Gifts with purpose: Krochet Kids

Today is day two of our annualHome for the Holidays week!
Each year for Home for the Holidays the Simple Living Media editors share the charities and social good companies that matter to them. This year I’m excited to share with you a company with a simple concept doing really impactful things: Krochet Kids.

How crocheted gifts can change a life

The concept is pretty straight forward – teach women a craft (crochet!) and sell their creations in the U.S. and give the profits back to the women for immediate poverty relief,ongoing business education and over-all life changing.

The three guys behind Krochet Kids learned to crochet from an older brother while they were still in high school (how many high school boys do you know that are out there crocheting??). Eventually college brought them into the world of the poor and needy, and they figured out what they could do to help make real change. Ultimately their craft found it’s way into the hearts and homes of people in Northern Uganda and now Peru.

When you purchase from Krochet Kids (their hats are their main product, but they carry other accessories now too) you are helping change a woman’s life, and therefore her whole household. The women typically are a part of a program with Krochet Kids for about 3 years, and the goal is that at the end of that time period they are either educated for a new career path or ready to launch their own business. The stories of those helped so far are just amazing. I love that such a simple craft can do so much!

I also love that each label of anything purchased from Krochet Kids has the hand signed name of the artisan, and you can look up the women on the Krochet Kids website, learn more about her and even leave her a thank you. Amazing.

Not to go unmentioned, the styles of Krochet Kids’ items are all simple and modern, exactly the style I love.


How you can help

The best way to help the cause that Krochet Kids is working towards is by purchasing from their shop.

Tell your friends and spread the word so more folks hear the Krochet Kids mission.

Right now Krochet Kids is working on gathering votes to win a big grant from Chase (1 million dollars) and you voting for them can help greatly.

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  1. I just bought the Thomas Jr. hat in blue for my son! I’ve been wanting to buy products that help make a positive change in the world and this was perfect. I want to teach my kids that buying things inexpensively (like items made in sweatshops) carries hidden costs. This is great way to be a responsible consumer. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I have a friend that is interning with them right now and says they area great organization through and through!

  3. Tracy Barnett says:


  4. I like the Helm

  5. This is awesome! voted!

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