Dress up daily life with a sweet piece of jewelry

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My husband recently reminded me that he likes it when I look like a girl.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I wear combat boots – but I do have the “mom style” going most days.  You know the look – the jeans, t-shirt, and flip flops.  All day, every day.

Since his reminder, I’ve made a point to wear more skirts, which in all honesty, I prefer anyway.  I think they’re cooler than shorts, and much more flattering when they hit the knee at the right spot.  And I’m pretty sure my husband likes them.

I’ve also made more of a point to wear a bit more jewelry, style my hair, and put on a smidge of make-up – even when my day’s agenda only involves being at home.  And you know what?  It really does help a little.  I feel more put together, so I have more energy, and I’m in a better mood.

You already know I love me some Lisa Leonard jewelry.  I wear my “tiny squares” necklace almost daily – they’re adorned with my two children’s names,  And I get compliments on them every time.

I love her jewelry’s handcrafted look, that she hammers the design just-so, giving each piece its originality.



I love that it’s feminine without being cutesy.

I love that so much of her work honors family.

And I love that one of you will win her latest necklace!

sweet and simple bird necklaceLisa is giving away one “sweet and simple bird necklace.”  I absolutely love it.  It could go with anything – from t-shirts to dresses.  Perfect for a busy mom.  Also good for an upcoming Christmas gift!

Here’s how you can enter:

1. Simply leave a comment on this post, answering this question – “What’s one thing on your Christmas wish list?”

2. To get a second bonus entry, subscribe to Simple Mom’s feed and email me the secret code to simplemomblog {at} gmail {dot} com.  You will find the code at the bottom of all posts when you look in your reader or via email (not directly on the site).  Just keep looking – scroll to the bottom – it will be the last line on each post.  IMPORTANT – simply write the secret code in the subject of your email, and don’t write anything in the body.  If you write anything in the body, I won’t see it.

3. To get a third bonus entry, write about this giveaway on your blog and let me know about it.

This giveaway will end next Monday, September 22 at midnight CST.

I hope you win!

Tsh Oxenreider

Tsh is the founder of this blog and just finished traveling around the world with her husband and 3 kids. Her latest book is Notes From a Blue Bike, and believes a passport is one of the world's greatest textbooks.

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  1. My big ticket item right now is a food processor … but the new contender fighting for the top spot is a Wii.

    Joanna’s last blog post…Finally

  2. I’m hoping for a new chef’s knife!

  3. I would love love love an electric knife sharpner, but will happily take one of the handheld ones too. 🙂

    Nicole B’s last blog post…A Sun Shower

  4. Oh, I would love to get good black high boots! And a 3/4 charcoal coat would be lovely too. I guess I am in need of basics, ~smile~.

  5. A really good knife sharpener sounds good – like the gals above, but right now I’d really like tickets to the ASO POPS series – it’s going to be a good one this year and it’s guaranteed date nights with my hubby.

    AmyDe’s last blog post…That’s Not All….

  6. Right now, the top contender on my christmas list is a sewing machine. But right under that is a Wii.

  7. My one item on my list is a Wii, with the Wii Fit. You have no idea. I would LICK Santa for that one.

    Lisa’s last blog post…The BEST $5.30 I have ever spent.

  8. I haven’t given much thought to Christmas yet, but definitely a Wii with a Wii fit thrown in would be my dream gift this year.

  9. My one item on my list is a Wii, with the Wii Fit. You have no idea. I would LICK Santa for that one.

  10. I want my very own Ipod for Christmas!

    Sara’s last blog post…Month of Nothin’ –Update

  11. My ultimate Christmas wish list would have a Nikon Camera body to go with the mac Daddy nikon lens we’ve had for years. I just play with the lens now imagining all the good work I’ll do with the actual camera.

    Joanna’s last blog post…The Nest

  12. I need a new camera and would love a picture printer to go with it!

  13. I’d love a new camera!

  14. Peace, and time with my family

    Diana’s last blog post…Happy Birthday, Sis!

  15. for real…this cute bird neckless is on my Christmas wish list!

    Michelle B’s last blog post…Around the House

  16. I’m trying to get my family (mostly the extended bits of it) to get that it shouldn’t just be about the gifts (the bigger, the better seems to be the norm).
    But I do have material wants so what I’d really like for Christmas is a pair of El Naturalista shoes. I love the style and the ethics of the company.

    rebekka’s last blog post…Things’re gonna change ’round here

  17. Haven’t thought about Christmas presents for me…if I could have anything (since it is a wish list)…I’d say a new computer – preferably a laptop.

