Giveaway: Solid Wood Dollhouse from Melissa & Doug

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Welcome to Simple Living Media’s  Home for the Holidays!  We’ve got 25 giveaways across the entire network this week to give you plenty of chances to win a great gift, just in time for the holidays.

Remember that secret gift for Tate I mentioned in my vlog last Friday? Well, today you get to find out what it is:

Yep, today I’m giving away a multi-level, solid wood dollhouse from Melissa & Doug. I absolutely cannot wait to give it to my almost-six-year-old girl, who’ll most definitely go nuts over this. This will be her main Christmas gift this year!

Valued at $150, this dollhouse is move-in ready (ha!) and comes with 19 pieces of moveable furniture. Perfect for hours of open-ended play for kids of many ages.

Learn more about this little sweet dollhouse and how to win it.

I was thrilled to learn that this dollhouse on its way was almost two feet tall and two feet wide — so I was surprised upon arrival when the box didn’t really seem all that big. Ah. Assembly required. Time to get out the tools.

But actually, it wasn’t that hard. In fact, it was easy. Kyle only needed his screwdriver and the included diagrams, and voila — a standing dollhouse in the time it takes to assemble Ikea shelving.

This dollhouse is adorable. It’s pink and purple — my daughter’s favorite colors (and I’d wager to guess, if your daughter is younger than 10, that those are her’s as well). But these aren’t shmarmy, saccharine shades; they’re classically sweet colors made for little girls. They remind me of ice cream.

AND — this thing is solid wood. Completely! Not one plastic piece of furniture or door in the set. The entire thing is made of wood, and it just feels well-made, like most Melissa & Doug products. This dollhouse will probably be handed down to Tate’s daughter one day, Lord-willing.

Melissa and Doug have been in business for over 20 years — yep, they’re actual people! Their products are known for quality, and pass all kinds of tests to ensure the toys you see are safe and ready for hours of play. I love that they create simple, well-made toys that aren’t trendy — all Melissa & Doug preschool dollhouses speak to a generation that values healthy, open-ended play that encourages creativity and strengthens a child’s imagination. Quite a few of our family’s all-time favorite toys are from Melissa & Doug.

Here’s what I love best about this dollhouse: it’s a classic, durable toy that will stand to hours of play and hopefully last generations. In a culture filled with Bratz and plastic princesses gone wild, my heart fills with joy to find toys that nurture my child’s innocence. Little girls should play with toys that inspire their creativity, not make them feel like they need to look or dress a certain way to be pretty. This dollhouse — like all their wooden dollhouses — fits the bill perfectly. Merry Christmas to you, sweet Tate.

One Simple Mom reader will win a  multi-level, solid wood dollhouse from Melissa & Doug!

How to win

Everyone has two chances to win. Here’s how:

1. Comment on this post, answering this question: Who would receive this dollhouse — how is this child special to you?

2. For an extra entry, follow both Simple Mom and Melissa & Doug on Twitter, and tweet about this giveaway. Make sure you include both our Twitter handles and this post’s URL. Your tweet can be something like this:

Win a wooden dollhouse from @melissaanddoug on @simplemom! #Giveaway is today only.

This giveaway will end tonight, Wednesday, December 1 at 11:59 p.m. I hope you win!  We’ll announce the winners of all the holiday giveaways at the end of the week.

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  1. Karyn Hostetter says:

    This would be a wonderful gift for my 7 year old little girl. She loves to be imaginative, and this would definitely be a wonderful gift for her.

  2. Oh my sweet daughter would love this!!!

  3. I have two daughters, ages 3 and 7, that would receive this Christmas morning.

  4. Kristiina says:

    I just showed this dollhouse to my husband the other day…it would be for our 3 year old, kate. Thanks for the chance!

  5. My four year old daughter would receive this 🙂

  6. My little girl would be absolutely thrilled to find this doll house under the tree. She is special to me because she is full of life, optimism and love.

  7. Valerie R. says:

    My niece. Between my sister and I, we had 6 kids and she is the only girl!

  8. I would give this dollhouse to my 2 yr old daughter…we just couldn’t come up with gifts for her. This would be perfect!

  9. My dd would love this. We love pretend play and would have so much fun.

  10. Justi Thomas says:

    Oh I am torn between saving it for my daughter to enjoy in another year or so or gifting it to my sweet niece who would love it and is old enough to enjoy it right now.

  11. This would be an incredible gift for my three year old daughter who, having an older brother, has her share of trucks and blocks but not so many girly toys!

  12. Though I do have a little one year old girl who I know would grow up loving this house, it would really be for my sweet three year old boy, who loves his trucks but ADORES play houses and sits at his grandma’s playing with her dollhouse for hours. He’s a boy who loves to be home with his family, and there’s nothing he likes better than pretending to be home with family in play.

