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I love poring through cookbooks, especially when they have color photos and richly descriptive text.

Photo by Emma Smith

But when it comes down to it, about 75 percent of the recipes I use on a regular basis come from the internet. Betty Crockers of the post-modern world have a plethora of recipes at their disposal, and if you’re also trying to declutter, it’s helpful to have them bookmarked on your computer, instead of printed out.

I used to bookmark my recipes in my Firefox bookmarks. It was helpful, because I organized them in files by meal. But it didn’t take long for that to get messy, because it would take me a long time to find anything, and sometimes, recipes just didn’t fit in any one file. Where do you put banana bread? Desserts? Bread?

I’ve heard of other people opening a Gmail account exclusively for their recipe finds, and I thought that was a good idea. You can email the recipe (or just its URL link) to yourself and use the brilliant tagging system within Gmail to create labels for each recipe. So if you want to make chicken fettucine alfredo, you can use the tags chicken, or pasta, or easy, or whatever you decide.

That was a step better. But I decided to go ahead and put my recipes somewhere else – in – for one main reason:

It’s social bookmarking.

I hope to demystify social media in the near future (not at all that I’m an expert!), but for now, I’ll just tell you two main reasons I’d recommend bookmarking your recipes with a social media tool like

  1. Other people can find your recipes, so you’re able to easily share your favorites.
  2. You’re promoting other people’s good stuff they’ve posted on the internet, which more than likely took them time and work.

I truly appreciate it when people submit my stuff to media sites (like, or Stumble Upon, or Kirtsy) because it has broadened my audience like I never imagined. I’m amazed how well it works.

I think it’s worthwhile for me to do the same for other people, because if I were in their shoes, I’d want it bookmarked. Plus, for me it’s an added bonus when it’s a mom sharing her talent online – I make no secret to have a soft spot for moms who run small businesses from home, be it on Etsy or their own online shop, or simply by blogging).

Fellow moms, let’s support each other’s wares and talents by using influential tools that promote our sites and multiply our visitors.

Okay, I’m stepping off my soapbox now.

So yes, I bookmark my recipes in, and I think you should, too. It’s quite easy, which is why I think works well here. It’s a simple interface, so it shouldn’t overwhelm even the novice internet user.

How to store your recipes in

1. Open an account.

2. Download their toolbar button (again, another reason to have Firefox).

3. When you’re on a recipe page you’d like to save, click on the “tag” button.

4. A pop-up window will show up, and you simply enter whatever info you’d like stored here. The most important part here is the tags. Tag your recipes however you’d like, but do it in a way that’s helpful for you to find them later. I typically tag recipes by category and by ingredient – such as breakfast, pumpkin, pancakes.

5. To organize the recipes in your account, use bundles. On the right-hand side, click on “create a bundle.” Here, name a new bundle something like “recipe box” or “cookbook.”

6. Highlight all the tags you want inserted into this bundle.

7. Now, whenever you want to find a recipe, you can go to your account, click on your recipe box, and choose the tags you’re looking for. The reason I like tagging by both category and ingredient is because sometimes I’m generically looking for a dessert recipe, and sometimes I’m looking for a recipe with chocolate. I can choose whatever tag I need, and go from there.

I’m still in the process of transferring my recipes from Firefox bookmarks into, but here’s what I have so far. Lets put the beauty of social bookmarking into practice, and share!

If you have a account already, let me know, and I’ll gladly save it to my network. If you open an account and have questions, let me know as well, and I’d be glad to help.

I hope it doesn’t sound too complicated, because it’s truly not. You better believe that I’m all about simple around here. I wouldn’t advocate something here if it wasn’t.

What do you do for online recipe storage? I’m curious.

Tsh Oxenreider

Tsh is the founder of this blog and just finished traveling around the world with her husband and 3 kids. Her latest book is Notes From a Blue Bike, and believes a passport is one of the world's greatest textbooks.

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  1. This is such a good idea. I have so many recipes that I have found or are my very on. Plus, I need to get up to speed with the social bookmarking and RSS feeds.

    As far as promoting each others sites…thanks for linking me the other day.

    Sporty Mamas last blog post..What’s in your iPod?

  2. I usually save a PDF of the recipe in a “recipe box” folder on my computer. (I use a Mac, so this is as easy as printing, but without the hassle of keeping track of the paper.) When I come across a recipe in print that I want to keep, I usually type it in and save it in the same folder. I like the idea, though.