    Edi’s last blog post…"Snowflake" Pancakes

  18. oh, these are beautiful. one thing on my christmas list is a pair of black ankle boots–hot mama! 🙂

  19. One thing on my wish list: money for new clothes! My baby is due right before Christmas & I know I’m going to want to spruce up my wardrobe.

  20. You would think EVERYONE has one of these, but I would love an iPod. . . and a vaccum.

    Becky Kicklighter’s last blog post…Snake Inspector

  21. We’re Jewish, so no Christmas list for me! And we don’t do gifts for Hanukkah either, so….how about my birthday wish list?! Fabric! Made by independent and innovative designers. The kind of fabric that is too beautiful to even cut into for a project, and instead I’ll just keep refolding it and arranging it in pretty piles.

  22. This may sound strange, but I’m longing for a cheesemaking kit! :0)

    Charity’s last blog post…Falling…

  23. Just found your blog a couple days ago and have been enjoying reading through your older posts. Thanks for sponsoring this giveaway! I love Lisa’s designs but haven’t purchased anything from her before. Let’s see…what’s on my Christmas wish list? I really want a good quality pressure cooker or a grain mill.

    sUsAn’s last blog post…beautiful…

  24. i have a TON of books on my Amazon wish list… also, i’d love an iPod! those earbuds and my favorite tunes are the perfect escape from the hectic hubub of daily life.

    liz’s last blog post…knitting for friends

  25. I just started reading your blog a few days ago and have fallen in love! Thanks for all that you share!

    My husband and I have just recently had the same conversation in which he revealed that he loves it when I dress “like a girl”. He really enjoys me in a skirt and some pretty jewelry. Since I teach elementary school right now, I often wear pants and go minimalistic on jewelry. But now that I know it is so important to him I’m going to start trying more. This giveaway is so well timed!

    I have asked my mom to make me several new skirts for me to wear (as right now I have mostly denim skirts). Since she will be designing and making them I will be sure they match tops that I already own and that they fit in a way that will be easy to wear in the classroom!

    Vanessa’s last blog post…Here by the Water

  26. pampered chef cookware

    Alison Bynum’s last blog post…Meetup – Discovery Center at Murfree Spring

  27. I”d love a new serger so I don’t have to keep boring my sweet friend Jeanette’s. Thanks much!

    Leigh Anne Wilkes’s last blog post…Menu Planning or “Help! What’s for Dinner?!” Part Two

  28. A FLIP is at the top of my list 🙂
    Lisa’s new necklace is gorgeous!! I, too, wear my tiny squares necklace every day.

    Laura W’s last blog post…I got the best

  29. I would love to start gathering Fiestaware to switch out my dishes…

    Leigh’s last blog post…Where did it all go?

  30. This may sound strange, but I’d love a new kitchen sink with a hose on it to spray water into pots.

    Liz’s last blog post…Sunday

  31. My perfect Christmas gift would be for husband to say he was ready for a third baby!

  32. My Christmas list is a moving target…but right now, tops is fabric. Vintage, preferably, for making more skirts for me. My hubby also likes it when I “go girly” 🙂

  33. I am a t-shirt – jeans – flipflop wearin mom too. It’s really hard to get out of that when I know I’m just going to get spit up on or spilled on. But good encouragement and I am going to try a little harder today.

    Christmas…..a camera or a sewing machine. Probably the camera b/c we don’t have one and we do have 5 kids. So camera it is.

    Stephanie’s last blog post…Starting the day

  34. I would love to lose 10 lbs!

    Tami’s last blog post…CNN Twitter Update

  35. Christmas wish: hardwood floors!

    Kristy’s last blog post…356 days

  36. I’d like a serger…used would be fine. I also wouldn’t mind that sweet little bird necklace.

  37. We are furnishing our home this year piece by piece, so for Christmas, I would love a comfy over-stuffed chair for my bedroom (with a small table for my cup of tea)! And a basket for books. And a warm throw blanket. Ooh – and an ottoman if it’s in the budget! So, really, I’m not wishing for anything too specific! 🙂

    Stephanie’s last blog post…Spa Saturday

  38. Wow! I checked out this website and those necklaces are stunning!

    This year, rather than DH and I buying each other gifts, we decided we’ll be buying a GPS system for both of us. And, from the looks of it, Garmin should have some sweet deals on their discontinued models. I can’t wait!

