Living intentionally, romance, and content expression

Are you sick of me yet? I am. If it seems like I’ve got posts all over the place this week, it’s because I do. Some weeks are like that… The writing happens at different times, but there are those odd times when everything goes live all at once.

Anyway — today I’ve got three posts to share with you.

Living Intentionally and With Purpose

The first one is wrapping up my spotlight at Bloom, the book club over at (in)courage (thanks again, ladies!). In this final post, I’ve shared a bit more about my offline life, final thoughts about Organized Simplicity, and a free PDF download of questions for you to use in your own book club! Wan to read the book with other people? Now you’ve got a little conversation guidance.

From the post:

Organized Simplicity is meant to be a handbook for you to use throughout your life. It’s not an autobiography of how I’ve figured everything out — not by a long shot. It’s a compendium simple truths that are (hopefully) a helpful encouragement as you work towards living intentionally and with purpose.

When we know who we are, we can guiltlessly say ‘no’ to the things God just doesn’t have for us, and say a resounding ‘yes’ to the things He does. It’s very freeing.”

Head here to read the rest, and to download the free book club PDF.

The Great Romance

Then my other, regularly-scheduled (in)courage post is live; this time I’m writing about a dark and stormy (well, maybe not stormy) night in Kosovo, when my future Knight in Shining Armor came to my rescue. True story.

From the post:

I secretly wanted to marry Kyle the moment I met him. But I never told him this.

About a year after I met him, I was due to pick up my parents from the train station in nearby Macedonia, the bordering country with enough infrastructure to stomach a train schedule. It was a four-hour bus ride from the capital of Kosova to Skopje, where Mom and Dad would be at about 10 p.m.

I can live in a lot of challenging environments. I was used to hearing gunfire from my kitchen window, and knew to watch out for land mines.

But I was nervous about going to Skopje by myself.”

Head here to find out what happened.

A Level Playing Field

Finally, I was honored when my friend and social marketing chica Stephanie Bryant asked me to share my thoughts about content expression. In my case, that happens to be a fancy way of saying “publishing.” From the post:

“This is the beauty of the publishing industry today — almost anyone can do it.


In a world where a new blog is born every second, you’ve got to stand out, find your unique angle, and be insanely remarkable (to borrow a word from Seth Godin). You’ve got to work and write, and work and write, and just when you think you can kick up your feet, you’ve got to work and write some more. You also have to love it so much that you’re willing to do it for free.

Publishing isn’t easy.

Head here to read the rest of my guest post.

Alright, that should get you set for your Saturday morning reading. Check back tomorrow to see if you won one of five FPU memberships, or one of ten copies of Heather Solos’ new book, Home Ec 101!

Tsh Oxenreider

Tsh is the founder of this blog and just finished traveling around the world with her husband and 3 kids. Her latest book is Notes From a Blue Bike, and believes a passport is one of the world's greatest textbooks.

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