  3. I love TasteBook (!!

  4. Wow. I’m doing this now. RIGHT NOW! thanks!

  5. I love! I used to use it all the time, but for whatever reason, I don’t anymore. Instead, I use a program called Yummy Soup (for mac). It is so well organized and lets you browse through photos of your recipes. It’s also really easy to import a recipe from an internet source. Just another suggestion!

    Sarah Brays last blog post..An anniversary of meager proportions

  6. @Sporty – Sure thing!

    @Michael – I print my favorites also. I love keeping clutter to a minimum, but the recipes I use all the time (like weekly) I’ve printed out and put in a clear sleeve in a binder.

    @Anna – Never heard of TasteBook – I’ll go check it out!

    @Mandy – When you do it, let me know what your account name is, and I’ll add you to my network.

  7. What a good idea! I’ve used delicious for awhile now, but never thought of using it for recipes. I was looking at investing in a computer software to organize everything. The software made it simple to make a menu and a shopping list, but delicious is free.

    Renaes last blog post..East Texas Freshwater Fish Hatchery

  8. @Sarah – What’s your name on

  9. This is a wonderful idea! I am looking at ways to organize recipes I find and this will also allow me to store online recipes from different sources. Thanks!

    Motherhood and Potatoess last blog post..Make A Cookbook

  10. I save recipes the same way, but I didn’t know about bundles – thanks!!

    Amys last blog post..gentle homemaking

  11. First of all I have to tell you that I’ve been reading your site for a few weeks and I am IN LOVE with it.

    Also this is such a great idea.

    Keep up the great work!

    bananass last blog post..Sun storm!

  12. I’m also a relatively new reader and really enjoy your site! As for my recipes, they are all over the place. I have some bookmarked in, some in StumbleUpon, some tagged in my Google reader, some saved as a Firefox bookmark, some printed and stored in my household notebook. Maybe this is the encouragement I need to get them organized – maybe someday soon they’ll all be and I will actually use them since I will be able to find them!

    Jenns last blog post..Wednesday Internet Wanderings 6-11-08

  13. I love this idea especially because on several occasions I’ve been at my mom’s house when I needed to reference a favorite recipe. It would have been so nice to have it easily accessible online.

    On another note: Do you use Twitter? I ask because I started using it a couple of weeks before I found your site and (because my blog is called This Simple Life) I randomly chose “ThisSimpleMom” as my username. Please email me if this is a problem. I would hate for you to think I was being a copy cat.

    Tonis last blog post..You’ve Got to Know When to Hold ‘Em, Know When To Fold ‘Em*

  14. I have a recipes folder in my browser, but I hate putting my laptop on the counter to refer to when cooking. (Reasons: no counter space, fear of splashes, sticky hands and inevitable scrolling.) So after I’ve tested a recipe and decided it’s a keeper, I’ll transcribe it (by hand! so old school!) into a cool hardcover vintage notebook I use for all my favourite recipes. I like to think I’m creating a keepsake for my descendents, but in the short term it’s just handy.

    Tammys last blog post..We All Live in a Capital I

  15. Thank you for such a thoughtfully written post. So informative! I am off to “Kirtsy” this post now.

    Alanas last blog post..Tackle It Tuesday #14 – iPod

  16. a very useful post. It really beats having to bookmark in the different computers that I use at both my mum’s and our house. Have signed up with delicious and bookmarked your site on it.
    My username there is Domimum

  17. Much to my husband’s chagrin, I’ve never been much of a fan of recipes. But if I ever decide to try being a whiz in the kitchen again, I’ll definitely remember this suggestion. I love social bookmarking because it provides you with an uncluttered, easy way to categorize all of your favorites, and even better, there’s no messy folder of papers or taking up space on my desktop. Thanks for the tip!

    Jennae @ Green Your Decors last blog post..Start Them Off in Style: Stella Stackable Units

  18. Allison says:

    I do something similar, but instead of I use Gmail. When I find a recipe online, I copy and paste it into an email and send it an account I have set up specifically for recipes. I use the labels to catergorize into appetizers, entrees, desserts, etc. Gmail has a robust search tool so if I’m in the mood for salmon I can search for it and find all my salmon recipes. It’s also handy for when someone asks for the recipe since you can just forward on the email. Best thing about this for me is that I can access Gmail on my Blackberry wherever I am…kitchen, mom’s grocery storek whereever.

  19. Good ideas, all!

    The main reason I choose to use instead of Gmail is because of the social aspect of it. I like promoting other people’s work on the internet that I appreciate, and I like the ability to share recipes very easily. Basically, anyone can click on my user name and see my entire recipe box!