    Emily’s last blog post…It’s 3am…and technology’s a dangerous thing.

  39. I’d love some of the Origins Ginger collection – their Body Souffle sounds lovely – and I think the warm scent of ginger would be perfect for winter.

  40. Okay, if we’re going for broke here: I’d love a screened in porch with a ceiling fan… and some long-lasting cool weather to go with it!

    allie’s last blog post…Iain Turns Two!

  41. a new stock pot

  42. Ditto Jassamyn… a new stockpot!!

  43. I’m hoping for a new winter coat from j crew – my last one from there is 8 years old and is starting to look a little shabby!

  44. peace on earth (and some new dansko clogs)

  45. No stress. That’s really all I want at Christmas.

    Sharon J’s last blog post…I’m A Bitch!

  46. I am hoping for a new bright pink ipod!

  47. I really want a Wii this Christmas. I’m dying for the aches and pains of some video game action at its finest.

  48. Lisa Leonard jewelry. 🙂

  49. The one large item on my Christmas list this year is the Wii with Wii Fit.

  50. Some new sock yarn from etsy shop Sunnyside Ellen!

  51. a single-serve coffee maker…it’s great wrapping your hands around a warm mug full of coffee that was easy to make!

  52. Maybe one of Lisa’s necklaces if I don’t win:)

  53. The only thing on my wish list is a little someone–our little boy we are adopting from Russia. We are praying that we will be able to return for him before Christmas. He is our first child and we are so excited about becoming his parents!

    heatherlbrandt (at) verizon (dot) net

    Heather’s last blog post…Final Yard Sale Results…

  54. My biggest Christmas wish is for a new dining room table and chairs!

  55. I would love to enter this giveaway. I have the typical ‘Mom’ look too and usually don’t make any attempt to look any thing but like a ‘Mom’. For Christmas I would really love a bread maker, it would make things so much easier for me!

  56. A little weird, maybe, but I think I’d like a doppler. I’m studying to be a midwife, and these are pretty pricey, so it would definitely be a fun gift to continue to build my tool kit.

    anja’s last blog post…Bike Route Mapping

  57. Definitely money or a gift card for new clothes!!! Ever since the girls were born three years ago, my wardrobe has been severely neglected. I need to spruce myself up and a new wardrobe and that adorable necklace will do just the trick!

    Momma Bean’s last blog post…Three Years

  58. My ultimate Christmas wish is for a Kitchen-Aid mixer, but more realistically, I would like a rolling scrapbook organizer, and maybe one of these necklaces!

    Gina’s last blog post…Football Widow or Frenzied Fan…the choice is yours

  59. I’d really like an iPhone.

  60. I want a new camera and an external hard drive to store all my pictures! 🙂

  61. My wish list right now includes a gift card to the bookstore or a new vaccum cleaner.

    Michelle’s last blog post…September 11

  62. One thing that is on my Christmas List is cloth napkins for my dining room table…to keep us from going through so many paper napkins.

    Briana’s last blog post…And, some pictures…

  63. I’m wishing for a new camera lens and some cute jammies!

    alexandra’s last blog post…Lately…

  64. I am hoping we get a Dyson and a sewing machine this year. I will also hit my 2nd trimester around Dec 1st so I hope I can survive the first 3 months with a healthy baby 🙂

  65. I’m expecting in Mid-November, this will be my 3rd child (all under 3 years old). My Christmas wish is that the baby is healthy and that my family pitches in to help so I can get some sleep!! My husband has scheduled 3 weeks off work over the holidays but he has a stressful job and I’m really hoping he doesn’t get called into work.
    I’m quite surprised by my lack of materialism this year 🙂

  66. As a mom to two little ones, I’d most value a little spending money and the time to go and spend it. Thanks for your inspiring posts.

    Andrea’s last blog post…Field Trip || Orchard

  67. There’s nothing tangible I want for Christmas … but I could use some extra sleep and some extra time!

  68. My list is the same each year- books, books, books.

    Sandra’s last blog post…TP Pumpkins

  69. I’m hoping for some Christmas caroling songbooks… maybe we can host a caroling party next year!

  70. On my Christmas list–wii fit!

    Amy Huff’s last blog post…Cross Country Wears Him Out!!

