for the opportunity to try this one!

  72. I have never seen this product line before. It looks great. I would love to try it.

  73. I would love to try this. I am 30 and still dealing with blemishes (a nice way to say acne) and am wondering if this would help clear up my skin with it being so natural. Thanks for a chance to win!

  74. Yes, please! Please? Please?

  75. Such an awesome giveaway! I would love to win!

  76. avatar
    Melissa S says:

    Fingers crossed! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  77. avatar
    Jennifer says:

    Would love to win these products!

  78. Please pick me!

  79. avatar
    Michelle m says:

    What a fresh way to start off summer with this natural make-up and skin care. Sounds really nice,I don’t have a whole foods near by:(
    new to your blog…enjoying very much!

  80. This looks like great makeup!

  81. I have been searching for some natural makeup products! It would be so cool to win, and be able to try out some new stuff! : )

  82. I am in serious need of a new regime for my super dry skin. Hope I win so I will actually try something new for my skin.

  83. very cool! Thanks for the great giveaway (as always!).

  84. avatar
    Kate M. says:

    I’ve never heard of it before, but I would love to try this line 😀

  85. I have always wanted to try a mineral type makeup. I would be thrilled to win this giveaway. I like the ingredients that this product has and does not have.

  86. Wonderful…..have you tried yet? These sound like wonderful products and I would love to win!

  87. Love your website and would love the chance to try this make up

  88. avatar
    Kimberly says:

    I’m currently pregnant with our 4th babe and would love to use something like this to help me feel my best!! Thanks for the great giveaway! :)

  89. avatar
    christi harrison says:

    What a fun giveaway! I would love new products…it has been way too long.

  90. avatar
    Jessica Y says:

    Sounds awesome. Thanks for the giveaway.

  91. Looks like great stuff!

  92. I’d love to win this giveaway!

  93. avatar
    Chelsey says:

    This looks like some awesome face care, would love to win so I could try it out myself :)

  94. Looks like some good stuff! Definitely wouldn’t mind trying it out. 😉

  95. avatar
    Natalie says:

    I have tried many beauty products only to find that I am allergic. I would love to try this to see if this work for me! Thanks for sharing, looks like great products.

  96. I’ve been wanting to try mineral make-up. What a great giveaway!

  97. Have just begun to realize all the bad thingsd in the products we use. It’s so expensive to change everything over. Would love to win this!!

  98. What a nice giveaway! Thank you for introducing us to these products. I have let my skin care lapse to nothing but the occasional wash with soap in the shower since the birth of my 6 month old. Sure would feel good to get back to a little self care!

  99. avatar
    Jennifer B says:

    Wow, this stuff looks great. Thanks for the chance to win!

  100. avatar
    Karen Jerread says:

    wow, my face so needs this! Great give away. Thanks.