Link love :: the It’s Beginning to Feel A Lot Like Christmas… edition

by Tsh Oxenreider

Tsh is the founder of this blog and just finished traveling around the world with her husband and 3 kids. Her latest book is Notes From a Blue Bike, and believes a passport is one of the world's greatest textbooks.

Christmas in Austin
Christmas in Austin – my home town, and one of the best cities in the world. Photo by Steve Wampler

I hope you’re planning on enjoying the first full weekend of December!  Where I am, it feels like winter for the first time, we have dear friends in from out of town, and there’s plenty of holiday-related things to do.  I’m ready to get on my hat and get out the door.

Before you do the same, grab your daily coffee and enjoy the reads on my Tumblr – and before clicking over, I want to highlight a few mentions here:

blissdom• Blissdom ’09 has officially been announced!  I’ll be a speaker at this event from February 6-9, and I’m joining such fabulous women as Shannon from Rocks In My Dryer, Amy from Mom Advice, Megan from Velveteen Mind and Blog Nosh Magazine, Marie from Make and Takes, Wendy from Sparkplugging, Meredith from Like Merchant Ships, and of course, Alli from Blissfully Domestic and Fussypants.  And my goodness, tons of other women, too.  Do what you can to make it to Nashville for this awesome conference!  I had such a great time in October for the first one, so I know this one shouldn’t be missed.

• I love Emily at Remodeling This Life’s recent thoughts about her unexpected enjoyment of simplicityWell said, Em.

• Kelly at Almost Frugal has a fun giveaway right now for something called GiftyBox.  The contest ends this Tuesday, so now’s your chance to enter!

• Jeff at My Super-Charged Life is doing something so very cool at his blog.  Leave a comment on this post asking about your favorite charity, and he’ll randomly draw a comment and donate up to $500 to the winner’s charity.  The more entries there are, the more money he’ll donate.  What a great way to use the internet to bless others during the holiday season.

• Karla, my dear friend from Blissfully Domestic and Looking Towards Heaven, has started a new venture called Modern Media Mom.  She’ll be sharing her wisdom on all things design, blogging, social media, and gadgets in plain, non-nerdy English.  I’m looking forward to gleaning from her insight!

The One Dollar Give• Finally, the One Dollar Give Project launched on December 1, and it’s the brilliant brainchild of Mandi and Tara.  Each day in December, a well-known blogger will highlight their favorite charity, and they encourage all readers to donate $1 to the day’s featured non-profit.  Bookmark this site and get involved!

So much greatness out in the blogosphere right now.  What are you finding?

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  1. Thanks so much for the mention, Tsh!´s last blog post…A Mug of Hot Chocolate Cake

  2. One of my friends on Facebook has started something called, “The Blessing Box” for the month of December. I love how it reminds us of how truly blessed we are! Here’s how it works:

    The Blessing Box:

    Follow the daily instructions below. Have a box ready and determine where you will give the money that will be in your Blessing Box at the end of 24 days. This begins on December 1st, but you can start late!

    Day 1. One out of 5 children live in poverty lacking adequate clothing. Give 2 cents for each pair of socks in the home.

    Day 2. Are you thankful for the gift of electricity? Give 2 cents for each light bulb in your house.

    Day 3. Most people in the world have never touched a computer. If there is one in your home, put in 50 cents, an extra 50 cents for a scanner and 50 cents for the printer.

    Day 4. Most of the world’s population lives beyond the reach of medical care. Give 10 cents for each box of band-aids in your house…an extra dime if they are not flesh colored.

    Day 5. Are you thankful you have a roof and doors to keep out the wind and rain? Give 10 cents for each exterior door your house has.

    Day 6. Are you thankful for all your clothes? Give a nickel for each closet in your house.

    Day 7. Are you glad you have indoor plumbing? Give 5 cents for every roll of TP in your house, counting all the stored away rolls.

    Day 8. To people in refugee camps, even a thin sliver of soap is precious. Give 5 cents for each bar your family has…A dime for each soap pump.

    Day 9. Do you walk to town to get a bucket of water for washing, drinking, bathing or cooking? Or are you blessed with faucets that bring precious water to you? Give 10 cents for each faucet you have and don’t forget the outside ones.

    Day 10. What a blessing to be able to see and have eye doctors to help us.

    GivDay 11. Give thanks and a dollar for every child in your family and do a secret good deed for them today.

    Day 12. How would you like to live in your car as some families do? Give a dime for every vehicle in your family.

    Day 13 . Epidemics often follow natural disasters. Give thanks if no one in your house has been too sick this month to go to work or school and donate 50 cents.

