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tinySquares.jpgCongratulations to Karen for winning the small squares necklace from Lisa Leonard Designs! I hope you enjoy yours as much as I know I will mine.

And thanks to so many of you for playing. I got excited about summer reading all your answers! I just wish summer wasn’t hot and all.

Some of my favorite answers:

  • from Shannon - My favorite summer activity is joining the local library kids’ reading program. Because I love for my kids to read and…well, because it’s air-conditioned. Amen, sister.
  • from Denise - waking up and going to my garden to pick fresh berries to have on top of our cereal. Ooh, sounds heavenly.
  • from Sue Clarke - My favorite activity is playing outside with the neighborhood kids and my 5-year-old and bringing popiscles out to them as a surprise! What a cool mom you are!
  • from KristenIn the summer I love to just sit on my deck with a great book and a never ending glass of iced tea or iced coffee! Now that’s a little slice of heaven.

So everyone, head on back to Lisa’s store and blog and place an order with her. I just love supporting mom-run businesses. She does quality, one-of-a-kind work!

Oh, and because a few of you e-mailed me rather confused about the whole “secret code” thing, here’s an explanation, for future reference: If you’re a subscriber, you’ll most likely read Simple Mom from your RSS reader, or straight in your e-mail inbox (depending on how you subscribed). At the bottom of each post, there will often be a footer with some additional information privy only to subscribers. For example, right now there is information about this week’s poll, a survey over on the sidebar, and – the giveaway code. In your reader, it should look something like this:


There are a few more giveaways planned in the near future here on Simple Mom, so stay tuned. To all the new subscribers – welcome, and please have a look around! Let me know if you have any thoughts or suggestions about what you’d like to see here.

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  1. When I answered the question ” what would you like for Christmas”, I had put down that I would love to receive the necklace and give it to the son I put up for adoption. I’ve had a change of heart. I would love to give it to a birthmom that I met in a group of moms that placed their child up for adoption. She is being rejected by her daughter and is absolutely devastated. I am lucky because I will have a reunion but she will never have that chance.

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