  20. I love A HUGE database of recipes and you can create your own online recipe box and sort recipes by category.

  21. Yet another really useful tip! I just discovered your blog last week and am thrilled to have found it. I don’t know how you can consistently post so many good tips that are directly applicable to daily life, but I appreciate it!

    Jennifer (Et Tu?)s last blog post..HBTT: Fear of suffering and the culture of death

  22. This is a fantastic idea. I already use delicious to bookmark recipes, but wasn’t aware of the bundle feature. Guess what I just spent the last hour doing!? 😉 Will be sharing this post with my readers, such a fantastic idea, thanks!

    Deborahs last blog post..Review of Siroccos, Tullamore

  23. AngelSong says:

    this is an excellent idea, and as I read it, I realized I can do the same thing to save my favorite coupons sites, frugal blogs list, etc. Thanks a lot for posting this!

  24. This is a super idea. I have saved a few recipes to but never thought of using it this way. Thanks for the inspiration.

    My delicious account is JanMary3, but I am not sure how to add you to my network (?).

    JanMary, N Irelands last blog post..WFMW – Ikea and More Paris

  25. What a good idea. I’ve been wanting to gather my recipes online but hadn’t found a way to do it yet. My family is spread out across the globe so this would make recipe-sharing a lot easier for all of us.

    Angela Fehrs last blog post..Fox in Socks – Can You Speed It?

  26. Thanks for sharing! At the moment I usually print out online recipes I find and keep them in a binder…but that is a true waste of paper especially if I try to recipe and don’t love it. In our new house we’ll have space for our laptop in the kitchen so I will definitely be trying this idea.

    Jens last blog post..I hit the Mama-load!

  27. @JanMary – It looks like you figured it out!

    But for the rest of you curious as to how to add someone to your network – at the top of your page, you should see a link called “your network.” Click on it, then add the user’s name. Easy-peasy!

  28. What a great idea. Thanks for sharing detailed instructions. The perfectionist in me does not want to do anything unless I know precisely how to do it. 🙂

    Kellys last blog post..New Pat Green: Let Me

  29. Wow, thanks for the idea! No more c&p!

    Lunasea237s last blog post..Provisions

  30. Neat idea!! I’ve been storing recipes using Microsoft OneNote. Works pretty well for me, but I like your idea of sharing our great recipe finds!

    I’m QponCutie on now!

  31. I’m a brand new reader and and am IN LOVE with your blog! You’ve inspired me to get my Family a Google Calendar set up and to use this meal planning system. Thanks SO much!

    Amy Lemaniaks last blog post..Memory Lane Blog Game!

  32. This is a great idea. I started a delicious account long ago but forgot about it. I’m resurrecting it and starting a recipe box!
    My delicious name is gidget_nicole. I’m going to add you to my network, Toblerone!

    Gidget’s last blog post…Just Found a Reason to Knit…

  33. Great idea. I have Firefox and just bookmark everything…blogs I enjoy, recipes, business sites. But, I have 2 computers (desktop and laptop) and most of my stuff was on the desktop because the laptop was down. Now I can use delicious and get to my bookmarks on the laptop (when my kids aren’t hogging it) or at my mom’s when we visit for a week over the summer. What a great idea and thanks for sharing it. I signed up for an account and am in the process of putting my bookmarks in. My account name is mom23guys1girl1964. Thanks!!! Maureen

  34. I just found your site, and this is a WONDERFUL idea! I’ve registered and going to start making my own online cookbook!

    My account name is AliciaTH.


    Alicia’s last blog post…Insert interesting post title {here}

  35. I just came across this post in your archives. I use delicious for recipe organizing and would love to be part of your network. My user name is Mommy’s Kitchen. Thanks!

  36. So do you still print the recipes out and take them to the kitchen, or do you use your laptop in the kichen or what? Just curious, because I’m always printing out recipes, but then I amass this huge collection of unorganized recipes.

  37. i saw your post awhile ago, and i’m just now getting around to implementing your idea. brilliant!

    cici’s last blog post…linen pocketbook

  38. While researching somewhere to organize the hundreds of great recipes I come across, your great idea popped up! Ironically, I was searching for a bookmark manager at the same time.

    I finally had some time today to put it all into action and it’s easier than anything I’ve ever tried and was able to add many recipes quickly. Thank you so much for sharing your idea!

    Here’s my name: MyRecipeBox

    I’m off to explore more of your wonderful ideas!


  39. Thank you so much for the tutorial! I am working on a Home Management Notebook so the delicious tutorial is a MAJOR help! You are one very organized lady!!