  13. I would give this to my sweet 2 year old little girl who brings her Mama and Da much joy with her constant adventurous spirit. Although, I am sure the boys would get in on the action as well. 😉

  14. I would give this to my seven year old son. Why do girls get to have all the fun?

  15. I would give this to my daughter. She would love it for years to come and I’m with you on loving that it’s not plastic or trendy!

  16. Amazingly enough, I just bought my daughter a Melissa & Doug dollhouse for Christmas this year!! BUT I do know a friend who would LOVE to have it! 🙂
    Sarah M

  17. My 6 year old daughter would love this!

  18. Oh, my 2 1/2 year old is hoping for a dollhouse. I can’t get her away from the one in her big brother’s preK classroom!

  19. This dollhouse would be perfect for my little girl, who is almost 18 months. Great giveaway!

  20. My sweet 3-year-old who was just diagnosed with PDD-NOS and needs to practice those pretend play skills. We love Melissa & Doug toys!

  21. I’d love to win this for my one and only niece.

  22. My daughter would receive the doll house. Besides being our first child, she is God’s beautiful creation. She is special to me because she is special to HIM!

  23. We have this dollhouse! My 2 year old loves it! It would be going to my nieces out in California – I know they would love it too!

  24. I’m hoping that we have a girl coming right now, but if not I would love to give it to my niece.

  25. This dollhouse would be for my 3 yr. old “caboose.” We had no idea she would be our last, but since she is, she is that much more special to us!!

  26. Melissa L. says:

    We are friends with a couple who have young daughters and they are spending December apart – mom and dad are 5 hours away while mom is receiving aggressive cancer treatment. I’ve never me the girls, but I would like their parents (or Santa) to surprise them with a “wow” present, since shopping won’t be easy this year.

  27. My kids would get this one under the tree, particularly my daughter. She has such a wonderful imagination and is so creative. I would so enjoy listening to the stories she would build in her own little fantasy house.

  28. I have a 6 year old and 2 year old that would love to play with this dollhouse in their shared room. They are special well because they are mine!

  29. Sarah Beth says:

    This dollhouse would be for my daughter that I am in the process of adopting out of foster care. I would love to give her this house as she starts her new life with her forever family!

  30. It would be a special gift for my three daughters (4-2 & 1 years old) , they’re really imaginative and I’m sure they would appreciate it.

    They’re special to me for so many reason, but especially because they’ve changed me in a good way !

  31. My just turned seven little girl would receive this as a gift. We home educate and in-between lessons and reading she spends her day in creative play. She is such a wonderful little girl with such a big imagination; she would absolutely love this!

  32. Michele Laramay says:

    I would bless my sweet little niece with this. I have five sons and she is the first little girl in our family. We love her to pieces.

  33. my little ones

  34. Lauren W. says:

    My niece would receive this doll house for Christmas. She is a special little girl who it obedient, kind to others including her little sisters, helpful and loves everyone. I would love to be able to give her this dollhouse for Christmas this year.

  35. My three year old daughter would love this dollhouse!

  36. What fun! This sweet house would be perfect for my 5-year-old, although I confess that I’d enjoy it, too. Thanks for giving away a gift that will encourage the recipient to be vibrant and creative, not bratty!!

    As an Army family, we move OFTEN (ten times in the last twelve years!) Melissa and Doug toys have survived those moves with ease–they are made to last.

  37. We have a wooden dollhouse for my 3 and 1 year old and I love a non-plastic toy that entertains for hours! My niece does not have one and I would love to give one to her!

  38. Who would receive this dollhouse — how is this child special to you?

    I am expecting a baby girl this January and we’re naming her Julia. She will definitely get this dollhouse! Of course she is special especially that she will be our first baby girl and I can’t wait to fill up her room with nice and fab toys just like one of these from Melissa and Doug! Hopefully I get to win this beautiful dollhouse for her =)

  39. i would be giving this dollhouse to my daughters for christmas. they are 7 and 3. perfect ages to get years of joy out of this toy!

  40. We have two young girls. Since my older is already keen on playing with dollhouses, I know she’d absolutely love it. And her sister will too!

  41. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to give this to my little girl Sadie…She’s just breaking into the “play house” scene and would think the Melissa & Doug play house is THE BOMB.COM!

  42. I would give it to my daughter. She would think this was fabulous. She plays with a very small version every day. She is the light of my life.

  43. If I won this would be for my special Hannah girl. See we didn’t think that we would be having any more kids. Since daddy had the big V. But God had other plans and knowing how much i wanted a girl after two boys, He decided to give me my sweet Hannah. She loves dolls and would just flip over this doll house. Thanks for the giveaway.

