Menu plan Monday – basic & good

by Tsh Oxenreider

Tsh is the founder of this blog and just finished traveling around the world with her husband and 3 kids. Her latest book is Notes From a Blue Bike, and believes a passport is one of the world's greatest textbooks.

I’ve got a busy week as usual, but a lot of it will be spent at home. I hope to do a bit a bulk cooking while I make dinner, so I’ve planned this week’s recipes to cater to that. Here’s what I’ve got on our stovetop:

Photo by terri tu

Monday: chicken broccoli soup (I hope to cook and freeze an extra batch of chopped broccoli)

Tuesday: tomato basil risotto (I’m going to add mushrooms, so I’ll go ahead and saute and freeze extra)

Wednesday: stir fry

Thursday: fajitas – we’ve got friends coming over! (I’ll make and freeze extra cubed chicken)

Friday: chicken caesar salads with almost caesar dressing (which I’ll make extra of and freeze)

Saturday: homemade pizza (making extra pizza dough and sauce, as usual)

Sunday: mac and cheese with chicken and broccoli – another great Rachael Ray recipe

Do you do any bulk cooking? I’m curious.

Looking for ideas? Peruse more menu plans at Organized Junkie.

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  1. I definitely do bulk cooking. Today I mixed up 3 brownie mixes for future use and deep fat fried 6 pounds of chicken fingers. I make something in bulk every weekend.

    Sarahs last blog post..The Newest Addition to Our Bike Fleet

  2. I don’t usually do any bulk cooking myself. I do make extra at each meal though so we have enough for lunches and leftovers throughout the week. Does that count :)

    Org Junkies last blog post..Menu Plan Monday ~ May 5th

  3. @Sarah – Wow, I’m impressed!

    @Org Junkie – I think making extra is sooo helpful. My problem is having enough for a whole other meal. My hubby is quite the eater. You can’t tell by looking at him, the jerk. 😉

  4. I love bulk cooking too. I’ve actually been blogging about it as part of a series with two other blogging friends. We’re calling the series 3 Moms, 3 Kitchens, 31 Days.

    I have lots of bulk cooking planned for this week. Thanks for sharing the recipes. The chicken broccoli soup and tomato basil risotto sound just delicious!

  5. I do bulk cooking very occasionally just for that purpose (to fill the freezer), but mainly my freezer meals are leftovers from when I’ve just cooked double, triple or quadruple (no mean feat for a family of 8) of a soup, curry, pasta sauce etc.

    Bels last blog post..What’s for Lunch?

  6. Your menu looks great, especially the chicken and broccoli soup.

    I don’t really cook in bulk, but when I make soups or spaghetti sauce I freeze the leftovers if there is enough for another meal.

    Wifeys last blog post..The return of Menu Plan Monday…for me

  7. @Kate – I’ll have to check out your blog; thanks for letting me know!

    @Bel – Wow, cooking quadruple for a family of 8 must mean a ton of food!

    @Wifey – Yep, the chicken broccoli soup is one of our favorites – SUPER easy, too.

  8. I do bulk cooking with baked goods but not usually with meals. I do bulk shopping though, so I make sure that my meat is meal size portions before I put it in the freezer raw. Or for burgers, I make up my burgers raw and put in them in a freezer bag and put them in the freezer so I can pull them out to thaw for salisbury steak, or just grilled burgers. :)

    Your menu sounds yummy this week!

    Enjoy your week!

    Sonshines last blog post..Meijer Deals 5/4-5/10

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