  40. Just found this post – I’m reading through your “New Here?” links – and wow! What a great idea. I’m working through mine too – my username is breadofangels. Thanks for sharing.

    Keri´s last blog post…Thank You God

  41. Great blog! I’ve been reading it for some time and found it very helpful. Thank you very much for your ideas and inspiration! 🙂
    I thought I’d share another great application that helps me organize recipes and makes a great cookbook: Evernote at
    I also use Delicious, but it gets too messy for me. And with Evernote, apart from organizing all of your information, I can see pictures that go with recipes. Hope it could be useful! 🙂

  42. Just found this post and love the idea so much that I just went and setup a delicious account and I’m now in the process of moving over all my recipe bookmarks from my Google Bookmarks.

    Delicious username is nafyboocs

    Holly´s last blog post…Uses For Spaghetti Sauce

  43. One tsp. ( is another recipe manager site worth checking out. You can tag up your recipes to categorize them like you can on, but you can also access by mobile phone and make shopping lists.

    Mike´s last blog post…Learning is Hard

  44. Thanks for the advice about starting up a delicious account. It’s because of you that i did it. And now I love it! I mostly use it for tutorials though. Thanks again!
    .-= Megan´s last blog ..Old Friends =-.

  45. Thank you. Thank you!
    .-= Lisa´s last blog ..Organizing recipes with is =-.

  46. This is a great idea, I just started using Delicious a few days ago. Delicious is an appropriate name for making a cook book too 😉 I’m JadeLD on Delicious, I’ll start to add some recipes shortly.
    .-= Jade @ No Longer 25´s last blog ..Another Life for a Day? =-.

  47. I have been wondering how that site works. Thank you for these great tips! I am on a constant search for a way to streamline my meal planning, something easy – doable – healthy. I am going to create an account and let you know, we can ‘social network together’….(still learning about this cool medium myself.

    thanks again,
    .-= shelbi´s last blog ..New Book 🙂 =-.

  48. as a very visual person, i get inspired by the result and not just the title of a recipe. so i started making a recipe collection on Pinterest, which i my new favorite “gem” on the web.
    This is what it looks like, i think it’s really awesome!

  49. Nicole Leonard says:

    I really like this idea… I’m setting up a delicious account now! But I don’t understand the bundles. What is the purpose? Maybe I’m having a hard time understanding because, for some reason, your photos are not coming up in this post. I’m a visual learner…maybe if I saw them it’d click. 🙂

  50. Take a look at It’s a new social bookmarking site that focuses on recipes. Really easy to follow your friends and see what they’re cooking. Happy cooking everyone!

  51. I am new to your blog, and I really enjoy things that you offer. I wanted to coment on this blog specifically because I know that there are several people who are hands on, such as myself, and dont like for everything to be on the computer. I like to print my recipies and place them in a 3 ring binder inside sheet protectors devided by meal catagories. The binder is on my cookbook shelf, contains a folder that I can place my printed sheet in if do not have the time to place it in its correct place. Thank you for your wonderful website, and your book. It is taking time, but my life is coming back together.

  52. I’ve been using Pinterest for bookmarking and storing of ideas, pictures and recipes. I guess it’s kind of like My question for you, are you familiar with Pinterest? If so, what are the differences between Pinterest and ? I’ve made an acccount on but I don’t know if that would be redundant since I’m an active Pinterest user. I’d appreciate your thoughts on this.


    • This post is several years old, pre-Pinterest. I totally use Pinterest now. I do wish its tagging system were better, like Delicious’ is (that’s hard to say out loud), but the visual-ness of it blows anything else out of the water, at least for food, in my opinion.

      Hope that helps!

  53. Lorena Gomez says:

    I just bought your book and I HAD to check out your blog…this is such a great idea! I love how you have it sent to your email so you can reference it if you happen to be at the store. I do have one question though, if you open an account with, can you enter your own recipes or can you only save things there that you find on the internet! I am from Mexico and I make my own recipes that my family has come to love and I know that I wouldn’t be able to find something like that online. It would be great if I can create my own recipes on my account and then plug the URLs on to my calendar!
    Thanks…you’re a great inspiration so far!!!

  54. Love your post. I am a huge fan of Pinterest. I have lots of recipes and food blogs bookmarked there. I am trying to get a meal plan and freezer meal plan put into place. If I plan ahead I hope to not have to think about meals and food all day.

  55. Great Idea, but I can’t seem to figure out how to save items into “bundles”. Any advice?

  56. Have always found menu planning a daunting task. Just set up a account and am going to try this idea. Thanks for sharing it!

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