  44. I’d give it to my sweet little Hazel! the youngest of three with two brothers, she needs some more “girly” toys! We have lots of trucks and trains in our house but not very many dollies.

  45. I would give this beautiful dollhouse to my lovely daughter, who will be 11 months at Christmas. She will have many years to play with this!! We are also a Melissa & Doug loving family!!

  46. I would love to surprise my daughter with this on Christmas morning!

  47. Oh! I am crossing my fingers! I really really want to get a dollhouse for my little girl this Christmas but they are a bit out of our budget.

  48. I would give this to my sweet 3 1/2yo daughter. She’s got two brothers and her life is overrun with superheroes, wrestling, and cars. But I’m sure the boys would have just as much playing with the house!

  49. My sister in law is a foster parent, they have a 4 year old little girl who would absolutely LOVE this. 🙂 She has very few of her own possessions so I know this would be special.

  50. My daughter and son – they are absolute gifts from God. We have an old doll house that has bitten the dust but I have been reluctant to get rid of it because I can’t afford a new one!

  51. My younger 4 1/2 yo daughter would receive this. She is playing right next to me will all her little people dancing on the paperwork I am trying to ignore.

  52. Jenn Wright says:

    I love this dollhouse! I miss mine from when I was younger, actually…sigh.

    I think I would either gift it to my 2 nieces who I don’t get to see as often as I’d like to or perhaps I would try and hold off and save it for my (now) 9 month old daughter for when she gets old enough to play with it!! I can’t wait until she’s ready for that!

  53. I know my daughter would absolutely adore this…but since she’s only 2 and still a bit young for it, I would probably give it to my goddaughter who is 3 and would just go insane for this!

    Thanks for the awesome contest! The dollhouse is too insanely cute!!

  54. Melissa Daniel says:

    My almost 3-year old daughter would receive this dollhouse for Christmas if I were to win it. She loves to play pretend, and I know this would spark her imagination and she would play for hours! She is a very special girl to me- she lifts me up when I’m feeling down, and always makes me laugh!

  55. My 4 yr old would receive it. She has sensory problems and prefers playing alone and would absolutely love this. Melissa and Doug products are wonderful!

  56. My sweet 6 month old little girl. This would be a sweet gift!

  57. My daughters Quinn and Aisley would love this doll house!! They are my everything, and bring a smile to my face and a tear to my eye everyday. I am so thankfult o have two amazing daughters<3

  58. Also, I’m following and I tweeted this @txblond 🙂

  59. This would go to mu almost-six-year-old daughter who also loves purple and pick (shocking!). She is my only girl and a creative and amazing child.

  60. Kelly Anne says:

    For My Beautiful Isabella ! She is almost seven, and has given me the best years of my life. She just became a Big Sister and is doing the best job ever. She deserves the world. I love that little doll house, it reminds me of a time when you didn’t need the “lights and flashiness”. Isabella is a wonderful girl… with quite the imagination. Someone gave her a “Bratz” doll for her birthday last year and all she does is play with the shoes. It makes me laugh, she thinks the doll is “odd-looking”. I know she would truly enjoy a wonderful dollhouse like this. **fingers crossed**

  61. Katherine says:

    Definitely my nieces, and they would love it!

  62. Love Melissa and Doug toys….would love to have this beautiful dollhouse under the tree for my daughter this year 🙂

  63. Love Melissa and Doug stuff and this dollhouse looks wonderful! I have 6 and 4 year old girls who would think that this is awesome. I love giving them gifts that are classic like this and not the trendy plastic stuff.

  64. Nat Pollard says:

    My 3 1/2 year old niece Isabella who is the cutest little thing EVER 🙂 we love her to pieces and she would just absolutely adore this doll house. She is the most special little girl in my life and I would love to see her eyes light up and the wonderful smile on her face as I give her this doll house 🙂

  65. My 3 year old daughter would receive this doll house. She has been asking for one for Christmas. She became a big sister just 2 months ago and this house would make her feel like a little mommy 🙂

  66. My 5.5y and 3.5y old daughters would receive this as a joint gift. They spend hours playing pretend together in all sorts of ways. My 5yo in particular would enjoy spending hours setting up the house and figuring out the “scene”.

  67. My 3 year old would love to have this dollhouse for her birthday! It would be a great gift that I would love to bless her with 🙂

  68. Tweeted!

  69. We already bought a dollhouse for my older daughter for christmas, so this would be for my second daughter, who is still kickin’ in my belly and has her due date next monday. She is my third child and very special to me, because we had a wonderful pregnancy and now we can’t wait (especially her siblings) to get to know her!