  71. It’ll be our first Christmas with both of our mothers living in the same town as us. At the same time it will be our first Christmas in our new home. I’m more excited about that second part! So I guess my wish is that everyone settles down and enjoys the day instead of trying to outdo one another and stressing out.

    darah7’s last blog post…Fruit Leather

  72. We NEED a new TV, preferably flat screen and big.

  73. healthy baby…she should be here just in time for Christmas…or New Year’s! 🙂

  74. I want a new wool winter coat… maybe something bright red or lime green.

    Laura’s last blog post…Oh Baby

  75. Wow, just like Joanna, the first commenter…a good sized food processor, or a Wii!

    Fox’s Momma’s last blog post…More updates since I can’t sleep.

  76. A sewing machine, something simple for my beginner status. And a safe arrival of family from England.

  77. One thing on my Christmas list is the book “In Stitches”by Amy Butler.

    jill’s last blog post…Margit’s Chocolate Zucchini Cake

  78. I want a Wii. Or a gift card to IKEA. 🙂

  79. i would love a desk/table to do crafts on…to keep stuff out and not put it away (from the diningroom table) would be a dream!

  80. New books, always books!

  81. I am using wishpot and it is great!

    The tops things on my list are: the coffee press from the Simple Mom shop, and the books Apartment Therapy and The Creative Family.

    Now I think I might add the little squares necklace with the names of my three boys 🙂

    Lucie’s last blog post…Update: Adventures in Sleeping

  82. I just want a dustbuster for all the times my daughter drops piles of crumbs on the floor moments after I’ve vacuumed.

    Michelle’s last blog post…MiniBox

  83. Books – The Scottish Chiefs and Set-Apart Feminity
    Angel Food Cake pan

  84. A new digital camera or a lens for my dslr or both!

  85. Carol Santucci says:

    I’m hoping for a GPS. Tired of getting lost and being late to everything!

  86. A studio lighting system for my photography 😉

  87. I would love a new set of wooden spoons and spatulas for my kitchen.

  88. We would really like a Wii…but on a more practical and less expensive note, we also could use a new toaster (our 1 year old pulled the toaster oven off the counter while I was cleaning, and dented it badly enough that it started to smoke when we next used it!)

    Great giveaway!

    majellamom’s last blog post…Three-tenths of one percent?!

  89. One thing? Only one?!
    I am dreaming of a one night getaway with my husband, the kids all happily ensconced with gramma for the night (is it too much to hope for two?).
    Anything else I get will be icing on the cake!

    Jennifer Hansen’s last blog post…Reading His First Chapter Book… Alone

  90. This is is just too funny – one of her necklaces is on my Christmas wish list!

    Oh, and a food processor.

  91. Oh what fun! My list has a madeleine pan on it; i love those little cookies:)

    Sam’s last blog post…New in The Shop – Yarn Keep

  92. Since this is a wish list, I really wish for a Macbook.

    Jen@OurDailyBigTop’s last blog post…football ties

  93. I can’t decide between my top 2. I would love to get a tortilla press, so I could make homemade tortillas. But, I would love to receive a red pea coat too!

  94. Cashmere yarn, to knit a pair of fingerless gloves. Or maybe some of that jewellery if I don’t get lucky!

  95. My husband is the same way, he loves it when I dress up (not dress clothes, but not sweats and not HIS clothes ;-)) and especially when I “accessorize” (his words, not mine!).
    As for Christmas? Usually I’m the one saying “oh I don’t know, you don’t need to get me anything…” but this year I feel like I have a big list – and they’re not cheap! I think top of my list is a digital camcorder for my family. Beyond that, I’ve got a whole list of photography things I’d love but doubt I’ll get as gifts.
    I love this giveaway, those jewelry pieces are awesome!

    Mandi’s last blog post…I want him.

  96. I am thinking of a rice cooker 🙂

  97. I would love to have a getaway with my husband. We could really use a few days away. He’s in grad school and working full-time and we just don’t get a lot of time together.

    Tracie’s last blog post…So much going on

  98. Top of my wish list for Christmas, hmm…. probably some henna. I started buying the stuff to get back into it last spring but for some reason didn’t get the actual henna powder. Of course I’d take a new camera too.

  99. You know, I’ve been so busy helping my kids with their lists that I haven’t thought about mine at all! I think I’d like a new handbag most of all, but bigger silver hoops and some sewing books would be nice, too. I think we’ll be sticking to prezzies for the kids only, though, since we’re doing our best to pay down our debt. Next year, fingers crossed, things will be different!

  100. If I don’t win one in a blog giveaway, I really want the Dell Mini 9 computer – a computer I could actually use in the 30-minute car line at my kids’ school.

    Laurin’s last blog post…Well Aren’t I The Lucky One?