    Day 14. Did a blanket cover you last night? Give a penny for every blanket in your house.

    Day 15. Was it cold enough to wear a coat today? Were you thankful for your coat? Give a penny for every coat, jacket or raincoat in your house.

    Day 16. In some countries of the world, most people can’t read. Are you thankful you can read? Put in a penny for every book in your home….(Yes, for most of us this is an expensive one)

    Day 17. By now you have received many Christmas cards from many loving friends and family members. Give a penny for each card.

    Day 18. Most people in the world cook over an open fire. Aren’t you glad you didn’t have to chop wood this morning? Give 5 cents for every burner on your stove and a nickel for every oven.

    Day 19. Aren’t you glad that you have people that love and think about you? Put in 10 cents for each gift under the tree that is for you.

    Day 20. Unfortunately this is the time of year in which many people suffer loss in house fires. Give 10 cents for every phone in your house in which you can dial 911 in case of emergency.

    Day 21. Many people in the world suffer excruciating pain from the lack of dental care. Have you ever been grateful for toothbrushes? Give 5 cents for every toothbrush in your house.

    Day 22. Many children in the world barely get one meal a day. How many did you have? Give thanks and five cents for each meal and 10 cents for each snack today.

    Day 23. Give one penny for every slice of bread in your house.

    Day 24. Make a list of all the fruits and vegetables that you can name and put in a penny for each one on the list.

  3. I would like to nominate First Step , a local charity that assists abused women. They provide a shelter (safe house) so families can escape the violence. Many times these families have no other safe place to go. Sometimes they escape with nothing but the clothes on their back. First Step provides food, clothing, toys, advocacy and counseling. I love the fact that this organization helps those who need to take the first step in breaking the cycle of domestic violence.
    I don’t believe they have a website ,however if they are chosen you can email me for contact information,

    Debbie´s last blog post…

  4. Oops sorry posted to wrong blog!

    Debbie´s last blog post…

  5. Thanks so much for mentioning my charity donation giveaway!

    I sincerely hope your readers will participate. I look forward to lots of nominations so I can give big!

    Jeff@MySuperChargedLife´s last blog post…Giveaway: Nominate Your Favorite Charity For Cash Donation!

  6. Thanks for the mention!

    Kelly from Almost Frugal´s last blog post…Becoming Frugal is Like Quitting Smoking

  7. Well, Tsh, no wonder I think you are so fabulous…you are from my fave city! I am from Big D but spent some happy years in Austin.

    Laura Leigh´s last blog post…This and That

  8. Well, hold up, make that fave city in TX, cause I have several fave cities, LOL!

    Laura Leigh´s last blog post…This and That

  9. My favorite part of the holiday season is writing our holiday letter, and I just wanted to share this post Thanks for all the great links!

  10. As usual, thanks for the great links!

  11. Great links. Thanks for them all.

  12. I have added Tumblr since reading about it on your blog yesterday – I LOVE it, thanks.

    PS My tumblr is

    JanMary, N Ireland´s last blog post…On the 6th day of December….a Christmas craft market and how honesty paid off.

  13. Really enjoyed your tumblr links! Thank you so much!

    Lisa {borrowed heaven}´s last blog post…

  14. Thanks for the mention! I hope it can be half as wonderful and popular as your amazing site here! ;0)


  15. Great links! Love the inspiration here!! we are off to check out tumblr!
    kari & kijsa

    kari & kijsa´s last blog post…Quote ‘ the Day

  16. Hi There,

    I have been visiting your blog for awhile now, I have commented sometimes and lurked at others and just wanted to let you know about my new store(s) on etsy and madeit.
    I am having a giveaway on my blog to celebrate.
    Please pop on over and have a look, and enter to win a fabulous prize.



  17. Thanks for the links! I love these creative approaches to charitable giving.

    threeundertwo´s last blog post…Extreme measures.

  18. Thanks for steering our blog surfing! It’s nice to get some good suggestions.

  19. Hey Tsh ~

    1) I’m really lookin’ forward to seeing you again in February–it’ll be here before you know it!

    2) The top 2 posts on my front page might interest you…and the one below those tells you where my brain is these days. Or maybe, it’s my heart, not just my head :).

    Thanks for the links, these look VERY worthwhile!


  20. I’m doing a charity event on my photo blog. For every comment I get, I’m donating a canned good to the local food bank!

  21. Oh I wish I could go to Bliss-dom! Maybe next time around! Thanks for the links!

    Amber´s last blog post…SALE and GIVEAWAY!

  22. congrats on the speaking in feb!

    sandy´s last blog post…2 for 1 Cooking – During the Holidays!

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