  70. Also, I just tweeted about the contest and followed both Melissa & Doug and Simple Mom. I’m @ronessa on twitter.

  71. Wow. I know two little Granddaughters who would think I was the best Grandma ever if I won this!

  72. My 2 1/2 year old daughter desperately needs nice functional toys. She is my world and I would love for her to have this nice wooden dollhouse. She has a wonderful imagination and this would only inspire her more!

  73. I would give this to my sweet sweet niece. She’s almost 2 years old, but obsessed about her dolls.

    We live far from her so I don’t get to see her often, but she means the world to me!

  74. My sweet 2 1/2 year old O would receive this dollhouse…..she has been with her forever family now for almost 18 months….we adopted her from China in June 09….she LOVES all things girly…..wears a tutu over her jeans when playing outdoors…..

  75. My own daughter, of course! I might have to save it for another little while until she gets a little older, but it’s a little girl’s dream. I love Kate so much!

  76. Cynde Kaply says:

    My daughter Michaela would receive the dollhouse. She is 6 years old and has just gotten into playing with dollhouses and the imaginative play that goes with it. This is exactly the main thing she has been asking for for Christmas, and I would be very happy to be able to get it for her!

  77. I have two boys, and am pregnant with a girl. This would definitely be a fun addition to all the dinosaurs, trains, and cars that have taken over my house. My girl and I would love it!

  78. I adore Melissa and Doug products, they are so well made and adorable. My 6 year old daughter would love this dollhouse, as would her 3 month old sister all too soon. It’s so much nicer than the cheap plastic ones. 🙂

  79. I would give this to my daughter, who just turned 4. She loves imaginative play, but is outgrowing her Little People.

  80. I would love to win this dollhouse for my 4 year old daughter. You would likely catch me playing with it too. 😉

  81. My daughter who is about to become a big sister would love this.

  82. If I won this dollhouse… the recipient would be my niece. In a family of all girls, we had all boys…except one, so she’s pretty special! Thank you for the contest…M&D toys are awesome!

  83. My GodDaughter (4) would be getting this dollhouse, She’s my best friend’s daughter (both of them, they married each other!) and a miracle child for them.
    Plus I have boys, and the only way I get to spoil a little girl is with her 😀

  84. This would be for my 6 year old daughter- who is in love w/Melissa & Doug toys!

  85. my daughters Jetta and Margee Jane would be getting this… they are special to me because they hold my heart!!! thanks for this incredibly generous give away!

  86. clenna in Nh says:

    I would give this to my 2 1/2 year old grand daughter. She is my only grand daughter (4 grand sons). She is my buddy – goes shopping with me, stays over and gives me meaning to my life.

    clenna at aol dot com

  87. This would go to my sweet 5 yo daughter. She of course loves pink and purple! 😉

  88. I were to win this dollhouse, it would go to my best friend’s little girl. She has always been there for me and I know she and her daughter would love and appreciate it.

  89. Karen Jerread says:

    My 3.5 y/o great grand-daughter would make great use of this while her daddy is in Afghanistan. It is her favorite colors too!

  90. I would give this doll house as a joint gift to my 5 and 7 year old daughters. I’m sure their one year old sister would also get years of enjoyment out of it, too.

  91. If I won this, I would give it to my really good friend’s daughter who is like a niece to me. We were pregnant together and our kids are 3 mos. apart. They have such a special bond even though we live far from each other and she is so dear to me.

  92. My neices would love this!! They are 7 and 2!

  93. I’d give it to my 7 year old daughter. With a dad in the military who’s often deployed with the Navy… a brother with autism… and a baby brother with food allergies… it’s sometimes hard being the oldest kid. She handles that role, however with beauty, grace and infinite patience. If I won this dollhouse… I’d give it to her. Let her play with it in her room for a while and escape everyday real life for a time. I might even join her myself!! 🙂

  94. Christine S says:

    I actually would keep it for my daughter, who is only 4 months. We have a lot of kiddos over for church family group so it would get played with my lots of kids before she gets it.

  95. Caroline Cebula says:

    We have friends that are very dear to us, but live 8 hours away. They have a 21 month old girl, while she’s not quite old enough for it yet, it would make for an awesome gift for her and I know this is the type of toy her parents would like. We’re big fans of Melissa & Doug, such quality toys.

  96. I would give it to my niece. She is very special. Always fun and lively to be around. She has a great imagination and would love playing with this.

  97. My name is Tina Quinn and if I won, I would give this to my god daughter named Tianna Linke. She is prescious and would love this house!

  98. My daughter would be the recipient of this – we recently welcomed our second child (a son) and our daughter has been such a big helper!

  99. Heather Byrd says:

    My five year old girl would be over the moon to get this dollhouse!

  100. This would be kept at OUR house for the GRANDS!!! I love Melissa and Doug products.